Corporate Chick

I'm a career woman, hear me roarrrrr!

Working in Melbourne, Australia
Honoured Social networking for Malaysian accountants working in Australia
Work life balance Aussie accountants have interesting hobbies
Winter fashion my first week working full time in Aust!! =)

First Job in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Appreciated by a smart new joiner =) Sweet!
My farewell with my batchmates
Out of the corporate world and into the realm of unemployment
Curry Puff breakfast at work
Biz trip Part 2 in Jitra, Alor Setar, Kedah
Biz trip Part 1 one week away from home
Ciggie Break even though i don't smoke
On the road i'm a mobile employee
Chocolate Wrappers we get free samples!
Wild Wild West themed dinner and dance
Visible Tattoos is it appropriate to have them?
Corporate Social Responsibility is so fulfilling and fun!
Bukit Tinggi department trip
Ice Cream Magnums, Connettos and frozen ears?
Best Damn Office i ever set foot in, Petronas Twin Towers
Audit Horror Stories myths or lies?
Pros and Cons evaluated
Busy busy 
RM 30,000 stocktake what an experience!
'My cubicle' at work
Confirmation So happy when i received the email
Outside (attire) & Inside (how nervous i was)
First Week in permanent employment

Great Colleagues always makes working life better
At the bottom of the food chain
Christmas season Loved it
Little mistakes and painful feet
Second and Third So far so good, happy
Very first day on the job