Saturday, February 11, 2006

Plastic Surgey, the Booster for Self-Confidence

Or something like that was a research project i once did. Do u think braces are a form of plastic surgery??

I mean, i could eat, talk and bite perfectly well before braces. If i had problems eating with my original teeth, how the hell did i grow up big, fat and healthy? Hehe.

Functional surgery is surgery u need to... function? Haha, u get the picture. Plastic surgery is purely for aesthetic purposes (aka just to look better). My aunt once said that people undergo plastic surgery for self-confidence... and i find that true, when i feel pretty, i'm super confident...

So about braces... in which category do they fall under??

Have to admit. Mine gave me a great smile (in my perspective). I still have my braces on but i can already smile more confidently. Smiling with my teeth frequently now. And i like the way i look. Turns out ok fairly often.

Here's a pic of me during my 17th b'day (2003). Yes, i'm ugly. And yes, that is the way i smile in almost all my pictures. Yes, i know, it's barely even a smile!

Yes i know, i look grandma-ish. Dun say it, spare me, i've already said it!!

If this wasn't a BEFORE picture, if there wasn't any AFTER picture, i wouldn't post this up...

Yes, i'm vain. Sue me? Go ahead. I dare u to sue me for being vain. Heheh.

This is me now. No of cuz not at this very moment, i dun dress so nicely when blogging. Hair is clipped up and in a pony tail... big baggy t-shirt... shorts.

Er, what i mean is this is me, almost 20. Now in 2006.

U dun know how sorry i am about the low quality of this pic... =( Otherwise u could see my braces!! They even match my top!! =)

Braces... it's a dreaded thing in the United States. And a trend in Thailand (or some other Asian country), they even sell cheap fake braces for teens to glue on!! Hahaha.

Mine... i love them! Has helped me a lot.

Do u know that there is a thing called braces socialization?? Hehe. It is the process where people who wore/is wearing braces start talking about braces...

Okay, i made the term up. Hehe. Been reading too much Consumer Behaviour. In Consumer Behaviour, they have fancy terms everywhere... like, Diffusion of Innovations! Know what it means?? Diffusion of Innovations simply means the acceptance of new products by society! Hahahaha.

So... i came up with that term because i noticed that braces can be a real conversation opener. People just start asking questions about my braces and they tell me they've worn them before and we chat a bit more.

And u'd be surprised that SOOOO many people wore braces before! Seriously astonishing. Braces socialization! It's fun! Something (among many other things) to talk about. Even those who's never worn them ask me questions.

Hehe, Kissing isn't a problem at all with braces! =)

A little painful if i just got them tightened. But ok most of the time... E never got stuck to them or anything like that. Hahahaha.

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Anonymous said...

I seriously don't think wearing braces is like plastic surgery, it's more like repairing the structure of your teeth. Our teeth is very important seriously. You can see that people with yellow teeth or lack of one teeth doesn't look pretty at all when they smile. So, smile because people think you're beautiful with your teeth. =)

sue lin said...

Hahaha... Yee Li, the thing is u said "doesn't look pretty at all when they smile". So braces is like plastic surgery in the sense that it just makes u look better and nothing else. Still can eat la, drink la, everything. Haha =)

And yup, i like to smile for the camera more =P