Saturday, April 30, 2011


Every Friday, i'm going to think of something i should be thankful of and blog about it
Lets start with something simple for the first post =)

I am lucky that i never need to shave my legs or underarms. I've blogged about this before, click here

I choose Friday because if i ever run out of things to be thankful for, i can just Thank God Its Friday! Hahah

Monday, April 25, 2011


Cousins were looking for dog but its expensive to get them in pet shops (Australia) and its not like u can pick puppies up from the road side like you do in Malaysia

ET's classmate has kittens she wanted to give away so we decided on a cat instead! She was such a frightful scared little thing the first day we took her home, we were trying to get her to not hide under the bed.

At first we kept Ash in the house. When i went to the toilet one morning, thats what i saw behind the door
"I'm Ash"

She jumped on the kitchen table and ate the fresh loaf of bread and my aunty caught her licking the pots. So we had to keep her in the backyard from then on

Little LT feeding Ash. My mom says LT loves animals since she was really young and that she wasnt afraid of our German Shepard Dickie

Pretty Ash

Sat evening, I bought 1kg of chicken neck from the supermarket and boiled soup because there was homemade dumplings in the freezer. OMG its soooo good!

I had the same thing for lunch and dinner on Sun as well! Hehe! So simple, chuck the whole packet of chicken neck in a pot of boiling water. Dump in two carrots, two tomatoes and two chilli padi. One onion.

Of course, please cut the vegetables. Salt and pepper to taste. Boil and boil, the longer the better. Add in some chicken breast and the dumplings.

Love!!! I ate up almost ALL the chicken neck (but not the bones). Gave a few pieces to Ash (she ate the bones). She likes my cooking too =)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mountain Biking Part 2

There are three different cycling routes according to difficulty. Our guides said that all three will stop at this tea house, about one fifth of the journey. So we could decide to change to a harder level or to an easier one

I was already covered in mud, bruises and cuts by the time we got here!

I had ginger tea... which came with sugar in it! Everything in Thailand has sugar in it, i wonder how the girls remain soooo thin!

I looked at my wounds and gasp! Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it as i blog!

There was leech on my right knee!!! Eeek!!! I ran to my guide Lek, who just flicked it away like it was nothing because it was tiny...

We continued on our journey... stopping every now and then. We realised S had a flat back tyre!

For us 5 cyclists, we had 2 guides. They took really good care of us. Both of them fixing S's flat tyre

When we are not cycling, just dump the bike on the floor!

It does not have the stand thing

I started to take photos of my muddy knee guard and wounded shin

AK decided to join me. She's smart to wear jeans, and she's the best cyclist, the only one who didnt fall!


S is from China and she made a joke about the bicycle tyre being of low quality and that its must have been made in China! Funny girl!
Almost done, and then we were on our way!

Some parts of the trail was smooth and some of it was a lot more bumpy

Stretches and stretches of these orangy earth, really bumpy ride. I tend to sit on the bike rather than stand... so my butt hurts

This has gotta be the worst!
Hate it! I couldn't stay on the narrow tarmac part, but the orange earth in between was no better. I felt down four times! The back wheel of my bike actually flew up a couple of times when i used the brake!

Awful awful, i was going so slowww, cautious. I was left farrr behind, while AK and S were well ahead. Neither one of them fell. Each time i fell i'd get back up and go again
The guide told me to keep my eyes on his butt and not follow too closely! Hahah, and it actually works. In terrains like that, what u are supposed to do is look far ahead and not look in the near distance.

If u look far ahead you will be able to judge and better control your bike. I know, theory seems simple but it was hard putting it to practice! Later got the hang of it =)

Like kindergarten bestfriends on this trip! We were inseperable, just clicked

Rode past a few paddy fields, it was sooo beautiful but many times i didnt stop to take photos, barely had time to take in the view as i cycled by. We did stop every few km to regroup and wait for the British couple

And to camwhore!!! =) Photos taken by our guide Lek

Chinse S, Japanese AK and Malaysian me

My bike on the floor again
While listening to S complain about China's political issues and how Facebook is banned over there

British B, S, me, British M and AK hidden by plants! Hahha.

Another part i hated is when we had to cycle uphill. Just. Not. Fit. Enough. Most of the trip is down hill though thankfully

Click here for Part 1
Chiang Mai, Thailand. Click here for a list of Thailand blog posts

Monday, April 11, 2011

Chocolate Sundays

Never knew Hopetoun Tea Rooms existed. Ignorant me, its famous. Full, no seats available and there were people queueing to get in!

Had Chocolait on Little Burke last week where we talked for hours around a little coffee table just like they do on the sitcom Friends. This week we headed to Lt Collins
Impressed by the interior. We didnt wait though, instead we headed to Ganache, another chocolatier nearby

Brownie, tripple chocolate mousse and almond something cake! Devine! Combined with hours of endless chatter and laughter. Perfect Sunday afternoon.

$7.50 for my cake, dont convert to Ringgit, it kills.

Sooo glad to be earning Australian Dollar! Not the ideal career, I'm a waitress, who cooks burgers and wraps, cleans the kitchen and handles the cash register too. Hourly wage, i probably might not even hit the lowest tax bracket this year

But i'm happy, i love the job i do. Its like a hobby. It wont buy me a house, but for now its okay; i can spend AUD 20 on lunch, tea and cake on a Sunday afternoon, just live a little =) I am able to buy a birthday present for my little cousin =)

Its a start, the start of my life in Australia =)

Sunday, April 03, 2011


Spotted on French collonial Sakkarin Avenue

Sue Lin entering her luxury ride...

What's she up to?

Just a camwhore session =)
That's the Lonely Planet Southeast Asia in her hand. Its Th Sakkarin, not Sakkarin Avenue and its just a car parked on the street in Luang Prabang.

More blog posts on Laos soon-ish!