Sunday, January 29, 2006

Friday the 13th, January 2006

It's been 2 weeks. But it's something i have to write about...

Happened on impulse... of course, we were both sure,... ready, and we wanted to do it.

And i can tell u, it isn't as bad as it seems. At all. Actually, it's almost really nothing... maybe that's why people get addicted to....


I want another one!!!

But my parents... i told them about the one i got after getting it. They were like "WHY???" and stuff, a little awkwardness, some scoldings but it wasn't too bad lar, said if i were to ask, they'd say no... and NO MORE (ADDITIONAL) TATTOOS OR PIRECINGS... =( Have to obey that... till i start working maybe.

WS went first. She said she didn't wanna see me suffer or she'd chicken out. So there i was, holding her hand... or rather, being... tortured by her iron grip. She held my hand so tight that i was the one crying out in pain..... Haha

THAT's what friends are for.

But after a while, she was smiling for the camera. =) Thanks, E for being there for me. To take pix and to watch in fascination =P

We got a tattoo each on the same part of our body... lower back, right. Coincidence. =) Nice coincidence.

Finally she said, ok, u can go. Yay! I was thrilled. Happy, i would say i wasn't scared, just excited but my tattoo artist, Lina said that she could see the fear in me... hmm... maybe i was afraid subconciously?

Getting started!!!

Oh Oh, Lina's great, she's so nice, bubbly and friendly! I was grumpy before i started but all her chatter made me happy and enthusiastic! She helped me design my tattoo too.

Soon E went back to work and WS was done. WS and Lina were chatting and i just listened in on the conversation. Just a bit here and there.

WS was all "lanci" already! Haha, she started talking about getting her next one, blah blah blah... while i was still getting mine is only halfway done... that bitch! Hahaha. Who was so scared at first ar?? Hehe

What do u perceive it to be? What do u think it is??

The tip of the wings really hurt! The higher up on your back the tattoo is, the more painful it is. And lines hurt more than colouring. Lina said my tolerance to pain is quite high! Yay. I could see the whole ordeal in the mirror on the wall...

And at times i was like, SHIT... MY TATTOO IS HUGE, i didn't know it was gonna be huge! It was so long over my back... took about 45 minutes to complete!!!

WS's was fast! Who asked me to go get something so complex?? The design... was from a catalogue! Serious! Just flipped through a few pages, not knowing what i want and came across it. That's the one i want.

It just caught my eye, in a page full of designs in green and red, i saw this lil creature and... it was love at first sight?? Haha. Of course, i did ask for a few minor adjustments... and i did think about it for a week...


Don't think i should put up a pic of WS's tattoo, cuz it's hers. I'm quite afraid of someone stealing my design... as u can see by the way i possesively label my pix.

Less than a week later it started to itch like bloody dunno what hell. And u cannot scratch! Or it'll get infected!!! Made me so grumpy! Somemore, mine's coloured. If i scratch, the colour may come off.

Can u see where it's peeling??

Took damn a lot of pix cuz i wanna remember every moment. This is supposed to be my one and only tattoo... we'll see about that.


And last but not least... a picture of how my tattoo looks like on me, almost all healed.


No, i dun have a great body. I just have a.... uh... decent back?? If u see the front, u'd vomit, my tummy is... UGLY. Plus, if u stand up straight/sit up staright, ur pix tend to look nicer... just add the label and it's done...

Also, i love Levi's and look at my beautiful curly hair! Hahaha. Support Malaysian Grand Prix too and...

BORNEO INK is a great tattoo parlor! Satisted paying, RM150 for mine.

Happy Chinese New Year!! Hope u've enjoyed my Blog!

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She's Jess said...

Seriously.. you have the guts huh? I fear of the pain.. that's why I never want to do that. Plus.. don't think parents can accept.

You do have a vry curvaceous body hey! Ish.. jealousnya.. love the colour of yr tattoo..

Joey said...

Wah lau! U go, girl!! Cool

And yes, u do have a nice waist. Admit it. :-)

Joey said...

Oh yeah, Happy Chinese New Year!!

irene said...

wthhhhhhhhhh............. so cool... !! i nvr tot you wud go get a tattooooo! hahahah nice gonna get one sooooooonnnn!!!! hahaha so cool..

MaS said...

hahaahha, finally u blogged about it.

tze said...

OMG I WANT A TATTOO TOO!!! was it like really really painful? i mean, you know me and you know how susceptible i am to pain. so do you think i'll find it REALLY painful?

and your tattoo is really nice. =)

what did wei sue get?

*momo.berry said...

omg, awesome-ness!
tht tattoo looks so beautiful.
n ooh, NICE curves ;)

Debz said...

Looks like we've exchanged places my dear!!! heheh I always thought that I'd be the one who'd get the tattoo first but looks like WE'VE TRADED PLACES!! I'm such a wimp...hehehe look totally great!! love the hair and the tattoo!!

Serene said...

wow...did it hurt?
but it looks great though..:)
i'll never have the guts to do anything like that..

sue lin said...

Hey Jess!! =) Yup, got guts. But nope, seriously not good body... just got good photography skills... really. I see myself in the mirror sideways and i look pregnant... =( And thanks for being the 1st to comment so often!

Joey, haha, thanks! And nope, there's nothing to admit. One day if i can gather enough guts, i'd put up an ugly pic.

Hehehehehe, Irene! That's exactly what i wanted to do-- SHOCK people!!! But i have always wanted one la, just never said it...

Yup, Mas! =) It was a crazy week for me that week after i got it done remember? Didn't see each other for so many days.

Thanks Tze!!! I don't know how bad it would be for ya, but i have a feeling u'd make a lot of noise la if u were on the tattoo chair there! Hahaha. Wei Sue got an absract heart shape with her initial =) Simple but damn nice.

Thanks Momo berry! But too bad the curves only look nice from certain angles... =(

HAHAHAHAHA, Debz, yeah! I mean, oooooops, i did it again?? Hahaha. Thanks thanks, dun mind temaning u if u ever decide to get one. I love going there!

Thanks, Serene, yup, it did hurt!! That's why i said i listened to bits of the conversation and did not involve myself-- was in pain!! But it was worth it! Really happy with it. Never forget to care for it =)

Ripcord said...

gosh, you've got a niiiice waist. =)

birds do it...bees do it....maybe someday u and i do it? haha...

Ripcord said...

oh by the way, edward's an old mate of mine. =)

sue lin said...

Thanks Ripcord, but like i stressed many times, it was just good photography...

Who's Edward??? Oh, oh... Lina's brother? I know him as Eddie. What a small world!!! =)