Friday, November 04, 2005

Leopard Spots and Blog Theraphy

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All statements are my views and feelings unless supported. Everything is based on my opinion and what i think, based on the happenings of my life. Do correct me when you think i am wrong (after you have at least read the particular post u want to complain about). I am human and i do make mistakes. I am no angel

Before i get into blog theraphy, first i need to ask a question. Do u believe in the phrase "A leopard never changes its spots"?

In short it means-- theif gets caught, goes to jail, comes out and steals again.

What do u think?? It's a genuine question. But of course, someone did provoke me into writing it.

I strongly disagree with the idiom. In my humble opinion, i think that it depends on the person. Not everyone is like that. I've read in the newspapers, of working prisoners (prisoners who work in prison and get paid peanuts) who donate their saved up salaries to tsunami victims. There are other prisoners who have repent.

I believe in second chances. I believe in 'experience is the best teacher'. I want people to tell me where i'm wrong so that i can learn from my mistakes and be a better person.

But this girl i know, she just fires hurtful words at you without justifying anything. And when u want to know what is it u've done so wrong, she asks u to ask someone else. Why hurl such means words at someone? Is it your intention to hurt him and those who love him?? At least tell him what is it that he's done. But no, U just use idioms and throw daggers.

So tempted to --

But ya la, everyone has different opinions. Fine, believe in that idiom, it's your freedom. I believe in second chances. I believe in change. I believe it's inevitable. I believe It's HOPE.

Blog Theraphy

That said, let's move on to blog theraphy. I'm happy because of this! Hahaha. I find it funny. And i find it... cool that my site appears on Google. There'll be a day when Google is full of blogs. I wonder if that person managed with the essay... if u still visit here, i don't mind helping u out...

And and... my bestfriend read my blog!! So honoured to be the first blog she ever read! And the first post she read was the last one, where i talked about the jacket and her. Hehe. And guess whats??? We're going to Sungai Wang later 2 walk around!!!! Because of my post!! Awwwwwww. =) Hahahaha.

To my bestfriend, Love u girl! It's people like u that make this world a better place. No matter how annoying u can be... i'm going to miss u when u leave for Aust. =)

By the way... my marketing assignment 2. 65%. Dissapointing. But it's my fault. Got distracted and did not put in enough effort. Sigh. The exam was ok lar... answered the required questions... And i think it was fine. But i'm scared. Last semester, i thought i did well for my Management but the results turned out to be very bad.


sue lin said...

"I believe in 'experience is the best teacher'. I want people to tell me where i'm wrong so that i can learn from my mistakes and be a better person."---> that is why i thanked him after the incident.

Yeah, the incident caused me much grief. Too much thinking on my part. But if he didn't confront me, i would have gotten away with writing something that was wrong.

Still, I am disappointed in the way he proved his point.

yeeli said...

With experience, u'll live a much better life. I believe everyone makes mistakes and through every mistakes we will learn n grow up. If things are out of our hand and we no longer have control on them, then just let TIME decide. =)

sue lin said...

Hey Yeeli, thanks for commenting! Yup! But sometimes i forget what i've learnt! Haha... good thing i blogged about it, serves a good reminder. =)

supplementals said...

nice rant

sue lin said...

Thank u Supplementals... but actually, what do u mean by that??

Joey said...

Hey, ya know, the little paragraph u wrote after ur links? U said u "put I before J"...isn't that the correct way? ABCDEFGHIJ.....I'm confused. haha...

sue lin said...

Eh.. hahahaha, wrote wrongly... i accidentally put I AFTER J. OOOps!! Hahaha... then i corrected it =P