Monday, July 30, 2007


Melbourne in early autumn. On my birthday to be exact:

There are a lot of these voicing of opinions going on in the city. Something to do with the prime minister and war. Took their handouts but read none of it.

In Hungry Jacks, E's favourite fast food joint in the city, i watched the pigeons pick at fallen fries. I noticed that many of the pigeons are cacated (handicapped). This one's the worse

Only has one leg with a missing toe. Must have been because of the city trams. But the poor thing manages with life just fine.

I pretty much missed the beauty of autumn because of assignments and exams. This tree is a lil late. Taken early winter.

Autumn's beauty. Clayton people, do u recognize this place?

We had a little internship reunion during the holidays too. Four of us non-audit vacation trainees and a couple of friends in Melbourne's memorial shrine or whatever its called:

I always thought of Australia's winter to be ugly until i managed to capture some pretty shots:

Taken from the window at breakfast in Mt Buller.

Next one is somewhere along Swanston Street:

Dead trees can be so beautiful eh? I heard those carriages cost $50 a ride. Damn. If it was $20 i'd pay for its novelty.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Hung out with 3 newfound friends and housemate HS in KFC in the afternoon today.

This school girl (they wear uniforms and each school has its own compulsory bag. So, school kids in Msia, ur lucky to get to carry almost any bag u want. Shit i miss my old Guess backpack i used to use as my school bag from form 2 till SPM).

So, this schoolgirl just came up to our table, and LEANED across to put this little container and disposable wooden chopsticks on the table RIGHT in front of me.

Looked directly at me and said
"My friend over there says she thinks you're really cute",
and points at her table.

SHE thinks you're really cute. SHE! Oh my god. If its a GUY its not so bad... Plus these kids aren't older than 17.

Smiled and said thanks, thats all they usually expect i guess. Was told that no matter what, u have to layan(entertain) all these weird shit.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Boring Life Boring Post

Many more Malaysians this semester in Peninsula. All of them asking me what is there to do here. I don't have an answer for them. The beach is all Peninsula had...

Many Berwick students in Peninsula too.

Trying to make friends with the locals again. I found it hard to remember their faces last semester. Gonna try harder this sem. And if i go for Buffed Bar in the gym every week i think i'll make friends there. Hopefully

Oh yeah, about the class i attend in the gym, i'm the only Asian! Hahaha. Among them, i was TINY. I felt scrawny! I was always the HUGE girl back in Malaysia.

That's about it in my life now. Might dig up old pictures to post up.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mt Buller Ski Trip!

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Bus leaves at 6.30am from the city. So i stayed over at cousin's place. She lent me ski gloves, spec case and even got up and made me coffee at 5.45am! So sweet!

But i walked to the station alone. Melbourne city at 6.15am:

Nice trip up there. E and i talked most of the way while the others slept like pigs.

It was wonderful seeing the terrain change. From the usual bare forest floor to catching a glimpse of white specks of snow and then watching the amount of snow increase...

Inset is the view from the bus. And those are snow chains! Cool eh? I assume to allow the vehicle to get a better grip of the road. They only put it on on the day we head home. Wonder how they do it...

All we did the first day was eat and explored the mountain. Just parts of it actually.

And rented tobogans: these little plastic thing for u to sit and slide on!

Fun fun fun! Too bad didn't get a pic of E and i sharing one toboggan. And notice that this photo is edited? Didn't do a very good job =P

Had dinner and called it a day. Went to the lounge by 6pm. Felt like 9pm Malaysian time. Love our hotel lodge. Its homely. And everyone staying at the Duck Inn was hanging out in the lounge. Cosy. Nice.

But we couldn't make much noise as Big Brother, this Aussie reality show was on tv and people were really into it judging by the way they keep increasing the volume...

Day 2
In the shuttle bus to buy our lift pass after 2 hours of boot fitting and ski measurements! Oh and i totally stuffed myself with bacon and tomatoes at the buffet breakfast.

Classes came free with lift passes- but u gotta tell them u want classes before buying the tickets.

With all our gear! Waiting to get to ski school!

Pix of E and i. Anticipating our lessons... might as well camwhore while we waited.

Besides, once classes begun, there was little time left for pictures. Even if there was an opportunity for a picture, i couldn't smile

The class killed me. It was awfully tiring, extremely tough and i was sweating! Sitting on my ass on the snow felt like 5 star hotel luxury. I was THAT exhausted. Was so thirsty i was about to eat snow!

Also, i seriously sucked at skiing. I fell and fell and i was so tired i just wanted to lie there and cry. But i didn't cuz there were people going downhill and i am in their way

I felt so hopeless and handicapped with 5 foot long feet while most of my friends were just natural at it...

But skiing is something i wanna do again. It's another love-hate relationship in my life.

Just like E and i. Love-hate. I let out my anger at him and he just had to tolerate me... Kesihan him. Thanks =)

Anyway. Complimentary drinks at the bar at night!

I watched in amazement as GT expertly drank her shot from the DUCK FART shot glass. With my allergy, i'll never get to experience the whole weird lick-salt-and-suck-on-lemon shit.

By the way, thats me with the champagne glass. Just a sip for a pic (actually many tiny sips cuz i couldn't get a pic i like) and then i gave the glass to someone else. Haha

Wondered why our hotel is called DUCK INN?

Owner must be a DUCK enthusiast. Quaky hour instead of happy hour! Wahaha. Do click on the pic to enlarge it, u'll see the ducks and maybe an obscene sign...

Forced everyone to take a group pic. Made them hurry by just setting the timer and shouting "You've got TEN seconds!"

Really does the trick! Everyone's in position within ten seconds!
Inset: MY and i, close friends since form 5! =)

Day 3

Snowed heavily and the wind had no mercy on the third day. So we stayed in our room indoors behind flowered grills...

And we returned our skis

As well as get a picture with the boss, Brenton.

Just kidding. We did NOT sit indoors. The weather may be unsuitable for skiing but there were lots of other activities! Like...

Girls vs guys... i took a pic of guys aka The Enemy. Look at my armed boyfriend, scary white weapon in his hand. A is hides behind a tobogan fort. His pal, P reloads, u know by making a snowball?

When peace befalls the group (i know i'm talking nonsense), we...

and then we...

Shortly after, it was time to say goodbye to Jack and all the ducks

This trip is exactly one year after my snorkeling trip at Redang

Monday, July 09, 2007



here i am surfing the net at 11.30pm and u tempt me with all that food! Most ppl surf at night and u wanna tempt us all with food so late at night? U love to see me get fat is it?


unless u cooked the food n are proud of it la!

U promote their restaurant 4 what? they dont pay YOU

Note: this post is not specifically directed at anyone... i've just seen too many pictures of food every night... going to eat now. Ah! I've gained 5kg!!!

I'm 59kg now okay?! Are u happy?

Just kill me with that knife on your fine dining table instead of posting pictures of food PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Ski Trip - Boring Details First

As we checked out from our cute cozy hotel- Duck Inn, the owner (i assume) promoted his lodge for off-peak September.

Before the bus left the mountain, i was planning my second trip up! Hehe! =) If u are in Australia (and if i have your contact number/msn), be prepared to be invited!

Hope i have the cash for the next trip!!!

I'm gonna publish the cost of my recent trip...
$100 -- 60 for return bus tickets, 30 for snow transfers, 10 for gate entry
$200 -- 100 for each night at Duck Inn
$45 -- rental for snow pants for 3 days
$50 -- skiis, boots and poles
$ 3 -- insurance for the bottom of the skis
$46 -- for lift pass and free beginner's lesson
$3.50 -- tobogans... E and i shared one
$10 -- one lunch... skipped lunch after a heavy breakfast the next day
$22.30- 2 dinners
$2 -- one can of coke, the rest of the time i drank plain water
$2.50 -- Train ticket to city (Sunday saver)
$4.52 -- Train ticket home
Total cost of the trip = $488.80

Gotta slowly select n edit the pictures. Still haven't gathered pictures from one more camera...

Sunday, July 01, 2007

In 15 Hour's Time

I'll be on a bus to Mt Buller for skiing!

Yeah! Thats the only great thing about winter.

Australian winter is generally ugly. Cuz there is no snow to cover the lifeless trees. And the rain is not snow, so you get wet. It sucks.

My holidays are jammed packed with plans. As usual i never wanna waste away my holidays. And there was E's bday and PL's bday the next day. Loads of fun!

I went for two job interviews last week. For part time jobs. Hope they call me back.

And i finished the whole season one of Heroes with bestfriend

Also i was the one who planned and made all the payments for the ski trip (was stressful but i'm so proud of myself now that the planning's done =).

Plus I'm helping out with orientation and a Peer Mentor Mentee Program...

Gotta go get ready, see ya!