Friday, November 25, 2005

7th and 8th Day at Work

Yesterday, the 7th was horrible. Was told i'm not supposed to write 4.30 in my timesheet, time has 2 end with 00... like 5.00 or 6.00. Felt so screwed. Worried i wouldn't get paid for my 7th hour for Mon n Tues. And i worked extra time without pay yesterday outta fear...

Got stuck in a horrific jam on the way home, some stupid driver of a nice blue car drove up the curb and got stuck there... stupid idiot. I took an alternative way home... but took a wrong turn n ended up in Petaling Street. It was really shitty slow... i sent my mom and E so many smses cuz i was barely moving.

I was begging my mom to force me to study!! I really want to be able to afford any comfortable condo i fancy near where ever i work. So i don't have to get stuck in any jam at all.

Hey i cant blog la stupid bro says my typing is too loud. I haaaaaaaaaaate him. Stupid la, he's taking spm. So angry!Expect me to type softly... which would mean i have to type shit slow. So angry. So irritating. I have work tomorrow therefore i don't have that much time to type this slowly. Annoying.

Urg... summary la. Er... was stuck on the road 4 abt 1 and a half hours yesterday.

Today... boss told me it's ok for Monday's and Tuesday. But i don't dare leave early again. I took the right turn and reached home so early! So happy. Abt 40mins on the road.

Ohh yeah. Chocolate.

There, i blogged abt chocolate, now i except to see 6 comments again! Hahahaha.


soo imm said...

so sorry been so long since i dropped by hehe.
jz hoppin by to say hi, will read all da latest posts once i finish my finals ;)
happy blogging!

sue lin said...

Hey hey, u dun have to if u dun have time!!! I'm very long winded one... Hehe. And no need to say sorry if u haven't visited! It's okay! =) All the best!!