Monday, September 28, 2009

Exam's Tomorrow =(

Scared shitless. Its open book, people even bring in luggages of notes, anything except laptops

I've read the shit twice, well most of it. Doing the past years.

But they love to twist and turn the question, mislead me throw me, off guard and fling me off this mad rollercoaster ride. Its not fun.

CA Taxation: Let this be the first and last time we meet.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nights in Penang

Dinner was seafood at Eden Village on the first night

And steak at The Ship on the second night

Haha, no. No eating food u can get in Bukit Bintang and Jln Raja Chulan in KL.

Thats just some pictures snapped as part of our stroll

along Batu Ferringhi

Hey, how many of u made friends through the internet? E and i got to know a Penangite through the official MalaysianDreamGirl blog comments! Haha! He was really nice to treat us to dinner

TM even wanted to be our driver in Penang! HAHAHA, but instead we followed behind him most of the way. Penang is becoming abit like Spore, condos everywhere.

Went to New Lane hawker by the road side.

How to get there? Google Maps Sunway Hotel Penang, thats the orange lighted building on the right. Or key it into ur GPS at night! Hahaha, aren't i good with directions? =P

Great Char Kuey Teow, look for the one that cooks with the coal

Also had ikan bakar, otak-otak and satay. Great company, lots of chit chat, so much so that i forgot to take pictures on the first night!

TM wanted to bring us to nice places the second night but something came up, so the two of us came back to New Lane AGAIN on Day 2! Lol! =)

REALLY sour drinks, ka-cha-shi-mui or whatever its called. E's mom taught him to order it.

Wanna know where we spent the first night?

Would ya believe me if i said we stayed at Hard Rock Hotel for free?

Don't. The hotel hasn't even started renting out rooms yet when we went there la

We just drove by and decided to check it out

Damnnnnn nice!

So, where did we stay really?

Apartments, opposite of Shrangri-La. Spectacular view of the ocean! And they didnt charge us any service charge and government tax =)

That pretty much sums up our little trip

The scenic coastal road that connects Batu F to Gtown.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Days in Penang

Got lost trying to get to the hotel on the first day. So it was a drive around Penang town, i mean Georgetown

Many heritage buildings lined the streets. In between really old majestic trees.

Most well kept and repainted, albeit some in weird colours. Baby blue for a hundred year old building?

Few abandoned

I wonder why, it has a nice sprawling lawn, huge piece of land. Used to be a school. Looks haunted now

Our second night in Penang was in Park Royal

Free of charge, its one of my mom's prizes =P

We tailed E's cousin's friend's car along Gurney Drive

Yeah, the weather was moody. All gloomy one minute, sun-shiny hot while we were eating at hawkers for lunch

The cousin's friend, a local Penangite brought us to this lorong (Malay for alley) for good food!

Its near the Penang Hospital. Hospital (landmark) on ur left, then turn left. U'll drive along a road with old tram tracks. First two or 3 left turnings are no entry. The next would be this one!

Cendol's good, and the char kuey teow in the previous post was bought here. Laksa's good too.

Thanks H, for bringing us for a great lunch, we even ate there again before heading home on Day 3

E and his cousin, same age. Like a sister to him. Fight for bathroom when she stays over at his house! HAHAHAHA

After lunch, didn't really wanna do touristy sightseeing, instead wanted to enjoy the hotel

Not too crowded on this offpeak Monday. Even got to check in early! =)

Like all 5 star hotels, the lobby was extravagant. Produces great camwhoring pictures! =)

He used my laptop to do some work in the room (complimentary wifi), i changed and went down to study by the pool and beach

A bit sunburned on my left side... wish i could study in this kind of environment everyday!

A waiter gave me some cake for testing

But being too stuffed from lunch, i put it on the table and too pictures of it in between boring pages of Chartered Accountant Taxation Law.

E was hungry so he came down to gobble the cake in one bite! One hug and he went back up to work. Back to the books for me, all the way till sunset

Pretty ain't it? The elder white couple occupying those beach chairs in front of me, i want their life! And i want my parents to have their life too!

Old and retired, holidaying in tropical Malaysia. While i was cramming my poor brain with Fringe Benefit Taxes, they went for a swim in the sea, played ping pong and took a swim in the pool. They walked past me many times and the husband asked me "Have u understood everything?"

I smiled and said "Not yet"

Can i skip the next 33 years of working life and go straight to retirement? Please?!

If only. Alright. Enough blogging. Back to abusing my head with Capital Allowances. WTF is that, right?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Anti Food Blog Blogger

I hold a vengeance against food blogs though i live to eat. That's cuz i read blogs at midnight or at 2am and

I do not have the self control to look at mouth watering pictures in the middle of the night. My tummy grumbles. My inner obesed self would crave to stuff her face. The tummy orchestra hits high notes!

That little plate of sinful heaven was taken and consumed in Penang Island

If my friends blog about food, i'll scroll through it as fast as i can!! So that the food becomes an unappetizing blur of colourful mush. Hahah

In my 5 years of archives, u'd find that i rarely food blog. Other than the Melacca Makan Trip and Who Knew i Could Cook?, if u manage to catch me food blogging, i'll owe u a plate of char kuay teow =P

Other terms and conditions apply. Haha! Is there anything u can't stand about bloggers? Tell me why! Curious to know

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dinner with Dawn

Study leave again, i wanted to study at a restaurant cuz there were too many distractions at home, so i called D to join me! She's studying Mandarin.

At a 24hour cafe, only about 1km from my house. But i drove! HAHAHA, gotta make one big u-turn. KL is not safe, too hot, and i've got lots of books to carry =P

It was a great 5 hours plus chatting and scolding each other! (She'd say "STUDY LA" and i'd say "Not learning ur Mandarin ar?"). Just like old times =)

I love the design and size of the laptop she won from Malaysian Dream Girl. Had to take a pic of it with her =P

Some of the goodies given to me, part of her prize from the contest:

Passed on some of it to JW, who voted for her during the contest too. Met JW at the same retaurant again! Another nice hour long chat =)

For Dawn's version of our dinner, click here!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

My Little Monster

How can such a cute thing be abandoned by the road side?

We adopted her!

Coco is hyperactive, always jumping about and eats anything

Grew up into a ball of fluff

She's really a ball! Hahah, so furry and fluffy.

Still the same little monster

Just a lot bigger as a full grown dog

Begging for food from the neighbours

They find feeding her amusing. She'll sit when shown food.

Joyride, in my Kancil

She didnt know i was bringing her to the vet for booster shots. HAHAHAH

Don't be fooled by those puppy eyes

Co loves the cage, its her home cuz she grew up sleeping in there. It was actually a rabbit cage...

She hates water and baths, all u gotta do to get her in the cage is say "Coco, shower!" and she'd sort of hurridly tip-toe in with her ears down and her tail in between her legs. As if by doing so we cant see her!

My sis carrying the little puppy back in 2006:

Co had darker fur around her nose when she was young.

No more of that when she grew up

My little puppy bear, my little monster and I

More of Coco's puppy pictures here