Saturday, August 22, 2009

Community Outreach Program 2009

One thing i love love love about the co i work for is that we get to do charity during working hours for two weeks! And get paid like normal =) Its a great eye opening experience.

Kinda stressful though. Cuz we are there to help push the kids to a brighter future. Its like, society is depending on us. Thank goodness the ones i taught last year show improvement this year! =)

In the morning, we teach the kids who go to school in the afternoon. I was assigned to two form2 kids:

N: He's quite smart, comparatively. Had to recall what i learned in form 2G nine years ago to teach him. My god, theorem Pythogoras, circles, faints! I can do the math but explaining is not easy!

U: He's slow with studies. But good attitude. Couldn't do minus last year! But luckily the school systems now allow form 1 and above to use scientific calculator! He's good with the calculator

I taught him for UPSR last year. 1B and 4Cs. One of the brighter kids. Grown so much over a year.

With a few of the other kids, the little one on the right couldnt even write A-Z last year. This year he can read!

Kinda looks like jail with all those bars. Anbu Illam means house of love. The girl's home Karunai Illam means house of hope.

They've got good donors, thats a spanking new van there! They even got sponsors to give each secondary school kid a scientific calculator!

And they've got us =P On our last day at the home, we bought them snacks. In the back, my colleague and i distributing chocolate wafer

My afternoon boys:

Standard 2, 3s and 4s. They are a handful! They fall asleep in class, need u to push them to work, basically they need attention. They make noise and they run around!

There was one day, after lunch, i was running a lil late, my colleague was already there before me. He smsed me "You'll laugh when u get here"

When i got there all the boys had tape on their mouths! The aunty who runs the home did that to them to keep them quiet! I felt like taking pictures... =P But held back.
The one in the yellow shirt is my sister's age, my sister's height. He wrote an essay last year which broke my heart. It was so sad, about his father
My guy colleague is admired by the boys, they look up to him

I'd really like to do charity instead of work, its stressful but so meaningful. But i cant live without a paycheck. I'm too materialistic and not afraid to admit it.

Come on, E, become a Datuk, and ur Datin will do charity! HAHAHA

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bored of my a-sigh-ment

Its all black and white, words and numbers. The end result would be a Microsoft Word file i never wanna open again

How do design students feel after they've completed a project? I love looking at the pictures i've edited for my blog again and again! Its so satisfying!

During breakfast in Mt Buller, i looked out the window at the snow, it was beautiful, snapped a picture:

The camera fails to capture what the eye sees.

I messed with the setting and the result was:

Seems alright so i left the breakfast table to catch up with the rest who didnt stick around to wait for me to snap pictures.

Somehow, in the end, i always find that the first picture taken always ends up being the best anyway. The first picture photoshopped really well!

I've used this picture before here

Love it so much. All i did was simple colour adjusting. Technology can do so much more, i wanna learn!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Department Trip 2009

Shoulda blog about 2008's, man that was extravagant. This year's was meager, with an RM 200 per head budget.

Beach front Swiss Garden in Kuantan last year, mountain top Selesa Resort this year:

This time i drove. My Kancil took on Karak highway. The first time i drove hilly slopes was in Australia with my aunt's 2.0L Honda Odessey, that was a breeze, damn easy to drive over any uphill bend.

My Kancil on Karak arrr... damn susah, press and press the minyak all the way to the max and at times i was just going at 60kpmh. Was running late, damn stressed to get there on time (not to mention i dont want to swerve and overturn...). Kancils are 850cc city cars la, not mountain climbers.

The trip was fun, somewhat, though it fell below expectations.

No its not the lack of stars the resort has, the corporate teambuilding games and stuff were the problem. Too much waiting.

The rooms are apartment style, 5 to a unit, i snagged the single bedroom, hehe! Baybeetea's spoilt i dont deny

One of the activities required us to crawl through mud, i dont mind, i just didnt wanna kill my Adidas from Smith Street, Melb, so i took off my shoes before the crawl and put it back on after. Hahaha, they still look new though they're almost 2 years old. Indoor gym shoes okayyy

At night some colleagues decided to drive to Genting, i gave that a miss and just spent HOURS chatting with JP! Retreated to bed at 2am-ish. Woke up to sunrise streaming through my window

JP and i had an early breakfast and headed off, she had class and i had the damned to hell ICAA quiz. Studied the whole Sunday and spent my replacement Monday off with E! =)

The boyfriend left his Big 4 job to pursue something unconventional. Scary shit, i admire his determination and here's to him: To a successful business, love you dear, you can make it through!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Krabi Last Morning

Krabi time (or maybe the whole of Thailand, i don't know) is one hour slower than Malaysia, so when i set the alarm at 8am, i actually woke up at 7am! HAHA

Doesn't matter, more time in Krabi before our flight at noon! Had the complimentary breakfast with the rest and then E wanted to ride the bike a bit before returning it

Parts of Krabi is still quite ulu and undeveloped

We rode to this area where we passed by on Day 2 while looking for petrol kiosk. Its breathtaking!

I wanna go there! Pout pout pout =(

Camwhored by the beach

Half posing, half candid shot

He thinks he's so cool! Haha

Both of us together:

Some scenery shots from riding pillon on the scooter:

Krabi has lots of mountains, before the trip i blog hopped a bit to research on Krabi. They say Krabi is a good place for abeseiling (rock climbing).

I was interested but i knew i wasnt strong enough. I also knew the rest of the 7 girls wouldnt be keen on the sport. So when i was packing i decided to bring those white heels intead of shoes! Haha

Right choice. But when E's mom saw my footwear, she was like, "You going for holiday or going for modelling?!" I knew she's say something cuz before that she was asking me why i wore skirt and not shorts. Hahah!

A photo on the bike

The airport transfer van came to pick us up at 10.15ish. It was a short drive to the airport and then we queued to get our boarding passes. No amazing race this time =P

Waited by the gate and counted how much i spent. Flight and accomodation was RM270 for 3 days 2 nights. Meals cost RM45.50, entertainment (Cobra show, bike and petrol) was RM41.50. RM22 for airport transfer. RM62 in LCCT. RM 26 etc. TOTAL = RM484

The other couple helped us take this picture, and vice versa

Thats the end of my first trip to Krabi. Yes, i intend to go there again! =)

Links to Day 1 and Day 2