Sunday, March 30, 2008

Week 2 (A lot of nonsense here)

Monday and Tuesday was grueling technical training, all about the processes and steps to take during the audit. In my dire struggle to keep awake, i downed mugs of coffee... it made me so bloated, add that to the fact that i've already gained weight = my pants were so tight, it was torturous!

The highlight of my Tuesday. I decided to wear a scarf to work...

A friend spilled some juice on her shirt and i forced myself to offer her my scarf. Pretty sad about it but i simply cant bear to see her so upset la, i would feel guilty if i bitchily just told "her that it cant be seen, leave with it" although it WAS barely visible...

Guilt rules me. After the last post i actually had a dream that one day in the future the guy i bitched about is someone i need to get an approval for something... and i didn't get the approval cuz the fella remembers me! Guilty about blogging it!

I just cannot make it as a bitch la. So, i gave the scarf to her in front of another two girls and they were complimenting it! I was happy they thought the scarf idea was a nice touch but at the same time i felt like a lion who's mane has been chopped off

Quite worth it and i grinned when she said "Thanks, You saved my day" when she returned it =)

Besides, even before work started a friend already complimented me on it =) Powderful weiii

Wednesday was a factory tour in an automobile factory. Damn COOL the way they test the speed of the car. Tested until 130kmph. I watched and watched in awe until MY told me that everyone has already left! I tore myself away from the testing area and saw that indeed, everyone has started making their way out of the factory!

Free half day off work after that, super cool eh? And i went shopping! =P

On Thursday, WT who seats next to me brought a new laptop bagpack, she also went shopping on Wed, LOL!

I wore this on Thursday

MY said "I like your dress" and a Malay friend said "Nice dress" and Lemmon Tea said "Is that cashmere?" Happy lor of cuz.

Thursday's training was on the 16th Floor of Imperial hotel. Spectacular view. And loved my breakfast session with the Sri Petaling carpooling people! The sun hasnt started glaring and it wasnt too hot, u can clearly see the well renovated architecture of the Heritage Row clubbing district in daylight, unlike what u normally see it in its business hours.

And my nasi lemak was so damn good.

Took the SMART Tunnel home that day. Quite fast, good radio reception in the tunnel! But the road in the tunnel is bad. Not smooth and u cant go faster than 60kmph, thats the speed limit.. u can exceed it but it doesnt sound good and there are CCTVs every few meters. RM2 for the stretched i traveled on.

On Friday, taking the SMART tunnel was a big mistake, it rained! I was so late, the last to arrive, a good 30mins AFTER the 2nd latest people! Oh my god and it was for a dinner with leaders!

My empty allocated seat was next to the industry leader/partner (they are the top people in accounting firms)! So damn malu and sitting there in such a dinner was hard for me, i was so afraid of saying the wrong thing or speaking at the wrong time that i talked very little! Other people just kept on saying what i wanted to say before i manage to say it!

I managed to ask a few things and i guess that's okay. The one who spoke the most to the leaders was Lemmon Tea, thats part of the formula he gave us to help remember his name when introduced. I wonder if i can be able to talk as well as he does by the time i get to his age - 24, that'll be something for me to work on. He's 24 but joined the firm as a fresh grad cuz the Big 4 Accounting Firms do not accept small firm experience as valid prior work experience!

My industry leader was really chatty and informative, she shared a lot and i find that i benefit from listening to her. I would have remembered a bit more if i weren't so self conscious, judging my every move and watching everyone else's just to comfort myself that i am not behaving inappropriately. It was really stressing and hard to just listen. Plus thinking of something intelligent to say was no easy feat.

The manager at the table is this really jolly girl, always joking and laughing, which was nice and helped us relax a bit...

The food at Oriental Spoon wasn't good to me. Its Chinese food but served COLD. Omg i hate cold food, i am the one who wishes Japanese food is microwaved. Didnt eat much though i really appreciate the company's efforts in planning all these activities for us newbies

The industry leader joked as well, she said that the company is fattening us up before work, just like the chicken farm or whatever fattens up their chickens before slaughtering!

I hope it really was a joke, i wonder whats in store for me. How i will fare in the working life? Will i mess up? Will i give up? Will i be able to be one of the high achievers? Will i be able to do that AND have a balanced life? My questions on the future are endless...

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Its actually not that bad a week at work la. But bad traffic is the easiest way to KILL me.

I cant bring myself to talk about the positive side right now... need to lash out. Gonna bitch about something entirely different, someone who's identity i do not have to bother hiding.

Okay lets start! Feature person for bashing purposes today is

Jimmy White

If that is his real name.

That bugger is an irritating person who goes around adding girls he doesn't know on Facebook. I normally only accept people i know or people who's pictures look familiar. Others i will send a message clarifying where we've met/did u mistakenly add me...

Gave me stupid reply which clearly shows that he has been randomly adding people. I mean girls.

I looked at his profile 1340 friends. First page were all girls Annie, Daizy, Mira, Abby, Tiffany, Sylvia, Lily, Amanda Janice Fanny Rita Jacelyn, Emily, Crystal

and 3 people named Su Ann on page one itself........

All pictures of girls. Why bother venturing onto page 2?

I DONT wanna be like, the 3rd Sue Lin on some STUPID ****less guy's Facebook list

So damned irritating

Since its someone i dont have to bother being nice to, i just sent bitchy replies! Hehe! =)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

As first weeks go

Mine wasn't bad at all.

I'd say its a good first week
at work cuz: Monday n Tuesdays was spent in five star Avillion, Port Dickson. Wednesday is a day at the office. Thurday is a public holiday and then its Friday another day at the office. Then its the weekends! Hehe

How not to be happy seeing views like that on your very first day of work? I miss the ocean so much, used to see it between Carrum and Bonbeach when taking the Frankston train to the city in Melbourne

Thats me and my roomie!

H is the first person i spoke to during the signing your offer letter session and its such a coincidence that we were assigned to the same room

EW is my the friend i made on the bus to Port Dickson!

She's nice and sweet and always smiling when she sees me! She'll turn 25 this year and she's married! Cool talking to someone who's further in life than me, looking forward to meeting many more experienced people

MY is the high school close friend i had on the trip with me!

If i was more hardworking i could dig through my 18th Birthday's pictures and she would be there!

I barely knew these girls the night this picture was taken, i didnt even know all their names!

But these are the girls i eat lunch with for the 2 training days this week. Of course i know their names now =P

Someone set up a tripod to take a picture of this view and i had to follow suit. Minus the tripod of course =P Love my camera, i just walked passed and snapped! =P Hehe, and this is even possible after dropping my camera in Movieworld. Sony aint as hardy as Canon.

MY and R woke up early and had their breakfast by the pool side!

Then they closed off this section and asked the rest of us to eat upstairs =((( Stole a picture with them anyway.

I almost wanted to sleep through breakfast cuz morning tea was provided but then i remembered that Malaysian hotel buffet breakfasts serve NASI LEMAK! Thats all the motivation i need to jump outta bed!

The week ended with a Firday night dinner in Madam Kwan's all paid for by the company and then a bowling game, even shoes are paid for! I've been eating prawns almost everyday this whole week wei!

Lugging around our laptops (all auditors get one) to Midvalley was a chore though. And i got a scare when this lady walked so close to our laptops, i freaked out and thought she was gonna steal them!

Losing the laptop would incur a RM5000 'cost price' fine oh my god over 2 months' salary. We are getting paid RM2350 a month by the way. Its totally shit cuz u can easily buy TWO and a half laptops for RM5000 these days....

Just a thought, if one person loses a laptop and gets fined, the company can easily use the fine to pay for the whole Madan Kwan's dinner and bowling game. These accountants are smart i tell ya

I freaked out today(Saturday). This lady at the bank filled up a form for me and asked me to check if my info was right. I glanced though and it says i'm a student under occupation. With Monash University as employer. I had to strike that out and write "Auditor" and i had to write my company's name as employer.

Shittttttttttttt, this really is it, a new chapter in my life!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Its Time

Australian Student Visa expired yesterday. Starting work tomorrow.

Tomorrow's my birthday. I'm turning twenty two.

When i turned twenty i still considered myself a teenager. When i turned twenty one, twenty one is special, its like an age on its own. Now that i am twenty two... there's no escape. I am in my twenties!

Plus i am starting work on the very same day!

Thank goodness work starts off with training... with the first two days in Port Dickson, hotel paid for

And one of my bestfriends from high school signed with the same company! I'll have someone i love with me =)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mood Swings

Currently on the happy end...

Will be blogging more about the happiness rather than the sadness but just so u know...

since i got back from Australia, i cried more than i cried throughout the whole of last year.

What a way to spend the last month of being twenty one...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What i've been up to

Lets not talk about what i've been feeling these days and lets talk about what i've been doing these days.

Monday. Interview with one of the Big 4s. Went really well, the manager who interviewed me is someone i can admire, sets a good example hardworking, is really nice and not intimidating at all, really too bad i already made up my mind to go with another firm. Hopefully i didnt make the wrong choice.

Then i went to watch 10,000bc with E. Student price for the last time perhaps? Pretty good movie, just as JW told E. During the movie, the human resource from the firm i called me. She asked me if i was free to talk and i had said yes despite the fact that u can hear D'Leh, the lead character speaking clearly in the background!

AN joined us for dinner. We ate at a restaurant under the same franchise i worked with in Australia. Only about half as good. And they don't serve the wraps nor do they serve the ribs! I had lots of the wrap before i left but i never tried the ribs! =(

Tuesday. Did some banking. Thank god for internet banking, i do not wanna be like those poor souls who have to do their banking during lunch hours. And i am so shitlucky that Maybank is opening shopping mall branches that open till 9pm!

Then met with CT at Monash. That girl is still the same, made me laugh the way she talks. Now she goes without her lip piercing.

Unintentionally i met up with another fren. I saw her come out of the lift, so familiar and i called out her name, PW! She was happy to see me as i was happy to see her. One of my first semester friends!

Then i went off to attend a lecture with AN and MT! Hahahaha, just for fun. My LAST Monash lecture if i cant make it for the one on Thurs =P Omg, i really am clinging on to dear student life.

Spoke to KC cuz i saw him outside the lecture hall! Lepaked in Musa Lounge cuz that's AN's hang out place, watched them play fooseball and listen in on their conversations. =P

Drove off to meet my beloved ex-study partner, who is my prospective business partner! Hahaha. Love this girl! She is one of the few people i'd wake up to meet at 8am.

8am damnit! Do u have the power to make me willingly wake up early for u? Hehehe

Speaking of which, i gotta get up early to service my SLK (Small Little Kancil)! Nights!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Emo la

Missing Australia like shit. Its autumn there again. Getting cool there and the weather here is irritating me. Always sweating like mad.

I looked through my wardrobe and saw the skirt i semangat buy last March. Havent worn it cuz a button came off and i never got around to sewing it back...

I am using a calender i got fro Aust and it marks Easter as a public holiday. I remember last easter there was no Financial Modeling classes for me... and the class was to be replaced the following Friday during the university holidays. Housemate CT and i both totally forgot about the replacement classes. We were happily playing chor tai tee after dinner in front of the tv when TGW called me. He asked if i went for the class and i was like "What class?"

I get all emo when i realize how fast time passes me by.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Metaphorically Speaking

We started off on this road. Could lead anywhere, it all depends on the turns u take and the speed at which u travel.

We went along a simple road, a casual one. I let my guard down, first mistake.

I didn't read each signboard properly, i didn't take the time to think, i made another mistake by answering too quickly. I was going too fast and without knowing it i ended up on the flyover to the cemetery.

There was still a way out, but i couldn't see it. Slowly but surely her questions were guiding me, guiding me to pick up the shovel. Before i knew it, i was in this hole...

I wanted to get out. But somehow, i found myself digging deeper and deeper

Until there was no way out

I dug my own grave