Saturday, January 07, 2006

6 Days into 2006

As a big sister, i had to chauffer my lil sis home from school on Tuesday. Incidentally her school was my old school, so there i was in the all too familiar traffic jam, waiting for her, when it hit me. The form fives now are 3 years younger than us! Shit man. We're old.

Not too long ago, my lil baby sister was in pre-school while i was in pre-u. Now she's in standard 2!!! And i'm in my 2nd year of Monash University now.

Yeah, i said i'm usually all happy about the English New Year but nostalgia hit me bad on Wednesday, that's the day i started classes for the year 2006.

Dragged my sleepy ass to Monash on Wednesday morning, felt super stressed because i didn't manage 2 get much work done in my long long weekend. Felt like shit.

Just felt like going to some secluded corner and start crying.

But somewhere along the way i turned positive, thinking that it's a new day, blah blah blah. But it didn't last long, another unwanted trip down memory lane traveled me. I realized that it's the beginning of my 3rd year at the Sunway campus. Already? Shit.

Thankfully all that emotions didn't last long, a shot of coffee and a dose of MKW2402 consumer behaviour kept my mind of the fact that another year has gone by. Again.

After that, rushed to finish Company Reporting assignment, met up with a friend to discuss n check the answers. Can't believe we actually did work continuously from 3pm till 9.30pm!!! No dinner. I was dying.

But working on the assignment wasn't too bad, made new friends-- other people who were struggling with the subject. And don't care what u think of me but i LOVE accounting wan... at the end of the day i was happy n positive already!

Happy n positive until i realized that i haven't typed up all my answers yet... then i was down a bit again and poor E had 2 help me as well as put up with my mood...

Oh yeah, Sunway/Monash has just gotten this canggih parking ticket machines. Like the one in shopping malls -- u get a ticket when u enter and pay using the machines before leaving. Guess it's in response to the phasing out of the RM1 coins. Here's my resit.

See, i stayed at college for 13 hours just to do work!!

After Wednesday, everything's normal for me, i write the date 2006 without accidentally writing 2005 n i attend classes without falling asleep (with the help of coffee)(and i still do yawn till tears fall from my eyes)... just the usual.

Guess i've come to accept the new year?? Ate my favourite Sunway College Cafeteria's dish ever-- Chicken Kuew Teow for lunch and joked about how i'd NEVER get bored of it though it's the beginning of my 3rd year eating that same dish on an almost daily basis...

Speaking of food, i had steamboat for dinner!!! Remember how nuts i was over steamboat a few weeks back?? Thank u E, for inviting me 2 join u and ur friends for dinner. They're so nice, fed me prawns! Haha. And funny la they all, though i dun understand half the stuff they say...

3rd new year resolution: TRY to MAKE AN EFFORT to ATTEMPT to learning A LITTLE bit more chinese.

So yeah, i'm fine. And happy. Though very busy and tired.

And reluctant to carry out my 3rd resolution.


MaS said...

had enough prawns ?? u wanted to know wat they say ?? well learn hokkien then .. they were speaking hokkien ... and also mixing abit of cantonese and also abit of mandarin .....

but r u sure u can do it ???

n oohhh of course we r getting older.

ur last teen year is almost over .... didnt u realize that ???

well i remember

Ripcord said...

Everytime I come across a post about Malaysian food, I get so ARGH.... hungry? I miss the food.

Serene said...

hey sue lin..:)
actually discovered your blog because of the pics you put up in friendster...
great that you're starting your year well..
and you'll pick up chinese really quickly by listening to chinese songs..

sue lin said...

mas, yeah!! More than enough prawns! Too much already, embarrased with the pile of prawn shells near my bowl! =P

Yeah, i noticed they mixed... can understand a bit here n there but when there's a big joke and everyone laughs hard, i wouldn't understand.

That's why i said 'make an effort' to 'try to' 'attempt' learning chinese ma. Hehe.

Ya ya, how many times u wanna remind me!? And it's the 1st time u comment so long

ripcord, haha, i didn't go into THAT much details did i?

Anyway, thank u sooo much for visiting and commenting, i'll mail u some nasi lemak la ok? Will use =) Haha

Serene!! Gald to see u here, surprised 2!

Haha, i didn't know how else 2 label my Friendster pix... and it's easier too, if i want to use the pix for both Friendster and my Blog.

Ya, maybe i should listen to some chinese songs in the car... what station's best??

Lin Peh said...

If you wan learn hokkien, Lin Peh can teach. Lin Peh graduate from Fock-Kin U wan ! LOL !

sue lin said...

Haha, lin peh, thanks for the offer and thanks for commenting. =) But u 2 teach me ar??