Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Exams suck!

Bored bored, boring reading taxation law, I'm gunna BLOG! Hehehe.

Look at this pic...

Hmm... what do u think that is on my lecture notes??? Vote!

What do u think it is???
Extra small sized condom
Water soluble denture cleanser tablet
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Hehe! If ur imagination tells u it is neither one of those but something else all together, just comment! =)

Answers will be up this weekend after my 2nd exam paper. Wish me luck, see ya! ; )

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gossip Girl

Its THE only book i actually read before the tv series came out. Love the book. The first few episodes of the series were one big "spot the difference" game to me.

Serena's not pretty enough, Blair isn't bitchy enough, Dan is too hot, Jenny's boobs aren't big enough.

Hehehe. Then i got used to the fact that book and series are two totally different entities and its just like watching a new addictive series lah.

If u care to know, the whole using initials instead of names in my blog was inspired by Gossip Girl.

I love indulging in gossip. =P I know i lost friendships partly b'cuz of gossip and what i learnt from it is that u can't stop people from gossiping, and in turn, u can't stop me! HAHAHA.

I believe that people gossip about u only if u give them a reason to. Its your actions that cause envy and anger, fuel for gossip. In fact, anything such as disbelief, a funny story or just plain concern makes people talk about other people. So what is gossip and what is not?

Who cares. I realized in Desperate Housewives, the ladies regularly play poker. What i remember is Gabby holding her cards, Susan holding a couple of cards. Edie inviting herself to their games, Lynette asking the others to accompany her to chemo during their poker games. Yet in its entire 3 seasons, i don't recall ever seeing a flop in the show!

The poker games in Desperate Housewives is where they get together and GOSSIP! Hahahah. Which worked for me in the past. I found last year's James Bond movie a little boring cuz of the poker and lookie at me this year, i am watching downloaded World Series of Poker! HAHAHAH.

When i go back to Msia, i'd regularly check ESPN for POKER. Hehehhe. Me, ESPN?! HAHAHAHA. I also feel like having an open house near Chinese New Year and i ACTUALLY wanna COOK for my friends and my mom's friends. Me, COOK? HAHAHHAAH

If i could read this post this time last year, i wouldn't believe this is my blog! Its that BAD, i am THAT different.

Its amazing what 8 months Down Under can DO to me!

Gotta go studie! Will invite ya, if i actually DO go through with the open house thingie next year ; )

Monday, October 22, 2007

Last Lectures

Lucky to be blessed with classes that start after 11am this semester. Yet i am always late for class, even though my house is 10minutes away from uni.

The night before the second last lecture, i was bragging to AN, "I NEVER missed a lecture this semester, but i am always late (and sometimes i leave early). Never more than 10-15 mins late," i proudly declared.

Next day, woke up to SC's sms... checked my phone, whattheshit, 11.53!!! Class started at 11! SC woke up late too. Read the other sms i received. Whoa shit, S asking me if i was going to class at 11.21. Rushed the hell out, left my retainers in the bathroom shelf! Hahahah

I vowed to be on time for my LAST lecture the next day. U know, once in my life, be on time? Hahha.

Now i'll never be able to redeem myself!

Housemate CT left for HER lecture at 12.08, and her lecture started at 12, the same time my last lecture started.

How do i know?
Hehehhe, thats when i woke up! When she slammed our house door shut on her way out (tht thing is pretty loud), i got up and looked at my phone. Late again!

Lucky for me, In both lecturers didn't discuss anything important before i got there! Hahaha, the party never starts till i get there? =P

Friday, October 19, 2007

Personal Record

Yayyyyyy, i jogged for 7 minutes straight! At 6.2km per hour! Hahah.

My stamina sucked previously, or still sucks depending on what u think. In August, i could only hit 2minutes straight.

Big improvement today!

I never bothered training till. Due to added stress, long story, shall not get into it, i decided to push myself. Tried to reach 3 minutes, and i wasn't out of breath, hmm, ok then, try 3 mins n thirty seconds.

All the way till i hit 7 minutes! =)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Get Used to iT

Like everyone else, i blog more during exam period (to procrastinate). Get used to my picturesque posts, people!

I mean picture-less nonsense post. =)

Yeah, so. Everyone sees everyone at night here. House visits. To pass notes and university material, talk about tips and study groups etc.

I feel ugly la, i always wear giant t-shirt and baggy stripy pants. And they all SEE me like this!

My housemates wear shorts, sexy legs and all. Baby-tees or spaghetti straps. I feel so Fugly.

With a capital F, yeah?

I'm gonna freeze my ass off tomolo to fit in.

No, wait. I won't be in! Thursday night = Poker night! =))))))

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Been craving for MEAT at night every night lately. Whats wrong with me?

I lack discipline and determination to study. Where can i get some?

Whats up with the sun rising so early? Freaking 5am and those bloody birds start chirping outside. 5am!!!! Somemore they wanna turn back the clock for daylight saving? Then what, 4am and its bright outside?

Irritates the SHIT out of equator girl me where an early sunrise is 6.45am all my life!!!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mid-revisions Daydreams

Can't wait for summer, can't wait to hit the beach whenever i want, swim and camwhore with the boyfriend there! Can't wait for the D, SC, SR, YY to get to Aust, can't wait to start planning road trips etc with them!

Oooh, gotta try getting the waterproof casing for my camera!!! =P Or do u think putting my camera in Gladwrap would work? Hahahah

Can't wait for those damn exams to end! Hopefully my last exams of my Bachelor's degree. Not a good time to start failing! Whole family booked their flight to Australia for my graduation (my father initially didn't wanna come for my convo).

Aunties n Uncles in Australia ALL know about my upcoming graduation in December as well...


Yet here i am, blogging. Digging my own grave.

Friends are not helping! They are offering my marble for my tombstone! U know, they distract me and give me stuff that i cannot say no to? Like AN's been giving me backdated poker magazines and 2003 World Series of Poker videos to watch...

Speaking of poker, just found out that NPL is offering a seat in the Aussie Millions tournament for the weekly winner. How nice wonderful if... yeah, Right.

Snap out of your daydream and get back to studying, girl!

Makan dulu ye? =P

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Paint Ball

Bestfriend said we MUST do something during mid-semester breaks. She suggested the Melbourne zoo at first but i wasnt interested. So she changed the plans to paint ball!

Two of us in our paint ball overalls. Looking fat and huge! Hahah. They gave girls a vest to wear inside, while guys don't get it

DL joins us for this pic! All ready for battle!

Started off playing a game called JFK. One team is to be the assassins and one team is to be JFK's bodyguards. This was the first field we played at:

Its fun shooting but no fun being shot at! Hahah. Damn paintful.

I love the next field, though i don't remember the name of the game we played

They actually had old cars as props! Great to hide behind them! Really get the.... action movie feel! Hahah

Also love the third field:

With a wild wild west theme! So cool hiding behind those buildings that are parallel to one another and shooting from the side.

That was where i got shot in the hand. I bled!

No picture of that, but take a look at WS's battle scar! Right on her neck!

She said that before that she got shot somewhere else. And since we had unlimited lives in that game, she was mad and about to reenter the game with the intentions of being trigger happy. Not a few steps out of the base and she got shot in the neck! Hahah

The last field is scary!

So exposed! Not much to hide behind

Our group looking really awful and tired (except RC)!
Sorry la, we've just been shot at!
, me, WS, DL, in front: RC and B

Friday, October 05, 2007

2nd Place in Pub Poker !!!

Not one to be aggressive by nature, i made stupid moves and won a pair of sunglasses instead of the first prize trophy!!!!!!

And cuz AN has been pestering the owner, Tony to put up the Kittens' cap as a prize, Tony was nice enough to give AN the cap cuz i came in second! Kittens' is a strip club, by the way.

With ze cap and ze sunglasses.

Sorry if u are getting bored my poker shit! (My blog has been full of poker, even my Adsense is all about poker- first two adds on my Adsense are APL and NPL, the places i play at! Hahah!) But... but, this is my very next game after the other time i made final table ok? So forgive me for being happy!! Finalist twice in a row, yeah!

No details this time, wasn't very memorable. But i knocked AN 's 10 K out of the table with my 10 A, thats what i remembered! HHAHAHHAAH.

Next post up! Paint ball!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Too Lips

At the entrance counter, i stood with my little cousins and the cashier mistook me for a 16 year old. Thats how i got into the Tulip Farm for free! Wahahaah, so funny!

Sweet 16 all over again?

These are the 'BLACK' tulips...

Little Laetitia and I! Hugging her reminds me of hugging my sis! Little girls are little angels. I normally don't write names in my blog but her name is just so pretty =)

Love my camera, love photography and love ya if u forgive me for posting so many pictures of flowers in my blog this sprrrring.

Aunt's friend cooked nasi lemak for our picnic! Ohmygod, that was the highlight of the day for me ok! Tiny ikan bilis and sambal that made me sweat on that cold gloomy day.

After that, we went to.... the dunno-what feed parrots sanctuary place...

Some of the other people there are very friendly. Shared their bird seeds with us and taught us how to get the birds to eat from our hands.

"Hold your hand up that way and the birds would look from on top the trees", he told us.

They would then swoop down and land gracefully on your hands.

Too bad i don't look half as graceful as my feathered friend.

My cousin's alternative strategy to get birds on her little hands are to steal mine!

She's so cute i don't mind!

The next cutie is my Aun't friend's son...

Such a brave little boy! Those white birds pick at your fingers and it hurts!