Wednesday, March 31, 2010

These few days

Shopping and Carpets meeting on Sunday. Errands, library and exercise on Monday. Outing with family yesterday to Chapel Street, and more exercise in the stadium nearby.

Registered with an employment agency this morning and am going on my first 2,400km per way road trip! See ya!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

What am i doing?

E and i hugged at LCCT for a long time, before i entered the boarding area of my flight alone, didnt want to let go...

On the plane, i asked myself "What am i doing?".

Had three seats to myself, lied down and fell asleep, exhausted. Asked myself the question again in the morning and another time upon touchdown in Melbourne.

But when i felt the cool autumn air on my skin, unconsciously, i smiled =)

Had lunch with aunt in a nice restaurant in Lygon, and then accompanied her to pick up the kids. I waited by the roadside with the car while she walked them up. Cute little 7 year old cousin came running from the right of the green car with a smile on her face

She gave me this

Awwwwwww, she made the card in school and it was to me =) I sat in the front seat and my cousins sat at the back. Hearing them speak to each other, not looking at them, it really is like hearing Aussies speak, so sooo cute!

My new wardrobe, i have so few clothes =(

Only the stuff below the 1st arrow and the stuff on the left of the 2nd arrow is mine. I haven't shopped at all in March

I brought lots of shoes though

Dawn dont kill me, i brought extra fancy shoeS! (Dawn forced me to make a list before i left) Hahaha. This pic does not include another pair of black shoes, sports shoes and waitressing shoes

Drove myself to the banks on Thurs, helped out around the house and attended aunt's life group yesterday, where everyone was either 7 years older or 7 years younger but it was fun. Its my bestfriend's house warming today =)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dreams do come true

I recall sitting on the train from the city, the long list of various migration lawyers i met told me i wouldn't qualify for the PR. Stared out the window on that long lonely journey and tears threatened to roll down my cheeks

I thought i was never to call Australia my home again.

But guess what! =)

When there's a will, there's a way!

For the past one and a half months (with a big grin=) i have been saying "I am going back to Melbourne" as if i belong there!

This blog post has been written in advance and scheduled to be published as i board my flight =)

Bye Malaysia, tanahairku

Will miss you and will be back!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The way it should be

If only i could stare at the ocean forever!

Reality isnt so bad, today is an achievement! Glad i managed to run lots of errands =) Luck was on my side, easily found good parking all day long (4 destinations)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sweet Taste of Freedom

Contrary to the popular believe, i am not free alright? I am one who tends to plan her holidays to the max, not waste a minute of it =)

Met her in SS2 for a good chit chat session. Food in Italia Bella ain't that great

Also arranged a little Frankston get-together. My ex-housemate HS! And AN who always visits in between classes. With E and with W.

Lots of chatter and laughter and keeping each other up to date! Yippie Cup bubble tea.

When ZH knew i wasn't working anymore, he asked me to attend his Wednesday morning graduation ceremony

ZH who, with AN, taught me how to play poker in Melbourne! =)

With B, whom i met through AN and ZH.

Its really weird that Monash placed the ceremony in the middle of the week. Friends of the graduates find it hard to attend. Siblings of graduates have classes to attend, Monash lecturers themselves cannot attend too!

I've been getting a lot of telemarketing calls on my mobile. In my last few days of work, i got one from a slimming centre, offered me a free session, being greedy, i made time for an appointment. They only gave me a lousy 30minute slim wrap

Where they mummify me in cloth and plastic. Beats me how this is supposed to make one slimmer. I've done this before, and i knew i was gonna be bored senselss so i brought my phone in. I'll NEVER purchase slim wrap sessions EVER, look at all the plastic they use. What a waste!

Next, i volunteered for Gerai OA again =)

Super happy cuz the last time i had time to do such a thing well over a year ago! This one was quite a big artsy thingie in Kompleks Kraf, i didnt even knew such a place existed!

My first task was to label the bookmarks. Tonnes and tonnes of them! Each stack of ten is made by a different person so we have to label them to ensure the cash proceeds goes back to the appropriate person.

Heheh, i picked out the nice designs for myself. I bought so many! My mom wants to frame them up as decoration for the house, i hope she doesnt forget!

I helped sell baskets, nose flutes, IQ testing games =)

Also helped label the bracelets so they look more presentable =) Then i walked around the whole fair, its huge!

Wayang Kulit and lots of other interesting stuff but being busy me, i rushed through and didnt take many pictures. I wanted to help Gerai OA with as much labelling as i can and then i wanted to go home and work on that darn ICAA assignment

By the way, its my birthday today =)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Out of the Corporate World

And into the realm of unemployment

Walked out of the building for the last time as an employee with a heavy heart. Had mixed feelings - its like 6 Saturdays and 1 Sunday a week at first, where i wake up in the morning and smile.

Then again i fear seeing all my peers advance in their careers earning big bucks and sporting fancy titles while i end up no where, penniless with a whole shitload of catching up to do.

The last time i went down that lift

Opened and closed my locker, pegion hole as we call it for the last time. See in my previous line of profession we are mobile staff, we get sent on different assignments all over KL and sometimes outstation, so they dont bother allocating a permanent desk to us

The 15th floor. Empty cubicles, sit anywhere for the day, sit somewhere else tomorrow, its called the Hotelling system, login to the Cisco phones to receive calls on your DID, get a free apple or snacks on Friday. No personal touch, no keychains or souveniers line the dividers.

See those cranes in the middle, thats where i used to park. Development in KL is rapid. 1 Sentral was completed at the end of 2007 when the co i used to work for moved in. There were empty plots of land not a stone's throw away from the building which were utilised as carparks. One by one they the carparks closed to give way to development. There will be a Bank Rakyat twin towers in the years to come

On lucky days, i get to park under the LRT tracks on the left of the picture for a fee of RM3 per day. Thats the end

Like i said on Facebook, another chapter of my life has ended, will miss the people

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Jitra, North Malaysia, Part 2

Last Thurday night i didnt turn on the tv cuz i went here!

Walked fast to get there before sunset. Walked past this abandoned and haunted building (or so they say).

RM 6 per entry
Looks kinda rundown... doesn't take long to make one round

When i told my senior i went up, she asked if i could see paddy fields! Haha, No more of that can be seen from the tower, its all town area today.

A security guard spoke to me, and i learnt of a revolving restaurant. The same kind as the one in the KL tower, after all its managed by the same utilitites company. You can't just go up to look-see, so i said i'll have a drink

Watched the sunset alone, in a table meant for two. Sounds sad huh? But you cant spend life waiting for someone to do things with u, u gotta be independent at times, see the world, or towers on your own.

And master the art of self shots for the blog =P

Made the slightly dull restaurant look good through my camera lens. Shortly after, i got bored, paid my bill RM7.50 and decided to go see the observation deck again. Whoa!

So much prettier by nightfall. And the wind in my hair was magnificient, i loved it! At night, open air rocks!

Coffee vending machine became my tripod =P See my hair flying!? Such a nice way to wind down after 4 days of hard work!

Pardon me for wearing slippers

After that i called a cab to get back to the hotel even though its walking distance cuz i was alone and it was dark. Stupid taxi driver wanted to charge me RM10, bargained to RM8. Sighhhh

Senior picked up the Jap manager from the airport and then me for a Thai dinner. God i love Jitra for its food, always spicy Thai food

If u ever, for some reason head to Jitra, go to Restaurant 5 Utara, its near a Maybank in Jitra. Goooood fooood by a Thai owner and supplies imported from Thailand in a pickup truck. U must try the coconut jelly!

After dinner we went to our respective rooms/home to work into the night