Thursday, May 28, 2009

Audit Horror Stories

Many audit managers had miscarriages cuz of stress. Some resigned.

Colleague's friend spend many nights in the office that she didnt realize that her house got flooded. Tendered

Another one of her friends's house got robbed and was too tired to even realize it when she got home, just went to sleep and found out the next morning. Quit

Baybeetea woke up with painful eyes and had a headache all day long. She even walked into a glass door without opening it today... HAHAHAH. Give up??

Beautiful view from the 32nd Floor of the Petronas Twin towers,
not mine to enjoy

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Take My Facebook Quiz!


Some of the questions are kinda hard, i wanna kill E.
Hahahaha, revenge... cuz i only scored 60% on his.

The rest of u guys get a bonus 5% cuz that question was designed to kill E. HAHAAHHA, unless he tembak correctly

If u didnt know: E is my boyfriend and i LOVE/HATE him!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The MDG Finale

The top three stood at the back while the eliminated ones strut out in masks. We were like, who's who?! HAHA. First round of the fashion show i didnt get good pictures. Bad angle.

Short break in between fashion shows, some food and drinks were served.

"See the cups they used, so cheap-skate", I laughed and pointed out to JW

"Somemore they use that kind of tray" was her response

HAHAAHAHAH, damn fun to be damn bitchy.

Unlike the first season, the turn out for the finale ain't as impressive. The first floor- not even full.

The second floor is empty. If i recall correctly in season 1, One U was full over a few floors. Could it be because the finale was on a Friday?

I love the way Ming looks in the pink dress

Ming (4th place)'s parents are in the background, her father is such a nice guy plus entertaining on the show.

The top 3 are always the last to catwalk:

Pinky, she looks tonnes better in pictures, too skinny in real life. Dawn, the one i've been supporting from the start. Juanita, she looks good in a lot of my pictures and i love her dress here, but cant say the same about the person underneath (based on whats seen on the videos)

Looking on, fashionably dressed media, 1st season contestants, bloggers

and wayyy too many aspiring photographers

You should see the amount of people lugging around equipment! And some of them have their own ladders! Amazing. E knows a couple of them.

Love this picture!

Dawn's biggest fans, as Damian (Dawn's bf) calls JessLyn and I.
With E in the middle!

Next the girls modeled bags...

they wore the same super short black dress and pearls that after a while

looking at the bags became boring and we start looking at legs! HAHAHA

Pity Farah (left), why did the producers put her next to Natasha (right)?

Dawn wore the 'uniform' well

She won the Beautilicious Favourite Face Award

KennySia was there to present the Viewer's Choice Awards which was based on online polls:

He walked past us and i think we stared at him! HAHAHA, i wonder how is it like to be a local celebrity... with people staring at ya.
Uncomfortable? Lovin' it?

The final 3 shortly before they announced the winner:

If u didnt already know: Its 3, 2, 1. When Dawn didnt win i was hoping Pinky would =( Oh well, as the gloating Juanita supports have been saying "Live with it"

Truly yours,

before takin off those contact lens, and attempting to study that night...

Monday, May 18, 2009

I need a hug...

=( Tomorrow is the day before my exam... I am WAY behind schedule and the questions are so tricky, more twists and turns than Desperate Housewives? Haha...

Wish me all the luck in the world okay? Thankew!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finally the Finale

The Curve, this Friday, 7pm

Baybeetea and SheisJess will be there. Along with fawkand E (All's welcome, u dont need to be a blogger to go, haha), come join us

support Dawn as the next Malaysian Dream Girl

Sms DREAM 02 5 and send to 33001 to vote for Dawn
(voting closes 11.59pm 14/5/2009)

E and i voted for her till E's mom sent us this email:

HAHAHA, his mom is so funny! And E's so sweet over the phone today. He asked me how much i wanted to vote for Dawn, and he'll vote the same amount!

I was like, "you don't have to la, i'll vote and pay for it myself"

and he said "I support her la, she's your friend".

So touched that he's willing to do that for her! He pointed out the laughter i shared with Dawn in the Greats Phase where Dawns and i added an "S" to almosts every words in our sentenssssss! It was really stupids but funnys! I was surprised he remembereds =)

Hey look! My name was mentioned on

And the producers spelled my name right!!! Wooohoo!! Do u know how many people get my name wrong? They got it right, overjoyed! I must have commented a lot on the official MDG blog =P

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Bargain Bitch

Bought lots of brand new things!

3 formal shirts, a belt, underwear, 3 pairs of black bras (cuz its cheap at RM11 each, simple, comfy - can be worn to work), 1 top can be either casual / work and another casual white top. For for RM 255, well within my RM300 budget! ; ) Lunch and parking RM 13

Love this shirt the most. Thats my new belt from Sisley, its actually black/blue RM20... Note: Mini skirt is for camwhore purposes, forbidden to wear anything tht short in my line of profession. Impressed with how thin my leg looks (yes, i was a lot bigger)= gym's working (= been doing weights - up to 25pounds for inner thighs, 20 lbs for outer, and 10kg for squats)

Not super cheap at RM60 for a warehouse sale, but alright for a shirt of its kind, i guess.

Love the collar, and the colour

Shopping trail - Triumph warehouse sale at Jaya 33 - > Padini sale at Sogo - > United Colours of Benetton sale at Dewan Siti Hasmah (i think) in TTDI

One of them's our audit client, thts how i got the mail blast advertising the sale, the other two, my trusty Ex-Study Partner knew about and brought me there! =) Love her! It was a great day shopping and catching up (while queueing up =)

Truly yours,
Bargain Bitch

Thurs, May 7 - Excited ! ! ! ! !

Going shopping tomorrow!!!!! Can't wait!
Pardon the sakai-ness in me, this gurl hasn't shopped since FEBRUARY
U get me?!
Oh so happy!
Hope i'll come home tomorrow with lots of new things!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Living in the past

Fairy Tales and castles! Sandcastles

From the moment i saw their mini exhibits when doing grocery shopping at Coles supermarket, i wanted to go for the Sand Sculpting Festival

That was how i spent my last weekend in Melbourne,

Sunny summer Sunday, 3500 tonnes of sand, my beloved E...

dear DL and RC who damn layan me go for the outing i planned =)

It was brilliant, how they coordinate everything to tell a story, there's two fables below:

Can you see it? There's The Boy Who Cried Wolf,
and there's The Tortoise and the Hare.

In the picture above the hare was speeding away and the tortoise is so far behind, so tiny. While in the picture below,

the hare snoozes and loses as the tortoise reaches the finish line!

took really creative pictures with the sand!
Looks like the lion emerges from the sand from behind him,

all ready to sneak up on him!

And he kemek-ed this sand house! =)

...he even fought a robot with a balloon sword!

Really got the action!

Unlike E,

Only know how to dig people's nose! HAHAHAHAH

Don't know why i love him!


I miss Frankston and Melbourne so much...

Over 2 years ago, posing on the bridge...

The Landmark Bridge apparently,

I was so thin after a seriously bad case of food poisoning...

I need another dose of food poisoning. And mc! Oh yeah! Hahah

The four of us had lunch at Sophia's

I miss gelati... that was AUD6 i think... took 4 people to finish it!

Just simply snapped and the picture turned out well:

When i look at pictures like that i really can live in the past...

A few more Fairy Tales brought to life in sand:

You can name these two princesses can't u?

Oh u know what!! In E's department at work, he has a colleague named Ariel! And then a new girl joined the firm and her name is Jasmin! Hahaha, he works in the Walt Disney department! I had a good laugh