Monday, January 02, 2006

Jinxed New Year??

Could it be with this post, i jinxed it??? I wrote about how lucky i was to never be molested and then 2 days later, it happened to me.

Nothing serious. Happened in crowded, crowded Bukit Bintang, where i was, with E, 3 of my closest secondary school friends- PL, C, A, E's good friend S and S's friend In.

Please note that in, i refer to everyone by their initials, and sometimes initials overlap, so try not to bother figuring out who i'm talking about- u might get it wrong. The initials are for me to remember the events that took place in my life, not for u to 8.

Please also note that this post will be long. And probably not very interesting...

First, a random picture i find appealing... =)

In a blurred snapshot of Bukit Bintang by nightfall,
C's ear... my head... E's eye

Okay so, if u are unfamiliar with Bukit Bintang and how it is like on a celebration like New Year's eve... The street in between Sungai Wang and Lot 10 are normally closed. And in place of traffic jams are hordes of teens, mostly. In the hands of many are those spray cans, containing coloured foam, purchased at RM10 for 3, if u bargain well u might get them for RM10 for 4.

So to get from Times Square to a decent fireworks viewing spot, we had to venture into the throng of people. Somewhere along the way, E's hand was on my left shoulder and i was holding his hand with my left hand. And then i felt a hand on my stomach...

At first, i was sooo blur, i thought it was E!! I actually held that hand with my right hand LOVINGLY. Shitttt, then did i realized how can E have 2 left hands!?!?!

I looked down and saw this unfamiliar disgusting black plump hand... yuck! And i was holding onto it?! I tried to scratch it or whatever, to inflict some pain on the molester but i dun think i was successful. I should have held on tight to one finger and dislocated it.

Didn't tell E nor the others until later, didn't want to spoil the night.

Despite that and all the weaving through the crowd, i enjoyed my countdown.

The night started off with running in the rain. We parked super far away. The others were worried about the weather but somehow i was confident the rain'll stop before midnight.

Dinner at Marche World Restaurant, that's where the other girls met up with us. Haven't seen them in so long and as usual we had sooo much to talk about. We were more interested in talking... that's all we did yak yak yak. Haha. =)

Ohhh, and i'm sooo happy, C said that E looks better than his pictures! =p =) PL said he looks better with short hair...

Stuffed full at Marche

After dinner we wandered aimlessly before going to Times Square for a while, split up with the guys... the 4 of us girls just found a bench and continued chattering away. Haha. The guys seemed bored when they joined us...

When Times Square was about to close we headed out to Bintang Walk, that's where the molest case happened... and C got sprayed with those foam thing in the mouth... and in the process of avoiding being sprayed further, our group got separated for what seemed like forever. Phone networks were busy-- smses did not get through and neither did calls. Luckily, we were lucky enough to be reunited thanks to E...

Aside that, we continued down the street without a destination until we managed to get to the junction outside Giordano's and McDonalds.

The guys wanted to use the toilet there but the queue was too long. E was kinda pissed at me (bad choice of words...) and i heard him utter to S that "they -referring to me- never planned properly", which was true.

C is aware that these kinda celebration goes that way, a lot of waiting and nothing much to do during the long wait till midnight. Still, i felt really bad cuz it was my idea to go to Bukit Bintang, and immediately made a decision-- which was to find a spot to view the fireworks, though it was barely eleven o' clock.

PL helped me out. She abruptly stopped right smack in the middle of the normally jammed up junction and claimed it to be a good spot. Explaining that at the junction we could view firework whether it's from Times Square or Star Hill. We girls decided to stay there while the guys went toilet hunting.

They took about 20 minutes plus plus... =P I know cuz C and i kept looking at her watch anxiously, willing the time to go by faster.

There was still traffic at the spot we chose, but only one slow moving lane, unlike the regular 3 lanes. And the good thing about our spot is there were a lot of policemen around, as well as DBKL trucks and workers who were already starting to clear up some litter. I felt-- and we were-- somewhat safe.

During that long wait, PL started blotting her face with facial blotters... and she offered us some. Gladly A and i accepted, my face was so greasy! Then i burst out laughing.

I found it amusing, there we were, a tight group of 4 girls, standing in the middle of the road at night, in a beautifully lighted bustling city, among many many others, to celebrate the end of 2005 and to usher in 2006, blotting our faces?? Hehe.

They laughed with me and A took out her camera! =)

We're still laughing away!

Looking at the people around us i noticed that some parents brought their little kids to the countdown! Sweet of them but i wouldn't recommend it.

Traffic through that junction ceased. Also around us i noticed many couples. Made me long to be in E's arms =p Haha. What's taking the guys so long to get back us!?

Soon they found their way back to where we were. The wait after that wasn't so long. And it was sort of stupid, u know, the management of Bukit Bintang or whatever never bothered to put up a digital clock for countdown like they do in previous years.

So u had one group here counting down to Zero and then whistling and screaming to welcome the new year, while, at the same time, there was another group there starting the countdown at 10, 9, 8... and then there was an idiot who laughed and booed those who counted down too early... and then more people booed too... and some people thought that the booing indicated that it was midnight already and started cheering... and then more people cheered and hollered... and snowing foam...

But where are the fireworks??

All u had were the monorails honking away real loud... Haha, really unorganised and funny when i write about it.

Red and white helium balloons were released into the midnight blue skies above. Really beautiful and something unique i've never seen before... even if there were no fireworks, i'd be happy!

But E was mad at me again, blaming me for this choice of venue.

"It's still early..................." i said, to him, but more to convince myself, when--

--the fireworks started!!!!

Yay! Saved! Hahahaha. The crowd cheered even louder and it was spectacular. Glad to have the girls with me, to scream crazily with, wave idiotically at each other yelling "Happy New Year" like a bunch of smiling retards =) Glad to have E by my side, as 2005 comes to an end and 2006 begins.

I am thankful to have such great friends and a loving, caring, boyfriend (i'd make second a resolution to try to be less blur, to annoy u less). It's also nice to know that i get along alright with E's bestfriend, S.

To the others who weren't with me that night, i do cherish the part u play in my life, thanks, simply for just being my friend. =)

Again, Happy New Year.


She's Jess said...

You had a great celebration... Glad to know that

Joey said... u guys didn't really countdown la, as in the correct timing? Y didn't they have the clock thingy...must have been pretty confusing, eh?

Anywayz, Happy New Year!

Joey said...

Oh, and the last part...I hope I'm one of 'em. :-) hehe...I cherish u, too **hugzz**

fickle fiasco said...

hey, sue lin, remb me, fi from s'pore.. i was in cheer rock competition held in s'pore, CHARM all stars from m'sia got first in the comp.. i have to sae tt they are good.. wat's ur squad name nywyaes?

MaS said...

wat happen to the 1st pic ????

Jazzy*Pam said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR gurl! :D Glad ur nite ended up fun! See ya around, i might be in KL for some shopping, soon. :D Let's hang out? I wanna go ice-skating!! You teach me k?? lol

ahsv said...

happy new year gal!!

*momo.berry said...

heya sue lin, happy new year!!

paranoid said...

hey nice pics....

sue lin said...

Hey, Jess, thanks! Too bad not everyone with me had a great time.

Joey! Ya lor, confusing countdown. Blur blur only. Haha. About the last part, Yeah, of course, u're one of them!! **Hugs** =)

Hey, fickle fiasco!! Nice 2 see u here again. When was the competition?? Didn't know anything about it, any write up or pix?? =)
My squad doesn't even have a name yet!! Hahah... just known as the Monash cheer team for now

Mas, i cut the first pic up, cuz no one looked good there?? Haha, can send it 2 u if u want.

Cher, sms a day or two before u come 2 kl okay?!? Very the busy with summer school so have to plan a bit 1st, but sure! Can go skating with ya! =)

Thanks ahsv, all about me!! Never seen u guys comment before! =)

paranoid, thanks!! Also glad u stopped by again =)

Jazzy*Pam said...

Hey sue lin, i just came back from KL! I sprained my back, lols, so couldn't go ice skating! :(

But heck, maybe next time? :D

sue lin said...

Ah? So fast!?