Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Flying Trapeze

If a picture says a thousand words, would a video say a million?

About a year ago, i drew pictures to illustrate the activities i did. So much more time efficient to record and upload! =)

The first swing was just doing the knee hang. Second and third swing were the somersault, mine worked out beautifully both times!

My first catch didnt go so well though. Behold below the fail video!!


Looks ten times scarier than it felt!!! Did you hear the gasps from my classmates? I didnt hear it at all when i was on the trapeze, only realised the gasp when i watched the video! On the last try, i managed to do the catch!!! =)


Love it so much! Trust me I was shit scared before the first jump.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hello September Spring

Begun Australian spring in style this September

It was a freezing day when we headed to the races but took off our jackets for a few pretty shots =) The wind was strong, my fascinator isn't quite right on my head. Oh well.

Inside, where its warm. Me holding my winning ticket. Bet $5 and lost, and then bet another $5 and won $9. So i lost $1 in the end!! Hahah!

Loads of pictures to post and I dont think i have even finish writing about last year's Spring Races! Not to mention i've never blogged about my white water rafting, have not finished Cambodia 2009. I've got a video to upload. Actually i have three videos to upload! Pole pictures yet to be posted.

So many other aspects of my life that i have to sort out first!