Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Life is Falling Apart

I heard that coffee reduces breast size

How . to . work . AND . study?

Give me evidence to the contrary, please save the Sue Lin

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Vote for Dawn (edited)

Monday blues hitting the wrong way, feeling so pissed that my next client is north west of KL, i prefer the south, like in Bangi, i freaking have to drive so far and get stuck in traffic.

Thank god its only for 5 days... but in that 5 days i have to audit 2 whole companies on my own. I am so lazy, senior expects me to finish 99% of both companies up to the 1st draft of the financial statements! Crap

Be like Dawn, be optimistic, admire her spirits, they gave her an awful hair style and weird clothes, made her shoot under the hot sun yet she never fail to give her best. Dawn's is in the top 4 of Malaysian Dream Girl d! Vote for her okay?! =) Type "DREAM 02" and send to 33001 or type "DREAM 02 5" for 5 votes. Thanks!

(27/4/2009) This is fcuked up man, stupid Malaysian Income tax... there is English translation at the bottom but when it comes to the PDF version for keeps, its all in MALAY! No sight of English words anywhere, how bullshit, i NEED the stupid thing to HAVE English words, makes my life so difficult without

Monday, April 20, 2009

Work: loves and hates (edited)

Will start with the pros!
1. Love the traveling, even if its just to a thousand and one different offices. Presenting to u, my cubicle for one week in late February

The client who sits there is a bitch, and she was on MC for the rest of week, so they said i could sit there. I even helped myself to her toilet roll! HAHAHAHAHA, so did my senior!

Stocktake at the Subang airport, can park ur car next to the jets! =) COOL

Purposely opened my car door to prove to u that that's MY Kancil

Guess whats that below?

This company that manufactures packaging, including packaging for medical instruments

In a stocktake for a semi-private, semi-government bus company. Their lunch is super long and so i had their whole store room for myself to work and... ahem... camwhore

The next client was a bit difficult to handle but working with them, i get to go home at about 6pm everyday!!!!! So early! Miss those days

Those are 100Plus cans on a conveyer belt! And the next day u see Anglier Shandy, Sprite and Coke! HAAHAH, sorry to be lame but i found that lil bit of my work FUN. I also got to go on a factory tour here! =)

The latest client,
is a Japanese manufacturer, i quite like them, so efficient. This company really brought the whole Japanese culture to Malaysia, i was shocked to hear that i was given a pair of slippers to wear in the office everyday of work! Haha! And the Senior Finance Exec was serving us coffee, E says the Japs are just VERY hospitable.

Lots of Japanese guys (haven't identified a Jap lady) in the higher positions of the company as well, u see them bowing to one another. They work so late, and so baybeetea also has to work late too =( But thank god auditors dont have to adher to their 30 freaking minutes lunch break! We go for our normal 1hour lunch.

2. I LOVE the mileage claims we get! With a trusty Kancil, the mileage claims to clients place are a nice sweet little commission (since we aren't paid overtime). Love love travelling to Bangi, it takes me about 30minutes to get to work, 20 minutes to go home (gotta love Kajang Silk highway, i just zoom zoom, and pay lots of toll of course) and i get to claim heaps! =)

3. Love meeting so many new people

Now for the cons of being an auditor...

1. Just read this

2. (Added on 22/4/2009) Not only u might have to work 36hours straight (more than one person i know have done that)( 14 hours today is bad enough for me) u MUST DO A POSTGRADUATE part time.

So its work work work weekdays, come weekends time to study. No life. No life. No life

Sue Lin is smashing all the plates, she really just cant juggle

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bali Day 2

Started off with breakfast in the hotel, a simple buffet, beautiful morning,

Except that the tour leader started receiving complaints of many people with tummy aches... including my bro (who skipped the day's tour).

Such a mood killer, two kids had to get treated. Awful waste of my annual leave having to wait over an hour at the hospital, why can't the tour give us clean food? Damn it.

Bali International Medical Centre? That woman who's face i blacked out is a bitch la, a show off, foreigner with a PR in Malaysia for many years but cant speak Malay or English. She insulted the tour guide, an Indonesian local, by saying the Denpasar (Bali) airport is crap, and compared it to KLIA. Aiyo, woman... its not fair, thats like saying Langkawi's airport is not as good as Singapore's Changi!

Mengwi Royal Family's Taman Ayun Temple

No, i dont remember where i visited, got the name off my cousin's blog =P

At the entrance, they had a sign that says women who are menstruating cannot enter. I know someone who didnt care! HAHA

Basically its just pretty ancient structures, our tour guide is entertaining on the bus but he doesn't explain history much, whenever we're off the bus he just smokes and smokes

We can only walk around the temple's wall

and catch a glimpse of whatever is inside

Thats the... signature Bali shrines. Almost every home along the roads we drove by had some shrines like that, u can see the top of it over their wall.

Bad news when we were done seeing this sight. The bus overheated. So we had to wait while they scooped water out of the lake and flush it through the bus! My cousin was like, why dont they just send a new bus?

Parents sat under a tree at the car park, don't they look sweet? Those are some shops across the road. I always say, sunny days yield good pictures!

The bus was working again and we got on...

but it couldn't go far.

We had to stop and wait for them to send another bus. I was smsing E, with the Indonesian Mentari sim card i bought =P I suspect Mentari is under Digi, i thought i saw Digi's yellow ducks on a Mentari sign board, anyone to clarify?

My sister (in pink next to me) has gotten so tall!

My mom started exploring the surroundings...

Local's houses.

We went to get a drink at this stall opposite

From the outside it looks so tiny eh? But inside its HUGE! Haha, we started of by borrowing their toilet and they were cool with us exploring their home.

First there was this...

Its the home of one family, and other little houses on the same plot of land belong to the extended family, nenek and all

They've got a well!

Pardon the phrase on my picture, baybeetea is addicted to All American Rejects' Gives You Hell song! =P

They breed pigs too! This gigantic sow in front of me is the mother piggie

And the baby next to it is so so so so so so so CUTE!

It was frighten of the camera and wanted to run to its mommy! Oinking away! HAHAH. Look at its tail, so cute!

At the back, teenage pigs...

They look so pitiful, but somehow... i dont feel that bad about my siew yoke/bacon/char siew! HAHA. Oh, the family said that most of them there in Bali are Hindus

They've got chickens and cows too. I don't know why their cows look so dainty, like rain deers...

We gave the kids of the family some rupiah as a thank u for the 'homestay'.

My mom took pictures of school girls along the road as well.

Soon enough, our new bus came and we were off to lunch.

Scenic place overlooking a valley.

Pachung restaurant situated on a hill. My guess is that that's resort down there, near the paddy field

Beratan Lake Temple after lunch.

Alright, Bali is so full of temples, but its fun if u have a family tht loves taking pictures (rain or shine). We had 3 cameras and one camera phone. My cousin took this for me =) Love it!

Ok, I adjusted the lighting of the photo. But thats me as the camera sees me, did not photoshop myself one bit =P

My mom took me taking pictures, drat my pic didnt turn out well, but this pic my mom took ain't bad. Yes, i wore sports shoes with my outfit. Fashion faux pas? Well, cant a girl ask for comfort? Hahah, thats why i crop all my pictures, make sure my shoes arent seen (also cuz my legs are fat). Where did my RM200 highlights go?

Family pic, minus the bro, plus the cousin. Love the effect of the rain and mist. My cousin is super skinny naturally, i started to eat less rice for dinner when my mom booked the trip! HAHA, took me 2 months to lose 1.5kg

Anyway, in Bali they take the effort to 'dress' their statues...

Dressed Buddhas, and part of a colourful unbrella

Last destination of the day: Tanah Lot

No sunset the way u see it in brochures.

Another picture from afar

My mommy is so cute, and my sis is too big to be cute d =P Sorry Little J. Hehe

A scenery shot to finish things off

Oh, hey, lookie what my father did, the lengths he went through to make sure my mom has her phone fully charged!

Its only 2 pin plugs in Bali while her Samsung is a 3 pin

Alright, thats it for day 2, will blog about day 3 and 4 in the months to come! HAHAHA

Saturday, April 04, 2009

aeTeeByaB si niL euS

Sometimes Mozilla Firefox goes mad and everything i type comes out backwards =P

Updated 11.55pm, Saturday Met up with my ex-Study Partner! She keeps reminding me of the nickname i gave her. But today she wanted to change it to SF- Soup Failure cuz we both burnt soup before! HAHAAH.

Location: Decanter, Bukit Hartamas. Cosy environment, love the ambiance. Food's alright

We chatted from about 7pm till the waiter told us they were closing!! If u are reading it, my SF, love ya, i do mean it when i said i'd try to do this more often =)