Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Krabi Spontaneous Fun

When my irritating alarm went off on Day 2, i got up and opened the thick curtains of our room

Raining heavier than the first day! The wind was strong =( E called the agent and after breakfast we found that we had to cancel our island hopping! =( Noooo

Oh well, we cooked up plan B and decided to carry it out with a new trend:

Colourful raincoats. We were exploited, paid RM11 each man! And they were so easily torn. Threw those raincoats after a day's use.

Rented 4 bikes from the hotel. They didn't even ask for license. Just dangled the keys of the available bikes in front of us, asked us to fill out a form with our room number. That simple

The guy gave E a 1 minute lesson on how to operate the bike and he in turn taught the others and i how to ride! HAHAAHA, crazy!

Lots of our photos are on DS's camera, E was worried about his camera getting ruined in the rain, so it was safely tucked under the bike's seat, together with my handbag. My trusty Canon Ixus 800 was in Australia with my brother =(

We drove at about 55km/ph along kampung roads and plantation roads that looked exactly like Malaysia.

Went to a fossil beach and then to Krabi town. Not that much there, just one mall

Gave Thai KFC a try. E's order, a wrap was good, mine sucked

Spent some time waiting around for each other and then LY suggested we try to make it to Riley beach cuz the rain has stopped. I happily second that!

But we were too late, the people told us to come back tomorrow. The rest of the group went for more shopping while i told E, i wanted to go for a show. My wish is his command! =D

Bargained to get entrance fees of 500 baht for two. Is that cheap/expensive? Know anyone who's went for a Cobra Show who paid less?

Before the show they took out baby pythons for us to carry and pose with! =)

I like! To me they're cute, soooooooo cute! Its like, playing with a hamster, only difference is it wraps around u... Cold? Where got?

I stopped hogging the snake and passed it to E

The two of us were the only Asians interested in the show. The rest of the audience were Caucasians.

Since it the show wasn't beginning, i wanted to carry the pythons some more! Not many were as enthusiastic as I, so the staff put TWO pythons on me! =)

I heard one of the white ladies say "She's brave".

That made me smile! Don't know why both the snakes kept slithering to the right...

We took a seat and while waiting for the show to begin, i toyed with photography:

Of all random objects i chose for photography, this one's the nicest and sharpest =)

The show was in many little parts with different snakes:

3 cobras first and then a jumping snake... all very entertaining

We took videos of it but i'm lazy to post it up. The show lasted maybe 30 minutes.

I wanted to take pictures of the sign board and the staff offered to bring out the pythons again just for us!

They were happy we wanted to take pictures of their business

Chit chat a bit, the little snake is 2 and a half years old, i thought it was less than a year old. They feed them with chicks. Can't remember how many per feeding, once every 5 weeks.

After that, 5 of us went for a swim in the hotel pool and then got ready for dinner

Great company, so-so food. As usual no food pictures from the anti-food blog blogger, just drinks and empty plates! Haha

After that some of them wanted to do more shopping while some wanted to try the pork burger at McDonalds. Just a short bike ride away.

4 of us walked into McD and ordered ONE pork burger to share, not even a set! HAHAHA, another 2 joined without ordering anything more!

The 6 of us then walked to the Swensen's next door and shared ONE sundae! =P

Camwhoring with the bikes outside the restaurants

Love the nightshot function on E's camera, so much better than my Canon's high ISO setting. There's a squashed coconut near E's foot... making our picture look ugly! Haha

Along Aonang streets. Love my heels, its Hush Puppies, like wearing rubber shoes!

I've got bad travel skin so i was treating it with tonnes of creams while E watched tv. The others were calling us to go down to the pool to play cards and drink. I took my time and we were the last to go down, which worked out well! They planned a surprise belated birthday party for E by the pool (its also a thank you to him for planning the trip):

I was more surprised than him tho! Haha, Swensen's ice cream cake and they bought him boxers with bananas on it... which he wore on his head, don't ask me why i love him.

He loves stabbing birthday cakes too, take a look at last year's. In the background, is the hotel pool, adjacent to a few rooms, seems to be the style there in Krabi. During our evening swim, i climbed up and peeked into someone else's room! =P

poured him two shots

He pretended to be drunk which was kinda funny

Shortly after that we cleaned up, went to room 412 to play Heart Attack and then watched some horror movie and went to bed. That's it for Day 2.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tags and Links

What to do when you receive this award. The rules begin:
  1. Copy the award above to be placed in your blog
  2. State 5 interesting facts about the person who grant you this award
  3. Every blogger must state 10 facts or hobbies before passing the award
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Received this award from Traclyn. Let's start on the five facts about her.
  • Known each other for at least 7 years (high school)
  • Never really spoken to each other until we 'met' in the blogging world
  • She writes good stuff on make up tips and products
  • I remember being nervous before choral speaking in school before assembly. She was sitting in the front row and she smiled at me. Was really comforting. =)
  • Wonder if she remembers that little gesture.

10 facts or hobbies of mine

- Came home from work at 10.45pm today =(
- I want so much more in life
- I miss Krabi

- I am planning to go to Krabi again, wanna come? Drop me a comment if u wanna join!
- I'm supposed to help a friend promote her handmade accessory shop
- I passed my first Chartered Accountancy paper!!!
- Got credit for it too! Damn happy cuz i thought i would fail
- I owe charities RM 500 cuz i vowed to make a donation if i pass
- I stopped doing tags for many years but this breaks that
- My legs are aching from gym yesterday...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Krabi Amazing Race

Some of our friends decided to give my always early E a heart attack by arriving late. We only started to go through customs 10 minutes before the flight! And NH had passport chip reading problems

On the screen were the words "Gate 3 Krabi CLOSED",
i was starring at it shocked but the airport officials let us in.
"You have to run" was what the officer told YY! We had a good laugh over it during lunch. D was like "My name has never been called out at the airport before!"

All 10 of us wore masks all the way from Sentral to Krabi.
We didnt wanna fall sick before our trip.

On the way back, less than 5 of us bothered to dress up as doctors! Hahah, we're all working adults, unlike the uni kids we were at Redang, and none of us really wanted to go back to work

We checked in and was greeted by little elephants, just as i saw in another blog:

Buri Tara Resort was a bargain. Maybe 4 stars and only RM140 a night! They provide you with not only bath towels but pool towels as well =) If i knew i wouldn't have bothered bringing an extra towel for the island hopping on Day 2

Mr Holiday Planner and i.
He logged on AirAsia.com at 6am
and smsed the gang at 6.30am one fine day back in March. No one replied him by 8.30am (like duh, so early wei) and he started harassing us with threatening smses forcing us to reply!

We decided on lunch and a walk along Aonang street

Shopped or window shopped.

Camwhored whenever it stopped raining for a second

A jump pic of the girls. 8 grrrls, 2 guys, any guys wanna join in our next trip?

Its paradise

Bliss even on this rainy day

I threw a little tantrum when E didnt wanna eat banana pancake with me
but this

Thai coconut cheered me up! So damn SWEET! Naturally
E helped me peel the coconut flesh =) Hehe

After a super long day of walking aimlessly around Aonang, we searched for a place to have dinner. We picked a seafood shop with some diners. Mamak style - u know, not a proper structure, its just a makeshift tent-like thing.

Was a little afraid of upset tummy, i even brought pills for diarrhea but guess what, Krabi's CLEANER than Bali by a thousand times! All of us are A'Ok. Bali belly belongs to Bali

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Alaska Day Trip

Updated 7/7/2009

MY and i drove to Port Klang and went for a one day cruise to Alaska! Without a ship! HAHAH. Yeah right!

Inside this ice cream warehouse, lies a simulation of Alaska:

My Melbourne winter clothes were used, i went in with the warehouse personnel and started on my stocktake. I was in there for quite a while according to the Singaporeans clients.

That's before i knew it was THIS COLD:

CRAP! Imagine wearing winter clothing meant for -2 degrees in a -22 degrees environment?! How did i manage? At least there was no wind inside, makes it bearable.

Was so cold inside that i was worried my toes, fingers or ears would fall off! Was seriously scared. Wore an additional jacket provided by the warehouse after that:

Heheh, this picture is funny! After a long session in there, MY and i went out and just sat under the hot Malaysian afternoon sun, still wearing our winter clothing!

We sat there and chat with all that gear on until we got sunburned! HAHAHA! Love working with friends. Get to camwhore too!

That girl doesnt know how to handle a Magnum! HAHA!

The ice cream just came out of the -22degrees warehouse, i swear i used it to hit the wall and it sounded like i was using a hammer to hit the wall!

No pictures of the inside. It looks just like Ikea anyway.
And i didnt want to kill my purple phone in the extreme weather. Here's how they load the lorries:

The loading area is about -5degrees, u have to enter the loading area to exit the warehouse. After being in -22, entering the loading area feels so so warm! Can you imagine that?

Once in a lifetime experience, ONCE is enough!

Long Day Ahead

Will be counting ice cream in a cold room below 0 degrees today! For work! Sounds fun! Plus i get to go with one of my closest high school friends! =) First time working with her although we've been colleagues for over a year

And then will be attending a wedding dinner. Excited cuz its the first time i am attending a FRIEND's wedding. Actually its my senior at work's wedding. She's 3 years older. Definitely consider her a friend, so yeah, that makes me excited