Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Blog Is Not Secret

Met D at the C-lab. She was reading her friend's blog and asked if i had one. Automatically, without thinking, i said yes. She then asked for my url. I was like, "don't want lar...", and then i had to go...

Thinking about it now, i guess i should have just given it to her. I mean... this blog isn't exactly secret yeah?

And by not giving her (and ST at work) the link it suggests i'm trying to keep this bloggie secret.

If that is what i'm suggesting, then if they do stumble upon my blog, they would most likely not tell me they did.

So i better stop it and give out my url. Since i would really prefer knowing who reads my blog...

Next topic is yesterday's topic again. I'm sorry and u can skip this part... So my bestfriend smsed me asking what my weight was. She said she gained about 4kg and was really upset about it.

Which made me super the upset lar, even if she gained 4kg i'm heavier than her okay? Where does that put me? Obesed? I am perfectly... err... average weighted lor, at 54-55kg standing at almost 160cm... but with friends like these i seriously feel robbed of my self confidence- they make me feel obesed.

Originally i didn't wanna go jogging today. My reason is that the soles of my Nikes and Reebok were coming out. (Damn it, i forgot to super glue them back again.) So i don't have a proper pair of shoes to go jogging in.

But after receiving her smses, Damn it, i went for 3 rounds around the lake at the park! In a pair of so-called-sports shoes that i regret buying. Feet hurt after that.

I think she did get the idea that i don't really like her complaining to me... from now on i guess i have to nicely but firmly tell everyone that i'm sensitive to the weight issue and barr them from complaining to me. Please don't complain to me lar.

I will have to cut them off when they start venturing into the fat issue. Gotta prepare a polite speech to give them...

or MAYBE... i should annoy them back. U know, become this 'jogging freak'... so that he minute they talk about weight, i start preaching... i start forcing them to go jogging. Go on and on and on about how good/cheap/HEATHLY/effective/simple/blah/blah/blah jogging is.

Until they get so sick of me lecturing...

Ahh, MAYBE then they would know better than to complain about weight to me again. Hehehehe, good idea huh?

Dun tell them k?? =P Like they can't read this for themselves as the title suggests.

Ps. Class-- Consumer Behaviour was fun! And the check from my 2nd job, the one on Saturday is already banked in!!! =)


Joey said... least u haf the motivation to exercise after those skinny girls complain to u.

For me, whenever someone skinny complains she has fat like "every where"...including on her earlobe (example la), I'll just get upset bout my weight...but not do anything bout it. haha

Jazzy*Pam said...

Haha, I get really annoyed too when it comes to weight issues! Like when my sister complain how "big" her thighs and arms are, etc. And even when I read bout celebs like Lindsay and Hilary trying to "out-thin" each other and end up looking like some skinny bitch, and yet they think they look good!

Hell, they look just fine before they lose weights!

And you, gurl, looks fine too! Be confident of yourself and don't let others make you feel unsure and insecure of urself. U look fine just the way you are now!

mel said...

hey sue lin! just landed here thru cheryl's site :) how ya doing?

sue lin said...

Haha, Joey, couldn't take it ma, 2 days in row. Both of them are definitely thinner than me. So had 2 do something.

Thanks Cher, but i really have a hard time being confident lar. Especially right after their complaints.

Hie Mel, thanks for stopping by and commenting! I'm fine thanks!