Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Shoes!!

Action speaks louder than words and from my lack of blogging, its like i dont love blogging anymore.

May not mean much but here i am, making sure i blog at least once a month. Last minute but better late than never? =)

Check out my new shoes!!!!

These are the most expensive non-genuine leather, non-boots, made-in-China pair of shoes i have ever bought! Justification: They are suitable for Pole dancing and no one else has them yet. Hahaha! And its also the very first pair of shoes i ever bought online! Wore them today, they bite my big toes but i still love them, they will stretch!

Miss those days where i blog all about my shoes... click here and here.

What have i been up to in July? 

- Started a new term of aerial silks. Its my third term.

- Got back into working on my left and right front splits (i took 1.5months off after moving)

- Got a bit more of the kitchen renovations done. We can finally cook at home! Ohhh!! Thats the kitchen tiles in the background of the picture with my shoes. Sooo pretty! Both the shoes and the floor! Hahaha

- Started a Diploma in Financial Advice with the focus on Self Managed Superannuation Funds =) Its been almost 3 years since i took any exam so why not? Company paid for it too

- Went clubbing. Its not really something i normally do, if you read my blog posts written in University. I am just more comfortable in my own skin. In February Steve and i went clubbing for a friend's birthday and it was pretty good too. Before this year i always avoided clubbing, pleased that i allowed him to take me time =) This time in July he was the one who wanted to go and so clubbing we went.