Sunday, January 22, 2006

Creating Waves

Never written about it before but there are days when i go to sleep and wake up the next day with relatively curly hair. I look into the mirror and like it. Then i deliberately skip combing my hair. In hopes of having the curls all day.

Pathetic huh? Haha. Then there are days when i look into the mirror and say i'm so SICK of my hair. It's so flat. Makes my face look ugly and long and round...

So i decided to curl my hair. Against my mommy's word.

Sat there shit long. Played with my cam. Butt hurt.

Gonna change one of my blogging policies. Used to never put up clear pictures of me unless there are so many girls in the picture that u won't know who i am if u don't know me. Unless, u look at all the pix i posted and figured out who i am.

Because i don't see how i can blog about curling my hair without actually putting up a pic...

WS's done and i still look like THAT.

Hair turned out well. Happy with how it looks.

But price sucked astronomically. RM250. Was told me RM120 at max... Stupid, all cuz it's a Saturday. No hairdressing students there. So proffesional did my hair. Yeah, she said that it would have cost RM380. But still.... RM250 kills. And it's only going to last 2-3 months.

Depending how u take care. And i'm so freaking lazy to care of it. And i have to fork out another RM30 or so to buy gel... it's a necessity... I'm too used to having free and easy to manage almost virgin hair... maybe that's why it was ugly before?

Wasn't exactly ugly before, it was nice in fact. If u look at it from behind. But it doesn't make my stupid face look nice la. And yes, i was always proud of the fact that people mistaken my natural hair texture for straighten hair texture.......

Anyway, AFTER i've paid only did the saloon lady tell me she put treatment on my hair. Mannnnn... i only wanted to curl... i dun wanna pay for the treatment... i wasn't told... no wonder it took so long. And so expensive, had to borrow! Found it hard to continue smiling...

Yeah, it's my fault! Why didn't i ask how much it would have cost beforehand??? Must not be shy to ask!!! What happen to new year resolution #1??? =(

Mummy scolded me... =(

Is this worth it?

Argued with E over smses while doing my hair. Then argued with my mom when i got home.

Then argued with my brother. Stupid. That white Kancil in the house was my car for two years and then i came home 2day and referred it as 'my car' and i got a very fierce reply 'it's not YOUR car'.

What the hell? Even if it's not mine alone exclusively anymore, can't u see it's already a habit to call it that? I'm not ready to accept that my car is not my car anymore. Damn it, just thinking of it makes me cry. Shit.

Next topic...

W's b'day / small school reunion
Was fun. Was never close to all of them... but got along more than okay. =) Fun bullying W... Great catching up with C.

Had Chinese food there. Yum. Damn, when i'm done eating every grain of my rice, i looked to the right. Shit, WS did not finish her bowl of rice. Look left, C did not finish hers either. Straight ahead, S didn't too. Shit, is it some sort of RULE to waste food? Aiyoh. Sickening la, i felt so sad.

Girls!!! Eeee, sometimes i hate them man!!!! I wasn't even full ok? My stomach only filled up after i enjoyed a 2 cups of tea, okay?


Ohhhhh... and received compliments from my friends on my hair!!!!! =) Thanks guys. They also complimented me on another thing... =P Will write about that another day.

WS loves my hair too. So much she seems to be scarily sounding lesbian!! Hahahaha.

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She's Jess said...

The curls are nice. =) Treatments are normal. They usually do that after a process of perming or whatever. I've done that too.. lots of times.

Sharing the same car with our siblings are tough. That's why.. and the elder one must always tolerate with the younger ones.. simply because the elders one got to drive earlier what.. sigh..

paranoid said...

hmm.... not bad...

irene said...

yO.... the money's worth your curls lar.. so nice weii your curls... heheh looks more stylish~

Joey said...

Not bad. :-) Will judge when I see u in person.

Maybe ur Mum's just not used to it. She might like it after awhile.

*momo.berry said...

Nice nice nice!!
It's actually better to do treatment or ur hair might be damaged.

Jazzy*Pam said...


Seriously, u wouldn't want to go back to boring straight hair after this. Unless u find it too 'mafan' to mantain the curls.

But seriously, i think u look great with the change in hairstyle.

irene said...


meL.a.Nie said...

u look so NICE!!!plus cute also..i like i wanna curl too but a bit hard 4 me cuz i prefer straight hair

tze said...

HEY HEY! sue lin! i found you! =) do you still remember me? i hope yea..from tuition at minda ceria.. how's wei sue btw? gosh, havent seen u both in such a LONG time. i miss wei sue and you. =( anyways i have curly hair too, and yours is nice. trust me. mine's all dry and stuff. but i did rebonding thrice n perming twice.. so i cant really complain about the state of my hair. glad its that way. =) well, hope to talk to you soon ya?

sue lin said...

Shit... so many comments?? Shocking!! Wow!!! =)

Jess, they did the treatment before perming... aiyah, my hair so virgin sill need to treat meh? Hurt my pocket only! Haha. Yeah, you're right about the car thing... it's true. And it's hard for me to come to terms with that...

Thanks, Paranoid!!! Taking that as a compliment. =)

Irene, thanks thanks!! Yeah, found out that that's quite the standard rate lar, in KL lar... only my mom can't see that. Next time go BP and do! Hahahaha

Thank u, Joey, hope to catch up with ya sometime soon. Maybe ur right, mom's not used to it. And lil sis keeps saying i look like our cousin! =)

Maybe you're right, Kit Mey. Thanks, by the way. =)

Hahahaha, Cher, u sound so garang!!! Very the hard to maintain la... it's like... putting RM250 cash on my head and taking a walk... have to make sure it doesn't fly off! Hahaha. Thank u so much for the compliment. =)

Smiles at Melanie, thanks! I used to prefer straight hair too... but i seriously got sooo sick of mine! Maybe u can do non-permanent and see how it goes??

Tze Ching??? Glad to see u here!! U look different! Of course i remember u! Didn't know u Blog, will check yours out later =) Want to link??
Wei Sue's alright, she's quite free at the moment, maybe u should hang out with her??

Serene said...

sue lin..nice curls!

i always wanted to get some but never get around to do it cos i'm just too lazy to maintain it. :P

sue lin said...

Hie Serene, thanks! Haha, i'm lazy to maintain as well, but if i want it to last i'll have 2! Must buy more of the gel soon... it's on offer!