Sunday, July 30, 2006

Touch Up

Supposed to play driver to E, who went to Borneo Ink to continue work on his tattoo. He asked me to do a touch up on mine...

Its just "the small dot at the end there" in my bestfriend's words. I noticed, but er, its just a dot man!

But not to E, it irritates him. And not to Borneo Ink either. Wah... its just one black dot, why's Lina, my tattoo artist, taking out all the other colours???!! Shit she practically went over the whole thing! Oww. Painful! I dunno how i managed the first time. Maybe cuz i wasn't mentally prepared this time?

She said my yellow is not bright, and to make it good, she has to do the red as well. All three tattoo artists at Borneo Ink are sort of like perfectionists... dedicated to their work. Passionate. With this policy n that principle... they make sure their work is good.

Make me suffer so much! Hahaha. The other big guy being tattooed in front of E is just like me... doing rework and he was like "Do u have to do all the lines again? Do u know how many lines there are?" Funny!

Ya la still fat lar. Asking u to look at me bleed la.
Ink mixed with blood

Maybe pierce my right ear again, same hole closed up twice... but RM70 just for an earlobe piercing?! Could do it at the malls for RM13? But they use the needle n not the gun... supposedly better, i read online. We'll see...

Maybe, just maybe, when Fitness First is through with me i'd pierce my navel at Borneo... RM165. Touch up is free by the way.

Saw this vain pot at Fitness yesterday, dunno how long she spent in front of the mirror adjusting her pants. Very slim, wearing midriff bearing sports bra, with a shiny belly ring. And she went for the same class as me: Bodypump. Shit lar she, in the classroom there are mirrors n she was adjusting her hair. Isssh, irritating sial! Dun wanna see her again next week!

I promise i won't be like her if i ever manage to get a body like hers! If i do, slap me Please!

Met a friend at Bodypump, university mate! Chat a bit =) And met a high school mate in the ladies too! Is it meet friends day or something for me? Hahaha, ended up chatting with her more than working out. Chat in the locker room, at the treadmills, at the weights area and in the sauna! Haha

Make Up

On a different topic, This is the kinda make up i like:

Look at her eye! Dramatic! One fine day, if i have time, which is like never, i'd try to do this to myself.

For me its either dramatic or nude! Hahaha. Usually it's nude


My 8 yr old sis is sooooooo cute. Mom bought a new phone n gave her the old one. She was smsing me!!! =)

Aiyoh... i got my first phone when i was 16. She got it at half my age!

And thumb drives! My first one was a 128MB thumb drive, which i lost. My 2- years-younger than-me-brother's first thumb drive is 1Gig! They both costs about the same.

Work & Fitness First

Thursday (27th July) was my last day. I thought they might call me back but oh well. I guess they dun wanna put up with my "i can only come in at 2pm-7pm on only Wed n Thurs" shit. A lil bummed but i MUST go to Fitness on Thurs morn. I must.

I guess i'm too demanding. Not that desperate for cash anyway. Just greedy =P Probably did me a favour. Now i have more time to myself. =)

Oh yeah, speaking of work, their colours are green and black. So i try to fit in. Dug my wardrobe for anything with green! Hahaha.

And when i went to the toilet on my last day, these two lady customers asked me if i was from The Company. Since i'm dressed in their colours. =P They asked me if i drank the product, which is this health shake which doubles as a slimming method. I said yeah, drink it at work.

Added that i go to the gym too. And she said "No need to go to the gym lar"!!!! Smiles! Does that imply i'm slimmer!? Hahahahaha. =) Happy happy.

The world's fastest way to get in shape.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Bloggers Meeting

A lil upset so gonna write about something happy: the small little bloggers meeting we had! Consisting of only five people: E, his 'big sis' YL, J, her darling boyfriend I, and myself.

We settled on Prego at the Westin Hotel in Bukit Bintang cuz there were two cabonara lovers and three anything-will-do people? Hahaha

The place is POSH, dunno what possessed E and i to park in the hotel parking. Scary, look at that.

The Italian restaurent was dim. Formal. Pretty much fine dining. Romantic. J and I were in thier own little world most of the time. Didn't take much photos of the place cuz i felt kinda weird taking out my camera... must be more thick skinned next time.

Upon speaking to the waitress before ordering, we found out that, just as said in a magazine review, the portions are tiny. Suitable for kids! Haha. Normal is tiny. Big is normal. Haha! YL ordered a ceasars salad and then one of the small portioned alfrado, if i spelt it correctly.

There u go. The portion is about the size of her fist. Even salt and pepper shakers are bigger. RM20.

Just as we were about to leave, there was upbeat music and a belly dancer dancing! Nice, too bad we were about to leave.

Guess how much parking costs? RM8!!! Shit, for the two hours we've been in there? Oh my god. I spent RM40 that night:
  • RM22 for my secondi (large) aglio-olio house made egg fettucine which wasn't great. Bestfriend's boyfriend's is ten times better, with more ingredients- tuna and cherry tomato. Must remember to tell her that.
  • RM6 for the freaking tax and stupid service charge.
  • And gasp! RM20 divide by 5 people- RM4 for the bottle of sparkling water we didn't even ask for. Which tastes funny, as expected, drank sparkling water at my parents anniversary when i was like, 6 years old and i remembered how awful the water tastes. Rich people stuff. Great mystery.
  • RM8 for the carpark.
Ok lar. Paying for the experience. Fine dining

After that we went to some place more casual- mamak! Hahaha. BJM or something like that in Wangsa Maju or was it SetiaWangsa?

Had a nice time chatting away. And i requested we take two photos. One of the whole group and one of just the girls. Upon request, i'm posting the picture of just the girls.

This post was written a few days back. Publishing postponed due to a problem with uploading the pictures

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Week 2 of Semester 2, Year 2. Thats vegetarian week for me! Because of this vow i made.

Yummm! Haha, u read correctly. Yum, the vegetarian stall at this place nicknamed Orange by Sunway/Monash students serves great food! Bak kut teh that looks and tastes sooooo good i was worried! Equally as good wan tan mee. Nasi lemak even but i haven't had that.

Going vegetarian was fun for day one. On day two, the menu of the vegetarian stall seemed smaller. I opted for indian food. Briyani and cabbage. And err... chicken curry! Hahaha, but just the gravy, no chicken.

JC, who's the one going vegetarian for a whole semester questioned me. He says thats not right =( =( =( How? Give me your opinion! Is it ok to eat things cooked with meat?

Tough for a big meat eater like me. Was happily planning to eat cheese baked rice with pork chop after cheerleading practice... luckily i remembered before we went to Pyramid.

Casually went to McDonald's drive thru on the way home to get the teatime offer nuggets... then suddenly, shit!!! Cannot eat... luckily remembered b4 we ordered. So i got fries. =( Stupid cold fries.

Took so much self-control to squish my craving for meat as i saw E eating the nugget...

Long ago i said if i were to ever be vegetarian i'd either die. Or just eat maggie mee. Had maggie mee with two eggs for dinner. Don't tell me eggs cannot!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Hectic July

I take it back! My life is not boring. Was just feeling loser-ish that night.

So my hectic life...
  • A lot of obligations as girlfriend to E these days. Its my duty =P
  • The irritating duty as a daughter, to start studying hard. Distinctions! Must get em...
  • As the secretary of Monash Cheer Club, i've gotta be at uni at 8.15am tomorrow to set up the board for Clubs n Societies Week at uni
  • As a friend of the head of the Public Relations for the Monash Business Club, i can't run away from looking after the recruitment booth.
  • Hit the gym to make full use of the RM108 a month i'm paying. Plus the irritating hidden costs : RM80 joining fee and RM25 processing fee.
  • Since i'm like MW's assistant at work, n she has so much to do, plus she's pregnant, i agreed to work on Thursday as well.
Gonna be a hectic week. I'm a member of three clubs in uni. Shit, two networking parties to attend, two annual general meetings (AGM). I wonder why they call it ANNUAL general meetings when they have it twice a year...

Gotta use up the RM50 voucher with my mom. Gotta honour my promise to go steamboat with my friend. Gonna go to PussyCat Dolls concert. Oh my god, i'm gonna fail my studies.

All these are fun but it's hectic being there on time. Had to drag my ass off my bed to attend the small bloggers meeting on Saturday, it was so hard to do. More on that later.

Also sucks to say no to some friends and i hate to ignore my bestfriend. Hardly spoken to her, she's been complaining. I spoke to the on the phone while driving in the traffic jam cuz i am always too busy...

Why Blog? Its something i want to do. Its ME time.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Making 'Love' on the Bus

Getting on a bus is like getting on memory lane. For me.

Used to take bus all the time for the last three years of my schooling life. Pretty much the same route. For Metro bus la. Reminds me of the times i went for tuition with a bunch of school mates in Pudu.

Going pass Pudu, under the really old creaky entirely-made-out-of-metal overhead bridge, watching Mon Kee confectionary as the bus i'm in go by... seeing the Dynamic bookshop, they had better discounts than Popular bookshop! Haha. Past all the hawkers i ate in, past the shoplot that used to be a mamak that served maggie goreng with extra fat n juicy tau-geh (bean sprout)! Miss all that so much.

I couldn't wait to be out of school then. Now that it is all over, i miss it so much.

Looked at the bus ticket in my hand, i remembered folding it into little hearts. Ever heard of that joke? People folding bus tickets into hearts and someone else asking them "Can you teach me to make 'love' on the bus?"

Wondered if i could i still do it =P

Started to fold the ticket... recalling the time KG taught me how to make love on the bus! Hahahaha.

She told me that if your ticket number adds up to 21 or has three 8s in it, u get to make a wish.

She was also the one who taught me how to take the bus. I knew all the buses that went to my area. Used to be IntraKota #61, 62, 56, 32, 122 and Cityliner 583, 848 and 888.

So many buses used to go to my area. I never had to wait for buses for long.

Until now! Only 61, 62 and 56 remain, these routes taken over by Metrobus. Its bearable lar.

Unlike Rapid KL. Man i HATE this new bus system! Anyone know where i can complain as a very unsatisfied customer?

First time taking Rapid KL today. Goodness!!! Must take 2 buses! Cheat me somemore! They RM2 for the whole day. So yeah, ok, i'll pay RM2 and change bus in Maluri, no problem. Shouldn't have to pay again right?

Wrong!!! See that "Bandar"?????

So big right? It means RM2 for the city center ONLY! Bandar means city in Malay by the way. So, when i changed bus, i had to pay another RM1!!!
Tempatan is... district? Local? Don't know the direct translation.

=( Fine. I paid. Only to discover that the bus went ONE BIG ROUND to get to my stop! Arrrgghhhh!!! But the bus driver is quite nice la, sat the seat behind him n asked tonnes of questions. Also voiced out some of my disatisfaction. Thanked him as i left the bus, its not his fault the company he works for is so mean.

No wonder these buses are always almost empty.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006


God! My blog, my life is boring. Reading friends' blogs just a min ago. Mentally compared myself to everyone. Shalt not type out comparisons made.

All i can is... my time will come for that one. I don't think i will have the other one though... not that one too... neither that. Oh my god, i'm a loser.

On the slightly brighter side.
- Eh... Fees paid by bestfriend. Thanks. No RM100 fine!
- Another friend taking care of one of my text book. At a low price! =)
- Violated some laws. Shhh!
- Two more days of work. It'll zoom by. Not that work's bad, its just that i sit in a cubicle and do the same thing over and over again. Monotonous.

The pay's enough to cover 5 months of Fitness First. Wait, wasnt my pay supposed to replenish spent savings? Will starve myself of shopping then. Since i refuse to starve literally.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Private Universities

Don't feel like a person who is going to score High Distinctions. I was 40mins late for my 9am Company Law yesterday morning.

Was late for my 8am Auditing n Assurance class today. And i was cutting the damaged tips of my hair in Performance Measurement and Control.

But at least i didn't fall asleep in class =P

Stupid lar, have to buy 2 books for 3 subjects this semester. And a stupid software, RM225!!! Each book costs above RM50. Well above RM50. And its super hard to get second hand. I just lost a good deal cuz i hesitated.

I can't stare at notice boards to get more second hand books cuz i won't be in university till next week. Bad idea deciding to work. Greed gets u no where. I may be getting a reasonably good pay at work, but i'm losing out on cheaper books.

And i am gonna have a problem paying my stupid fees. If i don't pay by Friday, i'll be fined RM100. Forgot to pay today, damn, so either i RUSH there in the morning one of these days or i get my friend to pay for me.

Hope things settle down soon.

I haven't been making full use of my Fitness First. Two of my girl friends said i lost weight though!!! =) And the guy friend who implied i had a beer belly said i lost weight too! =)

Feel bad about making one of the girlfriend feel pressured to be thinner... she's going to eat less, she doesnt eat much in the first place... she's totally NOT fat! Aiyoh, why didn't her mom let her join Fitness First with me??? The modern world really sucks, every girl, no matter how skinny she is, feels destructively fat at one time or another. Even a few of my guy friends seem to be on a diet...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Hair MANia Hunt

Wanted to print n read lecture notes for tomorrow but there is nothing uploaded on Webcity. So i'll blog. =P

The finals was nothing much. At all. Was soooo disapointed. Thought there would be another styling and a final judgement but it was all on the votes. Should have promoted him more then. Didn't know.

Damn unfair, the winner works with or is close to the workers of the magazine, E recognises him from the day they visited colleges and universities.

Was kinda moody from the beginning. Had a misunderstanding with a friend. Couldn't really enjoy the night. Not to mention all the waiting. They said it'd start at 7. Waited till after 8.

And the free movie Pirates of the Caribbean! Fixed seating! Force us to sit RIGHT at the side.

Well, to quoate S and E's mom, at least E won something.

He got the title Mr Radical for being daring, daring to be different and doind something unusual. Aka his long hair.

Kinda nice actually, i think. After all EVERYONE asked him to cut his hair. My cousin asked me to threaten to break up with him if he doesnt cut his hair. My brother laughed like hell. A friend even said that if bats flew into his hair, they'd get lost! Hahaha

So its nice 2 know he won something like this. Even if its not the grand prize and RM1000.

It was unexpected to get into the finals anyway.

But the RM300 of Loreal products would be useless to him cuz he has plans for his hair...

Thanks for the votes! =)

Sunday, July 16, 2006


I studied for International Business, i attended all lectures. A friend didn't attend. He studied last minute.

And i got a stupid irritating low credit while he got a distinction???!!! And not only in international business but in international marketing as well?!!!!!


Another friend, same story. A GUY friend. I studied really hard and i scored really well in the assignments of MGW1010 Managing People and Organizations. He just crapped and got a distinction.

I got a fucking low credit!!!!!

What is wrong with these stupid management/marketing subjects ar???

No, i am not saying they should get lower grades. I am just saying i should get DISTINCTIONS too!!!!!!

Shit lar. Moral of the story: don't study?

Tell me how to not study? I can't don't study. I can't. I'm a GIRL.

Thats really it! Never gonna take another of these stupid subjective subjects. Interesting yes. But it does me no good in my record.

And why is it that GUYS are always lucky? Why?

My mother said that she'd chop off her head if my BROTHER got 7As for PMR. He played computer everyday that year and went for very little tuition. He got 7As.

Mom didn't chop of her head of course. But u see, why are guys so lucky????????

Why can't i be lucky too??????????? Why?

Ok, now gonna Blog about me. It's gonna be uninteresting so, u can leave this blog now.

I've been analysing the way i studied last year. I mean last sem. Was glad when i remembered messaging J (sorry about the clashes in initials) (Eh, what 4 i say sorry, ur not supposed to read this, its for me).

So was glad recalling the hour after my first tutorial of AFW2631 Financial Management. I was happy, the subject interested me. It was tough but i loved it, its just like add maths. I smsed J just to express. And she encouraged me.

The passion for the subject faded a bit in weeks four and five, i remember HL and i doodling all over the notes and not paying attention.

I vowed to catch up during the midterm hols. But slacked too much, even argued with E because i'm shit lazy and only started working hard a day before the additional lecture our lecturer gave us.

Thankfully, after the holidays there was two more WHOLE weeks for me to prepare for the test. I covered all lecture material. =) I understood Beta, capital budgeting and CAP-M (which i refer to as CrAP-M)! Hahahaha.

Scored 75% or something like that for the test. =)

In the final additional lecture before the test... i was so blur! While everyone else seemed to have done the past years! I've barely touched it!

I was reading through the lecture material a second time! Hahaha. Did the past years only a day before the paper. Did section A for all past years first.

When i was done only did i start secotion B. Biiiiiggggg mistake starting with 2004 Sem 2 paper. It was sooooo soooo hard. It made me panic!!!! I was so certain i was gonna fail. I was thinking of ways to play sick... and take the deferred paper.

Calmed myself down and forced myself to do more past years. Couldn't finish it all. Went to sleep at around 2am. I thought i was fucked cuz it's a calculation paper and its at 8.30am

Found out that my friend slept at 4am and another slept for only one hour. I regretted my 4hours of sleep.

Paper turned out to be not as bad as i thought. A lot from past year. And yay, i'm familiar with the calculations! =) Could do it. Finished it.

And happy that two of my study partners Mr Laptop and Ms Monkey God did well too... hahaha, what weird names for them. One of them always has a laptop. And the other always calls me monkey n when i sms her to complain, i begin the message with "Oh my god!!!!" and she would always reply as if she is God.

AFWE2020 Cost Info for Decision Making... this one... i remember sitting in lecture, hating the lecturer... haha! Hate him hate him hate him.

But he has to become my bestfriend this semester. Damn it. Cuz no one i know is gonna take Auditing with me. The only one i can turn to is the lecturer, who is also the tutor. Sighhhhh.

Oh well, we all know he tends to favour the girl who sees him a lot during consultation. Gonna hve to be like her.

So anyway, Cost Info... the only preparation i did that i'm REALLY proud of is i did two of the past year papers really early. And handed it out to the tutor to mark! Wahahahaha, did i actually do that???

Yeah i did cuz Ms Monkey God did her part and i felt pressured to do mine. Our deal was she do two years paper and i do the other two. And we hand em out. I can do her two papers later and check my answers with her marked ones and vice versa.

We make a good team. She studies. And i feel bad for not studying. So i study too. And then i did slightly better than her in a test and a couple of assignments. So she got scared and studied more. And then when i see her study, i get scared and study too. Vicious circle

In the end we both did well in the two subjects! =) Taking 3 same subjects this semester. Hope to do well again. We are good for each other. =P

Too bad i'd be going to Aust and she won't be going to Aust next year.

So anyway, tutor told the whole class "None of u did the past years, only she did" and points at me... i pretend to not know anything and... pretended its not me. Damn malu ok? Haha

And i religiuosly printed all tutorial answers and read them ALL! Including the theory. Hahaha, did i actually do that? How did i manage? Hmm... oh yeah... i spent a lot of time reading it, understanding it... Read some of them twice even! Completed it all the night before the paper.

Did all remaining past year papers in the morning before the 1.30pm paper. How da hell did it do it? With good results in my hands now i guess i can safely say that the subject n its past years weren't that hard. Both Mr Laptop n Ms Monkey God did well too.

Sad about MGW2351 International Business. I read every set lecture notes before each lectures! I read the textbook! I... I... =(

I had fun with Assignment Two. DL and DL were great. We worked hard for the assignment. DL told me that it didn't matter if we didn't include any theory. His friend didn't include theory in the first assignment and scored 75%.

I told him... maybe if we put the theory in we could get 85%?

He said it makes sense and was very confident we'd get 85%

The results is ew got 90%!!!

Too bad my final grade sucks. Even with assignments that great.

Oh well... i can only strive to do better for the upcoming semester. Aiming for three High Distinctions and one high credit or better.

Hopefully after my first lecture, my targets won't change. Gonna go to bed now. Sucky 9am class tomorrow.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Work Work Work! Vote Vote Vote!

The finals for the Hair MANia Hunt is today! If u haven't voted, vote for Nor Elwyn! If u have more than one email address, and if u have time, vote somemore!

The finals is at 7pm, at The Curve. Or something like that! Haha, sorry, not very sure! E's bestfriend is chauffeuring him, me and my cousin there in his newly modified car! Haha. Thanks, S.

Oh, i'm so worn out after 5 days of work. Stayed till 8pm when i could have gone home at 7pm everyday. Greedy lar, want more pay.

Except the first day. The first day was tough, bored and wondering why the hell they wanna pay me to copy stuff from paper onto the computer... i mean, on paper, the data looks as if its printed from an Excel file. Why can't they just duplicate the file instead of having me manually duplicate it for them?

Kept thinking of Redang on my first day. Cuz it was exactly one week since the Redang trip. Now i know what Monday Blues feels like.

Only lunch was great. J and i went out to eat. =)

Tuesday was better... J made me a milkshake and i LOVED it! Haha, the shake put me in a good mood.

Decided to rest my eyes every few minutes by looking away from the screen... focusing on farway objects... like the Abba files on the shelf. And the poster that says Company Vission, Mission and Values. It helps a lot, eyes dun hurt as bad as my telemarketing job.

Wednesday, i took half day off to go for my dental appointment and Fitness First =P Bodypump isn't so hellish now. Love it. Happy when the instructor said that it burns a lot of calories and fats. =P

Time passed by quickly at work. I not only had to do data entry but i had to check every single figure for the month of May... i'm in the Finance department... sorta like doing accounting... the donkey part of the accounting job. Not to mention, i had to sort out the documents! They come in hundreds!

Thursday was cool. the last hour was a breeze. Went to pee at 7pm. Then J was making milkshake for like, everyone in the company! Haha. So i helped her la, poor girl. Haha. 12 cups! Waste time scooping powder into the blender. Nice! And chat with people who were done with the shake and were washing their cups. After that, just had to work a bit more and i'm done 4 the day! Hahahah

Went shopping with bestfriend, she has been complaining that i haven't been spending wnough time with her. Bought this pair of red heels from a new local brand Zuc in Lot Ten.

Wanna post a pic of it but i have no time. Too much to write. Forgive any spelling mistakes and gramatical errors. Got a wedding to attend tomorrow (Saturday) morning. And the Hair Mania Thing at night. Wanna squeeze in an hour of Bodypump and some gym in the afternoon.


Er... what else? Friday. I'm not exactly very sociable lar... usually if people talk to me first, then i have no problem continueing the conversation. So if its like at the pantry i'm alright. But in the Marketing/Finance department... i can't really talk to the other employees. They're all full timers. I dun feel comfortable butting into their group conversations... Not so bad one on one. The other part timers are in the distribution department so i hardly see them...

Plus I can't speak Cantonese, so usually when a conversation is going on in Cantonese, i tend to daydream... when i realize i drifted away and tuned into the conversation again, i'm already lost. Whatmore i can only understand half the dialect. Normally i dun get the joke and just smile while others laugh, and then slowly guess whats going on.

I know its a weakness to not know Cantonese. But i'm just toooooo damned lazy to learn.

So far just been picking up bad words from E... ahahaha! He goes CB this CB that, LC this LC that. =P Some of the cuss words he uses are also from Hokkien... not sure which is which

Surprised and glad when J's friend JS called me to go for lunch with him and K. =)

Met up with E after work, he picked me up from the bus stop to just hang out n chill...

The bus. That's one long post on its own. Next week if i have time! Starting a new semester on Monday, while still working. Can't make it to the first cheerleading meeting cuz i have to work. =(

Just realized that because i took summer school, i'm actually, partly, entering my third year of university life based on the number of subjects! Like shit!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Results for Year 2, Sem 1

Planned to write about work since it's already Wednesday, been putting it off for 2 days already. Until i suddenly realized that results are coming out today. Shittttt.

Totally 4got, cuz time at work passes by really quickly. Knots were in my stomach as i worked today, counting down the time till i could go home n check. Friends offered to check for me. Contemplated asking the lady next to me to let me use her comp with internet access...

Checked it first thing when i got home instead.

How to comment on my results?

Two of them are good, what i wanted, distinctions, As whatever u call them. Two of them really dissapointed me.

So yerrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!! Assignment 2 for International Business was 95% which is 27 out 0f 30, crazy high... and final grade only 63? What? u mean i merely barely passed the final paper? No, it was tough but not THAT tough!!! =( Assignment 1 was 65%-- 19.5 out of 30. A bit low, but ok what...... i should get 70... if not 70, 67 or so would be ok... sure i'd be sad that it is so near yet so far from my distinction but, at least its better than this 63 shit.

And International Marketing... stupidddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd. Only 62? 62?????!!!!!!! I was expecting 75 like all past marketing subjects!!!

Oh well... at least i dun have to go vegetarian and i dun have to spend so much on donations.

Maybe i'll go vegetarian for a week lar, teman JC who said he'd go vergetarian if he passed Trade Finance. He passed, and he has to go vegetarian for a month! HAHAHAH. Besides, quite thankful for the good results for the two accounting subjects. But... i'll only go vegetarian if fu chock... bean curd or whatever u call it is vegetarian... otherwise i'd die. No food 2 eat! Hahaha, since i'm this big carnivor... And i'll be vegetarian on the second week of uni, cuz there's this good vegetarian stall at Orange. So those are my two conditions...

Sunday, July 09, 2006


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After enduring the bumpy sleepless 7 hour bus ride from KL to Kuala Terengganu, the constant yawning till dawn, the cheap cheap breakfast and an hour long boat ride, we finally got to our destination:


Oh my god, it was worth the journey, the water is soooooo sooo clear. Didn't really take in the view, was staring at the water. I love water.

Walked along the beach to our hotel and checked in. The receptionist read out our programme for our trip, everything she said is actually pasted on the walls of all the rooms, it is even in our brochure:We realized we lost our bag of snacks. What a waste RM50 of snacks. =( Oh well. Never mind, went to our rooms and then headed to snap pictures before lunch!

Fun in the Sun

Looks damn fun right? Why am i not in this pic? =( Oh yeah, i took the picture =P Look at the water, look at it!!!! Ohhhh... i love the water.

My hair is longer ok?!

Can't remember who took this pic for us. Was it M? Was it LW? Thanks! So nice! Hehehe. And i love my shorts, makes my legs look ok! Hahaha. Only RM33.90 from Factory Outlet Shop

D and i were crazy over taking group pictures, so we made the group pose for us, set up our cameras on timer, placed it on the table and voila! =)
Too bad, we didn't have those blue skies with specs of clouds. Rather cloudy when we went, but who cares! Duller pictures but i'm spared the sunburn! Hehehe.

J asked me to check out More More Tea In in one of my posts, had no freaking idea what she was talking about. Upon arrival, i smsed my mom and she too asked me to check out the tea inn in the movie Summer Holiday starring Sammi Cheng and Richi Ren and i was like, what????

We just walking right to the end of our resort's stretch of beach, past 5 Star Laguna and there it was!

Checked out the inside and i saw this white knitted top i liked but put off trying it cuz it was merely the first day. Damn, forgot all about it till i got home =(

Another group picture! All 12 of us at More More Tea Inn! =) One of the biggest groups around.

Saw my cheerleading captain in Redang! Also my ex-roommate! And a group of juniors was there too according to E!!! Wow, everyone from Monash and VU are making full use of their holidays!

Had lunch and then prepared for the first snorkeling trip. Was so surprised that only 4 of us wanted to snorkel? That's like 1/3 of the group. WHAT?! Aiyoh.

Who cares, we're going. D, LY, E and I. J joined us too. There was a short briefing on what to do since most of us are first timers. Apparently u had to spit in your goggles/face mask to avoid fogging and to get a better view. Or apply toothpaste

Not many people wanted to do it but once we got to the snorkeling site, and into the water, people started spitting like mad. U had to or u wouldn't be able to see.

The first time i looked into the water i was in awe. Its so deep! 12 feet? 4 meters, 5 meters? Had no idea cuz we were wearing life jackets. And on the surface, its so boring and plain but once u look in, it's like WOW! A whole new world! It's like, someone turned on the tv!

Shit beautiful!

The five of us just started getting the hang of things... i was snorkeling, admiring the ocean life when suddenly, i saw human arms! That's not part of the ocean?! Hahahahahaha. I laughed. And water went into my mask!

Surfaced. E and J were on my left and right. They surfaced too and i told them and the 2 girls what happen. Everyone laughed. Hehe

One of the guides came by and showed us around. It was sooo sooo cool. He was great! He looked for things and called us to see. There was this "christmas tree"-- some sort of coral... where many smaller sea plants grew on. Blues, yellows, red.

The guide dived down and touched a few of them. They reacted! Closed up quickly! Just like those ugly Forget-Me-Not weeds, but these are a hundred times more pretty!

Closer to land, was a depressing sight. Dead corals. Lifeless. Sand couloured, like the broken bits washed up on the seashore, only more of them. The whole seabed covered with them. Nooo!

I asked the guide why. He said that it was cuz of the weather: too hot at times and too cold at other times. Oh well, cant fight nature, only can try to preserve it.

Then the guide signaled for us to look at something. Shit!!! It's a majestic giant turtle!!!! Swam closer to it, swam as fast as i could, until i was swimming directly above it, i was swimming with it!!!! OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDD, the feeling was incredible!

Decided leave the creature alone, besides, dun wanna go too far out into the ocean. The turtle surfaced for air. E saw it, my view was blocked. And then it swam away =(

The guide also showed us clown fishes! I'm sure u've seen them in aquariums, these little 'Nemo's. But the difference is, u only see 3 of them at most in the tank. In thier natural habitat, the coral hosts at least a dozen of them. Big parent ones, little Nemos... sooooo cute!

They hid in the coral as our guide dived down. He caught one little fellow. Showed it to us. Damn it why dun i have a water proof camera??? Some of us didn't see it, so he filled up his face mask with water and actually put the baby clown fish into the mask!!!

So damned cute ok!? Seeing the little Nemo swim across his eyes.

Then he cupped the fisheeee in his hands and dived down yet again. Only releasing the lil guy near its coral home. I asked why and he said that if he were to let it go at the surface, it would never make it home. Way too many predators out there. Yikes.

Ever seen sea cucumbers?? They're this big black blob on the seabed. So many of them. Some smooth, some rough. Guide brought a couple up. They're slimey, i touched it of course! Haha. It hardly moved.

Towards the end of this snorkeling trip, most of my friends already went up to the boat. But i was still swimming around. Hehe. Guide dived and surfaced with this big orange thing. Cushion star fish. It was really like a cushion man, so cool! I held it. =)

He let it go and i watched it sink down. I didn't wanna leave. Guide kept on sprinkling water on my head... ! There was an even bigger of a different colour deep down on the seabed. But couldn't look at it long. Had to leave, i was the last up on the boat. =)

We were at illegal waters by the way, government property, marine park. Hehe, they brought us there cuz the water at their regular snorkeling site was rough. Yeah man!!! =)

Lost my voice by the end of that adventure. But what the heck, after tea, we were all playing in the sea again! Hehehe. The blue blue water! Love it. Big rough waves that eats me up. Hehe. Fun!

Dinner, karaoke, and we sang Happy Birthday to J. Presented him with an ice cream cake and no candles! Haha

The next day, we went to snorkel at the Marine Park. Nothing much. There was a small shipwreck, full of corals grown on it. More sea cucumbers and lots n lots of fishes!!! We fed them bread and one of them bit me!!!

There were baby sharks but i didn't seee any =( The guide caught an octopus for us. Funny lar the way the thing sticks to my hand...

Saw many baby turtles swimming in the exhibition centre at the marine park. Soooooo cute. Just like pet tortoises but these lil guys are gonna grow bigger than me! Buried them in sand and watched them crawl out. Put them on their back n watched them struggle, Aww, poor thing. Cute! Hehe

Lunch, relaxed (E and i shared a hammock =) and more snorkeling. Barbeque dinner, then there was a heated argument between the other couple and tension loomed over the whole group. A few games of chor tai tee and then we headed to the beach disco at 10pm.

Niceeeeeee. But too damn bad my camera sucks. No pictures. They were playing Chinese songs, no idea what songs since i don't speak Chinese but i danced anyway. Just listened to the beat and moved along. Not a good dancer i am though but who cares!?

Drank Jolly Shandy, i heard M was the one who belanja. Thanks! =)

Sat out a few songs and then they played the Macarena! And taught us how to dance. It's more of like, aerobics lar, like one of the Group X classes in Fitness First rather than clubbing. Fun! Sweat like mad.

E said i should go clubbing more then. Dowan la, i said, cuz the girl i'd go with flirts a lot and leaves me to be surrounded by guys. I'd feel alone, i said. And guess what he said!? "U also go flirt lar". I was like, "HUH???". Hahaha

Loved dancing barefoot on the beach. The sand in between my toes was spectacular, so soft and fine.

One by one, the group left the beach disco. Until it was just LY, D and i. LY is this really friendly girl, so she made friends with a few of the guides while snorkeling. One of them brought the three of us to see glowing blue sand.

This i've seen before, 11 years ago when my father brought us to K Terengganu to see turtles lay eggs. A sight i'd never forget. Back then, i was told it was lanterns but how do u expect me to believe it? So in geography Form1 / 7th Grade, when we learnt of what fishes eat : planktons (BM spelling), i just concluded that the blue stuff i saw was plankton.

Tagged along nevertheless. =) There were very little blue sand left, apparently they're dying, almost out of season. D held some on her hand, it was fading. Guide rubbed the sand and it glowed more.

Being girls we gasped, and pitied the little creature, assuming it had life. But the guide shone a torch light on it and it was merely SAND!!!

So it really was just sand! Wow!

Walked through Laguna, it was shit classy, worth of all of its 5 stars. But it seemed a bit too elegent, so business and deserted... Redang Beach Resort was more lively at night, more of a hang out place for teens, i mean youths since i'm no more a teen.

Not far from where i took this picture was a couple on a hammock.......

Initially intended to stay up to catch a bit of the much-anticipated Italy vs Germany match with them but it was only 1am when we headed back to the rooms. So forget it, i'm gonna go to bed. I guess i should have stayed up... make my Redang trip longer. Plus, the whole World Cup is almost over and i didn't even watch a match with any of my friends.

Never been a fan...

Awoke and it was already bright outside, shit what time is it? 7.05? Our boat leaves at 7.15! Hurriedly packed... thank god for Malaysian time. Boat left at 7.40

Taken from the jetty using E's Sony Erricson. Gonna miss walking in between those rocks after each snorkeling trip...

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Saturday, July 08, 2006


Please bear with me while i process the Redang pictures. Damn it, there are so little pictures on my camera. Shouldn't have gone for the 3rd snorkeling trip. It was the least interesting snorkeling trip... should have spent the sunny afternoon tanning and taking more pix! Shit, regrets. =( Arrrrrrghhhhhhh

Results would be out on the 13th July. Please please please let me get 4 Distinctions... i'd go vegetarian for 2 weeks. Erm, that is one week... then one week break... then another week of going vegetarian. And i'll donate RM50 for a charity that would be chosen later.

If i do get 2 Distinctions and 2 High Distinctions, i'll donate RM100 instead of RM50. With this kinda results, i'll be able to apply for some merit scholarship i think... and if i get it, i'll donate half of whatever i get to charity!!

Please please please, just give me those distinctions!!!!

PLEASE: Vote! Hehe, help me vote for E in the Hair MANia Hunt! If u have more than one email address u could vote more than once. If u have the time, just click here! =)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Back =(

Feels as if i've been rudely awaken from a wonderful dream. So reluctant to delete "Redang!" from my phone calender planner.

Redang was that great. Got back home about 4 hours ago and it already feels like a lifetime away. Like different world. Paradise.

Such soft sand, the bluest clearest sea i ever saw... fresh air that allowed me to wear contact lens from 7am right till 1am the next day. Even after salt water got into my eyes countless times in the huge waves, even after the barbeque smoke got in my eyes, they did not hurt. Unlike here in KL, i can't wear them for long.

More Redang later on, u can count on it! With pictures. Wanna gather the best from the other cameras from the others.

For now, help me out! Go to, in the middle there is this Hair MANia Hunt. Vote for Nor Elwyn, Sunway University College!!! U could win movie tickets to Pirates of the Carribean 2 and i'll be sooo greatful. I'll owe u my vote for any contest u join in the future! Haha. Thanks!

Sunday, July 02, 2006


I joined Fitness First. Paying on my own out of past savings. Mom would be subsidising me a lil'. I guess. If her for cash, she might give. Maybe next month, cuz i feel bad, she paid for me REDANG trip!!!! Yay, i'm going to Redang tomorrow night!

Normally i force myself to write in past tense (aka write about the event after it has happened and not before)... It is something my parents taught me. When my mom was pregnant with my sis, we had to keep it quite for sooo many months, couldn't tell anyone cuz parents didn't want others to know, till it was certain that they were going to have a third child...

Same goes with out trips overseas. Everything is planned and booked months in advance. But we weren't supposed to tell anyone, not grandparent, not relatives and not friends that we were going wherever until it is confirmed that we are going.

So, i followed their 'rule', i don't blog about anything unless it is certain. And the best way to be certain is after the event took place! Hahaaha.

Can't wait, leaving for Redang tomorrow night. So won't be Blogging till Wednesday. I guess after that the hiatus should be over, not like i really was on a hiatus... can't tahan, i just Blog too much.

Haha, anyway, Wednesday would be the official end of the hiatus! Since i can only enter Fitness First from 10am to 4pm. Sucky sucky sucky student membership. RM108. Cheapest. So with shit time like that, i'd be at home and Blogging more.

Till then, try to enjoy my past posts! Just scroll down for an index