Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Blessed or Cursed?

X Choosing between 2 well known companies. One local and one abroad
Y Choosing bewteen two girls. One local and one abroad
Z Choosing between Prada and Gucci?

X and Y, no offence arrrrrrr, i just want to play play and laugh a bit. If u don't want anyone to know who u are, don't comment. And if u want me to remove this post contact me via sms ok?

And if Z exists... u are blessed lar... don't complain.

Ok. Enough. Maths time:
If i fail Auditing the suckiest subject, i'll have to retake it at AUD$2250
That would be AUD$2250 x 2.7945 (Reserve Bank of Australia, 2006) = RM6287.63
And then u gotta add the fact that i spent RM2750 on the subject this semester... RM2750

So in total i would waste RM6287.63 + RM2750 = RM9037.63

RM9037.63 wasted if i fail ONE subject this semester!!!

That is soooooo shitty. Going to bed now... so that i would be fresh in d afternoon to study Auditing. Yucksssss

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Year 2, Semester 2: Final Examination Preparations

Failed to mention that exams are around the corner. U'd probably already guessed or knew. Starts Thursday, 1.30pm =|

Somehow a few of u guys think i'm good with studies etc. On the contrary i don't think so, it shocks me everytime someone says that. I'm soooo tempted to prove you wrong.

But can't do that. Its RM2750 per subject in Monash. That's more than double my highest paycheck so far.

And retaking any failed paper would cost a whopping AUD$2250! Since i should be in Australia by next year.

So yeah, failing is NOT an option for me.

Let me blog a little bit more though... Sorry haven't been replying comments promtly. If u have me on msn, u'd know that my desktop computer is dead. Using mom's laptop currently. In one of my attempts to stay away from going online, i lent the laptop to E overnight...

When i got it back i feel as if i haven't gone online in ages! I don't know how i managed to stay offline for over a week during SPM preparations.

Yawn. And on Friday. I got a called from Big Four A (BFA)'s HR department. She told me i've got the internship and they are prepring my offer letter. I'm happy but not overjoyed.

I know i'd learn so much and i guess that it would be bearable la, i opted for taxation instead of auditing cuz somebody told me tax people don't have to stay back as late as audit people. Besides, i find the subject Auditing and Assurance VERY boring and dry... Tax on the otherhand... well... er, finding out ways for tax savings sounds super cool and somewhat fun...

And it would help me prepare for the Income Tax Law subject i plan to take in Australia next year.... On the downside...

Lets not think too far ahead. Internship starts on December 1st.

After the exams, that would be the 9th of November... i'll have 3 whole weeks of holidays. =) Not long enough actually.

Since i gotta start shopping for Australia (not sure if this is actually a chore... =) (and KM, Typlotion or Zimbonie, can u guys check if they have Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner in Melbourne please??)

I also gotta do some SERIOUS spring cleaning. Going to move house in December... I only have 3 weeks to gather my belongings of 20 years.

Well, 3 weeks is really a blessing compared to those who do not even have 3 seconds... u know, in the case of a fire... or tsunami... or a hurricane...

Oh yeah!! Sunway Monash Condo is offering Lifesaving classes! U know, kinda like lifeguard aka Baywatch? Hahahaha. Its been offered since the beginning of the sem, don't know if its still on... but who cares, for now i am just daydreaming of life after exams and i would REALLY love to take up this class!

Monash University Peninsula is near the beach ok? And then there's NEXT year's summer... hehehe... or spring break, which should be in September...

Hahaha, mannnn, Am i thinking far into the furure! Just last night i was reading through my Company Law lecture slides and it feels as if lecture was just yesterday, when in actual fact, lecture was 2 months ago. And exactly one month ago was the Monash Ball.

Which brings me back to the previous post's topic...

Friday, October 20, 2006


Hey! I just realized that nonsense is no sense without a space and with an additional 'n'! Hahaha!

Like my title suggest, i'm gonna CRAP away!!!! Hehehehehe.

Can someone please tell me who/where is the appropriate authority go to to complain about Time???? Not happy with Time's service lar, it flies too fast.

I want Time's pilot license revoked!!!! It beats the speed limit lar, so it should be fined and suspended!!! Take away Time's flying license!

Time should slow down, its moving too fast!

I haven't studied nor have i done anything exciting lately.

Speaking of which, anyone interested in this???? I need a companion or two or three or more!!!

"White water rafting trip to Sungai Kampar, Ipoh. This river is one of the most rapid and turbulent in Malaysia. Perfect for white water rafting. Dun worry, there will be experienced guide to lead us through the river safely. The rafting trip will take up the morning half of the day. In the afternoon, after a BBQ lunch (inclusive in the package), we will hike up a 15 meter tall waterfall vertically against the flow. Again, with the help of expert guidance. I need a minimum of 5 people in a team. But so far i have only 2 friends who is adrenaline junkie enough to join me. You or ur friends (dun have to be in biotech club) are all Cordially invited to this unique adventure experience if u dare.

The whole package is RM 200 including lunch. The date is tentatively set on the 20th of November. Visit www.nomadadventure.com"

Drop a comment/send me an email or whatever lar, just teman me!!! Its by the president of the Biotech club in Monash. I'm no longer a member (dunno why they still send me these mails) and i don't know anyone in the club besides a few friends i hardly spoken to in about a year.

Come on, join me!

But dun ask me to pay for ya. Answer is no, and i'm not sorry!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

we were once equal

Stepping into the the MultiPurpose Hall for orientation as first year students, we were all equals; Monash University students. All of us 'Monash Material'. All of us given a chance.

But throughout the semester, we start to differentiate. Some of us work harder than others. Some of us fail a subject or two or three. While others proceed to make something of themselves.

Some people make full use of the opportunities given to them while others don't... I should get back to studying soon. I wanna be part of the former.

Correction: i should START studying. Dead meat.

Anyway. Updates: Study Partner got accepted to intern for one of the better Big Fours down South. Me? Me? Feeling shit scared lor... inferior and insecure.

My interview was alright. Wasn't really an interview la: more of a chat. Normally they don't interview interns but since time permits, she wanted to see me she said.

Alamak. My whole Monday morn n afternoon went into stressing over the thing wei...

She said that they're interested in me and the other guy MP from Monash... just have to wait for human resource to call...

Thanks for asking CSC! =)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Still Happy Happy

But really tired laaa.

Nice weekend! 10am-4pm in Sunway either having class or self studying. And after that went over to E's place. Helped his mom make Hari Raya Cookies. =) Fun.

Talked to her. Chatted about E when he was not around! Damn funny! She said that she used to lock the computer room so that he would spend less time in front of the monitor... and then he duplicated the key! "And not only one. He duplicated soooo many. Found them all over the place!"

Hahahaha, i couldn't stop laughing man. So cute!!

And then talked about Australia. Mentioned i might be flying by Qantas. Which is 400 cheaper than SIA which is 500 cheaper than MAS... (That's 300 Aussie dollars to spend! JT, if u are reading this, i love u) but i'll have to transit in S'pore.

"When you transit, they (the airport) would transfer the luggage for u and we don't have to carry the luggage around the airport right?", I asked her and she said yes.

Hehe... then, i told her that E keeps on insisting that we have to carry ours luggage around the airport. Then later when E came downstairs she scolded him about this! But scold in the not fierce way la.

I laugh la. Hehehe. And so we might be flying to Aussie together! We'll see how it goes.

Watched Desperate Housewives Season 3 Episode2 and 3 after that...

That was yesterday. Today we coated the almond-in-the-centre cookies with chocolate. E loves chocolate and was looking forward for the leftover melted cooking chocolate. So was i.

When we were done with the cookies, there was a fork and a spoon in the chocolate bowl. E, that asshole, gave me the fork and kept the spoon (the better to eat the chocolate with) for himself! "Give me the spoon!", i demanded. He held it as far away from me as possible. Wrestled for the spoon...

His mom saw this! And she said, "This kind of boyfriend! If me i don't want!" Haha!

Got more to write about but u might get bored of me.

Actually, i'm very tired. =P My friend wrote a very good post on this topic...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy Happy

Did some hacking today! Hehehe, so fun! Brought my laptop to uni JUST to hack! It's the thrill baby! Hahaha.

Actually, it is not hacking lar. It is just gaining access into a network that is meant for us students anyway. It's just that instead of logging into the computers in the computer labs to enter the student drive, we are acceessing it via our laptops. We still have to enter our student username and passwords, so its not like we cracked any codes.

Very convenient cuz u don't have to wait until there is a vacant computer in the lab to save your company law or auditing lecture slides. Pretty cool but too damn bad i am gonna leave for Aust soon. So i don't get to utilise this. =(

Had dinner with some auditing classmates! Very funny la their conversation! And i didn't feel out of place (most of them are 3rd year students while i'm 2nd). They talked about their trip during the hols and about the drinking game, and what one of the girls did when she was drunk. Also had a braces socialization! And heard all about their internships before we headed off to study.

Speaking of internships. I finally forced myself to send the email i was told to send to the taxation department of Big Four A. Big Four A would be for the first accounting firm i applied for. Big Four B would be for the second firm i apply for. And C would be the third...

After sending the email, i proceeded with writing my resume for Big Four B. It was already 3am so i went to sleep halfway through. By 3pm the next day... i began to continue... WHOAAAAA!!! =) I received a reply from Big Four A already!!! =)

Ah, so happy! But scary la, gotta go interview!! Yikessssss!

Should i apply for Big Four B just in case i don't get the internship with Big Four A? All i gotta do is print and mail it. But afraid that i get accepted for both and then i'll have to deal with rejecting....

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


As i was carrying my steamy hot $0.80 cup of Nescafe to the table Study Partner and i were at, i saw his guy stumble over the side of the table. Thought nothing of it until Study Partner said "That guy look at u carry ur coffee, too hot already until he trip".

Wahahaha, no lar, i dun possess that kinda power lar. I'm no Sayuri from Memoirs of a Geisha. But what she said was nice. Whether or not it was a joke, it was a great way to start a day: coffee and laughter. =)

She also said to me "Your Blog is so pink... AND i don't have a problem with that!" Funny lar she. Look out for the link to her in my side bar!

You know what? I was sour with XiaXue over the whole KL issue over a year ago. And since then feelings changed. Anger fades. I'm always one to forgive.

Some people on the other hand, know no forgiveness. Someone from my previous Blog conflict for instance, who shares the same initial as the anonymous. And the anonymous who hates my guts:

"Anonymous said...
WHat? just a sorry and u expect things to be okay? maybe j will forgives you. just imagine i intrude ur privacy at home and later i come with an apology. what do u suggest?
Tuesday, October 10, 2006 6:19:25 PM

What's Almighty's problem?? Its not like any other people from that religion told me they were offended (besides bestfriend but she has already forgiven me =) ...

Intrusion of homes is a criminal offence. I'll forgive u, darling, when u beg for my forgiveness in your prison cell. =)

But maybe some totally unrelated person may think that u serving your time in prison does not make things ok...

Yesterday when i Blogged, i was reading XiaXue. She was going through similar things. Where this person sent her an email over the fact that she was eating a jelly ice cream in the bus. For the first time in over a year, i agreed with XiaXue man! Some people have no life!

For the first time ever i am linking to her!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Taste of Reality

"Anonymous said...everyone is entitled for their own opinions but not when they say it out freely without respecting and thinking of how others feel. that's sue lin" Monday, October 09, 2006 10:01:21 AM in J's Blog.

For someone who is not even of that religion (Anonymous said "...Seems like you are not a ____? So, HI! Because I am not one too...") , that person seems to be REALLY offended!

Sigh. I've already apologised to my friend and i put up a new apology to those who are from that particular religion. If that is not enough i don't know what is!? Want me to undo the past is it? Want me to sell my house is it? Sorry la, i can't undo the past and i dun own a house.

Why is this person 'advising' me over not "thinking of how others feel" when he/she himself/herself called me shallow and questioned my friendship with my friend among many other things?

Is he/she just using the issue to put me down because he/she dislikes me for some other reason?? Hmm? Don't u wonder?


I have a dozen more things to say but why waste your time reading about this namless faceless know-it-all?

Next Blog issue is a sad one. The "racist" candidate in the Monash Elections was disqualified. Because of his Blog?! Oh my God! He/she should just receive a warning. How can such a post go uncontested?

I feel like protesting!

Sigh. The whole thing's a mess. I don't know what to believe. Word has it the candiate claims his/her blog was hacked. A bit far fetched but possible. I doubled the length of my password after hearing that.

Rumour says the opposing candidate would go THAT far to win.

The candidate's Blog is swarmed with about a dozen comments, mostly wishing him/her luck and believing in her/him. But her/his tagboard was flooded with mean things. Some of them supporting him/her and some of them against.

And then poof! The blog with everything in it goes missing. Supposedly due to 'fatal coding errors'. It's back up and running without a trace of what happened previously.

Fishy. As an accounting student... after learning company law and auditing and assurance which emphasised a lot on disclosure and transparency, i wouldn't have done that if i were in her/his shoes. But then again, it could really be because of fatal coding errors...

Welcome to the IT era: Where cyberspace is a hyperlinked to reality.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Read in a magazine that when two girls, example sisters, spend a lot of time together, their menstruation cycles tend to be about the same.

My Study Partner and i have been having our periods at the same time since June i think!!! See how much we have been studying together?! Hahaha.

This month, mine came a week early. I thought that's the end of our period coinciding. But the next day she told me hers is early too! Whoaaaaaaa.

Its just amazing to me.

About donating blood... =( =( =( Even though i disclosed the fact that i had a tattoo done within the past year, even though i said i had my period and even though i have cough and flu (but am healing), they allowed me to donate blood.

But stupid stupid me took cough medicine the night before. We are not supposed to take any forms of medicine within 24 hours of donating blood. So there. I can't donate blood =(

They pricked my finger for no reason!

Friday, October 06, 2006

My First Flame

Always been interested in Blog-wars and what flamers have to 'share'. But never been personally attacked by an anonymous for something i've said (by the way its been about one year since my biggest blog issue so far, the irony).

This is really nothing. Made my heart race and got me thinking a bit. Admit i am offended but it really is nothing, it's just an anonymous, not like the two friends i lost a year ago.

So what did i do?

A friend blogged about this new 10million building of worship and i was rather unhappy with the money spent. So i asked in a comment

But what is the building used for in the other six days of the week??
And errr... isn't it better spending half of the 10 mill on charity?"
Monday, October 02, 2006 9:15:31 PM

and she said

"Sue Lin, church doesn't only operates on Sunday.
And just in case you know, the building itself is a charity from the church."
Monday, October 02, 2006 9:26:47 PM

A lil short so i asked further

"But what do they do in the other six days?
Can explain what u mean by the building itself is a charity from the church??"
Tuesday, October 03, 2006 6:50:25 PM

Before my friend replied...

"Anonymous said...

sue lin, what a stupid statement you had make?! Seems like you are not a christian? So, HI! Because I am not one too. But what you've stated shows how shallow you are. Why not put it this way,forget about staying in your current house. Sell it out to get a smaller one like a government flat and tell them that you need a low cost house because you are doing CHARITY and, forget about enjoying life. Go help in the orphanage house instead of talking nonsense about churches.

To educate you, churches have their administration works to do too. You think they don't have to do any documentation works before the government approves them to build such building? Read more law. People don't only go to church on Sundays. And what she meant by the building itself is a charity. Not quite sure but I think she meant that the existence of the new building is from the donations by the church members. Donations = charity?

J, why do you keep such friends that don't even respct your religion? I am not a Christian but I'd like to say that, don't step away from your own beliefs. It won't do you good. Have faith and all the best"

Tuesday, October 03, 2006 7:13:48 PM

"Anonymous said...

had *made.

ANd Sue Lin, you sure you are a Malaysia that doesn't seems to understand the culture and religions here?"

Tuesday, October 03, 2006 7:14:56 PM

My friend was nice about it

"anonymous, she's just curious.. don't be so harsh
Come on.. we are just learning..

Wednesday, October 04, 2006 10:35:59 AM

I read the thing only today. Whoa! Heart rate increased man! But i was so touched with my friend! I felt bad cuz i knew i was rude... I should not have done what i did... racial issues/politics/religion are no-no for Blogs. Sensitive issues. I was asking for trouble. So i said:

"Hey, thanks J for being so nice. Sorry, i WAS rude. Really sorry. Thanks, will read your explaination tonight, busy day ahead, just popping by."
Thursday, October 05, 2006 10:08:53 AM

Really felt bad to my friend. She's sooo sweet...

"Sue, you were not rude. I am fine with it.
I am sorry for the misunderstanding caused though :/"
Thursday, October 05, 2006 5:48:11 PM

She even smsed me to talk about it. She was concerned if i was hurt. I find that so sweet! I mean... it was my fault laaaaa. None of the RM10million is my money, why should i care if it was spent on a place of worship?

And i talked to my friend about it today (during poll clerk duty =P) and he made me realize that religion did help a lot of people. Maybe religion hasn't helped me in a big way yet, but i can't deny that it has helped many others (i have my opinion on that but i shall keep it to myself).

Also, though the "sell house part" and the "forget about enjoying" part really got me, it is true. I should stop my "i promote charity!" shit, shouldn't i? BTW, i'm donating blood tomorrow, join me?

After much thought (and praising myself for not feeling too insulted by this flamer), i commented:

"anonymous, I thank you for making me realize things. I admit i am wrong but you could have said it in a nice way. Yes, you are doing a better job at respecting other religions than me. I admire that and will learn from you in that particular area. However, you should learn to be more diplomatic and humble."
Thursday, October 05, 2006 9:59:39 PM

I also added a one liner in the comment about the anonymous's grammar. This sentence alone is terrible! "you sure you are a Malaysia that doesn't seems to understand the culture and religions here?"

I think the 'Oh So Perfect Citizen' meant "Are you sure you are a Malaysian? You don't seem to understand the culture and the religions practiced here."

Terrible usage of punctuations, fragmented sentence structure...

I should stop this too. Every time i see a flamer i don't like in Malaysian blogs, i tend to criticize their grammar... Haha, i guess it is kind of human nature. You are judged by the way u present yourself. If met this anonymous in person, i'd find faults in her/his appearances. But since this is purely and entirely in text, i target his/her grammar...

Enough la. Gotta go.

Note: Please do not defend me or anything in my friend's blog, u may read it but please please don't comment on the issue, i do not want to make it a big matter. Did not want to even leave a link at first.

Note (Added 9.45pm 6 October): I bolded some of the words. And I am not responsible for any of the comments posted here except for those posted by me.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Great Day

Saw this attention grabbing notice written in many different highlighters on the notice boards on the way to class. Decided to read it after class. Sounds like a psycho!

The girl lost a gift and she says she's super stressed with her first year second semester assignments and claims to be suicidal. The notice was 4 pages or so long. She even offered lunch as a reward.

The described item lost sounded familiar. Vague memories of the it played in my mind, was it a dream? I thought for a while and it became clearer. I did see it on Monday when i was photocopying my academic transcripts for the internship.

Sent and sms. Added: "Hope it helps!". Received a reply not long after, offering me lunch. I was like "err... u go see if its there or not first".

And guess what she already claimed it! The girl seemed a bit scary from her notice. So i smsed E to let him know where i was and even sent him her number for safety.

She called me and since i had no one to eat with, i decided to go for it! She seemed normal! Chirpy and talkative and nowhere near suicidal lar. And i've seen her around. Monash Business Club. Not bad lar the lunch! We discussed the ball, politics (Monash politics) and other general stuff. =)

Then i went for my duties as a poll clerk. It was fun! Talked away with a friend when no one was voting... i was getting paid RM5 an hour to hang out and make new friends! Haha.

Stupid blur me cancelled the wrong name even! I dunno how come my luck is so good, the wrong name i cancelled happen to be that girl's sister and she happened to be right there too! They were voting together!

Met with another friend who studied in the campus i'm going to next year. Gave me pointers and maps and tips on living in Monash University Peninsula! =)

And then traffic was totally clear to Midvalley! E and i watched The Devil Wears Prada! Wednesday rates! =) Good seats, great movie. Relates a lot to the current state i'm in... sacrifices and the choices you make in work.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Elections and Blogging

Monash Elections are going on this week, i'm an insignificant poll clerk. Aka i get paid (RM5 an hour) to look after the ballots and initiate the voting etc. Havent started my shifts yet though.

Anyway, its not supposed to be about me.

There was campaigning, debating, rebutting and the floor was allowed to ask questions. Too bad i went for lunch with the very newly founded "Laughing Association" when some action took place. There was slandering. One of the... people running for a post Blogs and apparently he/she blogged about a local issue and criticised some people of a particular race in his post.

His/her post was printed and distributed by the people who were unhappy about him/her! And the words he used were highlighted!

I wish i could have witnessed it, being a blogger myself... i have no idea how bad it was, the one who told me about it wasn't very descriptive, so i don't have the details.

But judging from the highlighted words i read, he/she wasn't degrading the whole race, it just so happen that the people he was condemning was of that race and he/she condemned them for failing to help prevent crime (or something of that sort)...

Don't know. Gotta be extra careful, u never know who reads your blog and u never know who would use it against you and when

That aside, i met V, one of my Blogger friends in uni today! I called her out of the blue to get help (friend's car got towed and i remembered reading her blog about cars being towed in Sunway). Thanks girl!

She happened to pass by where i was sitting a minute after that and she called out to me. Great meeting u! I'm usually around there if u wanna come by for a chat =)

Monday, October 02, 2006


Been really stressed on and off. I know the internship is not necessary but i can't rest whenever i imagine myself poor in the future. I can't let that happen. I can't, i can't!!

Its not like i've ever been dirt poor, but just imagining makes me scared till i can't breath. I have never said it out loud, but inside, i am jealous to the core whenever i hear two friends talking about going for hotel buffets with their boyfriends. My heart has turned into the deepest shade of green once too often.

E and i can never afford it, and neither of our parents are willing to spend that kind of money on a single meal, not even on a special occasion. E and i only went to Shangri-La when it was for free.

I do not wanna be 30 years old and say, what have i achieved? I'm only twenty and when i look back at my childhood, i see no achievements! I can't dance, i only have a stupid green belt in taekwando, i don't play the piano, i never finished more than 3 art classes. I was never an athelete...

Just Blogging this scares me. Thank god i somehow realized the importance of being active in extra-curricular activities when i was in form 3. Yeah, i hated them like shit. But i went.

I never got the post President, but i was given treasurer once, and secretary once.

I can never beat my Study Partner, but i am just a step or two behind her. My resume turned out ok. I guess. And i managed to hand it out to one of the accounting big four firms today (if u wanna know which, ask on msn). I am lucky to have her as a close friend, she helped me a lot. The angel CM too. SC too... and thanks M for looking after my stupid laptop while i photostate my academic transcripts! KM, thanls for forwarding me the mail, will apply for the other accounting big four soon.

I really must be above average when i grow up, i must!... i don't want to say no to charity volunteers who stalk me. I want to be able to give RM10 or maybe even a fifty.

I don't wanna be a fat auntie, i already a very flabby stomach n cellulite in my thighs as a twenty year old, how much fatter would i be after i give birth? And with the shitty schedule accountants get, i'm gonna need a very expensive gym membership. I have to be able to pay for it without feeling extra pressure that would add wrinkles to my face.

Oh yeah, and i possibly might need plastic surgery when i'm much older. And i wanna be able to afford it. I am only half kidding here.

I haven't started wanting cars and condos yet... but i'm sure i will one day

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Rude Awakening

This time last week i was happily Blogging about the ball. This time last week i was ecstatic and carefree as it was the beginning of the week-long holidays and i handed out an assignment early. Tonight, today, its back to reality.

1. Uncompleted assignment due tomorrow
2. I'm coughing and my nose is runnning away
3. So shitted. Put off writing resume for 3 (THREE) weeks already! My future is looking dim, not very bright at all... And it looks like i am not shortlisted for the CPA internship, the only internship i applied for. Sigh.

Study Partner got an email from Singapore, informing her that she was shortlisted. They'd be calling her for a 10 minute phone interview sometime this week. Lucky girl. I was right with her when she read the email. And i checked mine. Nothing. Remembered that i used a different more formal email add to apply for the internship. Checked that one. Nothing

She's gonna go so much further in life than me. And so much faster. I'm i'm... i'm... i don't know! She tried to help me. But i'm such a lazy bum. Only wrote 100 words when the word limit is 500. She wrote 496 words or something like that! Impressive shit!

Accounting Issues lecturer said to us "If u earn only RM10,000 in ten years time, don't come and see me". Implying that if we earn RM10,000 by the time we're 30 years old, its no where near good enough!? What the?!?

As accounting students, we are supposed to climb the damned corporate ladder. Will i ever make it up or will i slide down the snakes?