Thursday, April 28, 2005

Hey hey, i'm itching to Blog, came all the way to the computer lab JUST to Blog.

That's because i'm happy! One more assignment done with me yesterday, so... err... i lost count, oh yea, FOUR more to go.

But that's not the main reason i'm happy. I got back my Management assignment about an hour ago and i did sooo much better than i expected!!! So soooo much better than expected. Got a B, no one gets 'A's so 'B's are good. I was really really surprised. Shocked when my tutor called out my name and said another B. =)

It's great getting a B. I feel very motivated. But there's also the pressure to work harder for the next assignment. I can't be one of those people who become big headed after doing well once.

Today's the 28th of April and it's my second last night staying in the hostel. I've been staying there every weekday day this week just cuz it's my last week... In a way i'm thrilled to be moving out, i want to go home! But in another way... i want to stay longer.

Staying away from home is VERY costly... i'm in a shortage of cash. Last month i didnt have any financial difficulties cuz i didnt shop. And if it's between spending my allowances on food instead of new things, i'd rather go home and eat the prepared by my maid.

Damn i'm hungry, but i'm no where near done Blogging. Actually i'm starting to doubt my reason for Blogging, who reads my Blog? I know who my loyal readers are, but are there still?

No, no, musn't think that way. I'm Blogging for myself, because i want to remember the thoughts i have.

So, yesterday I did my Business Statistics Assignment 2 in the Monash computer labs with a friend, D. She's a year older and was from my secondary school but i never knew her until this year; we're quite close since we share many classes and we always happen to see each other outside classes.

It was fun doing the assignment with her, we made the most noise in the lab, laughing away hysterically at our work and other stupid things. We both went a little crazy and since the computer lab chairs are the kind with wheels, we spun around a bit! Haha, and she banged her knee.

Then she smelled Ramlee Burger. Someone was eating dinner there in the comp lab and the smell got to us. Despite the 'No food and Drinks' sign and the CCTV security system, decided to have our dinner there in the lab as well. She asked for double special(= two eggs instead of one =) chicken burger! And i decided to get the same, although i didnt know if it exists. I went to get the food while she looked after our stuff.

Normally-No, EVERYDAY i eat with the Ausmat 2004 gang. So i had to tell A, C and E that i won't be eating with them. I knew THAT would be tough cuz they'd persuade me and tempt me with what they're going to eat. I know i'm weak. So i decided to ORDER the burgers before i telling them i won't be joining them.

After finishing my assignment i went down to the foyer where A and C are studying. I joined them but i couldn't read anything. Nothing i read could go into my head. I guess it's partly because spending 5 hours doing Business Statistics, which is maths... And partly because what C and A talked about is so captivating. And funny.

Makes me wonder how much i missed out on last year, not studying at the Foyer with them like they do everynight last year. But then again, if i DID do that, i don't think my father would've been proud of my results.

So there ARE both good and bad points of staying in the hostel, it's good if u can control yourself like those people on the JPA scholarship(i hate those people, not only do they get to study for free, they get to stay at the hostel for free and i heard they get allowances too). I'm definitely not like them so i guess going home would be much better.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Hey hey! =) Smiles

I waS really annoyed and stressed during dinner... knowing the amount of work i had to do and thinking of the possibility of not being able to finish it.

But after dinner, E decided to go home. C went back to the hostel cuz she didn't get any sleep at all last night, so, alone i sat (and still am sitting) in the Sunway Computer Lab, the lab in the library, where i used to play Neopets on last year. I started soing my work at 7.15 and i just continued and continued and continued.

I was so surprised at how much i managed to get done! I thought i'd be frustrated again... =) But i'm no where near done so i better get back to it.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Hey hey, today... i went to buy a Smart Tag, since there is a promotion going on.

I was told to go to the Plus main office somewhere in Taman Desa. My mom gave me complicated directions, and when i called up their office for directions they gave me equally complicated but very different directions... i had to pass by a school and the water park and i dont remember what else, i had it written down.

So, i was in a hurry this morning... so i drove fast, and because of misleading sign boards and a stupid bike who blocked the road, i missed a crucial turning. Being on the high way there was no turning back. So i took the next left turning. Drove along and turned left, since it's the most rational thing to do.

I followed the road until i came to a cross junction. I wasn't confused at all there, i just had a very strong instict to turn right. So i did. And then i saw the building. Faber Plaza.

As i was driving in, i asked the security guard for clarification. Nope i got the wrong place. But the guard told me that the place i'm looking for, Faber Tower is close by. So close he could just point to it.

That was really lucky n easy.

Getting out of the place was a bit confusing. I ended up in a residential area, going round and round. Until i saw this car coming out of a house. I thought, "if this guy stays here, i'm sure he knows how 2 get out". So i followed him, and i was lead to the right road.

Lucky huh?
Hey, i'm back to my good-old-self, naturally happy. Blogging is really therapeutic! Let it all out and then i'm fine.

So i was glancing through my past posts and i saw the one about my cooking experience. So, i recently had a second cooking experience. Instant noodles as predicted. With prawns and sausage. Again, there was too much of one ingredient- sausage, but it went well with the noodles. It wasn't bad at all, though the noodles were too soft! Haha, we dumped it in and chatted till it got too soft.

But the four of us present ate it all. And then we watched a movie on a laptop in one of the girl's aircond room with snacks. Quite a nice night.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Problem with The Internet

This is one horrible day. Felt like crying most of the time. Like i said, because of small issues, so i'm sensitive. Got a problem with that? Go write a comment.

There are no tag boards in this blog, no room for the coward to say hurtful meaningless words.

Here's the story. Ok, so E likes to play around and bully people. But he doesn't overdo it. Usually just mess with people's hair and tease u a bit here and there. Right? You can always report to me. Haha. And then he has this favourite phrase "funky stuff" which he uses to annoy couples. Ok, so he did annoy J and D. His mistake.

But this morning, J complained to me and i told E. I told J i'm powerless cuz usually E wouldn't wanna change, he would always say it's his nature... So it surprised me when E said he'd stop. I asked him to reduce it but he said he'd stop. Hard to believe, i know, but i also know he won't make me cry on purpose. Especially not today, i've been emotional and he knows it.

I told J who appreciated it. Then tonight, J msned me, "I'm not complaining nor reporting just want to notify u tat he added yet another post officially 6 posts....its getting lame n plz tell him, his tag is spammed and no, it aint me, i aint so free tata."

That really angered me. I’ve always felt deeply insulted when the word lame is used. I wanted to cry again. To clarify things, I went to read what he supposedly said: "hahahaha....i'm sure everyone knoe wat i mean... sure got do something in ur room rite....funky stuff i suppose..."

I couldn't believe he'd do this to me.

And thankfully he didn't. The next thing he posted on her tagboard was "hey ..... i didnt post dat .... i really didnt post dat .... about dat funky stuff ... i didnt post it at all .... but no use rite .. u wont believe me"

Thank GOD.

I'm a strong freethinker who doesn't pray at all, except maybe to my ancestors twice a year every ching ming and Chinese New Year when we go to the temple (Which i haven't done this year and last) But if ANYTHING good happens in my life, God is the one i thank.

So again i say, thank God. So i called up J who believed me. She said she'd need a ip tracker, or something like that, i'm not tech-savvy but i know what she meant. Tag boards aren't popular with me; anyone can pretend to be you there. That's why i don't have one here. (Besides the fact that i'm lazy to put one up.) I've always stuck to using comments. And i can keep the comments! Pity not many people post me comments. (Besides J, M and another J, thanks guys!)

The person who posed as E really infuriated me! It could have killed the friendship between J and E. And it would have made me look like one of those girls' whose boyfriends are... erm... jerks. I really wanted to cry.

I had to keep myself together, i have lots of studying to do, can't afford to cry. So I turned that sadness into righteous anger and posted this in J's tag board "To the person posing as E, please stop, you're not only hurting J and D, if they r your targets n if u hate E tell him straight to his face. What you're doing is cowardly."

To which J replied "Sue Lin, thanx for standing up. Ah, let the loser be la. So many ppls tags kena spam...the world is full of sad f***s." =) Thanks J. I really appreciate the fact that we could work this out.

I wonder if it is the same coward who posted this is E's Blog's tag board:
<anonymous>: fucker
<anonymous>: no life fucker
<anonymous>: pice of useless life fucker
<anonymous>: hey fucker... ur face is just like my doggy's pussy..... ur nose is just like my cat's dick.... ur mouth is just like a bloody mother fucker pussy...ur just a retarded bastard which is lifeless.... watch ur step ass hole... don;t let me get u... FUCKER!!

This sounds like someone random, someone who doesn't know us. Unlike the coward in J's Blog, who definitely knows us. It could be the same person, it may not. But i couldn't resist replying, "Hey anonymous, what you're doing is cowardly. Got a problem with someone say it to their face"

I was tempted to go further by saying "And a suggestion to u anonymous: Next time call yourself annoynymous" but i refrained myself. Ladys don't participate in name-calling, haha!
Cold Hard Facts

Hello. As usual i've got sooo much to say. And as usual i have this strong urge to tell u about all the stressed that caused this huge pimple to pop out on my forehead... But those are small matters when compared to strong emotions no one can explain such as LOVE.

Friday, the 22nd of April, would have been a certain couple's one year anniversary. They broke off a few months ago, she didn't have any more feelings for him and he couldn't move on. He started smoking a lot. That day, through her friend, M, he gave her exactly the same thing he gave her when they first got together. Much nicer this year according to her.

At first she didn't want to accept, but we persuaded her to. Persuading her wasn't easy. Even I felt sad. We told her it's just a nice thing, doesn't have to mean anything. She reluctantly took it after M told her he knows it's over.

The next day i told E about it. I said "Boy gave girl a dozen roses yesterday, exactly the same as last year, their one year anniversary". I expected him to say something nice about the guy or comment or whatever but he simply stated the obvious "They are not together anymore."

Cold hard facts.

Although it really has got nothing to do with me, i felt like crying then and there. So Sue Lin shuts up, looks down at her food and concentrates on controlling the tears.

It isn't the girl's fault, no one is to blame but when things like this happens... there is... negative externalities.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

U've heard me go on and on about how great my parents are in one of my past post. But they can be very very very unfair as well. And un-understanding.

They, my father in particular wouldn't allow me 2 learn driving when i was in Form 5(17 years old, minimum age to learn driving). No matter how many times i asked. No matter how much i cried. Answer is NO.

I had to walk to the bus stand, take two stupid buses just to travel 3.9km, and walk home from the bus stand. I also had to take the bus to tuition and the lrt from one tuition to the other. Not to mention walking from station to class. It would have been convenient to be able to drive.

This year, when my brother is 17, he gets to learn driving.

So i complianed to my mom. And she shouted at me, saying i was annoying her.

Couldn't help it, i cried and cried. Found it so unfair. And i got scolded for it? Unfair. And i don't want to share my car, i love it, it's my baby. I don't want to share it until next year as originally planned. So i cried and came online to complain.

Complaining is good, i feel so much better and i managed to stop crying. My friend told me to ask my father about it calmly. So when i finally stopped crying and calmed down, i talked to my father about it.

What he says is good. HaHahaha. He says my brother is gonna learn but he wouldn't be allowed to drive. He won't get a car. And i won't be allowed to lend him mine!!!!!! =) Not like i'd want to lend him my car anyway.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Hey hey,
I'm sleepy and i feel messed up. Stupid, way behind in work. But i won't bore you with that.

So, J comment on my last post, she asked me to get a dream interpreter... don't think i can do that so i just checked out this book i had. Nothing there, i thought i could find a meaning to the dream but maybe it's just very simple: I'M STRESSED. Haha

So stressed that i get weird dreams like that... so stressed i did stupid things in my sleep yesterday night. And i remembered it! Soooooo stupid, hehe. I got up in the middle of the night, supposedly to study, but as usual, i wanted to reset the alarm on my handphone so i could get a bit more sleep. I put on a reminder as well just in case i don't get up. I was too tired to type a proper reminder so i simply tapped at the keypad. And then i saved it.

I thought i saved a reminder. But then i received a delivery report! Shit, i did not set a reminder, i actually sent an sms. To my boyfriend! Hahahahaha. I sent him a nonsense sms in the middle of the night. And i disturbed his sleep! I felt so bad but there was nothing i could do but apologise.

Already going crazy on the 7th week of Monash. Wish me luck.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Its been a while since i last blogged. Reason is simple: assignments. One more had to be completed, Accounts this time. Looked easy but it wasn't. Trust me. I thought i could finish copying my rough answers onto the computer within an hour but that proved to be impossible. I dint wanna fight with Bill Gates so i ended up handwriting everything. Even if handwriting IS faster, it still took more than double the time i estimated, making me sleep for only about an hour that night.

It isn't that bad larrrr. I slept from around ten to 12am, got up to do work till 6am then slept another hour, so in total i slept for 3 hours? But i still couldn't get up despite 2 wake up calls. Hehe.

And i get stupid horrible dreams, scary freaky stuff... i dreamt that i happen 2 get a double Decker bed in the hostel. Strange thing was that there were two mattresses on my bed... Then one of my roommates told me that the reason there is 2 mattresses is cuz the girl who used the bed b4 me never... err... never wore what she was supposed to wear during that time of the month when she sleeps. So the original mattress is full of her blood stains. Disgusting and scary. The second mattress is supposed to cover it. Then i don't know what happen but we decided to get rid of the stained mattress... Don't think we were successful in throwing it or something in the dream... and somehow... after that, blood stains keep appearing on me! On the back of my t-shirt. Wet fresh blood, flowing from my neck! But I wasn't bleeding, i wasn't injured. It's not my blood. And no matter how many times i changed my shirt, the blood would appear.

Stupid dream right? Haha.

So anyway, one more assignment done, 5 to go. I've got 3 weeks before the next one is due. But i can't relax or take my time doing the next assignment. Cuz two of them are dued the same day, one of them is a 2500 word management essay, and we all know how much i hate management. They are both dued on Friday, 6th May and the Monday right after that, the 9th of May, my economics assignment is due. That's scarier than my dream. If i don't get it done earlier. That's why i did one part of one of the assignments before i wrote this post. Just one part, long way more to go but i just felt like Blogging

I still feel like writing but nothing interesting comes to mind. Later.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Okay... i've been sleepy and sleepy a lot lately, this is not good. (Cuz i can't study) So maybe i'll try to uplift my mood by blogging!

The time i started this Blog is at 8.30. Now it's 10.30. The reason why it shows 9.30 is cuz i refreshed ... nevermind.

So. Yesterday. I stayed at the hostel cuz i haven't been staying there much for the past 3 weeks. Needed the technology that was not available at night in the hostel. (Computer for assignments) There isn't really much to do there except study. So i studied there in my room in the afternoon after classes. Half way through i heard some really annoying noise. I looked out the window, thinking that maybe it was jet-skis.

Hehe, i'm not crazy. I think i forgot to mention that my room at the condo hostel is on the 19th floor and i get the view of the Extreme Park. There's a lake... golf course... footsal thing... and a go-cart track there. I've seen people on jet-skis before and i thought i could get another glimpse of them.

But what i saw was much much better. Way cool. I'm seriously hoping that it's not a one-time thing. I could really enjoy the view every night. It's REALLY entertaining, i'd put up with the noise anytime. There on the go-cart track were not go-karts but real cars. U know the cars u see on the roads? The cars that are modified and make lotsa noise? They were driving... no, they were SKIDDING along the whole track. Literally skidding, Practically flying!

I was so entertained i was standing on my bed leaning out of the window. If the sort-of balcony thing outside my window didn’t exist i would have looked like a person attempting suicide, Hehe. That was how good the cars were.

But i did get back to studying... Had dinner with C and told her abt the cars... then took a bath. Since it wasn't quiet, after putting a load of facial creams i looked out the window again. Beautiful, watching those cars skid! Hehe, totally different by nightfall, less clear but this time there were more cars on the track at a time. Earlier on there was just 2 cars. Real exciting!

So exciting i sent C a message "Hey. They are driving the cars again. Wanna come see?"

And she replied "Okay. Open the door for me."

A few minutes later, there she was standing on my bed with me, looking out the window, squealing together and all fascinated. Haha. And then i noticed something, i asked C "Are those people at the side?" and she said "No, darling, those are bushes"

Hahaha. But they WERE people, with umbrellas. And it didn’t take us long to decide we HAD to be there as well. So we changed--since she was wearing a Monash University shirt and i was wearing a Sunway College shirt and then we were there!

Upon arrival, it became clear that there this was a special event. On a banner it says Off The Streets by Optima Sdn Bhd. And they had signs for those who are registering. There are also cars parked there. It's a sure thing that each participant is using his own car on the track.

The atmosphere there was killer good. A lil' scary cuz it's more of a guy event. Most people there were guys. The girls there were accompanied by boyfriends. C and i were the only pair of girls there. We tried calling up a few guy friends to join us, none of them could make it. But it was pretty safe, there were families with lil kids present.

It was hard to get a good view of those skidding cars but we managed to get a good spot on the hill. It was muddy, but do u think we care?? It was so worth it. Being there and not just looking out the window. We could see the sparks fly and smell the breaks of the cars, haha. We could also see that they were intentionally spraying water on the racetrack!! To make the cars skid an extra bit???

No matter how much they skidded and no matter how fast they were there were NO collisions of cars. They really do avoid like hell. I mean, some cars were skidding 360 degrees! Nice. Haha.
Only in the final round, where only 2 cars were on the track did one car hit the other. Whole front bumper came off partially and a lamp went bust. Te driver came down and showed the finger, removed the whole bumper and continued. The other car was fine until he skidded off the track, i dunno how 2 describe, but his back bumper came off too.

Once in a lifetime experience. How often can u watch people drive like that? And feel safe? At least it's legal... I think…just not publicized? I never knew events like that existed.

Oh oh... and for this blog post, i purposely searched the net for more info on the event. I found out that it's called drifting. The drivers are drifters. And events like this are meant to, u know, like it's called, keep thrill-seeking youths Off the Streets.

This is the event we went to. Posted by Hello

The layout of the track. One day i'll get a pic of it from my room okay? Posted by Hello

A map of Sunway. So u can see where the hostel is and stuff. Posted by Hello

Friday, April 08, 2005

Hey, one more stupid assignment down, 6 to go.


Sunday, April 03, 2005

Hey hey...

Wow, i'm worn out... I just managed to finish one assignment, the Econs one today. Like 5 days later than i planned. Urrg, nothing is going as planned, i wasted too much time and took things too slow.

On the bright side, 2 assignments down... 7 to go.

Oh my God, seven?!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Hey... i was just reading J's blog, great stuff. Good link she has there, her darling found it for her. Sweet of him.

Another blog i read tonight: my darling's. Mean... if u've read it and noticed the "p.s. there was a not so good experience ... but it shall not be blogged about .... only a few would know ...." of the Wednesday 30th March post, the not so good experience is refering my cooking. Hahahahahahahahaha, funny.

See... hotelite mate C and i decided to cook la that day, Wednesday. We settled for 'fast east cheap' food a.k.a. porridge. Our concept was, dump whatever we want inside. So there was potatoes, too much carrots, too much onions and too little salt. Hehehe, but it was edible and filling la, for C and i, even C's neighbour from her hometown liked it.

Only HE couldn't really stomach it... i'm not 'merajuking' (is there an English word for merajuk?), i'm telling u it's FUNNY. Kesihan betul, hehe, all the onions went onto the sides of his bowl... and his expression was priceless! I kept on laughing and saying sorry.

But he was nice enough to eat most of it... hahaha, he only stopped when i told him not to force himself. In the end, C and i accompanied him to the Condo Cafe (our back-up plan) where he had a decent plate of proper food. Haha

Ahh... so that was my cooking experience at the hostel. Will there be a second one? Maybe just instant noodles. We want to finish up the leftover minced meat for the porridge. Supposed to have that for dinner today but Block A in the hostel had no water, so i went home, C went to K's house.

Hmm... the next experience i should try is laundry. Haha, i sound like a spoilt brat but yea, i always bring my laundry home for my maid. But i will try laundry one day. Could even be fun, haha, u know, go over 2 C's place and we can scrub clothes together on her balcony like housewives? But i won't wash much. Hehe

Ohh... by the way, C's unit has this little balcony. Mine doesn't. It's really cute. And really cooling at night. On Wednesday night, we each made a cup of Milo and sat there (on the floor) in the balcony drinking and chatting. It was nice.

Err... even if nearly poisoned someone with porridge, that doesn't mean i can't make a cuppa Milo, ok?