Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Life's A Bitch... So Am I

Life's A Bitch

Life isn't fair. And i wanna complain about it. I just got back my marks for my Accounts Assignment. 23/30. And someone who hasn't got any Accounting background at all scored 24/30. Depressing cuz what i'm repeating what i've learnt in the past THREE years while this person just 'mastered' everything in the past three months? How would u feel if u were me? Yeah, it's just ONE mark, thanks a lot, very comforting. And that is exactly what that person said to me "one mark only". So much sympathy, from the person who makes a big fuss whenever others get 1% higher than him/her.

But that one mark... is a huge difference. I got a B while that person got an A.
Mine : 23/30 x 100% = 77% = B
The person's : 24/30 x 100% = 80%= A

but So Am I

Haha, J... Read the comment u posted in my Saturday, May 28, 2005 post! Haha, i think that's the ONLY hint u'll ever need to hit the nail on the head.

But don't ever tell her or i'd get a nail in MY head...

But... she's annoying! We had to take the stairs cuz we missed the lift today, and she started saying that she's feeling fat and needs the exercise. Right, she's the fattest person in the world. Come on! I gave her a pair of pants that's 2 sizes too small for me and even that is already loose for her.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Hey, one more thing i have to say before i go to bed:

To the person who hasn't been a very good friend. I know what u've done. I have forgiven u the first time around. And tried, u may not notice, with difficulty, to be friendly to u, as if u did no wrong. Now, i can't forgive you. Since no serious formal punishment has been carried out, I'm going to put u into the grapevine (a term used by Ms C in Management) in hopes of ruining your reputation.

I may sound low. Like a bitch. Whatever. But, i guess i can now apply some MGW1010 Managing People and Organizations. In management tutorial, Ms C spoke of gossip and backstabbing. In class i wondered why she'd spoke of it. In secondary school, in Moral class specifically, we usually ignored reality. Now i realized why Ms C talked about gossip and backstabbing. She did because it IS an inevitable part and parcel of life, whether u like it or not.

You can't control what people say. (Unless, maybe, u do what my uncle does) And sometimes.... gossip and backstabbing is the only way.
Hey hey. It's 1.40am so i'm not exceeding my Blogging limits.

And nope, i WASN'T studying until now. I was listening to my father and uncle talk. Whoa, information overload. My uncle is a good speaker, convincing and doesn't talk crap. Everything made sense and i didn't daydream or lose interest, except during family gossip.

It's like... a lecture, my uncle can really talk. He talked most of the time. And the way he talks, it doesn't offend anyone. He uses great metaphores for everyone he talks about, never mentions names. I feel so amazed. He talked in such a way that u can easily correctly guess who he's talking about. Haha, i'm glad to know that i've done the right thing by never mentioning a name in my Blog.

If i don't manage to guess what my uncle is talking about, my father would add a comment, which would help me guess. My uncle also says what he wants to say, doesn't hold back. I've learnt so much in the past few hours. Much more than what i would learn from studying.

It's like... i don't know, all my business subjects applied + moral + politics + gossip and there are so many medical terms... all rolled into one lecture money can't buy... a lecture with only 3 people, all in pajamas--two lecturers and one student. And my dog was present too. Hehe

And it's really nice that neither my father nor my uncle shooed me away with the excuse that i'm young. They welcome me into the discussion, answer some of my dumb questions and even direct some of the stuff they's saying to me. That's it, i officially admire this uncle.

One of the biggest lesson i learnt in this 'lecture' is "make mistakes, they're good". Seriously. Don't be afraid to speak up and put your ideas forward. If you're wrong, it's okay, at least (as clich├ęd as it may seen) u've tried your best and at least u've done your part, it's not your fault your ideas get rejected. From now on, i'm gonna speak up.

Ohhh... and i was fascinated to realize the amount of macroeconomic terms that were thrown about and used. And oh my God, i could understand them? All of them are stuff i learnt in Ausmat last year. Honestly speaking, i only got about 59% in my final marks. And that assisted me in figuring out what the hell they're talking about.

Ausmat is a really good choice. For me. It's good that i was practically FORCED to do Economics. And i thank K for introducing it to me. Also thank God i made the right choice. If i were in SAM, i'd never get the chance to do the subject combo i did last year-- Maths, Econs, Accounts, Biology and Chemistry.

Final thing i have to say: I've decided. I'm taking one major--accounting. And i'll try to take 3 minors. Variety is the key. I scored less than 60% in pre-university Economics and i can already understand men in their fifties business talk. Why would i want to learn something in shit detail then?

I'll have to talk to a councilor first, though.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

"To everyone... i really wanna Blog summore, but i think it's too much to Blog more than 3 times a day. So i limit my Blogging to two posts a day. Eeeee.... ok la, 3 times will be the maximum?" This is what i wrote in my 'comments' part of the last post i wrote today.

Maybe i'll limit the words? To a thousand a day. U guys... as readers, please tell me what u think is best! I don't want to end up typing too much that u start skipping part of my posts...

Okay, so today'll be the last day i go limitless.

Hehe, so, was chatting with my friend... the one who comments as Supplementals. "dudette.. now im havin 2nd thoughts bout cuttin mine[hair] off. curses!!" he commented on one of my previous post.

(It's getting annoying and mafan(troublesome) writing 'my previous post' or refering to it by day/date. I'll start titling my posts too)

So, he said that and i read wrongly, it thought he wanted to cut his off cuz others are having the same style, that he wants to be unique. Today he said "Oi, now i wanna go do my hair. All ur fault."

And i was a bit confused. We chatted a bit and then i found out that he got a trim instead of cutting his hair short because of me! Oh my God, WOW. I smile, smile, smile. I had no idea that my post had that kinda effect! =)

Gotta thank E for allowing me to tie his hair up! =) It has made me so happy.

Ohh, and late comments i received: "ooo, and E's hair was so cool! you go girl!" SI said! =)

I'm so happy! I've always been into fashion... whether u observed that about me or not, i am. And i'm into trends. Always wanted to be the starter. Not like i've never done that before... in form 2 i cut my hair real short and within the next few months, lots of girls in school did the same. Haha. Actually, can't take credit for that, i think someone else cut her hair a while before me? But i WAS one of the first few.

Haha, ok ok, i also can't take credit for this trend. Since it isn't even a trend yet. But i want it to be one! Hahahaha. To kick-start it... if u are studying in Sunway/Monash, i'll do your hair for free. Just look me up.

Terms and conditions. (Hehe)
1. Promotion available from on 11am 10th June 2005 (thats when my exams end) until i decide to stop.
2. Free for the first time, and a small fee would be charged for the second time onwards (maybe).
3. Terms and conditions may change in response to demand. Hehe. But u will be updated here.
I've been reading SI's blog again... she's good in writing. And i like the issues she brings up, inspires me 2 write. This time it's about plagarism.

Monash is very strict about it... looks like all unis are. If caught with plagarism, both the copier and the person the work belongs to get a zero. Really sucks for the one who did the work. But how can u say no to your friend, how? And in uni, discussions and helping each other out is the key to success since u won't have enough time 2 do everything on your own.

That is one reason why i do my work last minute. So when people ask me about my assignments, i can honestly say i haven't done it, or i can give them an incomplete one. (The other reason i do my work last minute is cuz... erm... i procrastinate. Hehe) And i tend to get journals from one friend and share it with another in exchange for more journals. That means i don't search for journals at all.

I also don't ask anyone for their assignments... but if they offer it to me, hehe, i'd say yes. In my last assignment, my friend offered me her friend's assignment. Her frend scored 10/10 for his 1st assignment. How could i say no? And i did copy and paste. BUT i looked at the lecture notes. His sentence is right out of the lecture notes. So, if i get accused of plagarism, i'd say it's from the notes, since it really is. It's business statistics, by the way. No references are required.
Hey hey, it LOOKS like i took my advice to myself, but actually i didn't study. I was busy doing my last assignment for the semester!

Yay! But exam's coming...

And on last Friday's post i was happy although i recently had an accident right? That was before i experienced the difficulties of living without a car. It's a big, horrible reminder.

Wednesday i had a 3pm class. And since E has morning classes, i had to go to college before 8am. I had no one else to follow, not K, not R, not D, all incompatible timetables. So i went there, with a jacket, prepared to 'hide' in the library... ended up studying in the cafeteria, hogged one whole table to myself. It's actually nice studying there. It was sooo noisy that all the noise just becomes a blur, like a continuous buzzing sound, easy to ignore. Not to mention, there was some Nestle Drumstick promotion there and they were playing nice songs... I sat there studying for like, 5 hours and surprisingly it was preparation for my assignment.

And yesterday! I had no transport to college, E was supposed 2 send me but he fell ill. Food poisoning in addition to fever, his father told him to skip classes and see a doctor. It was too late for me to hitch a ride from K and R. D was renewing her license... Thankfully, K's brother was going to college and she arranged for him to give me a lift. But he wouldn't be picking me up from my doorstep. I had to take a 15 minute or so walk to Taman Billion, which is on the way for him.

Walking there includes a walk uphill... that left my legs aching for a while. I haven't exercised for the whole May. I used to jog before university started... and then when i was staying in the hostel i swam... now i do neither. And yesterday evening i was feeling... low: low self-esteem, felt fat and ugly.

No, i won't diet, i NEVER will. Never again, i'm still living with the negative effects of my first and last diet. But i guess i'll start going jogging again.

Oh oh, speaking of diets... the girl i'm referring to in one of my previous posts... the one i love gossiping about? She's obsessed with dieting and she used to deny that she was dieting, we always discuss the amount she eats. By the way, it's not just me, and it's not just girls who gossip. The other day, 4 of the guys were gossiping about her, E told me. =)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hey, was reading SI's blog. Nice, never read her Blog before. She wrote about her this plump lady...SI, you're too nice, if i were u, i'd call the lady obese. So SI wrote about how Ms Obese rudely squished everyone in the lift in addition to looking awful.

The rude part cannot be excused. But... fat people showing flesh, ugly isn't it? But at some point, i admire their guts. No pun intended. I simply mean that although they're fat, they are daring. I have ugly knees and that stopped me from wearing skirts n shorts for a while. Knees. E said who would look at your knees?

Another person i admire is Gwen Stefani. Love her songs. But can't say the same about her fashion sense. But i really admire her for wearing revealing tops though she isn't huge up north...
I liked SI's ending. She wrote p/s: this is my personal advice to ms. plump: try walking the stairs, you need the exercise. trust me. Cool attitude. Funny too. And also have to thank SI for saying "ooo, cool hair dude!"in E's blog.

P/s: Personal advice to myself. Try Blogging less, u need the time to study. Trust me.
On Sunday, when i was supposed 2 be studying, i went on a spree. Nope, not shopping spree, my parents wud kill me. I went on a testimonial spree, i think when i'm using the compthey can't tell the difference between assignments and Blogging... since both consist of writing...

So, the testimonial spree, wrote quite a lot, and about a 1000 characters each. Some of them owed for ages. I just wrote and wrote. I seriously love writing. And then today, Tuesday, since Monday is a holiday, all the Thank Yous started coming! I kinda forgot who i wrote for so when they thanked me i'm like "huh?" at first and then =). First A thanked me, then C, then P and later on M.

And a moment ago i read that J thanked me in her Blog, since we aren't in the same campus anymore. But oooops, i accidentally gave her credit for designing the skins of her Blogs, should've credited her for her choice of skins instead.

Who did i write for? I wrote for a few people-J, E, M, P, A, C and K. And X. That's a total of 8 testimonials or more, i think. No, nine, wrote one for S too. I didn't know i wrote that many.

Next topic of this post... from reading T's Blog and her friend K's Blog, i realized that girls can be real gossips. That's a nice way to put it, what T said is girls are bitches. I'm not denying it, i'm guilty too. Besides, sloth, greed, pride, anger, gossip is my favourite sin.

And there's this particular friend i talk about a lot. First i told my bestfriend about her. Then i told an ex-course mate... the next night i told an ex-school mate. Then yesterday, i told my mom. The same story four times. I find it amusing to talk about her. I know it's wrong. But i can't stop.

I find myself kinda distant from her, used to be so close. Don't think it's cuz i gossiped about (yet). But mainly cuz of the guilt. But it's possible that it's because we're not studying in the same faculty...

The (yet) scares me, if she finds out, she'd be deeply hurt. I don't wanna do that. But the things she does... gives u a lot to talk about. But no buts-- gossip wrong, must STOP.

Okay, let's be realistic. Gossip about HER must stop. But i'd still gossip.

Haha, but there won't be that much to talk about d...

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Hey, since no one's free enough to chat with me on msn, i'd blog. Besides, i guess i should update u. My car... repairs cost RM1000 and i dun really know why, my father says he's paying for it and not the stupid idiot who hurt my baby or any insurance company. Sad, huh?

Why did i have to want to go for extra classes on Wednesday when that should have been a holiday for me? Why?

Yes, yes, ok, i know the answer and i'll admit! I fell asleep in the Business Statistics lecture on Monday. So i decided to go for the repeat on Wednesday... and on my way to college, the stupid accident happened.

So, i wasted RM1000 by not paying attention in class. Horrible... must remember this in the future. Mustn't repeat my mistake. Money doesn't grow on trees. And it doesnt fall from the sky either.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Lesson Learnt: U Follow The Examples Your Parents Set

I guess it's cuz they are the people u see most when u were young and highly influenced...

Case one, a friend curses his father when he's mad at his Dad. I've always been like 'how can u call your father names?' Then recently he told me his mom curses his father in front of him. My mom never calls my father names, the most she'd say is "Your father la" or "So bad wan" and that's exactly all i say when i'm mad at them. I also tend to use the word "Unfair" a lot. Maybe sometimes i use 'stupid', but nothing worse than that kua.

Case two, my father looks and comments on the pix of sexy girls in front of my mom and us siblings. My mom has always been fine with that. And yea, i've learnt from her, took me a while but now it's just a normal thing for me to hear E tell me all about the 'view's he saw. It annoyed me last year when he posted 5 different pictures of him and 5 other girls onto Friendster, his arm on their shoulders. But yesterday, i gave him my camera cuz he didn't have one and said "Nah, go take pix of girls and post it" without any sarcasm. So don't be worried about me when u see those pix in his Blog.
Hey hey... so i was doing my work while going to my friends' blogs for music. I went there for music but ended up reading so much. The most recent one i reach, is C's. Yikes, how many Cs are there? It's getting confusing... so she was saying that her mom brought her shopping and let her have anything she wanted. And after the shopping spree she picture Blogged all the goodies she bought and concluded the post saying that she's gonna study hard to be able to spend like that in the future. Hmm... that sounds like one good way to motivate youths to study! Why don't the government sponsor us each a day of shopping like that? So we'd all be motivated to study?

Friday, May 20, 2005

Hey hey.

I'm sitting in the Monash comp lab listening to the song in D's blog... malunya, people doing work here and my comp is blasting out songs... And yea, i AM supposed to be doing my work here too, Business Stats ass 3. The last ass(ignment) for this semester before the finals and my 5 week long holiday! I plan to plan a lot of things for that holiday, who's free to join me? 10th June onwards.

So, now for the present. I'm happy! I'm happy although at this very moment my boyfriend is at a formal event-Victoria University Night and didn't ask me to go and i'm in this stupid comp lab alone waiting for him. I'm happy because i'm not sad. Haha, sounds stupid but that's what i mean. I'm proud of myself. Proud that i don't feel insecure. Also proud that I'm am currently skipping an Ex-Ausmats gathering without much guilt. Love them and all but can't go. Gotta attend to my ass.

Oh, and i'm also happy that i got much praise! Hehehe. Exactly a week ago, E tied his hair up in a funny ponytail, he looked funny and i laughed in his face, haha. I suggested he tied it up another way and i offered to help. So that night we tried it out. Sort of like pleated but not? U know, the way blacks tie their hair up? Dun really know what it's called... he showed it to his parents and they had a good time laughing. But their response wasn't bad. We decided that he'd wear his hair that way to the VU Night.

Then this morning, i spent about an hour pulling his hair... into the style. Personally i was satisfied with my work of art but i seek approval. E said it's ugly. =( I threaten to stop half way, hahaha. Then he sent me to college. It was a little odd. With his jair like that. Normally we sit in the foyer on the ground floor where hundreds of students walk by. Today he was shy and went up to the first floor to hide? Haha. Eventually our friends saw his hair. K had no comment. R asked who did it for him and she was amazed that it was me!! =) W said "cool hairstyle" but E thinks he's sarcastic. C now knows why he kept his hair long. Haha

A friend, another D says he looks better than normal. And Y, D's friend noticed E's hair from afar!!! =) Y saw and came towards us asking "What happen to your hair?". E said "This girl did it to my hair" pointing at me, i was drinking water at that time. Y was smiling and he liked E's hair! He even asked me how much i would charge to do his hair for him!!!! Wow, good boost to my ego!!

And then E and i went downstairs to hang out with a few friends. People were looking at him!! =) Two more friends gave E positive comments!! =)

Later, E and i met up with another two friends, P and another C. They were shocked! P wanted me to do his hair for him too! And said he'd pay me ten bucks! Haha. C, on the other hand... said E looked "damn gay"! Noooooo, shit! He told us that we should have used black rubber bands instead of blue and white. Nevermind, constructive critism. And besides ,C wanted me to tie his hair for him too!!!! =)

E then accompanied me to dinner at the medan (food court) and i tell u, heads turn!!! People were turning to look at him! =) At the table i proceeded to change the blue rubber bands to black-i don’t want my boyfriend looking gay, and while i was doing his hair, a lady came up to us and said "so cute" in Mandarin! Not that ican understand Mandarin, she said the 'so' in Chinese and 'cute' in English. She talked to us a bit. She asked if i had experience!!!

On the way out of the medan, the guy selling burger looked at E's hair as we passed by... u can see him staring! I really wonder what are the comments E would receieve from his VU mates. Any more job offers for me? Hehe

Life seems really peachy for this girl who likes pink, u might say. But think again. Two days ago i got into a minor accident. Don't worry, i'm fine... but my baby isn't! Haha, don't panic, my baby is my car, i don't have any children.

I was driving to college on Wednesday. If u remembered, Wednesdays are supposed to be a day off for me. But i had to be so damn hardworking, i had to just go for extra classes... So the road had many humps and since one lane was closed for construction the road was crowded, slow moving traffic. The car in front of me stopped. I slammed on the brakes in time but the car behind didn't manage to. He rammed into me!

I didn't know what happened, I felt the impact and i saw my stuff flying--my little pony toy fell, my tissue box too and my sunglasses, the smart tag, everything flew! I was so shocked i must have let go of the clutch (yea, i drive manual, it's fuel efficient) and my car engine died! It took me second to realize "oh my God, did i just get into an accident?"

The first thing i did was restart my engine, turn on my hazard lights and when in view, i committed the other car's number onto temporary memory. Thankfully he stopped too and we negotiated.

He tried squirming away! He said "your car is damaged and so is mine, so we repair on our own" in BM (Malay Language). And i said, "yea ok."

NOT! I may be innocent-looking and i may like pink but how stupid can i be? I was shaking and i desperately needed to calm down but i could think straight and replied "no, you knocked me from behind, you should pay" in BM as well, with a few English words. He kept silent.

I called my father's office but he was out to get lunch. He doesnt have a cellular phone. I told my father's... err.... secretary what happen and then hung up.

The guy then tried to get away again. He saw my P for Probation and asked if i was a new driver. I said yes. And he said that if i were to report the accident, my lisence would be taken away or something along the lines of that! I was furious! What the hell is that? "You yang langgar saya dari belakang, it's not my fault, jagan menakutkan saya, i know my rights" i fired back. Yea, my BM is shit, but i got the message across.

It went on like that for a while. During which, i glanced at his road tax, to make ensure the authenticity of his number plate. Thank god i did that, cuz i forgot to get his ic number. I did get his name and number though. He's a Malay guy, middle age, bald, wearing home clothes, sunglasses and no slippers/shoes?

In the end we settled on negotiating further the next day cuz he seemed decent. Another way to get away? Police reports must be made within 24 hours... I told my father everything on the phone and gave my father his number. My father tried calling him all afternoon but his line wasn't available. Scary! So my father called up the insurance company and then told me it's best to make a report. Before i made the report, i sent the guy a text message, informing him that i'm going to make a report.

When i was making the report the guy called up. I asked him to talk to my mom. He told her that his father was critically ill and was admitted to the hospital near the accident scene and that he stayed up all night... till his phone was out of battery... it kind of explains how he could be so blur and drive into my baby but is this another way to get out of compensating me? Doesn't matter whether his story is real or not, i already typed out the report and my case was already assigned to a police officer when he called.

I feel slightly sorry for the guy, given he's not lying, but there's nothing i could do, he did try getting away one too many times, besides, i've made the report, can't just withdraw it like that.

The police officer was nice, said that i'm lucky it's not my fault... and then they took pix of my car in this car park full of damaged cars. All the other cars were worse than mine. My whole bumper was dented slightly and there was an ugly black line across it, the door of the boot was scratched and there was an imprint of the other car's manufacturer's logo on it! You could see the European Citroen upward pointing arrows on my local Kancil! The boot can't be opened.

But the other cars there were far worse, they needed towing, while i could still drive to college and back... Doesn't matter how bad the damage is, the guy's paying for it! And i don't even have the hassle of sending my car to the service shop, the insurance person did that for me while i was in college receiving praise on E's hair today.

I don't feel any more stress over the accident. It's over and it's good that our insurance people are taking care of my baby. Proper repairs and not minimal ones would be given to it, i can just sit here, relating the whole incidence to u.

By the way, i was wearing the shirt i wore when i was involved in a previous accident. Unlucky? My parents and E told me to never wear it again, what do u think?

Monday, May 16, 2005

I'm writing cuz one of my close friend, J asked E if he knew why i haven't been blogging. Nice to know i've been missed =) And it's also nice to know another J reads my blog. =) Thanks!!

Yea, and it's pretty obvious that i don't write names in my blog, just the first initial of their names. It's my system, talked about it in one of my earliest post. And it's really surprising how many people had to point out the fact that there is a 'first real name ever mentioned' in my last post. Just slipped, i was typing really fast there, didn't bother to edit it, was under the influence of cough medicine, desperately wanted my bed.

By the way, it has been corrected. Hehe, doesn't matter if u know or don't know who i'm talking about, that's what makes it fun. Like, the next story i'm going to tell.

Don't count on me slipping again, at least not now, i'm not saying who this story concerns, not even initials.

Haha, so this happen to someone really close to me. So, he was doing God-knows-what with his girlfriend in his car in this somewhat secluded spot. And then another car drove nearby and parked. They didn't really bother much about that car, assuming that the owner lives around there and hoped that the owner would just carry on about his or her business.

Instead the driver of the other car came towards them!

Haha, his girlfriend was sitting on him and she hurriedly went off his lap and back onto the passenger seat. As the 'intruder' approached, he wound down the window to hear what the intruder has to say.

I think they did the right thing, u know, taking responsibility and not fleeing. Because what happens next is something we can all laugh about. Haha

So the guy said to them "Can u all park [the car] the other way around? So the smoke would blow there and not here"-he points to a row of houses, probably his house. And then left them!

Just like that, no lectures about how stupid youths can be, no threats, no police reports!

Haha. Aren't they lucky?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Whoa, when did i last blog?

So many things to write about :
i) The happy new couple
ii) Erm... err... my assignments but guess that'd bore u... no no, trust me i can make it interesting. Whatever, u can just skip it.
iii) My health and how stubborn i am
iv) Not so important other small stuff that crosses my mind

i) The happy new couple

If u were in Ausmat in 2004, this is most likely old news to u. So, so, it was really the unexpected: they are of different races and friends for over a year. Then suddenly, on Wednesday morning i see them holding hands at our table. Ooookay, ignore, it's A and it's C, two fun-loving types. Go about as usual... then i saw A put his arm around C.

Okay, cannot, be ignored any further. But i didn't want to sound too... you know. And don't wanna be wrong, so i thought of a way to ask. So C once told me that she pretended to be part of a couple to avoid this guy who had a crush on her, so i asked "C*****, is the guy around?" and i looked around. I've seen the guy before but it's not like i could recognize him, but... u know.

She said no. And i said, "Then?????" and she was all "Hehehehehe" and then i said "I'm waiting......." And our friend R was "Am i missing something?????"

And then i said again "I'm waiting.......", cuz i was waiting to hear it from them, officially. But C was still all "Hehehehehe" and then A said "You also want? Come here"-pointing to the seat next to him, as if i want his arm around me. Typical, just ignore and smile some more at C. =)

That's how i found out. Later on in class, E smsed me, saying that they are together, official. And i couldn't concentrate in class! I was too was shocked/happy for them/shocked. And i wanted to hear the story from C!!! The minute my tutor walked outta class i practically ran out and called C.

Just knowing they are together made me really happy, i practically forgot about all my stress and assignments. I even put off eating to question C. Hahaha.

ii) My assignments
I've been skipping class a lot lately cuz of them. No, skipping class is not the word, hopping class is more like it. I'd miss a class but i replace it on another day.

Hehe. But to be truthful, i couldn't make it for class on the other day as well, so i DID skip class. Management was fine. At the expense of me being an hour late for business stats.

The story begins with economics. I'm too over confident, hate myself for it. I keep having this mentality that i can finish it no time and that there's always tomorrrow. So, there i was rushing like bloody hell to finish today before it's 5pm dateline.
I did finish it with not much time to spare. Finished it but couldn't print it! There was something wrong with my printer! And i just bought new a ink cartridge yesterday!

So, i had to rush to college to use the printers there. It's not like in school when u kind of automatically get a dateline extension if u had a problem with your printer. man i miss those days.

So, i changed and drove. I pushed my baby Kancil to the maximum... actually 120kmp is not the maximum but it felt like it. For most of the way i drove at an average speed of over a hundred, sometimes 110. My little little car was shaking and it felt as if it was going to fly.

Upon reaching, i ran into the college, not sure if i even locked my car, which i parked sloppily. I took the shortest route i could think of to the computer lab. There has always been a shortage of computers in Monash, so getting one is always difficult.

First computer i used, the person next to me said it wasn't working. The second couldn't read my thumb drive. And the third computer, i had to beg for! I didn't know a girl had already logged in and she said "excuse me i'm using it"... and i implored "can i just print something please??? My dateline is at 5pm", itwas 4.40 by then.

Thankfully she was really nice. Really really nice, i'm really thankful. I didn't get her name cuz that would be too odd, but i did thank her many times.

iii) My health. Okay, yea, my cough. Real bad. Got E really worried. And yea, my chest hurts from coughing. But no, i'm stubborn, not gonna do much abt it. Aka not gonna see a doctor.

But i did go to the doctor yesterday. But not for me. I drove my brother there. He swallowed a big eggshell and thought it was life-threatening. The doc just told him to drink lotsa water and pass it out naturally and charged him 20 bucks for that.

My parents were out and they had no cellular phones with them, long stoty, so i had to sit there with my brother waiting for his turn. While doing so i realized that that was the third time i was with someone at the clinic... The first time i drove E there cuz he had a bad case of food poisoning. The second, i sent W there cuz she had an anxiety attack...

iv) Small things that crosses my mind... no time to write them, although u know i'd love to.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I’m breaking down. Assignment’s due on Friday, haven’t started writing, haven’t even finished reading my research material.

The past two days (Sunday and Monday) was spent with family in the forest reserve Taman Negara deep deep in Pahang. From KL we drove to somewhere and took a 3 hour ‘sampan’ all the way up a river just to get to our resort. The boat ride seemed like forever. And it was as hot as hell sitting there, the shade was pretty useless against the scorching Malaysian sun in the afternoon. The trip there was okay, just really bug-infested and really cramped, my mom wanted to save money so 6 of us had to cramp into a tiny room with only one double bed.

That's what i wrote this morning, didn't bother finishing it because i had no internet connection then.

Anyway in short, i'm sick--cough, flu and headaches, my computer got struck by lightning--so i have to use my brother's, and like i've mentioned too many times i have assignments...

And under that stress, the stupid Sunway Monash Condo hostel people, Mr S had to call me and ask for my darn keys. Yup, it's May, that means i've moved out of the hotel. I moved out exactly on the 30th of April, Saturday. I rushed like bloody hell to get outta there before 1.00pm so i could return the stupid set of keys before the office closes and guess what? They closed early. 10 minutes or so early.

C told me it's okay and she'd give the keys for me on Tuesday(today). She went there in the morning before 9 since she had classes but they were closed. So they called me up asking me where my keys are! As if it's MY fault they haven't gotten the keys back yet. And they said they'd wanted to charge me for two damn days. Charge ME??? They close the office early and they want to charge ME???

Isn't that against the law???? Or are they just threatening me?? But at the moment of the call, i couldn't think straight; i just panicked and burst into tears on the spot. I called C, told her to pass the keys to E to give it to them. I called my father, saying sorry he had to pay extra in tears, he was nice about it, but i felt terrible and it wasn't my fault. Then i called E, he was returning the stupid pieces of... metal.

Then i called the office, telling the hostel manager (don't u hate managers?) that my friend is returning the keys. And the hostel card. Dunno what the hell is he doing but he seems to still be threatening me... asking me if i want to pay and telling me about the stupid computer systems that would automatically charge my father half a month's rent. Embarrassed but i have to admit i was hysterical by then, sobbing and talking in hight-pichted choked up voice. I protested that i moved out on Saturday itself and that my housemates saw me...

In the end i wasn't charged for anything. But i certainly DO NOT need that extra trauma.