Saturday, December 31, 2005

Goodbye 2005

I'm excited! Countdown tonight! =)

Usually in the English new year i'm all happy. Only a month into the English new year later, which usually happens around Chinese New Year, would all sentimental-ness and stuff hit me bad. So i'll leave the reviews of 2005 and stuff till then ya?

Don't really have time to Blog now, so i'll make ONE major resolution here and then that's it, Happy New Year People.

Ya, so, i wanna lose 5kg.

Haha, kidding! I wanna work on being more assertive, voice out my opinions more and keep my mouth shut less. Be like the two people i've come to admire greatly this year. These two people u may not know but these two women, have qualities i admire and wish to emulate.

Just in case u might think i admire someone i don't admire... these two women are not part of the Blogosphere, as far as i know.

That's it, Happy New Year, people!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

up my...

Had no idea what to blog about. So i asked myself "What's up?" and my answer was nothing's up my life. That's where i got the title...

Been pretty down today. Stressed. Stupid summer school. If u slack for a week in summer school, u actually slacked for 6 weeks. Everything's super fast paced. Half my summer semester completed.

And i'm sooo blur. Especially in Company Reporting. I go and try not to fall asleep in vain. Shit. And we're encouraged to ask questions, but since i'm so blur i have no idea what to ask.

Not to mention we came to the boring part of studying Consumer Behaviour. Assignments. Group assignment. Yuck... i especially hate marketing assignments. Consumer Behaviour is under Marketing...

Ps. Forgive me for misleading u with the title. =P This post should actually be named "Summer School 2005/2006 Part 5"

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

He is So Bossy in the...

My Christmas was simple and sweet (excluding the bus ride). With family. Cousins to be exact. Except for the host aunt (who is a damn good cook, thinking about her salmon...), all parents decided to miss this Christmas celebration, i don't know why.

Came back early to study but haven't studied much. Begins hating self.

Stops hating self and decides to write a LITTLE bit more about the other night clubbing.

Since my blog is like my diary (and since this would not offend anyone), i'll write here la. E's so sweet! =) He's super tall, i've mentioned. And in the club, he stood behind when the group's dancing (btw, the group consists of Is, J, another J, W, A, C, 3 friends of C, E and i)...

So, a few times throughout the night he kissed the top of my head! Since he's so tall. =) It's really nothing but i found it sooooo sweet =) =)

And cuz i was wearing heels... my head hit his chin a few times! Oops, sorry! Kesihan!

Also he cooked me dinner, he is bossy in the kitchen! Hahah. But it was fun la, hanging out in the kitchen... chat with his mum a bit... the 2 of us (me and his mom) teamed up and made fun of his hair, hahaha.

And she's so nice, she said, to him, "Next time refer to the two women in your life", hahaha, i like the way that sentence sounds!! =)

Note: Wrote the post first then came up with the title.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Clubbing: My Experience

Starting off this post with a thank u to J, who included and invited me out clubbing last night. =)

Except for a bit of foundation to avoid the very obvious shine on my forehead i get when i sweat, as always, i skipped the rest of make up part of the whole getting ready process. But that's the only diffence between me and other girls.

I do open my messy closet and claim i have nothing to wear! I've never shopped for clubbing. Borrowed stuff from my bestfriend next door. (= That's a poser picture of what i wore... very simple right?)

By the way, that's my new Levi's. Not a clear picture =P Try not 2 expect any clear pictures of me here ya?

Got there slightly after 11? No, i remember the parking ticket saying that we entered the car park at 10.50... Glad it was quite easy to meet up with the others.

I felt sesat for quite awhile at the beginning. Self conscious too. And my contact lenses were killing me, haven't worn them since October.

Was it Is who told me 2 get my drink? Ladies night so it was free. The bartender told me to try gin. So i was okay, gin and coke it was for me. I was also told to bring my glass back there for refills... and i sipped at it... a bit and then a bit more... until it was finished.

Our friends were talking... they said we HAD to open a bottle to get a table. Huh? Stupid, i wonder how much money the club makes at a night like that. Cost us RM380. About RM38 per person. In my head i paniced, was like shit!! Damn it, E already paid cover charge and u want him to pay to open the bottle? Thankfully i had the guts 2 tell them and they agreed to charge only me. Just gotten my pay from my telemarketing job as well as my Monash Open Day job, so i said yeah without thinking.

W asked if wanted to drink, so since i paid so much, i might as well get my money's worth la... not that i did get back my money's worth, not that big a drinker... Squinted in the dark to read the label on the bottle, Chivas Regal. I had Chivas Regal n coke.

Unlike J who didn't know what hit her, it took awhile (and some alcohol) for my self-consciousness to wear off. My contact lenses stopped giving me trouble. After that it was fun. Danced with the girls, danced with everyone, with E... =)

It felt good, u know, not being shy. Felt like staying there till the club closes, felt like tagging along with my bestfriend the next time she goes...

E didn't feel too well and sat down, moved to the beat a bit while seating. I sat him him, doing the same, wanted to be on the dance floor but as long as i got to be with him i'm happy. Actually, i felt that it was nicer sitting down....

Had another glass of gin, this time with sprite, from the ladies night thing. My 3rd glass for the night. The fourth was another Chivas+coke.

A lady was walking around handing out sachets.

There was some Durex promotion going on! Haha. People went onstage to win prizes... they had to do stupid stuff like use the new product in a creative way... Can't really see the stage from our table.

One more glass of gin and sprite before leaving, didn't finish that though.

Would like to brag that i wasn't drunk... but there was a difference lar. Balance a bif off. And i looked right when E asked me to look left. Dumb... Hehe.

But i could still think, i think. Cuz before leaving, at about 1am, since E had to work, i asked W for our change. E paid for me first and hasn't gotten back the balance. I knew that it wouldn't be easy getting the money back if we didn't request for it then and there... after some discussion, they said they'll pay us back another day. I'm sure they would. But i'll have to do a lot of reminding... and when i don't know, since it's Christmas and we wouldn't be seeing them for a few days...

Next time must save up loose change, preferably in tens and keep them handy at a night out like this.

There was a road block on the way home man! So lucky E never drinks... except for accidentally drinking a bit someone else's Chivas+Coke. Got home around 1.20am... before leaving his car i felt my neck itch.

Took a few pictures of myself and took a long shower. My allergy to alcohol hit me bad in the shower. My hands were so pale, i was shivering... got out fast. My skin felt like i had very bad sunburn, it was so tender, i couldn't wrap my towel around myself, it hurt. I loosely put the towel around me, rushed to my room, dressed, brushed my teeth, went straight to bed.

Didn't sleep well, woke up so many times. I felt so cold yet i can feel so much heat coming out from my body! It was so hot under my blanket. Yet i didn't sweat. My whole body itched. My hands were swollen and the skin at my finget joints hurt.

Much better now but the itch would come and go for a few days. Not like i never suffered consequences before. Ice therapy works...

Note: I'm not blaming anyone for anything at all. I am fully responsible for my own actions and decisions.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Summer School 2005/2006 Part 4

Fallen into the trap again... came online to print some stuff for class tomorrow. And then ended up stuck online, reading bloggies and stuff. Damn it. I had better print everything one shot soon so that i won't have the excuse to turn on the computer again.

So sleepy d, and i didn't do my tutorial work... and it's an important tutorial. Important lecture tomorrow too. For company reporting.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Summer School 2005/2006 Part 3

U know how teachers go "i'm sure u've all have read the text by now"???

And i'd be looking down, evading... laughing sheepishly.

In MKW2402 Consumer Behaviour, the lecturer says "i'm sure u all watch tv".

And guess what? Haha, same thing, i was laughing sheepishly... i dun watch tv one. Haha. And guess what was the homework? Go home and watch tv.

But not watch the show, watch the adverts... =P And yet i didn't do my homework! Hahaha, i found that really funny wei...

Most of the time it's fun but today's lecture was boring... =(

Anyways. Summer school has it's advantages. The campus is empty! Quiet, and i can study ANYWHERE, there are vacant chairs everywhere.

Also, free parking!!! On normal semesters the free parking's all taken up by 8am but in summer, i can just take my time and at 8.20 i can still get a good parking spot right outside the gate!!

And classes are short. So i get to go home early. Which means i can take the Federal Highway without getting stuck in traffic! =) Yay, i don't have to pay toll!!

Also, if i take Federal i'll pass by the place E works at. So i get to see him for a while. Bring him lunch/snacks etc.

And still i reach home so early, like now, i have time to blog... and then go jogging!

I'm not happy to go jogging per se. I'm just happy i have so much time... =P But i'll have to study later. Have to, have to, have to!! If u can please sms me asking "Are u studying??"...

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Summer School 2005/2006 Part 2

Met a lot of seniors in summer school. Many of them have taken Company Reporting. And scary thing is... many of them ask me why the hell i take 2 subjects for summer. Gonna be real stressed up!!!

Even the lecturer said that we're very brave to do that subject during summer... shit, scary!! Gotta work hard so this is just a short post.

By the way i love Consumer Behaviour! Like psychology. And it's about shopping! Haha, in a way. And we get to look at funny/cool advertisements at the end of every class... anyone know how 2 upload video clips onto blogspot?? Then u can watch one of the adds we watch...

Ohh... and i had steamboat with my family today!!!! Yummmm... so full again, not good...

Since I've Been on the Topic...

Been so long since i watched tv.

2-3 weeks? Maybe more? 4-5 weeks? No idea!

Was actually nicely snuggled up in bed by 11, brushed my teeth, about to sleep (long tiring day, will get to it later), then i remembered i haven't read the sms i received. Thought it was from E and obviously gotta read his smses b4 i sleep.

But wasn't from him. Was from a friend, who is the cousin of the other friend who is a Miss Malaysia finalist. She told me that it's on tonight, the Miss Malaysia pageant.

Would not have sat in front of the tv otherwise.

Contestants are like, wow! All beautiful and slim. Saw them catwalk in batik first. Then it was eveningwear. Black eveningwear, really good tailoring, the dress made them all look really skinny, not that they need the illusion.

And during the evening wear parade, the announcers had to annoyingly announce their vital statistics man! Shiiiit... sitting there i was trying to not listen and do some sudoku...

If u didn't know, vital statistics is chest measurement-waist measurement-hip measurement. And it goes 36-26-36. All in inches.

Obviously, they all had small waists, like, 26 and below? The tallest is 5'11 and her waist is 26? I'm stupidly shorter than her by... 8 inches? No, 9 inches and my stupid waist is a 4 inches bigger than hers. =( =( =(

Wud do some sit ups now but i still feel full... Actually i feel bloated (had catered sort-off buffet with my mom)...

Maybe i'll seriously have to eat less la... or...

Maybe i'll try being bulimic. Just kidding... besides. Dinner was 4 hours ago la, the food is not in my stomach anymore and can't be puked... it's already in my intestines by now... right?

Anyway, back to my friend, she is hot... =) And i guess she's blessed, doesn't have to diet, she eats normally, u know, like economy rice and she snacks on Oreos and milk...

Sigh, maybe i have 2 admit that what E says is true? I'm a glutton... =( I over eat...

Back to my friend. So she's also a great person. Fun to be with. Easy to talk to. A few days right after the pageant i asked her about it and she told me about how she answered the questions. She was damn funny. When i watched the show tonight i remembered what she told me and was laughing away, not because she sucked but because i knew what was going on in her head. Poor girl.

Worked today (Saturday) . Yeah, again. Workaholic aren't i? This time for Monash open day. Peanut pay at RM37.50 for my day's work. Compared to my previous 2 jobs.

Was quite excited anyway at 1st but i was disappointed.

Pretty boring... until i went to give a Campus Tour! That was cool... not cuz i'm great at tours but because the girl i was bringing around is interested in science.

So i brought her to the science labs and let the 3rd year and honours students explain. Since i'm a business student. I mostly listened and asked questions too, like i'm on the tour instead of giving the tours.

Hehe. Cool yeah? And i get to look at all the microscopic stuff... and just be in these cool labs! There was this flame thingie that is 2000 degrees Celsius and there's this sterilised(?) room or something that costs RM2million to build! The guy said that most biotech students dun even get to go in there!

Only honours and some 3rd year students get to go in and there i was!! The other business degree student tour guide who was with me and i were openly "wow"ing looking up and around, squealing and giggling! Hahaha

That was fun! Also great to make friends. Though i can't remember all their names... =| Sorry! Hope i remember their faces! Really really hope i do, they're all so nice...

Friday, December 16, 2005


E is reaching 'real soon'. We're going to eat steamboat! Yes!

Summer School 2005/2006 Part 1

Company Reporting today wasn't too bad. Made friends unlike lonely lonely Tuesday. Hung out and chatted. But a drawback would be that i spent the 2 hours break not doing tutorial work... Guess i'll have 2 do it at home and leave the breaks for socializing??

If i can stop all this laziness: i slept the whole afternoon today. And didn't go jogging. Haha.

A little bit more about Tuesday and yesterday's topic... is it true that if u shower after eating u'd tend to get fat?? A thin friend of mine swears by that rule and resently i've (reluctantly) adopted it...

It's troublesome. Especially when i have 2 fight for the bathroom... was so hungry and yet i had 2 wait for my sister and then my brother to finish showering before i get to shower.

And then after my shower i'll have to put on my 4 face creams, before i get to eat. Really impractical.

I've also heard that u should 2 try to not sit for 2 hours after eating. I heard that from my Biology teacher!!! Godammit, whether it's true or not, no waaaaay.

Ps. My butt hurts! Must be from the jogging, but isn't that strange?

Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Blog Is Not Secret

Met D at the C-lab. She was reading her friend's blog and asked if i had one. Automatically, without thinking, i said yes. She then asked for my url. I was like, "don't want lar...", and then i had to go...

Thinking about it now, i guess i should have just given it to her. I mean... this blog isn't exactly secret yeah?

And by not giving her (and ST at work) the link it suggests i'm trying to keep this bloggie secret.

If that is what i'm suggesting, then if they do stumble upon my blog, they would most likely not tell me they did.

So i better stop it and give out my url. Since i would really prefer knowing who reads my blog...

Next topic is yesterday's topic again. I'm sorry and u can skip this part... So my bestfriend smsed me asking what my weight was. She said she gained about 4kg and was really upset about it.

Which made me super the upset lar, even if she gained 4kg i'm heavier than her okay? Where does that put me? Obesed? I am perfectly... err... average weighted lor, at 54-55kg standing at almost 160cm... but with friends like these i seriously feel robbed of my self confidence- they make me feel obesed.

Originally i didn't wanna go jogging today. My reason is that the soles of my Nikes and Reebok were coming out. (Damn it, i forgot to super glue them back again.) So i don't have a proper pair of shoes to go jogging in.

But after receiving her smses, Damn it, i went for 3 rounds around the lake at the park! In a pair of so-called-sports shoes that i regret buying. Feet hurt after that.

I think she did get the idea that i don't really like her complaining to me... from now on i guess i have to nicely but firmly tell everyone that i'm sensitive to the weight issue and barr them from complaining to me. Please don't complain to me lar.

I will have to cut them off when they start venturing into the fat issue. Gotta prepare a polite speech to give them...

or MAYBE... i should annoy them back. U know, become this 'jogging freak'... so that he minute they talk about weight, i start preaching... i start forcing them to go jogging. Go on and on and on about how good/cheap/HEATHLY/effective/simple/blah/blah/blah jogging is.

Until they get so sick of me lecturing...

Ahh, MAYBE then they would know better than to complain about weight to me again. Hehehehe, good idea huh?

Dun tell them k?? =P Like they can't read this for themselves as the title suggests.

Ps. Class-- Consumer Behaviour was fun! And the check from my 2nd job, the one on Saturday is already banked in!!! =)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

We All Want What We Don't Have

So the dinner was good lar. Was fun. Ate in this Hong Kong-ish restaurant. Had my cheese baked rice and lots of fun talk.

But i still want steamboat. I'm making my mom prepare steamboat for dinner this Sunday i don't care, must remember 2 remind her. And tomorrow E and i are gonna look for steamboat for dinner. Don't think two steamboats are enough, anyone else wanna go have steamboat with me, Thurs or Fri night?? Please?? Email me at NOW.

I want steamboat. Seriously. Badly craving for it, i could cry....

Am i pregnant?


Anyways, tonight. I can't help but notice and feel VERY FRUSTRATED hearing the word "FAT". They just had 2 say it, don't they? "I feel fat". Irritating.

One day... i'll burst out and yell at them.

Sigh... calm down. So anyway, 2 of them curled their hair and one of them regrets, wishing she has straight hair again... To make a long story short, those with curly hair wants straight hair again. Those with straight hair, like me, want wavier and fuller hair... By the way, those of u who know E, did he tell u what he did 2 his hair??

And those with big boobs, at least 2 of those who were present today, wanted smaller boobs!? And errr... vice versa. Obviously.

Oh yea, and i've heard of many thin girls say they want to be fatter. And when they DO gain a lil weight... an unnoticeable miserable one kg or so they get upset and eat less. %^$@%&_*(*&^%( Damn angry at them okay? Been keeping silent and hating it. By the way, err, SI is exempted from this paragraph.

Ok la enough la. Sleepin now. Stupid summer school started. I'm so dumb. Why did i register for summer school??

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


U know that advertisement that goes 'drugs took my friends away from me'?

Fat took my friends away from me!!!!

Not exactly making sense there but my reunion dinner with 7 of my friends nearly became non existant cuz one of them gained 3kg. She didn't want to go cuz the dinner is a buffet and she didn't wanna gain more weight.

Why must girls be thin? Why is thin beautiful? Why must i go jogging and not continue blogging? Why?

It's so unfair, my boyfriend and his school friends had 3 steamboat dinners in this month. When i first heard they were having a steamboat dinner i decided to plan one with my close school friends.

Been planning for about 2 weeks now and was so excited to go tonight and then this happens (probably eating ala carte' instead). Please please let everyone decide on the steamboat buffet dinner. Please!!

If no one would i think i'll eat the steamboat on my own.

Hope the restaurent allows such a thing.

Oh... yeah, there's one girl who can eat whatever crap she wants, like 2 large cokes in one day and never get fat. Maybe she'll join me for buffet steamboat lar...

Yer... but now i say until like, that only the girl who can never get fat and me eat buffet, i feel like i dun want already... cuz i'll get fat.

Ps. did not go jogging.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Life's Like That

Before we were even told what to do, we were given our cheques! Whoa. The guy said he trusted us.

Don't look at me that way, we were trustable okays? In fact a bit soo trustable i think i'm stupid.

Turns out we weren't actually working for GSC, the cinema. We were working for a bank. Sort of a promotion for a credit card, of course they didn't tell us that or we might have been a little reluctant to take on the job. Who isn't afraid of being asked to sell credit cards??

However, the job was REALLY simple. Me and my friend, LF, the one who got me the job were to just sit there and givbe out 2 tickets to the winners of this sms contest. Pretty simple.

Unless u wanna count fighting the temptation of running away with 1000 free GSC movie tickets. =P

The people collecting the tickets were nice. I mean, duh, they are winners and not people being pestered into applying for a credit card. But there were a few frustrated souls who had problems finding the cinema/parking. There was this guy all sweating...

And there are some that came all the way from so far-- the guy told us he came from Puchong (big deal, i came from Cheras, which is like, 20km further). And there were many dating couples... couples with kids...

And they asked simple questions. All the same, predictable and answerable, well mostly.

Pretty flexible too. It was just me and LF, trusted by the guy who hired us. I was smsing most of the time. And eating and chatting with LF, giggling and people-watching. Haha. Some people just walk past by the cinema over and over again from 10am to 10pm. Why?

And i went SHOPPING!!! Haha, yeah, again. But hey, i didn't plan to shop one ar. Just happen that McDonald didn'T have MY spicy fried chicken so i had to wait... and Padini Authentics was just nearby... and they had all those wagons filled with 50% off stuff... and i saw this top that friend of mine bought months ago, it's a white, toga top.

Original price-- RM39.90-- Unacceptable for me. 10%-30% discount was not acceptable to me too. 50%-yes! and i'd dig through all the clothes in search of what i want. Wasted a lot of time there, should have just asked the sales people... haha, which i did later on... they gave me my size, different colour but i think this colour suits me better so i'm daaaaamn happy with my purchase.


And u know what??? Whenever LF and i have nothing to talk about there's no prize winners and when we start talking, someone would come up to collect their tix!

And they usually son't come one by one... they come 4 by 4... and it's not like they know each other... it's just strange...

And when i told E to call me... i was forced to not answer his call cuz people started to come (LF was on dinner break). And by the time they went off, E hung up. I asked him to call again. The minute he did, people started coming again!! His call went unanswered and he sent an angry sms... =(

Why's life like that?

And like i said, we're only a Ticket Redemption counter... but there was this guy who came up and wanted to sign up for the credit card!

What??? Damn!! When i'm not selling credit cards u come up and offer to apply for one?? WASTED!!! I bet if i do sell credit cards one day, everyone would avoid me like i'm a suicide bomber trying to give them a hug.

I told that to my mom (via sms) and she replied "when i don't want taxi they stop for me".

Life, ohhhh life. Why are u like that??

Ps: i AM tired. But if i don't what about this today don't think i'll ever write about it. Nights

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Feels like Saturady today and and yesterday but not tomorrow

Ahh, Wednesday was the last day of work for me!! =) And yeah, we each got a goodie bag. With a little CUTE teddy bear each.

Yesterday and today felt much like Saturday, i get to wake uo late and go out all day!! =) Met up with my a few of my college friends yesterday- C, JJ, XY, YK and S. And we went ice skating at Pyramid!

Pretty crowded which made the ice all melted. I wore khakis, bitchily thinking "I don't plan to fall". Usually, i dun fall. But u know, i did. Haha, pretty obvious i fell, my pants was soaked all over the left. Haha.

Then we hung out, ate pizza, chit chat, took pix... with S's cam... were it my cam i'd post one pic now. Maybe when i do get the pix...

Today, i went SHOPPING with my bestfriend!

KLCC, stupid shit expensive carpark. Are all the malls (except Midavalley) 'pakat'ing?? Pyramid and One Utama no longer charge RM1 per entry. And stupid KLCC charges RM2.30 for the 1st hour and RM1 for every subsequent 30 mins! What the????

Luckily, we get a discount... hehehe. Won't talk about that. Wasting words, and time. So. Levi's had a 30% off a few items, only a few items. Levi's are known for never being on sale. (I read in my marketing book that Levi's are only cheap in the US).

I was happy to find the jeans i wanted were on sale!! But damn, the 1st pair i saw was size 24. Freaking shit small. Even my 38kg friend says she wears size 25. The next few pairs i looked through was also 24... =(

It's okay, if u knew me and my... errr... perseverance and patience with hunting for bargains, i looked through each and every item. Until i found it. Ahhh. ONE pair sized 29. I normally wear 28 for pants, but i decided to try it out.

Fits well, a lil tight but the sales lady says it'll expand after wash. And no i did not gain weigh ok!! The cutting must have been small. Haha, actually i did gain weight.

But shut up. I'm confident enough to know what weight and pants sizes are just numbers. Got me? Haha. I got the pair. Here's a pic of it.

Haha, the jeans are inside the red one! There was free gift wrapping service so i just had to get my money's worth. At least, i get a free box which i can use to wrap future presents. Blue's a gift for E.

Yay, i've got my life back. It's not like i'd ever be like those rich man's daughters in MTV, the ones featured in the programme 'My Sweet 16' or something like that (I dun watch it, my bestfriend told me about it). But i'm happy with my life. There are so many stuff i can't afford but there are so many other good stuff with good discounts.

But there are stuff with bad discounts. Before going to KLCC we went to this warehouse shit sale, it's in Taman Shamelin and by MO Outlet. They had Mumbo, Nike and some other brands. Stupid, the discounts are barely there. Don't go there unless u think RM95 for a skirt is cheap.

U see the smallest bag in the picture 2 above? I just bought a pair of Nike socks from this warehouse sale.

Anyway, yay i've got my life back!! Busy busy all the time. Actually, i've got my life back starting last Friday.

Was supposed to hang out with colleagues after work but E called to tell me that...

His father got us free tix for Hollywood on Ice!!

As much as i love ice skating (tempted to take up classes), the show got a bit boring and i started taking pix... Stomp was way way better.

Here's a pic of E and I, normally i don't put (my) pix up. But this one's blur enough! Haha. Forgot to turn on the flash. We wanted to take our own pix and this lady sitting in the back row offered to help. Such a nice person! I vow to be like her in the future. Hehe.

Saturday -- I went out with E and his best friend S. We had dinner at this restaurent called Marche'. At the Curve. The concept's simple. It's like a market. U enter, they give u this card. U walk to any stall and order your food and chop your card, u get food. Pay upon exit.

Food tastes good but I wouldn't go there again. Not worth the money. About RM30 a person. My bleeding wallet cried out in pain.

They pratically cheated me. It said "Salmon": RM10 for half a slice. I thought that was pretty decent since chicken costs RM12.50... so i had salmon. They guy gave me a whole slice and i thought noting of it. And i ate it, enjoyed part of it, jelak with part of it but acted like i enjoyed it anyway and finished every bit of it, i never waste food.

And tada, stupid bill... charged me RM20 for the salmon. Shit. If i knew i'd just ask for half a slice, it doesn't matter if i'm not full, i... have a lot of fats stored up in my thighs.

Add RM5 for the drink and stupid 5% tax and 10% bloody service charge. Stupid, didn't we carry our own food to the table???

Sunday-- E kena food poisoning?! We ate in Marche, about RM30 per person and he got food poisoning??

I hung out with two of my college friends XY and YW!! YW's got an Australian accent already! So glad to see them after so long. We went for this Batik Fun Walk thing... It's like a marathon but just for fun, and it's much shorter, actually it was too short walk around Bukit Bintang.

Would have been more fun if it were longer. We took a second round... haha, cuz we passed by a mamakduring the walk and it was so tempting we went back to look for it. Good shit. Decent price.

Wanted to watch Harry Potter but the tix are selling fast and by that they mean 2 rows from the screeen.

Monday -- After work i met up with D!! It's been so long since i saw her too, since... er... August?? She took me out to eat the famous banana leaf rice in the happening Bangsar. Delicious! I normally dun eat whatever vegetable it was but it tasted good, the way they cooked it. And the chicken- ayam masalah- WHOAAs... yum.... ohhh.....

The price was shocking!! RM4 for the rice and veg. Shiiiit. But i learnt that it's the standard price for Bangsar banana leaf rice. Another RM4 for the chicken... WEll, sigh, it's Bangsar.

Then D went off to her boyfriend. And i went to E's house to watch Desperate Housewives Season 2 Episode 8 and 9. So dramatic! Nice. Someone dies.

Tuesday -- What did i do on Tuesay, oh yeah, went to Midvalley after work with University friends-- L, Ce, ST and MF. Had dinner at KimGary's. One of the only places i don't mind paying RM13.50 for a meal. Cheese baked rice with pork chop and red sauce is the best ever!!!

It's heaven in a... tim sum like bamboo bowl. Hahaha. To me rendang is heaven on a plate. The tau fu fa + soya bean outside Monash University is heaven in a cup. So cheese baked rice, pork chop, red sauce is heaven in a tim sum like bamboo bowl. To me. Hahaha.

We just chat there, joked around. Made fun of L's manhood, haha, deduct points for every unmanly thing he says. And then we went over to MF's house, played with her cute dog!

Wednesday-- Boss asked us if we wanted free premiere tix to Narnia!! Since there were no takers, i took it! Yay, E and i went. Was fun. Some prize giving ceremony and an anniversary. Free buffet dinner too u know??? And there's this little gift for each of us!

And one really good thing about Malaysian movie premieres is that no one really dresses up. It was pretty casual lar. I wore jeans and a Body Glove tank top to work and that was what i wore to the movie without feeling one bit out of place. Would've been really impractical to go home n change.

Movie's good! Makes a bit no sense that the people in Narnia had 2 wait hunreds of years for 4 kids to show up before the can go up against the ice queen... but that aside the movie's nice.

That's our ticket to the movie. =)

And what's up with the title of this post?? Yeah, cuz i've got a job tomorrow. A day thing. If you're stopping by One Utama, come see me okay?! I'll be working at GSC from 10am to 10pm.

Gotta go sleep.

Friday, December 02, 2005

This Week At Work / Exam Results / Name Prefixes / Pasar Malam Chatter

Monday-- Bad news-- more workload. Good news-- We were all given internet connection to help us work faster!! =) Before that only two computers had internet connection cuz they were afraid we'd chat and not do work... =P

Eyes killed me... they hurt so bad that i left work at 4pm, forgoing RM2x. =( Don't rememer much else.

Oh except that i went home and slept from 6pm to 6am and had horrid dreams. Dreamt that E had a worn-out denim Calvin Klein jacket among other dreams... haha, u know jeans material looks good even when-- especially when it's worn out? And in the dream he loves it (and looks good in it, hehe). And... it got destroyed because of something i did.

Wait... writing about the dream here... i guess it symbolizes something... the money he lost, i blame myself a little...

Tuesday -- dragged myself to work. Don't remember much else. Didn't have time to blog which annoyed me, slept early to care for my eyes. (The one year post was written in advance cuz it was kinda special to me la and i wanted it to be right)

Oh i remember, Tuesday, work sucked big time cuz i was told that the job period was extended to the 7th December. And that just eats out of my holiday. =( I missed my friends deeply, and hang out plans were postponed cuz i work. I feel like i have no life.

Wednesday -- even BEFORE i started work, my eyes hurt... they were half-closed. I had zero enthusiam. Maybe it was psychological??

I complained to E. I wanted him to take my place on the job. I wanted to quit, but i think quitting would be a damn waste of $$. Good pay = good pay lost if i quit. I told him i'd only quit if he took my place. And well, so he called the big boss... and he told me she was mad... die la me.

Shitted. I thought she was gonna come down and kill me and everyone would know everything. I felt like a little piece of shit, i hated myself. Felt like i was this annoying little pesky tempt who gave her stress for no reason.

But thank god big boss talked to me via small boss and small boss's really nice lar. So i was given the choice to quit or stay, the choice is still mine cuz they kinda need us, deadline's coming up.

But small boss told me that if i quit E won't be able to replace me. They want someone who has worked with the company before, cuz their deadline is coming up. =( So, i stayed. Greed.

Then i saw big boss when i went to get a drink... 1st time i passed her i pretended not to notice... but second time i passed her, i mustered up the courage to apologise. Thank god, she was sweet about it. =)

Exam Results

Hehehe, have to thank JS, for smsing me, telling me that results are out! =) Hahaha, from that u can see i'm happy with my results. =)

Two subjects-- Accounting B and Marketing i got a B... which is a Distinction in Monash. Whoooopie! Hahaha. And the other 2 subjects... low credit for Law, okay la, but i really wanted a high credit la, hey i studied throughout the whole semester ok, and i read the whole dumb text u know... and for Trade Finance and Foreign Exchange i got a Pass, which is a D. Muahahahaha. Ok la, at least i passed... but really wanted a credit...

And u know, remember how i said i got the highest for the 1st marketing assignment?? Another person got the same marks as me. If i worked harder for that second marketing assignment and gotten the same marks as that person... i would have gotten a High Distinction which is an A. =( What a waste man!!! All blogging's fault! Haha

But i'm overall happy about my results... though it could be better.

Name Prefixes

Oh yea, yesterday(Wednesday), the most professional of us, the guy without any piercings or tattoos (that i can see la, haha), the one who quit and was called back (cuz they're dateline is coming up and he is the most efficient), he blew up. He started cursing with the 'f' word. Really loudly "FUCK", he sweared! So unlike him, we were stunned!

He said he was sick of Malaysia and all those titles (Datuk, Dato', Tan Seri, Tun, Datin etc etc on top of Mr, Ms and Mrs). Yeah it can be irritating.

He said he was scolded by some lady. She told him that he should have done some research before calling up the other company. He was really frustrated. "Do they sell a book that states who is a datuk?" he complained.

I emphatise with him. I mean, how should we know? And our job is to call to verify information such as these, we are calling to know whether that person is a Mr or Ms or Datuk or whatever, why the hell should we do research beforehand?? Finding the darn phone number itself is sooo time consuming.

"I've had it with the people here" he said, and in my mind, i thought, what did we colleagues do?? Haha, he realized his mistake and corrected himself saying that he was sick of Malaysians in general. Poor guy.

Pasar Malam Chatter

Today's work was okay la... nothing special. But i had more of a life today. Haha, went to pasar malam with E, haven't gone there in so long.

And there was a nice guy, he's a father with his family having asam laksa at the same table as us. He spoke to us... and chatted a bit. Really a nice guy. He asked if E and i were siblings or friends! Hahahahahaha. E pointed at me and said "My girlfriend".

Then the guy said "So young already dating?"

And i was like "errr... i'm 19".

And then he said "you look younger". Wah... hahahaha, good good. Then he said continued "you look like 20 something" referring to E. Wah, good good good! Hahahah. =)

He and E chatted about some other stuff and then he talked to/about me la, he said "you look like a very loving person," and asked E to confirm it. Hahahaha, so nice right? =)

And he said more nice and accurate things "can see from your face", "animals all also u love", "u have a light around u, an aura", "if u shine the light can see". Haha, crap like that la, but very flattering. Hahaha.

Ok, gonna sleep now.

Wait, must put corrections or u'd think i'm this perasan bitch. The accurate part about what the guy said is "animals all also u love".

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

One Year

Since i started blogging. My first ever post went like this. And after that i've been happy to blog.

I've always wanted of a blog, though, then i didn't know it was called a blog... way back in form 5 (2003), before blogs were as common as it is today, i've always wanted to have my own website, my online diary. I did have a... what's it called... Geocities webpage and i did blog a bit there but it was so mafan i didn't bother to continue.

Of course, i knew that this will not be the same as diary writing. So, at first, i kept it... not too personal, relatively on the surface and vague, so vague i don't remember what i wrote about. Also kept it as an outlet to commemorate happy times and make others feel good...

Of course, i've Blog-gossipped before (which is wrong so will not link to it, but it's in May 2005 if u wanna busybody)... And i've also put myself into a mess, which almost led me to stop blogging as well...

I've tried to do good deeds by raising issues/create awareness and all that through my blog but realized that i'm not very good at it (like Sunday's post).

Since then i've left the awareness and justice to others and i focused on blogging about my life. Recently i found out that there are so many other pink blogs around and i'm a little annoyed...

I felt a strong urge to change my whole blog skin. Make it another colour...

But nope, i will not let that influence me. My blog will stay pink. And i will write about what i love writing about, i will continue to write what i want to remember, because at the end of the day... it is me i'm writing for. It is I who will read my archives (i bet u don't).

I'll only write about charities i'm passionate about. I want my blog posts to be sincere, from the bottom of my heart.

Like those charity wristbands and donating blood... and if i can i would love to go for a bone marrow scan (and would write about it)... to help those who need a bone marrow transplant. But please don't ask me to blog about the stuff in the papers... the post below seems so forced.

One thing about my blog will always stay the same, i'll always write about the stupid things i did. As well as the really stupid things i did.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


The MMS entitled 'balai polis' that's highly blogged about. First read about it when i was at work and was disgusted. "How can that police woman do that?" was the first thought that went through my mind.

Many people blogged about it already... and i... want to be able to give intelligent views as well. So i read most articles (25th-27th November) i can find about the issue in the NST and The Star before writing. Reading made me even more confused.

I don't like what i've read. Turns out, it is procedure (page 3 New Sunday Times) to strip and do those squats here and in several other countries.

All i can say that at least there are no cover-ups. The issue is all over the front page for 2-3 days. It is a consolation that the news is not like they burried the news somewhere in the papers.

9th Day at Work // Why i Didn't Blog Yesterday

Brother went to toilet so i guess i can blog a bit. Haha, long story. Can't say much... except that the 9th day at work pretty much sucked, the bigger boss came bearing bad news... we had more calls than ordinary to make.

Still, i dun care, i will not work through my lunch break. Eating only took me 15mins. I'm not getting back to work right away like the others. I WENT SHOPPING! Hahaha... u know those very very IN, bohemian skirts?? I bought one for only RM30. Original price was RM59.90... 50% off man!! =) And i still got back to work 10mins b4 lunch break ends.

And the supposedly super fast way i found out on Thursday turned turned out to be super long way on Friday, i have no idea, why. It was so frustrating, so unpredictable. Dontcha just hate KL roads??

Oh and one of my friends at work asked if there was any bloggers among us colleagues... i kept silent... i mean... i certainly don't want my blog to be seen at work... and... no one, except E has read my blog in front of me... i don't know how 2 handle their reactions... and... i normally don't promote my blog (except for the Rush tickets, i think)... most of u found my blog through other blogs or through my Friendster blog right?? And of course there MAY be random viewers???

So, she said that she likes to read blogs with life's lessons and not those that goes "i got up in the morning, brushed my teeth, pangsai..."

LA, that's what i have been trying to do, keeping a blog with lesssons. But then again... this is the way I see it. U may think differently right??

I dare not announce i keep a blog cuz what if i... don't meet her expectations? What if i'm one of those pangsai blogs? Pangsai=shit, by the way. And... err... all my feelings regarding work are written here as i never thought anyone of them would read my blog. Embarrasing la if they knew i wanted to cry so often... they go through the same stuff after all and i dun think they are babyish about it like me.....

Wah, my bro is still in the toilet?? So long ar? Bad stomach ache ar? Good, good (for me), can blog more! Hehe.

So, the reason why i didn't blog yesterday...

Hahaha, my sis was chatting with me most of yesterday night, she's so cute, telling me all about her trip to the safari zoo in Melacca. And then we were playing a fool with this little new toy she got...

It's soooooo cute... and it's sticky. If u throw it onto the mirror it's stick. Sticks to your hand too.

Then i started yawing la... tired after a week's worth of work. So i said i wanted to sleep and she wanted to sleep with me...

So we slept and today i found these pictures in the camera, my mom loves taking photos of sleeping people.

Look the way we sleep, similar huh??! Wow, even i was shocked with how alike we sleep when i saw the photos. Haha, this is why my mom likes taking photos of the family sleeping.

Oh and OOOOOPS, my bro wasn't in the toilet after all, he was in my study room... hope my typing didn't disturb him!!

Friday, November 25, 2005

7th and 8th Day at Work

Yesterday, the 7th was horrible. Was told i'm not supposed to write 4.30 in my timesheet, time has 2 end with 00... like 5.00 or 6.00. Felt so screwed. Worried i wouldn't get paid for my 7th hour for Mon n Tues. And i worked extra time without pay yesterday outta fear...

Got stuck in a horrific jam on the way home, some stupid driver of a nice blue car drove up the curb and got stuck there... stupid idiot. I took an alternative way home... but took a wrong turn n ended up in Petaling Street. It was really shitty slow... i sent my mom and E so many smses cuz i was barely moving.

I was begging my mom to force me to study!! I really want to be able to afford any comfortable condo i fancy near where ever i work. So i don't have to get stuck in any jam at all.

Hey i cant blog la stupid bro says my typing is too loud. I haaaaaaaaaaate him. Stupid la, he's taking spm. So angry!Expect me to type softly... which would mean i have to type shit slow. So angry. So irritating. I have work tomorrow therefore i don't have that much time to type this slowly. Annoying.

Urg... summary la. Er... was stuck on the road 4 abt 1 and a half hours yesterday.

Today... boss told me it's ok for Monday's and Tuesday. But i don't dare leave early again. I took the right turn and reached home so early! So happy. Abt 40mins on the road.

Ohh yeah. Chocolate.

There, i blogged abt chocolate, now i except to see 6 comments again! Hahahaha.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

5th & 6th Day at Work // Buffet Dinner

So the plan worked. Worked 7 hours and got home much much earlier.

No, actually i didn't get home early... i... errr... went to E's house! HAHA. Watched Desperate Housewives SEASON TWO EPISODE 7. Hehehe. Nice.

So i spent less time on the road la. Today, i left earlier, at around 4.20? Cuz it looked like it was gonna rain heavy... my boss was nice enough to let me go off. Of course, she did ask me to do some stuff first before going but of course i've already taken care of that BEFORE i asked her if i could leave. So she said go. Yay!

But... damn, it started raining by the time i got out of the building. Heavy drizzle. Windy, u could tell by the way the rain falls slanting to the ground. I waited a bit... till it was just light drizzle... crossed the road and popped by a WATSONS to get an umbrella (remember i park far far away to stinge on parking payment??)

They had two types of umbrellas for sale. One's RM19.90 and the other is RM9.90. Hell, i know from experience (hey, i took the bus for 2 years ok, that includes a lot of walking) that the cheap one breaks easily. Plus, the cheaper one doesn't look so nice.

The RM19.90 one has this pretty pink pattern! Awww... i took that and brought it to the cashier. And aiiiiiii... damn... not enough $$ in my wallet. Stupid me, forgot to refill!

Too bad la, punish myself lor... walked in the rain lor. That's for not bringing my trusted purple (other fave colour) umbrella AND for not refilling my wallet. Dunno why but the heavens above decided to bless me with a continuous light drizzle till i got into my car instead of a heavy downpour.

Got home at a decent time... 40mins on the road... then got ready to go for this buffet dinner my mom won! Hehehe.

Yes my mom won it i dunno how. But again let me remind u, there are contests we didn't win ok? Eg. On the way to the hotel/dinner, E and I were calling up the Star newspaper in attempt to win Mike Shinoda's album... my mom was calling frantically too, at home... but we didn't manage to get it, not even one (we were hoping to get 3, one for me, one for him and one for my dear cousin whom i just found out is a loyal reader of this Bloggie, hallo! =).

Don't know if u know but this buffet has a chocolate fountain! Sounds like Charlie n the Chocolate Factory, huh!? But this one's real. Sorry no pix of the fountain itself, gotta work tomorrow, but here, guess what's covered in chocolate from the fountain.

Don't ask me how much the dinner cost, i have no idea! But it's gotta be expen$ive! The place is so posh i felt a little out of place! They have such a wide variety of food! And u can take huge prawns, as much as u like, which i did! And the parking is RM8 per entry =P

Oh Oh, and even though it a TUESDAY, the place was FULL. It was full!, i was shocked!

Thought of keeping the hotel's name anonymous but it's right there in the voucher... i don't have the time to photoshop it. Besides, i'm not saying any bad things about them, they are overall exellent! Except for the drinks... only plain water, coffee and tea... i'm fine with water, coffee and tea... but why no juice or... er... soft drinks?? Or is juice only for breakfast, I dunno, it's possible. I feel that i can write this since i've already commented in their feedback survey... Correct me if i'm wrong...

Monday, November 21, 2005

RM100.00 Worth of Gift Vouchers

Ohhh.. don't they just match my blog skin? Aren't they pretty?

Haha, but nah, i'm not here to gloat. They're worthless to me, i won't be using them. So, would u like them?? The first two lucky people to comment in this post saying they want it will receive it. If u want both of them just just ask!

Do leave your email address and i'll send u an email... and then i'll get your address to send them to u.

Friday, November 18, 2005

My - stupid - self

Since i can't bitch about anyone else without offending someone, i'll bitch about myself. I get to indulge in bashing myself. That's what i'm gonna do so, i think u'd wanna skip this post.

Yeah, so. I'm stupid. Idiotic. Dumbo. Bimbo, yet a geek!!! Stupid, oh did i say stupid already? Stupid is my fav word.

Yeah, so, who puts in as much effore in a temp job as me? It's not like i could get a raise, it's not like i'd get promoted or anything. Why the hell am i so hardworking? I'm one of the slowest.

Know why, cuz when we get the phone number from 103, i wait for them to repeat the number twice to make sure i get the right number. I don't think the others do. I mean... how else can they finish 2-3 hours ahead of me? The stupid 103 computerized voice is so freaking slow... i wonder how much time i wasted just waiting for them to repeat the darn number twice.

And when there's no answer i let the phone ring a few more times before hanging up, my colleagues just hang up straitaway and call back later. I'm stupid.

On Monday, i'm gonna work much faster.

Why am i so mad? Today was a bad day at work. Yesterday, my 3rd day was very good but since i had my mom's dinner 2 attend i didn't have time 2 blog about it. Today sucked big big time. Stupid other people get 2 hours lunch break, so when we finished our hour-long break and resumed calling, many people on the line keep telling me 2 call back at 2. Shit them.

Oh and someone hanged up on me, shit him too. Why must the stupid company i'm working for ask for number of employees and number of computers other companies have? People seem to HATE these 2 questions. And it's just 2 questions! Also he wanna hang up on me.

Made me wanna cry. Haha.

My friend Ce says many ppl hung up on her. She's quite thick skinned. Maybe more people should hang up on me so i'd get used to it. So far only one person hung up on me. Many people i called are nice sweet Malay ladies who i can speak to casually.

I know i'm paid to make these calls but...

Maybe that's why we get paid so much. =P Haha. But next week... i'm gonna work only 7hours a day la (instead of 8). And take only half an hour of lunch break. And i might possibly be able to go home 2 whole hours earlier!

See, i HATE THE STUPID RUSH HOUR JAM. I drive a manual car ok? (Wanted to save my father RM10,000, and it's more fuel efficient) Never had problems with it, until now! Everyday after work i get stuck in stupid jams for 1 hour and 10 minutes MINIMUM. So i finish work at 6 but get home after 7. My left leg kills me. Makes me SUPER GRUMPY LAR.

So when i was stuck in the jam, i came up with a plan... normal office hours for us is 9-6 with an hour break. That's 8 hours of work. U can work less than 8 hours but not more than 8 hours. And i've seen the guy who sits behind me take 2 hours lunch breaks... or take no lunch break... and adjust the number of work hours accordingly.

So, i guess i'll start work at 9am like everyone else, have a 30mins lunch break from 12-12.30. And leave at 4.30. Before the stupid shit crap jam starts. And hopefully i get to be home at about 5.

That's being home 2 whole hours earlier. Yet i get paid only an hour less. Worth it? Yup.

Even though i'd lose RM5x a week, it's worth it. Because RMx is for one hour of work. If i go home 2 hours later, it's like i'm spending 2 hours just to get one hour's worth of pay.

And this is a bloody temp job. I'm not gonna get to reduce my working hours anyhow and avoid stupid rush hour traffic in the future so might as well just save myself the stress now. And we mustn't be greedy... it's not worth it, RMx for 2 hours.

Yawn, ok i'm pretty much done.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

2nd Day at Work

Aww, no one commented in my last post?? =( A lil' sad but oh well, i know I will definitely read my blog. And i'd don't wanna regret not writing about it.

So, i figured out why my leg hurts. It's cuz i sat for too long. Funny isn't it? When have a stand up job u want a chair... when u have a sit down job, i mean an office job u'd wish to stand up more.

Ow, my leg... no to mention my eyes... staring at the screen hurts them. But i am much better today compared to yesterday. Much much better.

Time on the job really flies. It just goes by and money comes into my wallet! Just like that. Haha. No la, not cash of course... not yet.

By the way i'm sitting on the floor right now with my keyboard typing this. Stupid la my bro has SPM so i can't type loudly-- he's studying. I'm damn slow, its annoying.

So... one thing i've noticed today, since we were talking about tattoos and piercings, is that... we telemarketeers are so... err... unpresentable? My friend Ce has a lip ring, the other guy has tattoos all over his arms... 2 out of 3 of the guys have their ears pierced and all the girls except the lady in charge, lets call her L, have more than one pair of ear piercings! Haha

Now, i'm standing while typing.

One of the guys, the one without any earrings, haha, who happens to be the most efficient one of us, is leaving la. His last day today. They(the company) gave him a goodie bag, as a thank u perhaps? And i caught a glimpse of a teddy bear in it! Haha.

In the lift, the group of us were chatting, about him leaving and someone mentioned that American companies are like that. So nice right?? He says he has one been working there for a few days, since Hari Raya week.

Really really hope i'd get a souvenier too!!!

Small things like that reduce staff turnover i guess, i'd definitely stay longer to get it. Hehe. Besides, the pay isn't bad. The pay isn't bad at all. It's a lot more than 2 times my previous job's pay. Precisely 8/3 times more than my previous job's peanut pay.

Ohh and we get free drinks!! At first it was just a bottle of water, even that surprised me yesterday. And then i was told the refrigerator in the pantry is full of cokes and some ice lemon tea and we can help ourselves!!! =) Ice lemon tea's goooood!

Hm... what else? Oh ya. Haha. So most of the phone numbers in the data we have is wrong and we have to call 103 to get the new number... but surprisingly though all the fax numbers are the correct. I voiced this out to my colleagues and asked why, Ce said "Cuz life sucks!"

So true.

So when i call 103, an operator will serve u and then the number you requested will be told to u by a recorded voice. At the end of the recording they'd ask u to press 1 for repeat, 2 to be connected to the number. I always press 2.

Somemtimes instead of asking you to press 1 or 2, they ask you to say 'Repeat' or 'Connect'. Or 'Ulang' or 'sambung'.

Haha, yesterday, i was so damn shy at first, dare not say 'Connect'. I kinda MUMBLED the word and the thing would say "the request was not stated clearly' and the line went dead!!!

Haha, now i laugh but i was frustrated yesterday.

Today is totally different, i LOVED it when i get to 'Connect' or it's Malay equivalent 'sambung'. I even looked forward to it, it seemed so fun! Hehe. So cool-- 'Connect'.


Now i'm typing this with my aching leg on the table... Oh yeah, i managed to get my driving license back thankfully... and i accidentally drove with 2 and a half inch heels... oops. Haha, was wearing them and i forgot la after work. Felt pretty normal to me.

Hmm... i'll wear my new heels tomorrow... no, not the white ones, haha, an older new pair? Hahaha. I don't have any heels fetish ok? It's just that when u have a tall boyfriend your footwear grows taller and taller la. Haha.

Shit i haven't figured out what to wear. Not to work but to my mom's b'day dinner after work...

Tiring day ahead, g'nite.

Ps: Forgive (and help me correct) any spelling errors and other errors. It's geting really late

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

1st Day at Work

So tired... could drop dead... my feet hurts and i wonder why, wasn't i in a quite comfortable chair the whole day?

Telemarketing... obviously u'd expect rude people right? But i only got one of those lar... nope, i'm not super lucky... the reason why i only got one of those is cuz most of the phone numbers in the database are invalid. I call and it just goes tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot, toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot. And then i call 103 for the operator to get their number. More often than not they're not listed.

Dumb. The guy who briefed me on the job told me they said the data is one year plus old but he thinks it's older than that. It's obviously MUCH MUCH older, practically (99%) of the numbers are changed. Make that 100%.

The first few calls were ok. Even got a really nice person... it was a wrong number but the man on the phone was real nice about it, even told me he was interested in what the company i'm working for offers. And therefore i get one more "Updated" contact. =)

Those that are not listed become "Disconnected" and we are to have as little of this as possible. But since the data is from the dinosaur age or something, most it is "Disconnected".

So about the rude lady... she was on a break when i called and she was a total bitch. You could hear it in her tone, she was looking down upon us. She asked for my name and I didn't like the way she called me. It sounded like such an insult, just the way she said my name itself.

Left me on the verge of tears.

Luckily, right after that call, my colleagues were going out for lunch. They're real nice, they included everyone and as a group we went out to eat. Just followed them to this hawker centre with cheap chee cheong fun!! Yay!! Actually it's of normal price, but i thought everything was charged at inflated prices since it's THAT area.

We got back to the office building before the break time ended so they played foosball. And they're sooooo nice to include me and my friend who's also new. Oh yeah, the girl in charge really nice too. One of us. But she's not the one who hired us... That's her boss too...

So i forgot about the rude woman. The other people called... receptionists i guess are easy to talk to, not "u little piece of unworthy being" on me at all. Really cooperative and casual...

Ohh... and u know what's really the stupid? I called 103 to get the number of say... XXXX, but they only had XXYX's number... i was kinda desperate so i just took that number and decided to give it a go.

Wrong number and i said sorry... wanted to hang up but the person just carried on asking questions. First it was normal stuff like what's your name and how long have u been working there, fairly friendly and normal. Then irrelevant questions. Like saying "you have a nice name"... and then he wanted to give me his number and wanted me 2 call him! Shit persistent.

Finally, i said "hold on" and called the lady in charge... guess the idiot figured what i was doing and hung up. She then told me not to panic in the future and told me what to do if that ever happened again. Who, me, panicking? I'd like to protest (here) that i wasn't panicking! But maybe i was?

The whole department (about 7 people) were looking at me and enjoying that. Lucky them, entertainment from the newbie.

Guess what? Smart smart, very very careful me left her driving license with the security. How typical. Why do i keep leaving my documents behind?? (Left my ic at the gym before and once in a taxi).

Planned to go later tomorrow but now i'd have to go there early again tomorrow... less chances of running into a policeman.

Know how early i was today? Even after taking the wrong turn and going one big round, i got there at 7.40am. Work starts at 9. The others all arrived after 9.

I sooo wanted to make a good impression/blah blah blah and i ended up waiting and waiting and waiting, irritated... the later i start the less time i have 2 complete my quota... but it's not like i could scold my boss for being late, can i?? It goes the other way around.

Monday, November 14, 2005


Australian summer that is. Not that it makes any difference to me, here in Malaysia, where it is rain and sunshine all fricking year round. But i love Australian summers. Cuz i'm taking an Australian degree. So i get a holiday too!!!

Then why haven't i blogged until now?

Naturally, if u knew the pig in me, i slept early on Friday. At 9pm or so. And on Saturday morning there was no electricity. And in the afternoon i discovered my computer died on me. And of course procrastination(read other blogs) yesterday night and SHOPPING today(Sunday), hehehe. Then had period pain...


Shopping with mommy this time, after she showed me the way to my future workplace. She had a RM200.00 voucher (which she obtained through her talent in joining contests with slogans =). So i got a pair or heels!! =) Freeeeeee.

I can imagine the shopaholic Ch asking me for pictures! =) I still owe her a post on those pants... =P Sorry, girl!

Here's a pic of those heels.


Ok ok... i know i can't avoid writing about my final paper so... the paper made me sick to the stomach. Literally, had an upset stomach twice that morning. My eyelids felt so heavy, That's what u get for studying last minute till 5am. My friends, D and Ce weren't so great either. Ce had an allergy, caused by nervousness or something. D kept saying the D-word, DIE. I dunno how many times she said that over the phone, in messages and when she came over to study... freaked me out!! =)

So the paper itself... do u remember taking physics in SPM? Well, it was like that, so many calculations. And u never know if u've got the nominator and denominator right. You know, the pengaka and the ... angka? Err... the word looks weird... my BM is rotten to the core... angka? Is that correct?

Nevermind. So. Calculations. I did read all lectures concerning calculations. I did all tutorial work concerning calculations, i love calculation. So why am i so afraid of how i'd fare in this paper? I love calculations the add maths style, I don't like the physics kind. Why a finance subject's calculation reminds me of psychics i don't know... maybe because there are so many words in the question?

Sigh. Well it's over. Have to thank the kind souls who wished me luck. And also love love love the people who replied when i wish them luck, they made me happy and i feel appreciated. No comments about those who didn't bother to reply.


Holidays for 4 weeks. 2 of which would be spent working for an IT company in a classy area. Pay's good. But expenses kill. The darn office building is 20km or so away from home. And parking is shitty shit shit... Comes up to RM17+. A day.

"Then why don't u take the bus u spoilt brat". Gag... Haha... come on, i've had my fair share of buses and trains. Hear me out. I'm driving there and parking in far far away for free and am gonna walk. Besides, my baby(car) doesn't eat that much (petrol).

Food in the area's gonna be expens$sive too. But there's a McD!!! Yay, u know i love McD, isn't exactly cheap, but relatively cheap.

The kinda work i'd be doing: telemarketing is what they call it. I sit in front of the computer and make calls to other companies to 'create awareness' and to 'update information'.


Last but not least, look at this!! =)

I won it on my own from the cruisers!!

Was just leaving university when E and i heard the announcement on the radio... ther were right outside the Monash University side gate!! We made a u-turn and managed to get a parking spot. There were people already gathering around the cruiser, waiting eagerly for freebies and a chance to win stuff.

That week's CD giveaway was tATu. No one was really interested except me and Is... until the guy said "Let's put it this way, who wants to win a free CD?" and then more people stepped up.

We had to play this game... way back from primary school called 'lat-tali-lat'... and it goes lat-tali-lat-ta-li-tam-plong. Haha, funny actually writing it out. It's a sing-along thing and u kind of... wave(?) your hand to show your palm or your... the... other side of your hand as u sing. We had to match what the cruiser guy did.

Since i distinctively remember reading about the exact game being played in E's blog months ago (He won RM50 worth of KFC voucher), i followed his tactic. Right thing to do! In the second round, i found myself the winner!! =) It's fated to be mine! Muahaha.
Note: E, if u can give me the link to that post, i'd love to link to it.

Listened to tATu while studying Trade Finance and Foreign Exchange.

Note: The heels and the CD aside ... i've lost before, many times... there was the IPod contest, which is worth much more than a CD. Then there's the RM5000 which i didn't win... and i HAVE taken the bus and trains before, for 2 whole years to be exact... can continue upon request.

Correction(10.20pm 2005-11-14): We had to do the opposite of what the cruiser guy did. Sorry! I was really blur at that time, i didn't really know what i was doing... and was really surprised i won.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

2 Times in a Row!

Again, gonna talk about animals. Haha, dun worry, i have nothing for animals... except love.

Wait, that sounds peculiar. But i hope u know what i mean.

Anyway, yesterday my father announced that he was gonna tell my little 7yr old sis about sex. My mom and i were like, "WHAT??!".

And was curious to know how he'd tell her, so i stuck around to listen/watch.

My father opened a file on the computer to show her pictures. Of animals la. There were couple of dogs mating, couple of lions mating, couple of fishes mating... and there were ducks, not a pair but 3 of them. Haha, cannot resist, had to bully my father, must ask, "Why got 3 ducks??" just to see his answer.

Guess what he said? "Dunno... playing lor". Hahahaha. And my mom came 2 see.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bitches Masturbate as Well

Don't worry, no one has hacked me. I know, i know, the title isn't like me to use...

Don't worry, no pictures as well. If u wanted pictures so somewhere else ok?

So why the title? Nothing la, just the literal meaning. Hehe. Bitches = female dogs okay?

Was talking to my friend about dogs and she said her friend's female dog was 'humping' the chair's leg... and people's legs... and apparently the dog looked as if it were enjoying it, like it was great pleasure?

Tak biasa writing this la. Haha. But my blog can't ALWAYS be about shopping and lessons, can it? Must have some 'variety'. Haha. Nah, have some National Geographic!! And at least i'm not talking about humans, ok? Or is this worse?? Whatever.

So, then i remember my other friend telling me how her female dog was 'raping' the pole in her house. Didn't really understand it then but now i see dogs masturbate too. The female ones, the bitches only, i think.

My family only keeps male dogs... and the male dogs we have don't seem to do anything strange.

That's why my title(don't wanna repeat it. Haha) is the way it is.

Year 1, Sem 2 , Part 8

I hate ECW2721 Trade Finance and Foreign Exchange. Know what we learn? Spot rate, Forward rate, letters of credit, The Bikerde-Robinson-Metzler case, The Marshall-Lerner Case... graphs... funny symbols... the symbols are so funny that my friend's computer couldn't read them. When she printed her notes there were a few little cars in the middle of all the words. What?!

When she showed it to me i actually believed that it was part of the notes. I mean... we don't pay attention in class. There are up to 90 Power Point Slides in each week's lecture notes. Even the lecturer doesn't explain everything. Actually the lecturer isn't great. At all.

So we have zero enthusiasm for the subject. Never studied during the 13-week course, never touched the notes. At least i bothered to print the notes, D didn't even print them! Haha.

When my C showed me the cars as part of the notes, i really thought it was part of the notes. Only later when she showed me another strange thing-- presents with bow ties as part of the text did i realize that there was a computer error. Haha.

We are super blur about what's going on. We wondered how the exam format was like... we thought the lecturer never even gave us the format (we believe he didn't cuz we strongly disliked him) so i asked around for the format last week. And guess what? Today, flipping through my lecture notes, ooops, there the format was, i did copy it during lecture, he did give the format during lecture but i don't recall. Hehe.

I hate this subject. Stupid... so difficult, complicated and dry. And that is the notes alone, imagine reading the textbook?? Urgghhh. Took me a week to finish studying one lecture, shit i have 5 lectures more. Exam's on Friday!!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Leopard Spots and Blog Theraphy

Note: the disclaimer on the right ------------------------------------------> Republished Below


All statements are my views and feelings unless supported. Everything is based on my opinion and what i think, based on the happenings of my life. Do correct me when you think i am wrong (after you have at least read the particular post u want to complain about). I am human and i do make mistakes. I am no angel

Before i get into blog theraphy, first i need to ask a question. Do u believe in the phrase "A leopard never changes its spots"?

In short it means-- theif gets caught, goes to jail, comes out and steals again.

What do u think?? It's a genuine question. But of course, someone did provoke me into writing it.

I strongly disagree with the idiom. In my humble opinion, i think that it depends on the person. Not everyone is like that. I've read in the newspapers, of working prisoners (prisoners who work in prison and get paid peanuts) who donate their saved up salaries to tsunami victims. There are other prisoners who have repent.

I believe in second chances. I believe in 'experience is the best teacher'. I want people to tell me where i'm wrong so that i can learn from my mistakes and be a better person.

But this girl i know, she just fires hurtful words at you without justifying anything. And when u want to know what is it u've done so wrong, she asks u to ask someone else. Why hurl such means words at someone? Is it your intention to hurt him and those who love him?? At least tell him what is it that he's done. But no, U just use idioms and throw daggers.

So tempted to --

But ya la, everyone has different opinions. Fine, believe in that idiom, it's your freedom. I believe in second chances. I believe in change. I believe it's inevitable. I believe It's HOPE.

Blog Theraphy

That said, let's move on to blog theraphy. I'm happy because of this! Hahaha. I find it funny. And i find it... cool that my site appears on Google. There'll be a day when Google is full of blogs. I wonder if that person managed with the essay... if u still visit here, i don't mind helping u out...

And and... my bestfriend read my blog!! So honoured to be the first blog she ever read! And the first post she read was the last one, where i talked about the jacket and her. Hehe. And guess whats??? We're going to Sungai Wang later 2 walk around!!!! Because of my post!! Awwwwwww. =) Hahahaha.

To my bestfriend, Love u girl! It's people like u that make this world a better place. No matter how annoying u can be... i'm going to miss u when u leave for Aust. =)

By the way... my marketing assignment 2. 65%. Dissapointing. But it's my fault. Got distracted and did not put in enough effort. Sigh. The exam was ok lar... answered the required questions... And i think it was fine. But i'm scared. Last semester, i thought i did well for my Management but the results turned out to be very bad.