Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Back in Melb

Was weird at first

And then i got used to it all again in no time, its really a second home here. Everything's so familiar its comforting =) The

Won't be blogging much, u can give my blog a miss for the next week or so.

See ya!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monash Malaysia Graduation 2008

Like i said in THIS post, i posted my graduation late but not too late! Hehe, the Malaysian Monash students have finally attended THEIR ceremony!

But here in my blog, its still gonna be about me! Eternally will this blog be about me =P

My first year friends! First met them in course advice session, thats like, before the first lecture in University

Love them so. U know whats weird, the three of us took a subject in 1st year, sem 2 with the subject code ECW2721 and coincidentally was this picture numbered IMG_2721! Freaky, man!

Girl on the right flew off to South Africa for student exchange in 2nd year (and i flew off to Australia before she returned) and girl on the left took a different major. So i hung out plenty with girl below in my second year.

I referred to her as Study Partner quite a lot in my blog in 2006. This girl was in the co i worked for in Nov, quit before i had my interview and she's now an air-stewardess! Incidentally tomorrow's her first flight! To Japan, baby!

How cool is her life, while i'll go back to a dull office tomorrow

She once told me that the way u hold your chopsticks tells you how far u go in life. She holds hers high while i held mine low. She said the higher up u hold your chopsticks the further u go in life. Training myself to hold my chopsticks higher!

The next three pix are of the Victoria University girls who transferred to Monash.

Recognise them from my Melacca Makan Trip? Love these girls too, they are originally E's friends but they welcomed me to their group and treats me like one of them =)

Another ex-VU girl, LW; a 1st year friend, D and a not very flattering picture of me

Below, a 2nd year friend, Indonesian, she was in the Peninsula campus with me in the final semester.

She offered to bring me around Jakarta if i were to go there. Never thought of it but thinking of it now! I needa make my life more interesting!

Next: Colleague JY.

We knew each other in uni cuz of the CPA Australia Club (now known as Monash Accounting Club) but hardly talked till we ended up in the same HUGE company. Roommates in the Industry Away Day.

Now for the guys:

First up, S, 2nd year friend. He, DL (aka girl on the left in first pic), E and i had a lot of lunches
(in the shop nicknamed Orange) and studying together in the Foyer by the bridge. Miss those days, so much fun.

Almost the same height! I told him to wear his coat, just as i told E to wear his coat under the gown, cuz it looks better but he refused! He's now in one of the top medium sized accounting firms

Below: KC and i. Hardworking fella, there was one tutorial where ALL the others and i skipped and he was the only one who attended. AHAHAAHA. Will never forget tht.

Always see him at the gym on Saturdays till i stopped going to the gym on Sats cuz of my class with VivaVertical

Next, DL. He, the female DL (girl on the left in first pic) and i cooked up The Assignment That Scored 96%. Still cant believe thats possible

An International Business and Marketing major student, he's going to, or maybe already started work as a Store Supervisor in a designer outlet in Gardens. In a year's time he could become fashion buyer and fly to Paris Milan etc (while i'll still be just traveling around KL in 1 yr's time). Already has his own business: Glampot (which i was supposed to help advertise via blogging way back in December).

If u put 2 and 2 together, fashion conscience guys would wear the coat under the graduation gown! Looks better ma, agree anot?

Another unimate i never knew till i started work, JC:

Nice friendly guy, always smiling and willing to help, or just chat, unlike a certain someone else i shall not blog about. Too bad i didn't manage to snap a pic with the other colleague who was at the ceremony.

There was a group pic... which i wasn't part of cuz i wasn't in a gown. How I long to wear that ugly gown again! HAHHA

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Nothing in Life is Free

Super off-peak at work. Practically nothing to do. By 6pm, the 15th floor was almost empty. Hello, aren't i in audit?

Did my damn law assignment at work today. A paragraph in between catching up with friends, most of them, i've only known for less than 6 months. Love love chit chatin'

Charging my time to Available Time (AT) instead of charging to client. It's inefficient time spent and apparently not my fault, according to Resource Operation.

But somehow, i get the feeling too much AT will have a negative impact on my bonus and pay increase come July 2009.

Great bitchin' and gossipin' sessions. All spreading like wildfire!
Love love sinning. Feels so so good. Just the same, will pay for it later on

Nothing in life comes for free

Saturday, September 06, 2008

The First Step is the Hardest

Recently in the newspapers, there was this guy who entered the Malaysian Book of Records for breaking the record for standing on top of a building for 30hours. On top of the KL Tower if i am not mistaken, too troublesome for me to reference the article, cant remember what papers or what date it was.

Anyway, the guy said the first hour was the hardest. Cuz he still had 29 more to go. And after that its not so bad.

What if i need to travel a thousand miles before i can even take my first step?

I have to go so far JUST to reach the BEGINNING of my journey.
How would u motivate yourself if u were in my shoes?

I feel so hopeless and lost. Not to mention there are other emotions like jealousy banging on my door, weighing me down

Friday, September 05, 2008

Old Habits Die Hard

In fact, i think its worse than when i was in uni
Why am i such a pro at procrastinating and wasting time?

I feel like such a failure, i feel like giving up but is that an option?
Negative motivation is all i have now

Monday, September 01, 2008

Fourrrrth Annnniversary

We've come a long way.

Feels like last week that we were in Frankston playing Thursday Night Poker. We told the others that we couldn't make it next week cuz it was our anniversary and we were headed to Melb city. That was last year, not last week

Dug out old pictures! Enjoy! Haha

We got together in 2004, back in pre-university. Australian Matriculation

We look soooooooo cute! We were once so young! Hahah

See the way he held my head, looks so loving, so sayang me =)

For the second month anniversary, he got one of our friends to lead the unknowing me to the staircase between the 4th and 5th floor with the breathtaking view overlooking Sunway Lagoon, and he got another 6 friends to help out.
They, one by one, came up to me and gave me a white rose.

He was the last to appear, carrying the single, final red rose! I was so shocked! Each rose had a little message.

The funny thing was, our friends, after giving me the roses leaned on the wall in a line and watched us as if we were some sort of Malaysian drama! Hahah

On impulse i made him this little cross stitch thing

Which he has kept in his wallet from the day i gave it to him till now! =)
U know one funny incident... he was talking to this other girl with the exact same name as me, her spelling is also Sue Lin. He took out his wallet in front of her and she look so surprised to see the cross stitch thing! HAHAHAH. Like my E is some stalker! She looked so worried when she asked "Why's my name there?!" Hahaha!

In the first year of uni, he decided to keep his hair long... first the afro stage!

Look at me in my braces, totally unglam! Whatever, we're happy =P

In the background, lower down the escalator are N and T, they broke up YEARS ago

And then we went to Penang with a bunch of friends

The two of us, having dinner to celebrate the 10th month anniversary
He was so so skinny!

In 2006, E came to give me his support when i got my first tatt done.

Look at how long his hair has grown!

I, too, supported him as he got his first one done

He sported the dreadlocks for a while before giving it up. Malaysia's weather ain't suitable for that do.

Our 2nd Year Anniversary:

God, i cant believe that was half our relationship ago. Super duper fast man!

Last year we went abroad for our final year of uni together!

In the Melbourne's Connex train. Playing with some colour function on my camera. Housemate HS took the pic

The 3rd Anniversary in Melb:

The best anniversary pictures we've got! Melbourne's so beautiful!

Does it feel like u've seen those pictures not long ago? I blogged them last year

Early this year, south of Frankston,

At Cape Schanck Lighthouse

and finally, last night,

Wonderful dinner at TGIF, food's good, our conversation was good and the atmosphere was just right. Took pix of the food but as u know, i am anti-food blog, he might blog it instead of me =P

Merdeka Eve 2008, our Fourth Anniversary, baby!

During our courtship, I've gained 4kg and he gained TWENTY!