Tuesday, December 27, 2005

He is So Bossy in the...

My Christmas was simple and sweet (excluding the bus ride). With family. Cousins to be exact. Except for the host aunt (who is a damn good cook, thinking about her salmon...), all parents decided to miss this Christmas celebration, i don't know why.

Came back early to study but haven't studied much. Begins hating self.

Stops hating self and decides to write a LITTLE bit more about the other night clubbing.

Since my blog is like my diary (and since this would not offend anyone), i'll write here la. E's so sweet! =) He's super tall, i've mentioned. And in the club, he stood behind when the group's dancing (btw, the group consists of Is, J, another J, W, A, C, 3 friends of C, E and i)...

So, a few times throughout the night he kissed the top of my head! Since he's so tall. =) It's really nothing but i found it sooooo sweet =) =)

And cuz i was wearing heels... my head hit his chin a few times! Oops, sorry! Kesihan!

Also he cooked me dinner, he is bossy in the kitchen! Hahah. But it was fun la, hanging out in the kitchen... chat with his mum a bit... the 2 of us (me and his mom) teamed up and made fun of his hair, hahaha.

And she's so nice, she said, to him, "Next time refer to the two women in your life", hahaha, i like the way that sentence sounds!! =)

Note: Wrote the post first then came up with the title.


Joey said...

Wah, not bad...youngsters only gathering. hehe...such a coincidence tat ALL parents skipped it.

Awww...tat's so cute. Elwyn kissing the top of ur head, tat is. Sweet :-)

irene said...

i ate all the salmon!!! hehhee sry ar.. next time i cook for you..small ah yee send me the recipeeee !

Jazzy*Pam said...

Aww, you two are making me jealous! :D

And merry belated christmas and happy new year, sue lin!

MaS said...

wow .... such response .... never tot of it like dat .....

sue lin said...

HaHa, yeah, Joey, no idea why they ALL skipped. =)

Aiyoh Irene!! Yerrr... ur so lucky ur home is nearer! I should have just taken some salmon and eat it in the bus. I also have the recipe d! But u cook 4 me la! Haha

Sorry Cher, didn't mean to do that!!! Haha. I alraedy wished ya a merry belated christmas and happy new year in ur blog right? =)

Mas, we're girls... like that one... =P Haha