Saturday, August 30, 2008

Too Fast Too Furious

Life's hectic. Fast paced. I can't keep up, i cant.

Been based in the co's office and not clients place these few weeks. Been talking to friends of friends and can barely remember all of them (which is not good). There are just too many people. All my colleagues! God, so many!

So much can happen too. I found out that Monash shitted me. They didn't give proper advice to the average clueless second year student that i was in 2006. I did MALAYSIAN company law.

As a requirement for the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (ICAA), i need AUSTRALIAN company law. So now i am a semester behind my batchmates in beginning my ICAA.

Instead, i am now a Help University College Student doing a paper with Charles Sturt University (CSU), doing LAW220 Business Organisations Law. Ada student card somemore, i look like shit in it.

Crap. I really wanted to go back to uni, but not in this context

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monash Peninsula Graduation 2007

Sorry this post is 8months late, but better late than never right? Also i managed to do this post before the upcoming Monash Malaysia Graduation in September. Heheheheh

Below: Dorky, geeky happy me:

I wore the gown even before the results were out. Not many people were up for it.

I wanted to cry cuz not many companions that day. Just me and C throwing our hats in my Peninsula campus:

The real day came along soon enough and my whole family was there! =)

My sis's first trip to Aust and my father actually didnt want to go (to save money).

But my mom succeeded in forcing him to go! Lol

So happy to have pictures with both my parents in the beautiful Clayton campus on that day

HAPPY, ECSTATIC, OVER THE MOON! The amount i smiled that day was too much.

I looked horrible in so many pictures cuz i over-smiled. Picked out the ok ones for the blog of course

My darling E in his suit and i

He was camerman that day and my mom was camerawoman, while my father was video-cameraman

D and R came for a short while

They were the ones who bought me the flowers =) Thanks guys!

My lil sis and i:
In a year or so, i won't have to bend down when taking pictures with her! She's growing so tall so fast!

A pic with some friends. Two of the guys are my colleagues now. One of them already resigned

Notice the other 2 girls are in pretty dresses? My mom asked me why didn't i wear a dress and somewhat implied that i was ugly. Hate it when moms do that =(

But love my mom no matter what. Another family pic

Hey, airfares to Melbourne arent cheap in THOSE days okay? Had to take plenty of pix with the whole family

Soon it was time to walk to the hall

The opening was really grand. The music was live and it was good, too bad i was still a lil depressed i wasnt wearing a lovely dress...

Thats a blury pic of me on stage

After the ceremony, i met up with more of my campus mates!

Love this candid shot. Love our smiles. We threw the hats

R and i

Damn i realize i havent seen her since we shopped at Essendon way back in early January!

A great pic of my brother and E!

I've got a siblings pic but i look like shit in there =P So that one will never see the face of this blog

Last but not least, my campus mates,

with our scrolls! =)
Monash Graduates class of 2007
Ceremony date 18/12/2007

Friday, August 22, 2008

Just my luck

Paid RM2,880 for Malaysia Airlines to Melbourne.
None refundable. No change of date.
It was an offer and i had to pay by Wednesday 2pm
So i did.

Come Thursday, Air Asia announces RM99 tickets to Melb.
Whatthehell man!

Oh well, travel dates don't suit anywayz
and i sure am looking forward to my trip! =)

Flying solo

Sunday, August 17, 2008

For obvious reasons, no pictures!

Haha, the class was GREAT!

As opposed to last Sun where i woke up at 11.20am when the class began at 10, this time around i was so early that the shop wasn't even opened yet! HAHAHAHAH

Everyone was about 30mins late last week and they said i didnt miss much.

Time flew! There were times where we landed far from gracefully, and there were times we made screeching noises! But it was a good workout and so so much fun!

Loved the class, enjoyed myself. Worth every cent of the RM160 for 4 sessions. Shit, just realized thts more expensive than one month at Fitness First weiiiiii (at corporate rate).

My body's aching, dunno if its cuz of the class or cuz i went to the gym this evening

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Melacca Makan Day Trip

Nothing can stop me, the trip is planned, i am going! At 11pm Fri night, senior told me i had to go back to the office on Sat morn to print the stupid stat accounts. Damn it man, i drove there at 11pm Fri night instead and did all i had to do (for now). Went home at 3.30am.

Woke up at 9.05am. Some of my friends were already at my house. I drove the group to Melacca, their chatter and catching up kept me awake throughout the 2hour plus journey =)

Cuz we were starving, we went to get one of Melacca's most blogged about dish:

First time trying it and my perspective? Normal chicken rice is better la, dun really fancy my rice in balls. RM31

A colleague, who did the unit trust fund with me, told me i need to get my priorities straight... I was confused. What does he mean? What if my priorities in life are different from his?

THIS is my priority in life, to lead a balanced life, to enjoy my youth, experience new things. I wanna stare into the sky, see colours!

Right after eating chicken rice, we went to a Nyonya place called Donald and Lily. Cute little stuffy place with Baba n Nyonya ornaments and decorations...

and killer good laksa!

God, one thing i hate about food blogs is that they make me hungry. How do u guys blog about food and not hear your stomach growl while blogging?

The 8 of us shared 2 bowls! Haha, and one chicken dish and a weird rojak. We forgot to order the prawns. And we shared 4 chendols between 8 people! HAHAH. RM37.

Then we walked along the street and took pictures along the way. In a free Nyonya museum:

Love my own photography skills. Hahha, consoling myself for not being in the picture.

Most of the shoplots there have these airwells in the middle:

That one's at the museum

And this one is at the popular chendol place we went to after we were done walking in and out of almost every shop on Jonker Street:

Love the chendol. Laksa aint bad too. We made the right choice of going there in the afternoon, only had to stalk some people who were almost finish with their food to get a table. In the evening, people were queuing up to go inside!

After that, we drove to McDonalds just to enjoy some aircond. But when we parked at the carpark, we started taking pictures in the car and didnt event bother with McD!

The sleeping Buddha picture! HAHAH. I'm at the back cuz i was so exhausted, LY took over the wheel.

Next we did a number pose! We assigned everyone with a number between 1 to 8

Not easy making sure everyone can be seen in the pic. Even harder making sure all our fingers can be seen. Can u see my lucky number 8?

Last but not least! The Ju-On pic!

Cute right? All the ghosts going after the only guy! Haha, love this picture

We snapped pix till it got too dark to take decent pix in d car. And then we went for an early dinner.

Watching the people at the shop prepare our Satay Celup

When we left we were amazed to see how long the queue got!

Just had to take a pic and laugh at all these poor hungry people.

We took more pix, damn i dun have the one in front of the church. And here's one by the river:

Man, we really are nuts! There was an auntie staring at us when we were camwhoring in the car.

Got proper pix also!

Then we just browsed through the pasar malam, had bubble tea and watch Dee get a fake tattoo...

A pic of crazy E and I:

That sums up our day in Melacca =)

Thats RM33.70 per person for our trip! Covers most of our meals, toll, petrol and parking. Cool eh?

Thursday, August 07, 2008

1.07am late Wednesday night

Working from home yet again. Better than yesterday where i left the office at 12am.

Don't auditors live a sad sad life?

There are a few things keeping me going, few things to look forward to and a few opportunities that this co has given me that's really valuable.

So so looking forward to this Sunday! =) 6 other girls from the firm and i will be taking will be taking classes at VivaVertical!

Look it up and hope u'll find that accountants arent so boring after all =)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

7.40am on a Sunday morning

Baybeetea is working from home. Feeling shitty.

The department away day was great! Enjoyed the treasure hunt the most! Funny the treasure hunt was the part i was the least interested in before the trip.

Came back and slept like a pig, body is aching. Now i gotta continue work. Sigh, its horrible

Friday, August 01, 2008


If i cant balance the damn accounts, i am so in shit.

Takes up so much time to figure out why doesnt it balance.

And that causes me my work life balance. Its like, work work work and no life!

God, i wish i can finish that damn unit trust! But irritating things just keep popping out that prevents me from being done with it!