Thursday, August 25, 2005

Year One, Sem Two, Part Five

Being in uni... or college, is a totally different experience from school. For one i remember being sooo happy i didn't have to cut my really long nails the night before my first day of college.

Hehe, and then i laughed sooo much when i found out that teacher's day is still celebrated in college but in a totally different way. Instead of making them play embarrassing games and a load of sometimes crappy performances, class times were cut into half so that all classes end at 12.30 and they could go out for lunch.

Now, in uni, i get to meet many different people. I've finally met someone with a lip ring, and we have out so much, i actually forget she has the lip ring. She has got attitude, but she's not a rebel or anything.

Then there's this girl who dresses up EVERYDAY. But she looks good unlike those people who overdo it. She's also in plays and comes to class with make up and blown hair after photo shoots. Don't think she's dumb, she's the one who asks the most questions and answers the most questions too. Oh, and she has a crystal glued to her teeth, she told me they used the same stuff my orthodontists use with my braces.

Then... there's a Miss Malaysia finalist! She has a lot of guy friends... but she's really nice and... kinda rude, but in an extremely funny way! We always laugh together, some of my friends say her laugh is scary and others say it's fake but i know its genuine and to me it's contagious. And she's totally humble about the whole Miss Malaysia thing. We didn't know about it until she appeared in the papers.

Then... the cheerleading captain is really nice! Not like in the movies. She actually spent most of my first lesson teaching me! And she said i learn fast... when i'm not sure that's the case, but she sure did boost my ego. Oh, and she's doing ENGINEERING. I am always amused and like "wow!!!" when i hear of a girl doing engineering. Since physics was never my thing.

Then there are those annoyingly sickeningly rich people. Walk through the carpark, u'll know what i'm talking about. And there are people who stay back many many years repeating the same course or subjects. I don't hate them... i'm just jealous. =)

How can i not be jealous? This girl... she's from Penang, she'd fly to KL for ONE day just to shop. And there are people who have San Francisco Coffee for breakfast often. Shit, RM10 for breakfast?? That's my one college day's allowance. (Nasi lemak RM2.50 for break fast, cheap coffee for RM1.20 and then chicken noodle RM3.00 for lunch and then maybe a snack later...)

Last month i lent my digital camera to Is. When she returned it i looked through the pix she took. Guess what i found? A car parked in college that is a replica of the car featured in Inititial D, the movie. Rich man's son!

"Pa... i want THIS car."

Sunway/Monash students, i'm sure u recognise where this place is.


MaS said...

those ppl have great amount of money ... even though they say they have no money .... they would still be able to go shop around for clothes .... dam it .... im dam jealous ...... i wan 1 trillion pound sterling ...... or at least 1 trillion euro ..... n yes its TRILLION ... not BILLION or MILLION

soo imm said...

juz hopped by hehe.
wa, monash so happening! n i want tat car!!!!
can't believe they actually have a replica of it here in m'sia 0_o

Joey said...

Tau Foo car!! Muahahahahaha.....I miss Sunway! I miss the funny things Sunway students do!

sue lin said...

Haha, u guys! =)
Mas, i've heard that b4, and i want 8 hours extra a day, only for me.

Soo Im, i dunno who's car is that, probably not a Moansh student's. I wonder how much it costs. It's supposed to be a 'cheap' car in the show right? Compared to the other cars.

Joey i miss having u around!!! Also missing the gurl who took the pic of the car, Isa.