Thursday, November 27, 2008


Never into that kind of exercise, i personally find it boring. But whats on the front page of our newspapers these days, its ridiculous

Thats all.

Going to bed after 1am every night cuz am too addicted to True Blood, getting up at 6.30am everyday to drive to Kepong, the drive to Kepong ain't so bad but the drive home can be more unpredictable than Melbourne's weather. Client's nice and helpful, love clients who go home at 6pm and ask u to go home too.

Too tired to give ya a picture post, sorry. There is still Prison Break to watch! =)

Ohhh and i never thought taking exams would be good news but i am shit happy to start my Professional paper on 1st Feb! =)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My 'cubicle' at work

One thing i like about my work is that i dont have a little cubicle to go to everyday.

New environment every few days.

Sometime August after i got my new phone

And then it was a long off peak period for me with no clients to go to before i was sent to audit the unit trust:

Seriously, it was more cramped up than it looks

Look at this room the next client gave us:

Feels like... ur one of those special ones in Heroes and u are captured and being observed in this room...

And this is NOT what auditing should be like:

Auditing is not supposed to be All U Do Is Tick. But the previous year auditor certainly did that. AHAHAHA, had a good laugh

The next client seemed cool, they print packaging for cigarette companies, look at their shelf on display

But thats all thats cool about them, it was SPLITTING HEADACHE auditing them, so many issues and exceptions. And i had to drive all the way past the Subang airport to end up in this ulu place:

Factory area. See my lil trusty Kancil? I think i hurt it going through 12km of bumpy roads for 6 days =(

Last but not least. What i wore to work.


At LEAST we get to park in the building on Sundays, and Saturdays and after 6pm on weekdays. Certainly helps reduce the pain of going to the office after working hours.

Study break has ended, i am not burdened with exams for some time but it means back to WORK. Help me...

All i have to look forward to is 3 public holidays in Dec, another 3 in Jan, a short February and slug through March and i'd reach the one year mark, baby!

Cant wait cant wait. Time, please fly!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Happy Happy!

Mom won tickets from Discovery Channel for me, beats me why Discovery has a contest for the Quantum of Solace, but what the hell, Premier Class in Signature GSC! =)

First time there and free popcorn lined the seats waiting for us! Yeah!

Doesn't matter if we didn't get the blankets other bloggers keep talking about, pretty comfortable even without. And got free drinks too

The happy couple:

with our tickets:

The movie? Errr... Casino Royale was much better lah.
Thats all

We shall move on. To something i'm DYING to blog about. Did ya notice? Did u? Did u! Did you??

Was trying to be both humble but obvious at the same time... Hehe, lame, whatever, over the moon with my first intangible asset =)

Doesn't meet the recognition criteria of asset but --stops the accounting talk-- whatever.

I've bought and I am shit happy =) =)

Try it =) But all it does now is redirects to my Blogspot. Again, whatever, i'm HAPPY!

How was it possible? I know people who know people! HAHAHA, just felt like saying tht, too happy.

Special Thank You to her and him!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Cockroach in Jogoya? Nevermind lah

Yes, u read me right.



By the Haagen Daaz ice cream

in posh RM88++ per head Japanese buffet restaurant in Star Hill

And the reaction of Malaysian to the little roach? NOTHING. Not one person in the very long queue for the ice cream took notice!!!!!!

When i took pictures above, my colleague was scared that we might get scolding for taking pictures of the cockroach.

HELLO, who's in the wrong here?!!!!!

It was a free department social gathering dinner thingie, so i told one of the planners, he's an Executive Senior in our firm, equivalent to Assistant Manager. And he was like "Really ar?"

I showed him the pictures and then he said "Never mind la"

I told the other girl, also a co-planner, she said "Actually i saw it too", giggle and she was reluctant to discuss it further

OH MY GOD. I was so baffled and, and... speechless, i didnt bother telling the bosses, after all it was us who were dying to go to Jogoya!

Their reactions made my heart sank and i just gave up.

God god god, RM88 per head and all those other people who actually paid for the damn dinner out of their own pockets didnt say a thing????????

In Malaysia, 5 Star Restaurants get away with roaches running about (yeah there was not one but two), ministers get away with...

Makes my blood boil. Furious!

Monday night and that place was packed like it was just RM8.80. Gosh. Its overrated. I cant believe i wanted to go there for over 2 years, so desperate to go that i cried more than once.

Sigh, i had lots of scallops tho =P Prior to Jogoya, i NEVER knew scallops had shells. My first taste of scallops was in Chinese 10 course dinners (without shells) and i only bought them raw/cooked (also without shell) in Australia where scallops damn huge!

They were everywhere in the buffet. I feasted on them silly, the shells piled up on my side of the table, so many helpings till i was sick of them that night. Now i kinda wanna eat them... thats one reason why i am usually anti-food blogs, they make u wanna eat at 1.36am

Ignore the pink arrow, ask if u are interested.

Overall verdict? Food's good, interior's cozy, nice for family gatherings, couple seats are cute and tight but i don't think its romantic at all, the ones i passed by anyway. But by the end of the night, the place has lost its novelty. Once is enough. I won't be going back, not for RM88

E is right for not wanting to go there, he doesn't eat 90% of the seafood served, paying RM88 for him to go for the buffet ain't logical. My head knew it all along but my heart was so envious of her and the one who got my dream birthday (her bf brought her to Jogoya and then to Avril's concert).

Now u know my jealous side, the green monster that i never showed on my blog before this. Haha. Three cheers to the company i work for. Thanks to them, i've been to Jogoya (for free, heheh) and i can laugh at how stupid i was =P


My father was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday and was told to rest at home

I am on study break this week and it was kinda nice having my father around. We talked quite a lot =)

The maid cooked a feast every night come dinner time (Sydney aunt and uncle is here visiting too), we never have such fancy home cooked dinners unless it is a Sunday. It was really nice to have the whole family sit together for dinner for so many nights in a row

Everyday felt like Sunday. To me, a Sunday never feels like Sunday unless my father is around. Any day can feel like a Sunday when he is at home.

Monday, November 03, 2008

That Saturday

I didn't even know that my father was not well for 3days, he sent my sis to school, went to work from 9am to 9pm like normal. Unlike me, he never complained much. He slept early, i just thought he was tired.

Mom told me she was bringing him to the hospital to get checked yesterday morn. Did a brain scan and my father called me (while my mom drove) to say that he had blood clots in his head! And he was going for an operation in Pantai in Bangsar.

My father sounded normal, convinced me that it was all alright. Still. I cried a tear or two.

I badly wanted my Saturday to be normal so i went home (from the routine Sat breakfast with E). Did some stupid work and went for my 1.50pm gym class. My bro, sis and maid went to the hospital earlier

Forgot to bring my phone, took my time in the shower, went home to find an sms from Mom saying that my father's operation is at 5pm. Damn, its almost 4! I rushed to get to Bangsar, i knew i needed to see him before they took him away for the operation. I had a feeling that we wouldn't be able to see him from 4.40 or so.

I didnt make it in time, when i got there at 4.20, he was already in the operation theatre. Kinda wanted to cry.

ad to push out negative thoughts, thoughts that i couldn't help thinking, like "What if the worst happened and that i didnt get to see him BEFORE he left the operation?"

Would going to the gym be something i deeply regret? I thought back to the few past few days when my father was sick, i was so busy with work (and i came home quite freaking late) that i didn't really get to talk to him to notice he was sick, let alone hug him, something i haven't done since i cant remember when.

Hung out with bro, mom n sis in the cafeteria and my bro asked me "Why are u so late?". I mumbled, i couldn't tell him that i went to the gym, i couldn't look at him in they eye.

It was quite a long wait for the operation to be done, had to keep on telling myself that it was gonna be ok.

And thankfully it was, the operation was a success! I don't know how much regret there'll be inside of me and how long it will eat me alive if things turned out differently.

I am SO thankful