Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Year One, Semester Two, Part 4

Now that i'm in uni... my teachers from my pre-u are more like old classmates from pre-u. When i see them around, we smile at each other and say hie. Last semester, i had lunch with the accounting teacher.

Yesterday, in the cafeteria i was taking a break from Business Law, i was hugging E. And the English as a Second Language teacher, Mr J saw us. We waved at him and he was smiling at us. Big big smile, then he sat at our table and asked us if we read the newspapers. Haha. He then told us it's banned for people to hug on tv. Since i do read the papers now, i did read that.

My only defense was "this is not tv!". Mr J is pretty cool, just smiled at us a lot and then said he better get back to class, adding "I'm so jealous" before he left. Haha.

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