Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What a Wonderful Day

Just spectacular. Tuesdays are off for me but i dragged my sleepy head 20km to Sunway. Just cuz the tailor is coming to measure us for the cheerleading uniforms. Had doubts, it's so expen$ive and do they really accept me as one of them?? Purposely did not eat breakfast, just had milo. Wanted my stupid waist to be smaller but didn't work... i'm the biggest and my uniform will be the biggest uniform . =( =(

Nah, come on, that doesn't make my day suck. Well, not that alone la, i lost my wallet too. In that small bag i carry around. Together with my thumb drive, it's wires and tissue paper.

Issue 2

Tell u more about that later, can't really blog about it when i'm thinking of the other 'happy' incident. Regarding my Blog. =( I got screwed for something i wrote. Oh, is screwed a word unlike me to use? Ai, apparently i wrote something people couldn't believe i wrote. And i got confronted for it. Real bad.

She didn't want to confront me but her boyfriend did, after finding out from other friends who apparently read my bloggie. It was a mess. He thought i was spreading rumours. Was i?? He asked me why couldn't i have told him or her that night itself. My only defence was that it wasn't easy, i'm not as strong as him, i can't tell u i hate u to your face. Unless we were in a heated argument. Kinda like the same reason she didn't wanna confront me on her own.

That one little sentence.

He says i've ruined my reputation as a nice person. Shit, i mean, kinda is sad to lose that. But was i ever a saint? Am i an angel or something? Aren't i entitled to emotions like anger? Guess i shouldn't have used the word bitch... should have stuck to... errr... woman. Totally loud inconsiderate woman instead of toally loud inconsiderate bitch.

Maybe it's for the best. Like an announcement, oi, world, Sue Lin is not an angel. Please remember that.

I went to talk to the Monash counselor. Cried there and she was real nice. Real nice. Next time u have problems talk to your varsity counselor, they tell u things your friends can't say. But of course u gotta be honest, which i was. Admited everything, my blog, the name calling i did, right to the fact that i cried a bit before seeing her.

She just kinda chatted with me... and told me to learn to be more assertive next time a.k.a. you-should-have-told-your-friend-on-the-spot... she says everything nicely, it was soothing. And she told me "you want your blog to be a nice place don't u". I had to tell her, my blog usually is a nice place (it is right?) except for that one sentence. I was under a lot of stress that night.

I also told her i'd treat all that as a lesson, like what normally do. She was freaking super the nice! She said "lesson is a bit harsh". So sweet of her! Can't remember her exact words but she said "understand", it's more of understanding the way person react and something like that. Which makes a lot of sense.

Also told her about the reputation thing. And she gave me the 'u are only human' thing. But she says it all really nice, i felt so much better... We ended up talking about Kesas highway... Haha.

I guess it's settled. Am glad he did tell me face to face, i did say thank u to him. But given the choice i do wish none of it happened.

Issue 1

Okay, back to my bag. Was in the computer lab, distinctively remember putting my thumb drive into it... then went to the toilet, remember having it but can't remember bringing it out. A lady chased us out of the comp lab a few minutes later, saying there'll be a lecturer's workshop. So we hurried up and left. Half way to the cafeteria, hungry la, milo only for breakfast, i realized i left my bag somewhere. It wasn't in the computer lab with all the lecturers. They couldn't have taken it, they're lecturers.

Went to the toilet to look for it but the toilet was being cleaned. They didn't see anything there. I went to every possible lost and found place but no one submitted it. I hung around the toilet cuz i suspected the cleaners took it... i was so out of my mind that when the lady carried some garbage bags i thought she was hiding my bag!

I KNOW i shouldn't accuse them because they are cleaners, and i didn't. But in my heart i did.

After over an hour of looking, i decided to give up and start making the reports. My ic was in there, my driving lisence, my atm, student card, library card, touch n go card, my credit card! And about Rm140 in cash, had RM100 left over from the shopping trip on Sunday and had RM40 because the tailor only wanted a deposit and not the full amount in the end.

Before leaving for the police station, i wanted to check the Student Centre once more, thats when i received a call! Oh my god, my wallet?? No, it's just my friend. Was about to scold her, for bringing up my hopes, can give me heart attack one u know?

Haha, but she was bearer of good news. She found my bag!!!!!!!!! She went for class and she saw a girl with it. The girl had class and didn't know what to do with the wallet after class, she was looking through my wallet for my name. My friend took it for me and thanked the girl for me, i never met her.

So, it wasn't the cleaning lady after all... felt bad... i did inform her that i found the bag. And she was nice about it, all smiles... seems like the movie i watched yesterday. Flight Plan. People on the plane, in the movie, accused two Arab men of kidnapping the little girl. When in fact it wasn't them.

Also informed the nice lady at the Monash counter and everyone i told.

Everything is inside, the documents and part of my cash. My thumb drive is gone and RM50 is missing. The girl said she didn't see any thumb drive. But i guess that'll just be a lesson to me. Another expensive lesson. =(

Confession: if i did find a lost wallet, i'd do the same thing, take part of the cash and return the rest, see i told u i'm no angel, i'm a bitch myself okay? I WISH i could be one full-time. Don't know if i'd actually DO that but i've thought of it.

But: after this incident i won't ever think of that again. And also, if i do find a bag i'd immediately submit it to officials. The one hour plus i spent searching... all that anxiety... you have no idea how it's like till u are actually put in that spot.

Note: If you are unhappy with what u read, do comment. You can comment anonymously. A tag board will be up within two months for u to further criticize me.


Joey said...

Sorry to hear bout all that stuff.

After calling u, I was thinking if I was even supposed to know about today. But as an "outsider" I can c it's a blatant case of misunderstanding and perhaps, miscommunication (on the "informer's" part).

Ppl say things they don't mean when they r angry, so don't take heart wat he said to u.

Hope everything will chill out soon.

sue lin said...

Hey hey, it's okays. U aren't an outsider, u are more of an insider. He should have at least read what i wrote.

Is says it's miscommunication too. But bottom line is, she's hurt. And i hurt her.

I did wrong by not telling her straight that night. But she did wrong too when she did not confront me right after reading the post.

But i'm more wrong in the sense that i shoudn't have put it up anyway... or i should have said it in another way...

Gonna take time 2 chill. Won't fade away fast, from the looks of it la.

MaS said...

ohhh yeah, its miscommunication. well jsut have to wait and see .. dats all

Jazzy*Pam said...

What a long day for you. Don't worry bout it, there are many positive sides you can look to. :) And yeah, you're not an angel, you're entitled to your own emotions. Sometims we all feel obliged to be nice, I face the same thing. But we're only human after all. So whatever it is, don't let the unhappy stuff get to you.

I'm sure things will be okay soon. Your friends are hurt and angry but they'd get over it.

She's Jess said...

Glad to hear that you've at least found your bad and some cash. Just be alittle more careful next time.

Oh well.. life's a bitch itself. So.. just leave it. :)

meL.a.Nie said...

babe,sorry 2 hear about wat u've gone thru..i know it's tough but there's alwiz something happy and bright and sunny in front of u like elwyn n da rest of us..

some ppl tend 2 misintepret wat u haf said..juz 4get about him and dun bother thinking about this type of insignificant stuffs dat can waste ur life juz a bit..he n his gf r juz being bitches of da world n HECK THEM!!!

anyway,next time be more careful wif ur personal things..neva ever ever ever leave all of it behind..u know how untrustworthy some ppl can b..bring it all along wif u wherever u go..take it as a lesson n learn from it..u can do it gal~!

sue lin said...

Hey MaS, yeah, it is miscommunication. And after all i've learnt, i'm confronting he who told him, when i see him tomorrow, if i see him tomorrow. Or she whom we suspect had lunch with them. Of cuz in nice way la. I'm sure they didn't mean it. But i need a clearer picture.

Cheryl, I'll just have to wait and see... hard not to let the stuff get to me. I feel really bad about hurting her. I'm a backstabber... =(

Yeah, Jess, good thing abt my ic and stuff, thanks. =)

Melanie, I'm very paranoid about my bag already! =) Thank u for the support... but u wan me 2 die is it, say until like that?? Later they say i counter blog to turn ppl against them? U know who i'm talking about ar?

I mainly blogged about the incident... to, err... let people know what i've been through, hopefully they may benefit from the lessons i've learnt. That is my main purpose. I hope people would be more assertive. This is what happens when they don't do so. Also we shouldn't say things that may hurt others...

Some of u guys don't find what i wrote offensive... but what if it was u i wrote about??

It's complicated, the guy, he said "if u wanna kutuk, kutuk another way", what is that supposed to mean? It's okay to gossip but gossip to a smaller crowd?

supplementals said...

wow. longest comments ever. gluck with the miscom thing.

think loosing ur wallet sucks? try loosing it twice. damn fun waiting in line.

sue lin said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA, supplementals u lost it twice??? I'm sorry, i know, after i've lost mine, i should be more sympathetic, but TWICE???

Thanks for the comment, cheered me up a whole lot! Haha, sorry la to enjoy your misery...

There, see people, i am evil.

MaS said...

im envy ur blog ... receive sooooooo many comments .....

Jazzy*Pam said...

You know, there's always 2 sides to a coin. I don't consider you a backstabber for just expressing your anger/emotions/views. Friends do have issues among each other some times, you know, when we disagree or get annoyed at each other. And when we complain or whine about it to others, that doesn't mean we're backstabbing. It requires much more than that to actually backstab someone, so give urself a break, okay? :)

soo imm said...

hey girl!
sorry to hear abt all ur misfortunes.. anywayz i once experienced the same things too.
confronted my friend head on tho n it turned out really ugly.
ur blog's a place where u get to voice out your own opinions. u have a disclaimer there right? they dun like it then suit themselves lah. u've got freedom for speech.

and i lost my bag b4 too!! in sunway as well. became such a huge issue and i din recover it :(
u should be able to understd the anxiety and panic i had to go thru...i had extra disappointment for not getting my bag back. luved the bag and lotsa important stuff inside too *sob*
i still hate the nitwit for stealing my bag grrr...

sue lin said...

Supplementals sorry i was too busy laughing at u to ask what happen. The way u said u lost your wallet was funny. =) Thanks for commenting. Tell me how u lost your wallet k??

mas, slowly la, u just started your 'new' blog... give them some time k??

Hie Soo Imm! Thanks for commenting. The disclaimer is new, put it in after the incident. I regret not insisting he at least read my blog first. But maybe that would have made things worse?

Yeah, exactly! If we confront people that happens, if we don't this does. Either way... stupid...

The counselor told me that it is better to confront. Because by doing so u are giving them a chance to defend themselves.

Sorry to hear about your bag. =( At least i got most of my stuff back. Yours got stolen or left it somewhere??

Cheryl, yeah, what u said makes so much sense. Thank u for being there for me, means a lot to me. =) How bad does it have to be to backstab? I guess i have a story to spill to u.

MaS said...

people who comment on ur blog are all wise people ..... sooo good

sue lin said...

Then when Joey comments in my blog she's wise and when she comment in yours she's not la har? Haha

Joey said...

Yeah *looks indignant* 0_o

haha...kidding la

meL.a.Nie said...

sorry..i was juz being geram 4 u..my apologies!!!u know wat,i gave up on 1 issue..u'll know when u read my blog..

meL.a.Nie said...

sorry..i was juz being geram 4 u..my apologies!!!u know wat,i gave up on 1 issue..u'll know when u read my blog..

sue lin said...

Haha, sorry Joey! =)

Wahhh Melanie, u really the geram or me! I hope it's not the issue i think that u've given up on... but E tells me it is.