Thursday, September 29, 2005

So Sorry

... I'm so sorry u stopped blogging because of me...

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Erm... usually i try not to blog about sad stuff. No one needs to read that. Unless i've learnt a lesson and want everyone to know what i've learnt. Besides, no point thinking of the sad stuff lar, and if i write about it i'll have to think of it right???

So... i've just been thought a crying phase and now i've stopped and i'll blog about dancing.

Yeah, first, bad news. Don't think it'll affect u but there is no more belly dancing in Monash =( The teacher changed her classs to line dancing. =( She says it's very fun... but so common la. Belly dancing sounds more unique right? Althought it was mostly normal dance... with a little of the Indian movements... more hip movement...

Should have taken the phone number of the people in charge of kickboxing. Now got time 2 join. But too damn bad i dun see their notice anywhere d, no way knowing when/where the class is. Maybe next sem? Hopefully next sem.

So for now... after this miserably short one week holidays, there's 3 more weeks left in the semester, damn fast. I'll be joining basketball. Ya, laugh lar. Admit, i dunno shit. But two of my close and really nice friends M and P are basketball players and they won't be around next semester (They're transfering to Aust). So might as well learn fr them 1st lar.

Oops, this post is supposed to be about dancing but i seemed to have ran outta topic. And i'm going to go out of topic a bit more first before i get back to the main topic. Hehe, u know normal people type either with two hands or one finger?? My style is different, i type with one hand, my left hand only, use all the fingers of my left hand except my little finger. Right hand is on the mouse. I can type that way kinda fast lar, but have to look at the keyboard one... if i dun look i tend to make mistakes here and there. That's where my right hand on the mouse comes in handy, to go to the mistake fast and to delete it??

Crap right me? When, yea... i'm supposed to be doing my 2nd accounting assignment, the second last one i have. I'm so dead. Okay, so dancing...

On Monday morning, were discussing Malaysian Idol. They said sth about Daniel winning cuz he has no talent. All he does well is dance they say... don't ask me, i've never watched an episode of MI2... I'm not supporting him or anything but i think being able to dance is talent.

I find it hard to dance well.

Thank god in this modern world simply moving about is called dancing. But still, even so there is good and bad simply moving about. My friend T seems to be attracting guys at the club the other day... i guess the only thing i'll attract are flies... cuz i stink??? Guess i'm lucky there are no flies at 2am that night... also lucky there are no flies in all the places i go to to join dancing...

Because despite the fact that i stink at dancing, i enjoy it. It's really fun to listen to the music and move to the beat... if i actually do that. It feels like i am moving to the beat and i just really hope i do.

My mom gave me this 2-week membership thing at a fitness centre and they offer dance classes. They have Bollywood dance and Fushion dance. What the hell is fushion dance? Dunno but i just went for it since the time suited me.

Turned out to be Indian dance... which was seriously fun. Hehe, jump about a lot, run here run there and u know... really like the stuff in the movies. Hindi movies. With the head movement and the shoulders, knees and the running and all. It was fun! And sooooo tiring.

The teacher was a guy (students were all female) and he didn't look sissy doing the dance, instead he looked like those Bollywood actors.

To me, dancing is really fun... i'm so glad i can quite easily get over the self-consciousness feeling nowadays. I just dance for fun. And to burn stupid calories la, since i dun wanna diet ok?

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sunway Ball 2005

"Remind A to bring the tickets" C asked Is, or was it the other way around?

Doesn't matter, that's when i realized i forgot my ticket!! I remembered every little damn thing, except my unimportant eye drops and THAT stupid ticket. If i remembered correctly, i forgot the tickets to the Ausmat Awards Night too last year.

I stressed out a lot for a moment. E's gonna be so mad, having to drive me through the rush hour traffic. A then told me he'll pull some strings to get me in without the ticket. Thank God.

The part with the no. 0243 on the
top of the tic should be teared off.
But since i forgot mine, there it is,
in full for you to see.

Then i started to get dressed, a few of us were at the hotel, putting on make up and stuff. I started with my skin-toned foundation, covering my imperfections like the pimples stress caused and my yawning gaping pores... E was next to me and i asked him if i should cover my freckles. He said no. Awwww =) He likes them! And i've been hating them since i remember having them. U can say i hate them less nowadays. =)

The girls praised one another. And A said he liked my shawl and actually wore it, Stupid, but funny. Haha. It's pink! And i mean bright pink. He was putting on make-up together with the girls... and i just had to tell him "A, you look beautiful"... well, he was!

The ball was just okay, at the beginning... except the food was pretty good. Chinese food, u know the ten course kinda thing? P complained that the 'skark's fin' soup is missing something! Chilli paddi! That was exactly what's on my mind. That girl was the one who taught me how to eat chilli paddi... actually i just saw her chomp away at them in the mamak once and decided to follow her after that.

Delicious, while blogging, i had a maggi mee midnight snack, with chilli paddi of course, and i can still taste it in my mouth... yummm..... P actually called a waiter and asked for chilli paddi. Too bad they don't have any.

So... the ball was just so so till first Malaysian Idol Jaclyn Victor hit the stage! Never a fan of hers but she sure lighten up the mood and got me laughing and signing along. The night was all fun after (and during) her presence.

She walked around the ballroom and we managed to snap a couple of pix with her!!! That's her right in the middle, with the mic, duh, and there we are! Some of the girls of my table and an Ausmat junior!! =) Ohh.. and she's holding the rose W gave her! Haha, he took it from the table arrangement! =)

And look at the smiles on all of our faces! =) I normally wouldn't smile with my teeth unless i'm really happy! Actually, i smiled showing my teeth a lot for the camera that night and these days thanks to orthodontics! =)

Here's a pic of us after Jac left our table, all of us in a happy mood singing along to her songs. Aiyah... should have taken a pic of the other half of the table....

By the way, the people at table 25 were me, Is, C, R, K, W, N, T, P and E next to me.

After a while, they turned down the lights and opened the dance floor, and again the girls of my table had fun. Haha, guys just sit with all the handbags! Hahaha. Love them for that. We girls danced in a circle, 8 of us.

When our shoes started to kill, we took them off and put them in the middle of our circle! Haha, so fun u know, a bunch of crazy and hyper girls dancing in a circle around our cinderella slippers. Haha. It was a tight circle, there guys trying to get into our circle to dance with us. But we stayed an all girl group in the middle of the dance floor, screaming and jumping and having the time of our lives. Haha.

Those my cinderella non-glass slippers, quite comfortable. And high enough, i'm not short but my date is super tall. Hehe. Good pair of shoes but too bad it's kind of ruined, can u see parts of it peeling? =(

However we left early cuz we wanted to go to this place called Hello or Halo Bar at the top of some building... sounded cool, but in the end we went to Passion which was empty... so we went to The Beach Club, if i'm not mistaken.

I love pub interiors. Loved the small breed of sharks swimming in a tank. I've loved them since i first saw them in Thailand almost 2 years ago. But E told me they are probably really stressed. Yeah, pity them, such magnificent creatures swimming back and forth really fast probably because of all that noise...

Inside, 12 of us, me, Is, C, R, W, N, T, P, M, S, A and E sat at a table mixing drinks on our own? Dunno la, i dunno anything, just watched, listened and smile, ask a bit and drink la. I trust these people. They are all my friends, the only person i don't know is S but P seemed to know him well... Doesn't matter la, i had E there with me anyway. =)

It WAS fun, being at these kinda place with your friends. The 1st time i went i only knew one girl well and the other girl i knew i haven't spoken to since i was 14. Was totally uncomfortable and bored then.

Thursday night was GREAT. Despite a few disputes and despite a major thing that made me wanna cry.

Ohhhh... and i drank a lot... a lot for me anyway. One glass of vodka + coke and one glass of err.... vodka and something out of a can. With ice. In the past one glass of sprite with very little alcohol was enough to make my face go red almost instantly + make my whole body itch.

This time... i was fine, didn't feel a thing nor did i suffer any allergy until a few hours later. But it was mild. I enjoyed myself at the club and had a good laugh at the drunk ones. Nice la, didn't have to be drunk but could enjoy myself watching them. Actually, they were sooo funny i wanted to laugh really loud continuously but didn't cuz i was afraid E'd think i'm drunk...

Back at the hotel, everyone... kinda snapped out of their drunk state. Except one girl. Her drunk state wasn't funny anymore, i was pissed. She was a totally inconsiderate loud bitch. I was trying to sleep! My incomplete assignment was due at 5pm and it was 5am and i only slept 2 hours the night before that night and i had another 650 words to go.

Had to survive on coffee and panadols on Friday. And i din't bring enough panadols... so i had to rely on positive thinking. Please please please let my 20% assignment be okay!!

Here's a picture i took of E, i think it's really cool... but then again i could be saying that cuz i love him...

What do u think?? That's my father's coat he's wearing! Haha. And i regret not taking more pix of him...

=( Oi E, u never said i was beautiful and i've praised u so much! =P Not fair!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Year 1, Sem 2 , Part 7

Remember how i complained about law? At least in law, you just have to refer to books. Book are easier, they are in your hands, you just flip through a thousand pages at most.

Stupid marketing assignment wants you to support every crap thing with journals. I HATE journals. I only need 5, there are plenty on the internet, too many, have to spend a lot of time searching. There are more than a thousand links! Each of them 20+ pages. Stupid. U just don't know where or how to start.

Stupid marketing assignment. No idea how to do it, i'm just stuck. Feel like i'm at the end of the road. Stupid. And it's just a first year subject. Imagine third year?

I want to cry and cry but i don't see the point.

The dumb thing is due on Friday but i MUST finish it before 3am Thursday. Have to hand it out or at least be done with it on Thursday.

Cuz come Thursday night, we'll be attending the Sunway Ball and then we'll be hanging out at some place that sounds fun late at night. And 11 of us will be cramming into one hotel room. To save money. Shit, i shouldn't have written that, no i feel even more stressed thinking about how we have to queue for the batroom. Shit.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

In A Nutshell

Wedneday: There's this awfully skinny old Sunway staff who stalks the cafeteria in the morning. He castes his sneering scrutinizing eyes on everyone, including my law lecturer who was having her breakfast alone. Apparently, he's aim is to target indecent couples who publicly show affection. His definition of indecent is very conservative. When caught, speaking from experience, he'd tell u to "do this somewhere else", and then stare at u with eyes that could kill.

Thursday: Found out K finally got a boyfriend. Finally. Spent a lot of time chatting away with Is.

Friday: Sent about full 30 smses to C, an old school friend, catching up on the latest gossip. Sinful but i savoured every sms. Hehe. =P

Watched Lords of Dogtown with P, her friend, another C, A and of course E. The show's just alright, nothing special aside the 'cool' factor. After having dinner at Secret Recipe.

At Secret Recipe, the food i ordered wasn't really good, but i enjoyed it anyway, gobbled it down. And did u know pumpkin soup is just like dahl?? Ate that too. Had cheerleading practice before that you see. And we practiced stunts. The guys were a no-show yesterday, so girls had to do the carrying. Mostly the captain and L carried, I tried carrying only a bit and it's not really that hard... but painful. Guess i wore the wrong kind of shirt, the buttons of my shirt were digging into my skin. And my arms are aching today. Gotta do more exercise lar.

In the morning i went for an accounting talk by Peter Ho. Damn funny. He referred to a company as a chicken and he brought a fake chicken. A company's performance is evaluated by it's profits, chickens produce eggs. He actually brought eggs to his talk!

If the chicken doesn't perform well, someone would kill it, he cracked the open into a glass and threw the egg shells onto the floor in the lecture hall! Whoa... He then said cash is the life of a company. He used blood to represent cash. If the company has bad cash flow management, shareholders would sell their shares and the company would die on it's own.

He brought a glass of some red liquid as blood. He held that up and another egg. Asked us which was more important? The profits--eggs? Or cash--blood?? Our tutor once told us profits were more important, so we said profits?

Guess what he did? Shouted "Then cash not important ar?" and threw the egg at us, man! I was shocked! ....... Then he said it's a plastic egg. Haha. He says companies can adjust their profits. You can't do that with cash. Haha. Both profits and cash are equally important.

Ohh, didn't go for belly dancing this wee cuz i went for Stomp.

And is something wrong with my pictures?? They don't seem to be appearing... dunno whys...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Taste of Culture

Look at that!!! =) Stomp tix!!! My mom won them and i just got back from watching it with E!! =)

It was so much fun! From getting to dress up (hehehe) right to the end. I bought this white knitted top for RM25 from a Thai flea market thing near my orthodontist that is sort of formal early this year and never got a chance to wear it till tonight. =)

I expected we won tickets for the cheapest tix, 2nd floor balcony, where all the actors look like little puppets, i know because of the past shows i went to: Fame, Chang n Eng and The Merchant of Venice.

But our tickets today, was for the stall, i had no idea what stall was. E asked them and they said it's on the ground floor! Yay, that's the best, don't care if i had to sit right at the back, at row Z, it's still good. But guess what, our seats are on row N, yay! =)

I was smiling all the way, like some idiot! Hehe. I smiled at the people collecting tickets, i smiled at the people showing us to our seats, i smiled at the other ppl there to watch the show... Haha, sorry, i can be embarrassing. =)

The show was really really good, it's gonna be hard to describe so, i guess i won't say much, except... if u have RM77 to spare go get the student priced tix on a weekday one hour b4 the show.

Very entertaining. My favourite was when they used some pipe-like thing of different lengths to hit the floor to make music. Love the sound and it's really funny. I like it when they used water bottles; and then the sticks, where they sort of acted out something like a sword fight; and then... the newspaper!! Nice. They also required audience participation, just clapping, it's fun. They kept me laughing.

I kinda laughed so much one of the the rubberbands i wear with my braces broke! Haha, just snapped, happens. And... i took them out and threw them on the floor... gross, i know, and i'm sorry, what was i supposed to do, wrap them up in a tissue and keep it for the dustbin till after the show?

Good, decent idea, but OOPS, didnt think of it till i started blogging. Next time i'll do that okays?

Here's how the area around my computer looked like while i was struggling to complete the law assignment. There's my comp on the right. Two stools on the left for me to put my books for reference, and in front, my file of lecture and tutorial notes. And my highlighters of course! =)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Year 1, Sem 2 , Part 6

Ohhh... 500 words to go... Stupid law assignment, it's so confusing and so subjective and due tomorrow! =(

It's nice to read law but it's not fun to apply. There are so many exceptions and this contrasts that and i dunno lar.

Their guidelines to doing well says students who 'consistently obtain best marks are those who commence and complete assignments early'. Hahaha, so not gonna do well. =( And they adviced us to ask someone to read our work before we hand it out. So last minute, who wanna read my work? 2500 words summore.

My neighbour, she asked me to read her 4000word essay (and it killed me) but she wrote it days before her due date, sure la got time to ask me to 2 read. She did well, 81%. I'm only hoping for 66%.

But not fair laaaa, i have 2 write on law, she gets to do creative writing... =( Why oh why, did i take business? So dumb right, i have the parents who'd let me do anything i want and i choose business?? Shoot me!!!!

It's too late for me to change now. And i do remember why i chose to do business, crap la, too hopeful then.

I don't hate my degree.... i just think... that the grass is greener on the other side??

Shit, should have taken mass comm or some kind of designing. I love creative writing. And yesterday(Sunday), while i was slaving away at my law assignment, my father and my sister were painting a picture of the flowers they put into a vase. Oh... i really really longed to join them... =( Remember my kitten painting???


Monday, September 12, 2005

Note: Just for fun. Thehe. =)


Kills Germs, Bad Breath
Ants crawling in the Sink

INDICATION: Rinse for 30 seconds and gargle. Then expel the liquid on the ants.


Hehe, look at them die! =P I know i'm mean

Sunday, September 11, 2005

What keeps me Blogging

My self-centeredness and love for writing is not enough.

My friends E, J, YL, SI, M, JK keep me going, their comments show me they care and i'm thankful. =) And the occasional annonymous makes me really happy. Very encouraging.

And the latest, i received a really nice comment from a Singaporean, a guy cheerleader/dancer called Fi. I really didn't expect that. It thrills me to get such a respond. Thanks Fi. =)

Belly Dancing

Hehe, i guess i did talk a lot about cheerleading and failed to update the interested (talking about u J!! =) about the belly dancing classes.

A friend who recently started a new semester, she didn't know i took up belly dancing. When i got to hang out with her, i brought up the topic, she was like "What???" And i said "You heard me... want to join???"

And she did, i knew she would! Hehe, finally, a teman!

Haha, belly dancing... is a very very good workout. We jump about for 3-4 minutes straight to the song and sweat buckets. And then there's the learning how to move your hips, not easy... i look so jerky. Not smooth, but things like that builds my confidence.

I didn't make any friends there, except for the teacher, who is a 2nd year student at Monash. It's not a team like cheerleading, it's more of a class. And the members are permanent, there aren't a few new students every week but some return and some don't. I'll definitely return, i love the workout.
What do u think of Malaysia?

Love her, i'm proud to be Malaysian. 20%2
Love her, i'm proud to be Malaysian but i wish... 60%6
She's just okay. 10%1
Hate her. 10%1
10 votes total

I wonder who those out of majority are...
Usually i'm the one who casts the first vote. =)

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Pink, Cheerleading and Guy Power

Cheerleading was sooo much fun today. It's been a long time since i blogged about it, we had a performance last Tuesday and i was a bundle of nerves, don't know if i did my steps right. Good thing none of my friends could make it to watch me! Not even E.

Haha, the girl who plays Dota, her bf was there to watch... but he looked bored, but that's b4 we started la. And one of the guy cheerleaders... his girlfriend, i presume la, cuz i see her with him often, came to watch him. Now that's funny, the girlfriend coming to watch her bf cheerleading???

Cute right?

But please, excuse me while i HAHAHAHAHA.

Sorry la, in practice and stuff cannot laugh at the guys. We're a team ma, cannot laugh at them... And although i laugh, i admire them. It's brave of them to do something other guys consider 'so gay'.

And u know, before i started liking pink, i always thought pink was nice but never admitted it cuz, u know, the colour is related to bimbos and dumbness. Then in pre-u, i met a few girls who are smart and they love pink. At about the same time, i had 2 guy msn buddies who used pink fonts while chatting. They both said they liked pink and claimed to be brave for liking it.

That's when i decided to make pink my favourite colour, along with purple, the colour i've liked for years. Hence, this blog colour. And i was kinda annoyed la, to find some big pink blogs, i wanna be unique!! But too bad la.

Back to cheerleading. Today our captain was teaching us how to be perky! Hehe, sounds stupid right? And i tell u it's not easy, u feel so stupid. Needs practise one. It has to be a real smile too, or very good acting, not just plastered on smiles... I decided to cheat la, i laughed instead of smiling, and it was easy to laugh when u listen to the captain ask the gangster-looking guy to be perky.

Funny lar. Since the performance is over, we didn't practice the dance routine, instead we did a cheer and then stunts. And since so many were absent, everyone was carried at least once. And when i say carry, i mean standing on neck's length, the person being carried had to stand on 2 people's hands at least 5 feet up.

I was carried too and it was fun lar. I'm not THAT scared. And it's not THAT hard. It was sooo fun. And the captain actually said, "She's very light" referring to me. Hahahaha, can u believe that? (You are expected to say no). But she's a really fit and experienced cheerleader, she carried guys before. And in today's practice, when i say everyone was carried, that includes the guys.

I had lots of fun during practice today. And to anyone, guys or girls out there, if your uni/college or whatever offers cheerleading as a sport, take it up, it's lots of fun. It's all teamwork and lots of good-natured laughs. If u get a team like mine, i guarantee u'll have fun.

I don't have any pictures of the performance... but these are the bruises i got from doing my part. The one on my left leg has pretty much faded by the time i took this pic.

The Animals Under the Zoo

Last semester i applied a lot of managing terms when i blog, this time i'll apply some marketing terms. Lecturer said if a customer likes the product he or she will tell 3 people about the it, but if a customer is dissatisfied, they'll tell 10 people.

Okayz. Another lesson i learnt from the whole Xia Xue thing...

Negative words have a stronger effect than positive words. I'm sure she received a lot of okay comments but she chose to blog about the ones with all the animals under the zoo.

I mean, under the sky. Or in the zoo. Sorry. Hehe, thinking too fast until i combined the two.

Like in my cheerleading today, i've got good comments, a few of them, but the bad comments tend to bother me more. So, i guess somehow... i'll have to learn to divert my attention to positive stuff, acknowledge the negative to improve but don't let it get to me.

And also always gotta remember what J says, if u've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hiesss, I'm feeling betters! =) But won't be blogging for errrrrrrrrrr... dunno how long la, also have to use the 'prevention better than cure' thing, i will not go online completely. Got asses (assignments) to do.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Love Thy Neighbour

Note: Long unhappy post. I don't care who reads this post, be it Malaysians, Singaporeans, just my friends or ultimately she herself. Do comment.

Referring to she whom i called Ms Famous Blogger in my post, Lagged. Don't know what u'd think, but i was so mad at her, i actually offered her a ride around town if she ever comes to KL again. No, i'm not going to murder her or anything but it's crazy right? She doesn't even know me and i did that. Freaky right? Can't believe i did that. Of course, i don't think she'd even read my comment, she's got hundreds, let alone accept my offer. That's why i won't bother to check for a reply.

I mean, i rarely ever offer my friends a ride and there i was offering a someone i met off the net a ride. Wait, met is the wrong word. She doesn't know i exist and i'm being so nice to her. I certainly don't mind building some kind of friendship with her, but honey, she's too busy for u.

I offered only partly out of goodwill. It is mainly because i'm desperately attempting to get her to say one more miserable good thing about our country, in addition to some beautiful islands here n there, nice yellow fire hydrant and purchase-worthy espadrilles.

She is so spoilt! Spoiled by her country, by the Singaporean government. "Let's snigger at those backward people now since they are gone. =D TEEHEEHEE SO LOUSY. Nowadays there are still people using a 56K MODEM?!", she says.

God, Xia Xue do u know how you sound? For your information there are fishing villages in Malaysia without electricity! Yup, i read it in today's News Straits Times 6th September 2005, page 5. That was what inspired me to write this whole post. Here i am, thankful i have my err... streamyx line and there u are in Singapore, sniggering at us at the very start of your post. Are you trying to be funny?

Either u have such a great job that allows you so much free time to blog and blog and blog or what my friend, E says is true, you get paid to blog. I am so jealous of you. I scribble my post draft on a paper, in pencil and on a recycled paper while u jott down your blog notes in your PDA or whatever it is. Okay, that sounds pathetic, but i do not have a PDA and i did scribble, wanted to upload it but something wrong la, KL ma, backwards what. Rite or not?

Still, i am begging you, appreciate what you have. Like i said in my comment to your post, i took the bus home from school, no matter how untimely and sucky it is, for two years! U are lucky.

Why put us down? Coming from a foreigner, we get defensive, that should be left that to us, read this.

I confess, I read your blog because it is interesting, when you are not dissing the country above yours, either directly or indirectly. Correct me if i'm wrong, but it is implied.

Why am i wasting my time on her? That is a question i've asked myself. I just need to get this all out and then i'm done. Next time i'll read my friends' blogs first, then Fuckstress's, then TheDatinDiaries. Then if i have time, which i won't; i am, after all, a really lazy Monash student trying hard to be a nerd, then i'll read hers. No point getting so worked up over her.

No point commenting in her blog, that is her domain, as long as i go there, i am 'worshipping the ground she blogs on'. Here, the tables are turned.

She affects my studies, i felt so much anger after reading her criticise KL, her words haunt me when my mind wonders from my textbook. I have no choice but to totally avoid her. She affects my studies, just like the tv does. So i totally stopped watching tv. Prevention is better than cure for me, once i start, can't stop.

I'm interested in Dota, i admire my fellow cheerleader who joins her boyfriend's team in a Dota competition, i want to learn the game and be a fraction as good as her. But i won't even try. Because once i do, i can't stop playing/thinking of the game and it'll affect my studies.

So, Xia Xue, i'm sure it's no lost to you but i won't visit your blog so often.

You know the saying "keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer"? Let's just say you're not my enemy. I am merely voicing out my opinions as u did yours. I prefer it if we battle this out face to face. Or erm... in this case... blog to blog.

Malaysians, u'll have to admit this. Singaporeans look down on us, we look down on Indonesia. It's a vicious food chain, each biting the other's head off.

But tell u what i've learn from XiaXue's post. I realized our country's situation is due to poverty, and we know it's mainly the government's fault. The situation is much similar in Indonesia. I've learnt to understand Indonesia, from now on i'd try to criticize them less.

Change of Concept

Blogs vs Diaries, that's an issue i've long debated. It's time for me to make them one, or closer to one. I'm going to be more honest here, i'm going to admit so much more than i used to. There are so many things i've wanted to write but refrained from doing so because i don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. When i write, i take everyone, and i really mean EVERYONE into consideration. It's getting tiring. And it's restraining me.

So i'm going to 'claim' my blog. I'm going to be more like other bloggers and adopt their "This is MY blog, if you don't like it leave," attitude.

Monday, September 05, 2005

I wanna blog

I wanna blog badly... i wanna type and type and type. Type out my feelings and not my accounting assignment... Yes, it's Monday, my asssignment is due TODAY! 5pm la... now it's just 1.30am...
Noooooo... i don't wanna do my work...

Poll: Animal Lover

Which animal do u prefer??
Cats 30%3
Dogs 50%5
Both cats and dogs! 20%2
10 votes total

This poll has been closed.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Had exams on Friday, so couldn't blog for days. Didn't turn on the tv for days, no loss there, i dun have any love for the tv, unlike many people. Desperately wanted to Blog though.

So here i am, procrastinating the assignment due Monday, to Blog about our National day. I love our country, even though i wish it were better in so many ways. No matter how true everything Ms Famous Blogger says about how KL sucks is true, it hurts me bad. To the extend that i had trouble focusing on my studies, for a while.

Definitely admit there are hooligans in KL, if i had a camera phone i'd take a picture of the graffitied sign board i saw yesterday. Nothing wrong with graffiti lar, Europeans and Americans do it too. But somehow they are artistic while our darlings just love to write "Fuck" everywhere.

Bottom line is we complain about other Malaysians everyday but when a foreigner does, i go defensive. (Except E la, he just agrees totally.) Just like what Fuckstress says, we complain about our siblings but when someone else says something bad about them, we snap. (Haha, in creating that link i visited her blog to find that she wrote her Merdeka post in BM, funny.)

I'm never close to my brother, did u even know i have a brother? See, i never even talk about him. But when my neighbour started talking about how rude my brother is and about his 'attitude problem', i felt deeply insulted to the point that i told her off. And i rarely tell people off. She was nice enough to never do so again.

Anyway, the thing that made the 48th Merdeka Day special to me is the fact that E and i have been together for a whole year. ONE year. 12th month anniversary.

We started off the day with him cooking me breakfast! =) Haha, burnt and too oily but still tasted good. And i used that BIG kitchen tissue roll thing to wipe of as much oil as possible.

There were no fireworks where we were, at One Utama. But nevermind la, i was up in the clouds ma, dun wanna get burnt by fireworks, right?

E was so sweet la, treated me Chilli's, that place so mahal and he has financial problems... earlier that day, i actually thought of eating at Medan, HAWKER CENTRE, u know? Haha. I truly wasn't expecting anything... err, haha, thats why i never got him anything. =P Sorry E...

Really really never expected much, that's why i was sooo sooo touched with the little surprise he gave me after dinner and Charlie n the Chocolate Factory. I would blog about it, but seeing that he didn't in his blog, i wouldn't too. Our secret?