Monday, April 30, 2007

Hang Myself on a Tau Geh Tree

Going mad with assignment as usual...

Was craving bean sprouts (tau geh) all of a sudden... so we bought a packet, bloody expensive shit, almost 3dollars- if i remembered correctly. Its just tau geh man!

And cooking it was SHIT! Have to irritatingly pluck their tails one by BLOODY one! People got assignment, u ask me to pluck tau geh? Go to hell!

All those times i took the tau geh dish for granted at home........ daydreams of my maid who did the plucking tau geh tail 4 me at home.

I'm seriously missing someone and u know who it is.

The other day, we had a nice gourmet dinner at home, will tell ya about that, the giant chess and the kite flying day laters.

So the dinner, CT made this very high-class looking yummy entre with alfalfa sprouts and salmon. Then it hit me! Alfalfa sprouts is the perfect convenient substitute for tau geh. And it's health food. I'll have to check if its expensive... but it definitely beats buying tau geh for 8ringgit!

I wrote 1600 words in the past 15hours! Shitttt... it's amazing... but... its way off my 300-words-per-2-hour-budget...

Newspapers are so much easier to read and understand than those stupid journal articles. Glad i spent two hours digging the month old library stack of newspapers and photocopying a pile of papers... don't ask me how much that cost, i am trying not to calculate.

Glad i have an ear for tips during lectures (i can fall asleep in lectures and suddenly wake up when i hear something remotely related to a tip). One sentence in that lecture 4 weeks ago helped me narrow down my newspaper search tremendously =)

Just a few days ago i was clueless about the Aust labour law and now i know a bit =) Would it be useful to me one day? Still hope so...

Oh and though shops in Aust typically closes at like 5pm... this might probably change in the next few years because of the one year old amendments in law =p Personal conclusion. We'll see.

Ps. The title came from my form 3 science teacher. My mom explained that it somehow means hopeless in a weird funny way!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Kill Them List

Wanna kill everyone who said food portion servings are big in Australia. Its not like there everywhere. McDonald burgers are tiny. A lot of things are tiny and only SOME places serve large portions. I'm hungry.

I made watermelon juice tonight! Wahaha, damn nice. First time i ever cut a watermelon... Miss my maid, y'know?

Next person/people i wanna shoot. Those who said phone line is cheap here, u get free phones blah blah blah. NOT! There's always a catch. Stupid 2 year contracts. And ONLY calling cards, are cheap... the cards to use 2 call back to Malaysia...

Also wanna KILL those ppl who said internet is good here. Yah, speed's really fast but LIMIT sucks!!!!! The faster your speed, the faster u look for new things to download and then suddenly, right in the middle of the month u realize u've used 85% of the limit.

Wanna do research for assignment so hard! So shitty man! If its dollar to dollar, and its RM88 for unlimited internet access in Msia, why is A$80 only for a 20gig limit? =(

Today was a nice lazy day. Dark gloomy skies and rained almost the whole day... grocery shopped in a moody mood. But i became happy when they gave out free knives... Hahah, got a murder weapon for the above people now. Thehehehe.

Only problem is i can't remember who told me the above shit.

Anyway, so came home and ate. Then housemates came over to my room and we just hid under the blanket and chat and chat! Raining outside, it was so cold!

After dinner we did that again: comfortable in the bed and just chattttttttttt. =) I prefer doing things like that than watching movies...

We also always eat dinner together. About 4 times a week at least. Chinese style, u know, rice, meat and veg? And we always do the typical chinese thing... we leave the last bit of food on the serving plate. Its just nice.

Not to mention our suppers. We always eat supper!! Love our supper times! Remember me telling u that my jeans were looser? Not anymore =( Hence the watermelon juice tonight instead of Indomie... damn watermelon juice is not filling, i'm hungry.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Last post was on Mon, now its Fri. The week just went by with me writing bullshit in a presentable way and referencing it. Nothing interesting happening. My blog will reflect that.

I didn't do anything stupid lately that i can talk about, so, sorry u don't get to laugh at my expense...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Assignment Crap

First assignment away from home. Its weird, annoying and frustrating.

I want to walk out of my little bedroom (here in Aust) and appear in the upstairs hallway in my my Cheras home, go into my study room where all my uni books are stored and pull out a book for reference.

Problem is i cam 't do that. I have a total of TWO textbooks here with me, thats all. Besides, the book i need is floating somewhere in the ocean (post bukan laju...)

And i've got a new printer! Damn happy! Was indifferent with all the printers that came and go back in Malaysia. Simply said, MANY things at home are taken for granted.

Appreciate E though, he's buying me lunch now! Hahaha. And he bought the printer for me all the way from the city and brought it to Frankston =) Oh, he's back with lunch!

Lunch lunch!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter Holiday

Hate research. Prefer reading, understanding and analysing. Hate finding the material to read.

Anyone like researching (and feeling helpful)? Please find me infomation about Australian and Malaysian's financial regulatory systems. I gotta do a comparison.

And i wanna play pool... HAHAHA. Shouldn't have said that now no one would help me.

Anyways. My Easter holidays (which is usually simply known as mid semester break back in Msia) was pretty much a waste. Bumming around TRYING to get my Accounting Information Systems assignment done.

The only fun things i did was swim the freezing cold mid autumn sea (damn good workout, damn hungry after that, ate a lot of horrible Hokkien mee, hahaha)

and went to Crown casino!

Took a train to the city... first time giving fare evading a go (boarding the train without a ticket).
A delay in Melbourne's down-to-the-minute schedule made me anxious...

Then i saw men in black (actually its dark blue, and there were some women) with yellow embroidery Connex (the train company). They entered the train

E and i bolted out of the train. Thank goodness they didn't question us on our sudden departure... and the train along with the watchdogs as J calls them left soon after.

Bought a ticket and got on the next train. Met up with J. Cabonara dinner at Lygon Street.

And then we were off to the casino. I had a bad tummy ache for most of the tram rides so i didn't feel any excitement as i entered the casino... the only thought on my mind was "where's the toilet?"

Only started to enjoy the scene as i emerge from the toilet. Really wanted to take photos but J warned me against that... casino rules. Afraid we might cheat.

Mostly just watched as J played... throughout the time i was in the toilet he alraedy more than doubled his $10 capital. He's a pro, expertly explaining the rules to every game to us. Nice having a tour guide around! Haha, thanks man. =)

But it sucked when i lost $10 straightaway... RM27.50 gone. Just like that.

E was a little luckier than me at first but he soon lost everything ($10 plus winning). Then we just watched J play till he decided to quite after winning $115!!!!!

Lady luck was just not by my side.

Might add pictures wherever possible later. Back to Enterprise Resource Planning for AIS =(

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Word Vomit (Pictures Added)

Dying to Blog, really really dying to blog! But there's so much to do! Just finished preparing for my presentation tomorrow, its half shit. Haha. Went to the beach with aunt and cousins today somemore.

Should have gone to play pool with housemates and some other friends after that instead of staying home to do the presentation cuz, to be honest i only started after they came home.

Actually, they came home and then we played a game of Cluedo and a few games of chor tai tee and i ate Indomie BEFORE i started the presentation.

Three Little Pigs

Anyway, shopping here has its ups and downs. Downs are normally caused by foreign exchange and the forever diminishing value of the Malaysian currency. Ups are when God blesses me with bargains u'll never get in Malaysia.

Like i bought a $39.00 skirt for $3.35! From ICE at Bayside.

And i took AGES to decide whether i should buy this red bag....

Discounted and buy one free one too. But i'll have to pay 39 dollars.... which is RM107.25. In the end i bought it and it came with a pleasant surprise.

Not only is it buy one free one, it's discounted too! So two bags for $29.00! Wahahaha. From Forever New in DFO, Spencer Street.

White shirt and leggings, both new, $6.00 each, from Deborah K. The bag came free with the red one i talked about above, worth $24.90. That's the skirt from ICE.

And my boots... ohhh! My boots! =) =) =) Not the best bargain but totally worth its $99.00... er... hope i can walk in it! Hahahah... Sachi from David Jones, Gen Waverly.

U see... i simply REFUSE to buy FLAT boots ok? I WANT heels.


Though i have been wearing sports shoes most of the time here and i haven't exactly worn heels for about 2 months now. I wore heels every single damned day at work cuz they make my legs look slightly better...

I'll manage lah...

Bought Scholl Party Feet Gel Cushions to help me...
By the way, the amount i paid for 2 pairs could get me three pairs in Malaysia, the land of free-er trade and less protectionism. Everything in Malaysia is either made in China or Indonesia or Bangladesh and thus is cheap. Most Australian stuff's made in Australia, they damn patriotic i tell you.

Tomatos are Oz grown, chicken in McD is Oz bred... and their long beans are short! And so long beans here are known as GREEEN beans. Wahahaha. Just ate that 4 dinner, i love long beans.... i mean green beans. Hehe


Ps. Say "green beans" if u want me to add pictures to this post! Sorry i'm sleepy n going crazy. If i get 7 ppl commenting "Green beans!" I'll insert pix! Haha. Byee