Monday, November 30, 2009

Next 4 Days

I once read "Regret the things u did and not the things u didnt do"

But for everything u do do, there are things that u didnt do. So how?

Just do it la

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Scarred since the day i became a victim to snatch thieves

I've had a deep fear of the sound of motorbikes

And i am extremely cautious

Yes, that's my laptop backpack wearing a seatbelt.

The handbag goes in between the two front seats.

AND the seatbelt goes into the strap...

Quite often, i'd study in this 24 hour cafe near my house till late, really late.

The Malaysian Police Force decided to put a routine police block every single night right in front of the entrance to my street. No, not because i asked them to, of course not

Sometimes they dont bother about me, sometimes they ask for my license.

The other night they wanted to see my license. With my handbag there in the middle of my seat, i unbuckled the seatbelt. And the policemen thought i "baru pasang" my seltbelt!! (He thought i wasn't wearing my seatbelt!) He thought i broke the law! My god, i was damn scared, i had to explain my situation!

Me, me, ME?!?!?! I always wear my seatbelt okayyy? I am THE ONE reminding others all the time!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pulau Ketam

A boat ride away from Port Klang...

A pretty picture of the little fishing village

And the ugly side of the same island

Pulau Ketam means Crab Island

The desirable species (as in a good to eat)...

And the undesirable


The window

of the boat to get to the island

and the toilet bowl,

i mean hole

Not like that there aren't any normal toilets

Just that are used for an alternate function! Hahah

Mode of transport


We rented some just for fun

The blogger

with E

The blogger's parents

My sis, my bro and his then gf went on the trip too...

The busy part of the island

by nightfall

Uncle selling meat

He posed for my mom, who takes good pix =)

What kids do on the island

They were looking for/at this creature

Beats me, what the hell it is...

That sums up our two days one night family trip

My father likes this sort of simple holidays. We went to a Kelong too in 2008

Friday, November 20, 2009

Study Leave round 3.2

Monday was loads of fun! No Monday blues cuz i took unpaid leave! =) The other ICAA girls and i went for lunch and karaoke! Oh so painful on the pocket but it was a blast!

I didnt even pick a song, but i know 4 out 5 songs Isya picked. Pictures here!

Tuesday i finally got down to studying a lil. Then bought mom a cake, it was her birthday. Pictures here!

Am gonna go off to a friend's house to hit the books now although i am so tired

Monday, November 16, 2009

Shoe Fetish

My work shoes are falling apart, need a replacement. Ended up getting these! HahahRM64, TCS Shoes

While the sales assistant was getting me size 8, the Bargain Bitch's eyes was drawn to the 70% mountain of shoes! HAHA, i have a weakness for discounts. Picked out a green pair of classics

Guess no one wanted to buy plain, green shoes at RM100? I paid RM30 after less. TSC Shoes. Great for work, easy to put on and slip off =P

Went home to realize, i have another pair of classics i havent worn

Wore them Friday and it hurts. Brandless, RM50 from Sungei Wang

Decided to do a catalogue of my shoes, since i can never remember what i have, and always end up wearing the same old things.

Love the colour, and love the unique strappy back.
Afer 50% discount, paid RM60. Bartic, Isetan, Lot 10

I love shopping there, good discounts, got this pair from there too

Twins, paid RM 64.50 after 50% discount.

Here's one of my few branded pairs

Nine West. AUD40 if i remember correctly, from Melbourne.

The only other pair of branded shoes i recently bought are Hush Puppies, featured here.

In the past 1 year and 8months, i've bought a total of 13 pairs of shoes/sandals! Is that a lot? Judge me! I wanna know

Last but not least,

Not because i love them most, but because the picture turned out artistic! Esarli, RM32 after 40% discount.

Taking the pictures above took me an hour, selecting and simple editing took another hour. Writing and layout took another hour. I enjoy the whole process =) I love blogging!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


for this

Sigh, i'm emo... so grumpy, tired and sad.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Chocolate Wrappers

That client in Subang that caused me to get stuck in Federal Hwy's rush hour traffic is none other than Malaysia's distributor of Hersheys! And other chocolates yumm...

Its also the client that makes me fat! The staff will say "Try this" or "Try that" to my senior, YY who would 'share' the freebies with me.

Just as i've eaten the yellow peanut butter truffle (while vouching sales invoices), YY came along, not to ask me about my progress but to offer me those chocolate sticks! She went on about a promo buy 2 cartons free 1, i was like, mmm, this is good! Ok la, we'll take 18boxes each!

Yes, EIGHTEEN boxes. Hahahahah

Crazy. And she left the whole box on my table. I chomped on one after another while carrying out the tedious tasks of an auditor before i realized, damn i am gonna put on weight

Picked one more last stick (greedy) and brought the box back to YY, dump it on her table, the client saw me and gave me MORE of the yellow truffles! Crap

They look pretty on my Dell work lappy and beloved Canon USB calculator.

Guess how much i spent on chocolates this week? Wholesale price

Chocolates i took home on Thursday, more came Friday, went back to office and YY and i were like Santa Clause, handing out chocolate to whoever we know. It puts a smile on my face, giving feels good. Especially when its cheap

Really brighten up my day, after doing time in the dungeon, i mean, filing room:

In between each of those wheels are rows and rows of files! My father should get one of these for my mom

Those wheels are powerful stuff, the files are heavy but turning the wheel isnt difficult. If someone doesn't know u are in there and starts turning one of those wheels, u'll be squashed in between, that strong! Noooooooooooooooooooo, i dont wanna die at work. Haha, just joking!

This filing room isnt as bad, hot and dusty as the client in Selayang. That was hell. This one wasnt too bad. Not dusty, and... er... i can even take off my heels and walk around in there barefoot and my feet doesnt get dirty...

Monday, November 02, 2009

Spot the Differences

Entertain yourself

My messy study table, there are 12 differences

Gotta give my heart and soul to my Management Accounting and Analysis assignment due tomorrow night.

Click here for answers