Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Love Thy Neighbour

Note: Long unhappy post. I don't care who reads this post, be it Malaysians, Singaporeans, just my friends or ultimately she herself. Do comment.

Referring to she whom i called Ms Famous Blogger in my post, Lagged. Don't know what u'd think, but i was so mad at her, i actually offered her a ride around town if she ever comes to KL again. No, i'm not going to murder her or anything but it's crazy right? She doesn't even know me and i did that. Freaky right? Can't believe i did that. Of course, i don't think she'd even read my comment, she's got hundreds, let alone accept my offer. That's why i won't bother to check for a reply.

I mean, i rarely ever offer my friends a ride and there i was offering a someone i met off the net a ride. Wait, met is the wrong word. She doesn't know i exist and i'm being so nice to her. I certainly don't mind building some kind of friendship with her, but honey, she's too busy for u.

I offered only partly out of goodwill. It is mainly because i'm desperately attempting to get her to say one more miserable good thing about our country, in addition to some beautiful islands here n there, nice yellow fire hydrant and purchase-worthy espadrilles.

She is so spoilt! Spoiled by her country, by the Singaporean government. "Let's snigger at those backward people now since they are gone. =D TEEHEEHEE SO LOUSY. Nowadays there are still people using a 56K MODEM?!", she says.

God, Xia Xue do u know how you sound? For your information there are fishing villages in Malaysia without electricity! Yup, i read it in today's News Straits Times 6th September 2005, page 5. That was what inspired me to write this whole post. Here i am, thankful i have my err... streamyx line and there u are in Singapore, sniggering at us at the very start of your post. Are you trying to be funny?

Either u have such a great job that allows you so much free time to blog and blog and blog or what my friend, E says is true, you get paid to blog. I am so jealous of you. I scribble my post draft on a paper, in pencil and on a recycled paper while u jott down your blog notes in your PDA or whatever it is. Okay, that sounds pathetic, but i do not have a PDA and i did scribble, wanted to upload it but something wrong la, KL ma, backwards what. Rite or not?

Still, i am begging you, appreciate what you have. Like i said in my comment to your post, i took the bus home from school, no matter how untimely and sucky it is, for two years! U are lucky.

Why put us down? Coming from a foreigner, we get defensive, that should be left that to us, read this.

I confess, I read your blog because it is interesting, when you are not dissing the country above yours, either directly or indirectly. Correct me if i'm wrong, but it is implied.

Why am i wasting my time on her? That is a question i've asked myself. I just need to get this all out and then i'm done. Next time i'll read my friends' blogs first, then Fuckstress's, then TheDatinDiaries. Then if i have time, which i won't; i am, after all, a really lazy Monash student trying hard to be a nerd, then i'll read hers. No point getting so worked up over her.

No point commenting in her blog, that is her domain, as long as i go there, i am 'worshipping the ground she blogs on'. Here, the tables are turned.

She affects my studies, i felt so much anger after reading her criticise KL, her words haunt me when my mind wonders from my textbook. I have no choice but to totally avoid her. She affects my studies, just like the tv does. So i totally stopped watching tv. Prevention is better than cure for me, once i start, can't stop.

I'm interested in Dota, i admire my fellow cheerleader who joins her boyfriend's team in a Dota competition, i want to learn the game and be a fraction as good as her. But i won't even try. Because once i do, i can't stop playing/thinking of the game and it'll affect my studies.

So, Xia Xue, i'm sure it's no lost to you but i won't visit your blog so often.

You know the saying "keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer"? Let's just say you're not my enemy. I am merely voicing out my opinions as u did yours. I prefer it if we battle this out face to face. Or erm... in this case... blog to blog.

Malaysians, u'll have to admit this. Singaporeans look down on us, we look down on Indonesia. It's a vicious food chain, each biting the other's head off.

But tell u what i've learn from XiaXue's post. I realized our country's situation is due to poverty, and we know it's mainly the government's fault. The situation is much similar in Indonesia. I've learnt to understand Indonesia, from now on i'd try to criticize them less.


Joey said...

Aih...tat issue is getting out of hand.
Don't get urself so worked up la. No use.
Though I must compliment u in the way u rationally voiced out ur views. No name-calling. Thank goodness! :-)

Anonymous said...

i think xiaxue jst wanna get some attention by posting that comment bout malaysia, dun get offended too much, believe in Malaysia

supplementals said...

ahaha,, just read that fellas post, im glad that fella got layaned that way, wouldnt want that fella back here. ever

Anonymous said...


sue lin said...

Yup, Joey, no use, but it's just hard lar. Thanks for the compliment =)

Yee Li, thanks, yea, i believe in Malaysia. =)

Haha, Supplementals, funny la ur comment.

Wish i could be like u all: dun really care abt her.

Ok anonymous, i'll read. Thanks for commenting