Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Right Decision

Half the office empty as i came in. Nice.

Was told to go to the Nearby Tax Office again. So i went.

The moment i got back at around 4.45pm, Stressed-Looking Lady Senior (SLLS), asked me to go to the Faraway Tax Office. Its hard to say no to her, she's... kinda damsel in distress and i... kinda see myself as their little angel, the one who does the unimportant rubbish so they can go home a lil earlier. So i went.

I knew i would be late for the gathering i've been planning for weeks with my school friends at Fasta Pasta at Ikano. A lil stressed there, smsed them in advance, telling them to be at the lrt 30mins later (yah, i'm driver, have to make a detour to the station to pick them up)

Thank goodness they were understanding (duh, i am treating them to dinner as well). Got back to the office at 6.30pm (work finishes at 5.30, and yeah, while i was still on the way back to the office, SLLS called to tell me she's leaving the offive).

Cool Calm Collected Senior (CCCS) was the only one still at the office at 6.30! Chatted with him a bit. Poor guy! He had a family emergency and so he came in work late, so he has to stay back and finish his work!!! His wife was vomitting and had to take a blood test!

"But your still so calm!", i exclaimed in admiration!

And he was like "I don't like stress".

Whoaaaa, can i be like that?

Really wanted to offer some help but 3 of my friends are waiting for me at the LRT station... there was supposed to be 5 of us. One of my school friends MY , who's also working in the same co as me, couldn't make it 4 d gathering at the last minute! Her seniors needed her to stay back. Poor soul. I stopped by her for a min.

Rushed, drove over the curb, car made loud noises! I shrieked in the car! Came out and saw nothing wrong with my car... Still. Mad. Screamed "STUPID" in the open air, almost deserted carpark.

Wanted to proceed screaming "FUCK" but saw an auntie looking at me... whooops. =P

Fun having the 3 of them in my car, chatter and splatter gossip through the jam. Nice! Love them sooooo. There is so much we missed out on each other. One night is not enough!!!

Came home, showered and at 2am, i came online to blog about my day.... when a friend interning in the same company messaged me on msn...

He says: hey
He says: help!
I say : heya!
I say : why why why?
He says: man
He says: LOADs of work
He says: i'll be spending my new year up here in ___ (outstation)
He says: now i'm at client office with 3 other seniors
He says: and they told me we will spend our nite here in office
He says: we might be going back on the 2nd

Oh my god!!!! For new years we are having a 4 day weekend! If they go back on the 2nd, he has totally no holidays! WTF man! 3rd we start work!

Good thing i didnt take audit!!! Lucky i stuck with tax.

But my other friend in audit in the same co... she was happily confirming our New Year's Eve with our boyfriends... =) and some friends... =)

Upcoming posts i have in mind : Customized Daydreams , Angel , Blur Queen's History , End of 2006 Self-evaluation thing. Do tell me which one u don't wanna read, dont have time to write as much as i wanna write

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Boxing Day (Edited)

Back to work. Was okay until i got my paycheck.

After that everything and everyone just got on my nerves.

The joys of Christmas day- was it only yesterday?

Sunday, December 24, 2006

When Managers Become Drivers

Noticed little blue gifts at every desk. "Do i have one?", i wondered as i walk to my secluded corner desk.

And there it is, a little something. =) Hershey's Kisses. Almond. Nice! Thanked WL for them.

WL and SL are leaving the company and we had a farewell lunch for them cum Christmas party at a club near work. Since parking is RM9 per entry for most of us, the managers who get to park for free in the building, became drivers! Hahahaha. So nice of them. =)

20 of us sat in a really long table. Even Director C joined us. It was nice.

Had the salmon set. Yummy! Happy with my choice. Since everyone pre-ordered a set, and the choices we had both costs RM16.90++, i went for the luxury food =P Same price after all.

After lunch, we headed back to the office to find more gifts on our desk! I've got one from the exhange gift/secret santa thingie... and ontop my monitor, two little candy canes! Little surprises are nice.

Some people just went around handing out little gifts, until i've got so many on my table!

Most of them are simple chocolate and candy but its great receivng so many until my desk was full. Its opening the wrappers that's fun, its the thought that counts.

If only i was as thoughtful... =P

All the above happended on the 21st Dec, Thursday. Cuz most people took Friday off. But quite a few of them came to the office although it was their day off. I'm guessing, to accountants days off are days where u come to work late, dressed casually and u leave early.

Ohhhhh, and my wish to travel for work came true, i'm dispatch girl. Delivered a cheque to Menara Maxis, delivered a billing to Shah Alam and went to SS2 to collect some signed tax forms! =) RM80 of cab fares there

Went shopping with bestfriend today. Discount heaven in Peel Road. Its called Queens Park. I bought a little Guess skirt worth RM249.90 for RM63 and a Guess evening top worth RM219.90 for RM35. =D

Also, for only RM30, i bought two tops for work, a present for E, and flip flops from F.O.S there. =P Crazy man! Gonna wear the skirt to E's boss's Xmas party tomorrow! Yay!

His bosses at Borneo Ink are very nice wan... i followed him to work n lepaked there till the shop closed at 3pm. They belanja-ed me nasi lemak somemore! =) Two packets. =P

Though i'm home on xmas eve, blogging like a loser, i'm HAPPY. Smiles.

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Queen of the Blur

In the lift, two ladies were STARRING AT MY FEET!!!!

Its soooo obvious. Can't they do it discreetly? Arrrrrgggghhh, cannot stand it... it is so embarassing, i just HAD TO say something:

"I forgot to bring my shoes", i said sheepishly.

Forgot to bring my phone as well the very same day. Lucky 4 me, the lady who keeps her shoes under her desk is off and the lady who sits next to her says she wouldn't mind.

Thank goodness her size's bigger than mine. I do not need the agony of squishing my feet into cinderella'a slippers.

And then... my senior asked me to fax a 37-page document. Guess what the Blur Queen did?

I sent it to the wrong number!!!! Ahhhhh! I sent it back to my company! Smart betul kan?

Stupid. Lucky its not sent. I wasted a lot of paper already since i started working. And senior nice. But have to re-scan everything before sending again! Aiyoh

Oh and... the Zouk tickets for Friday night... one ticket (admits two) goes to Supplementals and another one(admits two) is still up for grabs. Deadline is 11pm, 20th December 2006 or both of them goes to Supplementals. Or maybe i'll just burn them. Sorry, i'm irritated...

Monday, December 18, 2006

Crazy. Sucky . Cool?


I bit my tongue. Hard. And my TEETH hurt!!! Hahahaha, that is what u get when u just tighten your braces!

Found out that if i parked in zone E or zone A in Midvalley, there is almost no traffic jam to get to Midvalley from work. Ahahaha. Was super happy cuz of that! Window shopaholic on the loose.


Got busted for inappropriate attire at work AGAIN. Aiyo, this elderly lady sullenly declared, in a gravely voice, without a smile, that my pants are jeans. Man, they are sooooooo not jeans!!!

But a couple of my friends thought my pants were jeans too. Damn it, i didnt bother to buy any pants cuz we are only allowed to wear pants on Fridays and now i realize i have no pants for work!

I was down and low after that. Accounting people aren't boring... we're just FORCED to appear boring =( I wanna scream"Why???!!!!"

And to make things worse, my bestfriend of 20 years, who is studying communication, sent me this message:

"Hey, u knw wat, i was covering sum stories abt sum local designers n shop owners. Most of them r in the range of early to late 20s n they're fucking successful. Just tot abt u cos u always wanted n hv this hidden passion 4 designing n all..."

I blame it on my stupid ego. I have this perception that a business degree would make me feel smarter. Especially a degree in accounting. Besides, i kinda like accounting... i tell u i bloody read the stupid accounting handbook (its practically like a law book. Ps. i like law too) for AFW3050 Financial Accounting Issues and didn't find it so awful.

But do i see myself enjoying work as an accountant?

And its kinda known that u don't really need a degree in designing to enter the field... but... but... how?


The cyber/futuristic theme isn't exactly my kinda thing... so u want these tickets?? The first two lucky people to comment gets a ticket each. Just clearly say u want it and leave your email address.

Each winner (ticket holder) can bring a guest. Club rules apply, which means only those above 21 may enter... if u are my age, 20, almost 21, its up to u if u wanna try your luck...

Sue Lin's not responsible if u aren't allowed to enter.

Tickets are from E.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Toasted Toes / Phone Phobia / Fashion Fatality

Toast Toes

One of the early signs that tell expecting parents that their child is healthy is if the baby has ten fingers and ten toes.

Toes. My feet are a lil too big but i can say i love them. And i don't understand what some people have against toes! Why do shoe makers make my shoes hate my toes? Why?

More importantly, why aren't toes allowed to be seen at work? Why do u hate toes, o-dresscode setter??

The three smaller on my right foot seem to have become one...

Phone Phobia

Developed today. Was engrossed in doing my work, heard the phone ring but didn't bother about it. I mean, i'm just a insignificant VT, who could call me? It wasn't even the phone on MY desk.

This lady picked up and talked. I overheard a bit. Hung up. Then she said, rather loudly, and rather harsh:


Though it was a general statement, she was looking directly at me. I, startled, mumbled. Oh my god! Who is this woman and what is she doing in our workstation?? The people i met and sort-of-know are NICE.

After that, when the phone rang, i JUMPED and ran to pick it up. Really phobia already.

Fashion Fatality

Just had to wear my boots last Wednesday despite the fact that i know its unacceptable. Court shoes bite my toes.

While photostating stuff, i heard some scolding coming from the director's room. "Your skirt is too short!", "And after sitting the back is crumpled"....

Glanced at the room (glass walls). D was getting the shelling. D was the first girl who came up to me to introduce herself. I noticed her skirt was on the short side for the profession, but since she wore it, i thought that means i could follow. Not any more.

My heart went out to D. She's nice ok! I offered a few people in my department chocolate last Friday, including D. Later on she came by my ulu corner desk to ask if it was my birthday or something (cuz i was giving out chocolate...), i found that sweet.

And then i feared for my own safety. If the director B scolded her, what about me and my boots???

Another lady was staring at my feet when i went to the toilet. I noticed but tried to look away. Please don't say anything, i silently pleaded.

Guess what she said?? "Your shoes are soooo nice!" Hahahahaha!!!

Didn't dare ask if it was acceptable though she seems nice cuz i dun wanna be told that it isn't. And then... i walked past director C, she's the one who interviewed me. I smiled at her, she smiled at me... walk past... and then she called me!!

Ushered me into her room. And then she said "Did anyone tell you your shoes are unacceptable?". "No", i said...

"Next time you must wear these kind of shoes (points at hers), we call it court shoes". I said ok...

Haven't worn my boots again since then. The way she 'scolded' me was vey nice, i ended up smiling after that. Why can't everyone be like her?

I hereby vow to be like her if i don't fall and break my back climbing that corporate ladder.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pulling Out the Sweet Tooth


Went to Fitness. And then a family gathering... for my mom's cousin's wedding. Bit unsual cuz the bride's marrying a man of a different race... so the Chinese dinner had less than ten course... and there was no toast in Chinese... u know the really loud, long 'yam seng'?

Another thing i noticed at the dinner. I've have got a sweet tooth, i love eating sweet stuff. One mouthful of dessert and i was "wowww, this is nice" but my mom's sisters went "tooooo sweet!".

Two of them didn't take more than a spoonful... my mom and i drank the whole bowl. No wonder they are so thin and my mom n i are like the way we are. Like mother, like daughter.

I figured 1 bowl is a good compromise, didn't allow my mom to take the second. I wanted a second bowl too... =(

Pulling out the sweet tooth is going to be hard. Especially when it's permanent... pulling out my permanent re-molars for by braces wasn't easy. It was bloody.

Sunday - I was a mess

I'm insecure, pathetic and everything makes me cry... I hate myself, i hate the way i feel... And my body's aching! After one week of not going to Fitness First...

Lucky someone screwed up and gave us lots of time to talk things through


I was a zombie at work on Thurs. Tax computation was a drag for me on Thursday, merely 12 hours after i declared i loved tax computation...

I was so annoyed, i didn't care whether the manager was in and that he could see me, i was messaging. It was so shitty. Eyes hurt too

At the same time i was planning a little get-together-farewell for my Ex-Study Partner, i wouldn't be seeing her until 2008. Halfway through planning... i got sceptical, was i planning something I would have wanted if i were leaving??? Is that what she wants too? I was worried...
It was a nice steamboat dinner at Manjalara with M and PL from work; Ex-Study Partner herself and KH.

Thursday was the first day i they sent me off to the tax office on my own. It wasn't too tough. But stupid me forgot to get a receipt to IRB!!! Thank goodness the taxi driver home was nice enough to give me two receipts!!! I told him to keep the change.


I woke up late. So i missed my breakfast session with friends at work, darn! Work's taking it's toll on me.

The rays of sunlight shining through the trees at work was so beautiful, the kind of scene u see in paintings, i stopped to stare. I wished i had a camera good enough to capture that.

Friday was the day seniors sent me to the tax office TWICE in one day! Morning cab driver was nice, chit chat, and said he thought i was a foreigner cuz i was beautiful! Hahaha.

Afternoon cab driver was a bitch la... he didn't allow me to take two receipts (I figured taking two would be better for me- submit one to the company and keep one with me just in case they deny me my claim at the end of the month)

Went home early and went to bed at 8.30pm. So drained by the end of the week. Hey, i always sleep early on Fridays, ok?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Internship: D2 & D3: Happy & High =D


Cuz they gave me work today! AHAHAHAHA

Work that seems important. Tax computation. Where i... u know, compute the tax? Hahahaha... its basically just a bunch of accounting formats la, just follow.

Prior to that, as i was doing mundane filing. When i heard my name being called, i turned around catiously... i could be mistaken, my name sounds like many people's name.

They were calling me! =) Yeah! They wanted me to follow F to learn some stuff. I was like ok. Wore my tag around my neck, without it i can't open doors, and my i hang my phone on it.

My tag says "Vacation Trainee 55". Out of boredom, i tore a small piece of paper and wrote my name on it, attached it to the tag, with my phone number... if i lose the tag, i'd prefer getting it back without the company knowing i lost it =P

So, i followed F to the lift, thinking i was going to learn how to run errands in the building (i've been fetching files). But, surprise! She went to the ground floor and walked OUT!

I was like... do they have a building opposite or something?!? I stupidly thought.

Hahahaha, upon asking her i found out that we were going out! Yay, yay! Hahahahaha. I'm not in audit and i went out! =) Not cooped up in the office all freaking day.

PL said we're lame when i told her that and i couldn't help agreeing in between fits of laughter. Man i love this girl!

The outing was to IRB (Inland Revenue Board). Some government tax place la. Hahahaha. About 11 or so identical buildings with similar interior. Went from this office to that office to get signatures and stamps, thats all, no roller coasters or anything interesting, yet i enjoyed the hour long trip so much.

You may skip the rest of the post, its my crazy feelings in detail. It's my diary.

F's also fun to talk to. And she explains stuff to me as if i'm dumb, which is good, so i need to ask less, but i still asked a lot... and so are so many people,

The IT guy (he told me about his studies in the States etc)
The other VT, A i met in the lobby.
The new permanent staff whose name i don't even know...

Tax computation

To be trusted with such work, to be finally learning how to do something more important than photostating and writing addresses and sealing envelopes, made me sooo happy that the heavy rain did not spoil me mood

Not even if the rain means i can't go home at 5.30 sharp. I sat and happily continued doing my work SLOWLY. And got a FREE cup of hot milo to drink =) It's from my beloved vending machine, the machine i get my coffee from when i was in uni

Glad to see the machine ok? Even if the drinks are not free, i was happy to see the machine

I would have stayed there until like, 10pm if PL and MP weren't depending on me for a ride to the LRT station. On my own free will i would have done that! Hahahahaha, the excitment of something new!

Not like i minded the photostating and filing... it beats staring at the computer screen... my eyes arent hardy, i can't stare at the screen for too long and neither can i wear contact lens for too long.

Not so perfect end to... today

Every couple goes through rough patches. Even the one who is showered with gifts and attention. Even the one who is currently in an aeroplane on the way home from her 'honeymoon'.

Even the one who is writing this (duh, i know u know, i haven't been very discreet, have i?)

Some fights may be small, some may be bigger. Some last a night, some lasts a few days. But all fights are awful even if its the sort of argument where u laugh at it later on and don't even remember what it was about.

I don't think this is one of those.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Internship : First Day

Stepped out of my car and was surprised to feel the air, it's so fresh! Only 7.40am and i already reached work. 20 minutes to when i'm supposed to meet PL and D. 50minutes till work begins.

I took a walk around the open air carpark, the greenery was kinda beautiful. I climbed up a small hill and watched the carpark slowly fill up. Nobody does what i did, no one pauses to enjoy nature.

Or maybe i'm just nuts.

But hey, it works for me, i felt happier and the walk to my building woke me up. Many interns were already there. D already made some friends, i joined her and them.

But now i wonder, would i even see them again? After a very short er... session of what was supposed to be briefing, we were brought to our respective departments.

I was assigned to a cubicle with a tiny window blocked by piles of green folders. I sat.

And watched as the HR lady brought M to his cubicle, which was like, very very far away. At least i can still SEE him, I have no idea where the other girl who's also in tax went to.

Still sitting there, bored with practically nothing to do when D, who's in audit smsed me: "Hey gurl. I wun be joining u 4 lunch. I'm working outside."

Its only 11am on our first day and she's already working outside??! That was the point where i sort of broke down. I really felt like quitting.

I had a bad case of "the grass is greener on the other side" syndrome... i regretted my choice and wished i went for audit in company B. I sent a whole lot of pathetic pitiful messages to a few closer friends.

Alamak... L replied ".......gtg in plane d..ttyl..hugs". Aiyoh.... sooo nice she's still holidaying in exotic Sarawak! Beats my little walk in the carpark anytime.

Thank goodness, after that when i went up to the people i'm supposed to help, they started giving me work.

Soon it was lunch. LOVE lunch!!!! Everyone's complaining! Hahaha. Misery loves company.

And i met my old school friend MY there!!! She's so sweet la, she remembers i love drinking soup. And i was like... u knew i love soup meh??

And she can even remember the details! She reminded me how i always went to buy soup from the noodle aunty at the school canteen!! Yeah, i used to buy, like, 2 or 3 fishballs just so i can get soup! Hahahaha, totally forgot about that!!

Our table, the GIRLS' side of the table, were almost screaming! Haha, so fun. PL and MY got along as if they knew each other forever.

After lunch work just kept on coming and coming! I photostated a lot of stuff... and i Sue Lin-ed a lot of stuff too! Hhaaha. Documents become Sue Lin-ed when i try to photostate stapled papers the shortcut way... =P Not a good idea, it gets jammed. And the paper gets all crumpled

Ready for more tired-Sue-Lin-lame-ness?

U know what i enjoy at work?? When i have to get files from different floors... i'll have to go to the lift area... I LOVE the way my heels clak on the marble floor! =P

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hair // Always Late // Procrastinator

Is this hairdo suitable for an accountant in the corporate tax department??

And the wooden chopsticks used... er, it's from Sushi King. Can i use that? Or should i get a pair of sleek black ones? The problem is i can't find any sleek black ones...

Its really easy... i don't wanna spend too long preparing... on second thought, after trying to do the hairstyle again, its really hard... Good thing i took a photo of it... i love it...

Always Late

I am unexplainably unable to be on time or early. I am ALWAYS late. Never early (except for work).

Was late for my 10.45am dental appointment by fifteen minutes, the stupid 11am patient was on time. So the idiot went in first... and the subsequent patients were early too. So there was no slots free for me until 12pm!!!!!

Just cuz i was 15minutes late i ended up waiting one whole hour! I was soooo mad at myself, why do i do this to myself, why?


1. Finally searched for ice-skating classes for my sis. The thing runs from Nov 20 to Dec 17 and it only takes between a week or 2 to complete it.

Mom said no to her. I have a feeling cuz my mom's lazy to send her. Aiyohhhh, if i knew the classes only lasts a week or two, i could have brought my sis there!!! And i could have joined it with her!

Its too late now, when i finally checked out the classes, i'll be starting work on Monday, it's impossible for me to speed 20km to get home after work at 5.30 to pick up my sis and travel 20km in a different direction to the ice skating rink...

Poor girl, if only i checked earlier. I feel bad...

And when i was bloggng she came by n hugged me!!! Aiyohhhh

2. Life-saving classes! I finally called the coach. I've had his number in my phone for i dunno how long. I can still join but i'll miss the exams in March!!!!! Its so cool to have a cert in Life Saving! Shit! If only i learnt earlier!!! =(

Furthermore i need to get some sort of membership thingie to go to the swimming pool... shit shit shit, how am i supposed to get the thing from university when the darn office opens only during office hours, the exact same hours i work??? How?