Thursday, May 29, 2008

This Week

Saturday was a day with mom - Mother's Day spa thingie by Herworld. The massage was so food after last week's work schedule.

Catch my Sunday here! Spent the afternoon with my blogger friend and then went for dinner and a movie with E. We havent been to the cinema since the week before we started working.

Monday, i felt like shit for not working at all during the weekend and i decided to feel like shit quietly... even the client noticed i was quiet. Didnt get to visit the skybridge =(

Today's much better... tomolo manager's coming in... hopefully i'll live to blog somemore

Sunday, May 25, 2008

2 Months on the job

And i'd say the latest client was the most challenging. First day on this job really killed me. Had thoughts of suicide. Eg "Hey, i am on the 9th floor, if i jump, death is certain since u only need 7 floors to die"

But of course i know that this is not worth my life.

Left the office at 11pm that night. Got up the next day with a headache and felt like puking for a few hours. But after 3pm it got a tiny bit better. Left at 10pm

Thursday was a bit better than Wed (worked till 11pm) and by

Friday, i was laughing and smiling when i left the office at 8.45pm. By coincidence, met up with a few of the seniors i worked with during my internship days! Its terrific cuz i deeply regretted not getting their contacts when i was done with my vacation training

Also, one of the managers i worked previously worked with stopped me for a chat as i walked past his table. He said my Stocktake was good for a first timer!!!! =)

He said that during the review with the director, the director didnt raise any concern over the inventory work i did! =) Yahooooooo, i did the stocktake alone while most people are accompanied their first time

Next week is going to be a tough week, continuing on with the current client. Thank goodness there is one thing to look forward to re this client.

I am gonna get to work in the Petronas Twin Towers! Tower 2 baby! Hahah! I MUST go visit the sky bridge durin lunch and again after sundown if possible! Heyyy, maybe DURING sunset as well? Ok, i am askin too much! =P

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spoiled Rotten

On our Sunday family dinners at home, siblings n i would fight for the comfy chairs with the back rest. No one wants to sit on the stool.

My sis 'chupped' a place by putting her cup of water at one sitting. I didnt care, sat there and moved her cup =P And i selamba drank her water in front of her n said, its my place now.

Hahaha, so mean right, bully my small sis. Then i said to her "Big sister sucks right?",

Little J sat on the stool and said "Yes".

Then i remembered my tub of Baskin n Robbins, bought it on 30th April without the 31% off cuz i just got paid my RM2081 paycheck. So i asked her if there is any left cuz i havent eaten it since the night i brought it home. (Since came back to Malaysia, i don't need to open the freezer to check what groceries need to be bought)

Lil sis finished the whole thing man!!!! And then it was her turn to say "Small sister sucks right?"

I said "YES!!!!!"

But no matter what i love my little sister sooo sooo much.

Thats my msn pic for the past 5 months. On 31st May i am gonna buy a much much bigger tub of Baskin n Robbins. Bought her J.Co donuts from Pavillion during lunch at work yesterday (Fri).

I would never say i love my job, but i really love bits of it. I was assigned to help out an audit in Bukit Bintang. Love the office man! Client rented a conference room for the 3 of us. Damn luxurious, on the 28th floor (penthouse is on the 29th), the place looks and feels like a hotel. Spectacular balcony view of the Golden Triangle, almost all to myself to enjoy at 5.30pm each day.

How often can u get access to so many offices other than being an auditor? I love love love checking out the interior of various offices. The ones i like, i get to enjoy, savour it. The ones i dislike, i don't have to worry, i'll be gone in less than 2 weeks. I havent been to my own company's dull, bare and boring 15th floor office for 3 weeks now y'know?

And i love love love getting a basic understanding of many company's operation. These companies are small in Msia but they have big holding companies in the States, or Germany, or wherever.

Love love love the seniors i've been assigned to so far, they share so much and they are so nice. And the latest one treated me and R to Japanese food in Pavillion for lunch yesterday (Fri)! So sweet of her, and i've only been on the job for 3days!

Oh, E's not doing so bad himself! His company sent him to Kuching, Sarawak with his senior and his senior manager! Less than 2 months on the job and he gets to travel, airfare, room and airport transfers all paid for! So proud of him! =) To an extend, some of these things are based on luck but whatever la, i am DAMN happy for him.

Overall quite happy la. Being back in Malaysia, i get spoiled rotten la. I not only have my Kancil but was lately given the greenlight to take my Grandpa/Aussie Uncle's automatic Wira as i please (since the car is idle and the bat keeps dying, it still dies alot, but i can deal w tht). After all, its like i have a weekday car and a weekend car!

I dont have to cook, i dont even have to mix my own juice (its something like Ribena), the maid does it for me... so often that when i tried doing it on my own, i had completely no idea whats the orange:water ratio. Needless to say i messed it up

Maid packs my breakfast and sometimes dinner if i ask for it. Breakfast is made up of bread with butter n kaya. I dont even have to buy my own kaya, boyfriend's parents buys it for me! I didn't even have to ask! I went over the other night and Uncle asked me if i've ran out of kaya!

OMG, to be honest... i have NO IDEA how much kaya i have left man, i don't even have to look at the little tub. So touched by his kindness weiiii. E and i are supposed to treat his parents to seafood dinner, maybe i'll just foot the whole bill la since E has more financial responsibilities than i do and they are so nice to me!

I've stopped buying t-shirts since i have so many from my teenage years. I won't buy another tee again unless its branded (and discounted). HEHEHEH, love my AUD29.00 No FCUKin' Worries tee and

yesterday, i bought my first Polo Ralph Lauren tee.

I went a little mad and bought one for a late Mother's Day and an early Father's Day and E's early birthday gift as well. RM89.00 buy one free one from Sungai Wang's Factory Outlet Store (FOS). If i bought it, it is a bargain =)

At 50% discount in Melbourne's Direct Factory Outlet (DFO), Essendon's post new year sale, one Polo Ralph Lauren tee costs AUD$49. AUD$49 x 3.00 = RM150 for ONE freaking piece. Yesterday, i got 4 of 'em for RM190. HAH! It pays to have my bargain bitch attitude...

=) Half of May's shopping budget gone. But i got a free umbrella for my purchases! AHAHAH

Okay, spoiled rotten bargain bitch is tired. Have a great 3 day weekend!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Addicted Again

A colleague, N always has nicely drawn eyelinered eyes. Every single damn day of training. Lately, another colleague asked her what eye liner she uses cuz it never smudges, always perfect.

N told us she got her eyelids tattooed. DAMMMMNNN am i interested. Perfect for the lazy me who never bothers with make up, i am the sort that just rolls out of bed and stumbles into the car.

My mom doesnt mind, she even has it! I want!. All i need now is to find a beautician who does it, someone who speaks English cuz my Cantonese sucks pretty bad and this has gotta be someone i can really communicate with. Anyone have someone to reccomend?

Also noted that many guys and girls in the gym have tattoos on their upper arm. I ALSO WANT another tattoo!!! A small one that can be covered with concealer on days that i wear sleeveless to work.

Call me an addict, I am one to an extend.

Also got addicted to Prison Break again. Season 2 now. I actually stopped watching d wan... but then, it was showing when i was in the gym. After having a taste of my drug, its back to my evil ways.

Locks self in my room and watch episode after episode, burning away my weekend.

It kills me that i dont have the entire season 2. Anyone have it? U need not reply if u are out of Malaysia, i dont need to be tortured... i need my drugs!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Counting My BLessings and Self Comforting

1. Love my friends who love me. Trying to clear up my sms inbox is hell cuz i dun wanna delete anything

2. Love love E, he just called =)

3. Love love love my parents. One of the reasons. My father handed me my credit card bill. RM150 for petrol. As he always does. This time, i attached RM200 to the bill and left it on his table. He returned it to me saying no need for now! Awwwwwwwww =) That brings my April savings to RM1000.

3a. I guess its good thing that i am out and in the workforce at 22. Quite a lot of my ex-schoolmates are still studying. By working... my personal allowance doubled. I pay for my own gym membership. And i get to save well over five times what i used to save as a student. I don't feel like such a burden to my parents. The independence is nice

4. Wouldnt say i love my job but i enjoy parts of it. And the rest of it isnt as bad as i thought it would be. So far la.

5. Erm... remember me being down regarding professional exams? Received a phone call, things are looking up. Thats 6 days of paid study leave, yeah! Equivalent to RM660 minimum FREE per paper i take.

6. Er... I may be exhausted (and grumpy to the point of tears yesterday and hormonal due to period) after staying back in the office till 7.30pm, arrived home at 8.10, shower and makan its 9pm d. And in my line of work, this is considered early. Somemore got homework to do.

Sighs. A colleague told me that her friend worked all the way till 10am the next day. HAHAHAHA, can u imagine that? The girl ended up in the hospital with one week MC. Had to be put on drip.

Word has it that 2 colleagues had a miscarriage lately. What does that say about my work?

Friday, May 02, 2008

Long. Lots of Letters.

"I didn't shop at all in April", i said proudly to my mom. RM30 spent on ONE pair of shoes out of my RM400 self-set shopping allowance doesn't really count.

But she doesn't know how to appreciate me! =(

Not like i have much time to shop. Precious weekends are spent in the gym or with E or with family. In a way being fat helps me save money. All free time is spent at the gym instead of shopping! Hahaha.

So my Fitness First membership of RM191 a month is totally worth it. Hahah, can reduce the monthly fee if i take a one year contract after my 3month one ends. I think. I hope!

Anyway, when i worked at the fashion company i drove to Uptown Damansara super early in d morning and then went to Fitness First in Uptown 5... TO GO BACK TO SLEEP. Hahaha, i brought my gym stuff but i used the towel as a pillow! Hehe, i really slept for a good 40mins there.

So the gym memberships doubles as a safe hang out place at dawn.

This week i was instructed by manager S to go do a stock count in KLIA! Automation company, main office in Sunway Damansara. I went there super early to avoid the traffic. But instead of hitting the Curve's Fitness First, i met up with my ex_study partner for a good catching up time over breakfast! =)

Both she and E said that my task was cool. Well, it was sorta cool. Had to climb really high ladders, my job is risky yo! HAHAH, nah la, nothing one la, Sue Lin laughs no scared heights.

At first i was scared though. I never did a stock count before and i was sent on this task ALONE. Didnt sleep well the night before. Worried. What if i cant do my job well?

But at the same time i felt important la. Like, manager thinks i can do it! HAHAHA, real story is that they are short of staff and i happened to be available the right time, right place.

From my experience in the past 2 days, stock counts are FUN. Hehe. Get paid my RM110 a day to stand there and WATCH the client count their stock. Of cuz there are things i gotta look out for, had to study the long list of things to observe the night before. And i had to recount just 60 types of items out of the total.

My restaurant waitress shoes will now be my stock count shoes! Finally, a reason to use those bloody expensive (but damn comfy) shoes!

Oh u know, the other fun part? The client drove me to KLIA! No limo but its nice being driven. Plus free lunch both days. KFC and then Dominos. All staff involved in the count was also treated to lunch.

I also found it cool to go into the warehouses in KLIA! I was totally out of place there since everyone was MALE... but who cares la. Most people only go to departures and arrivals but i've been to cargo!

HAHAHA, i dun care if u think i am lame. I enjoy seeing places, doesn't matter what, where.

One thing i love about my job is the travel. I gotta buy one of the KL versions of Melway. That thick map book. I like getting into my baby Kancil and hitting the road during office hours, i never mentioned how much i enjoyed my drive to my first client's place in Nilai. It was sunny and i drove through fields of grass, it reminded me of the the time i drove south of Frankston.

Another thing i love is meeting so many people. All of them older than me. Working with my 3rd manager, worked with an S1 and two more senior AA2 (I am an AA2 as well). And when i am with each client (i've been to 4 companies already), i speak to the staff from the accounting department all the way to the top of the firm.

I find it cool to be introduced to these busy ang mohs, who take a minute or so to meet me and shake my hand! =)

I am like at the bottom of my firm, yet they stand and smile at me. Muahahaha... feel so important!

And i feel so fortunate la. Everyone in the 4 companies i have been to are SUPER nice and not mean at all wei... Trainer said that 50% of clients are mean and 50% are nice... how is it that i am so lucky to not work with any mean ones yet?

Does this mean that i would one day face the devil boss of all evil clients?

Time would tell