Saturday, July 30, 2005

Year 1, Semester 2, Part 2

Business students doing in Monash have only 4 days of classes, some even have only 3. All depends on how u arrange your timetable. I'm one of those who has 3 days. Having 3 days of classes has it's drawbacks. Those 3 days are heavy! Classes end at 4 or 5.

Yesterday was one of those loooong days, rushing from class to class till i couldn't reply E's smses. In the final lecture, which was 3-5pm, i sat in right in the front row with my friend D. Boring lecture... uninteresting and confusing. This being my last class, i was worn out. At about 4.30 i complained to D, i said "I'm so tired". And guess what? The lecturer HEARD ME!! And u know what he did?? He went through the rest of the lecture in lightning speed. Hahaha. Happy i could leave earlier, avoid the traffic. But i also know i'm gonna die reading up.

Law lectures and tutorials ARE fun. The stories of cases are nice and u learn a lot. But... that doesn't me happy to take the exam. Ya, it's open book, but i'm still sooo scared larrrr. Have to read this and that and that... and i know la i'm supposed to be a nerd... but... i'm so... lazy!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Slimming Programs

Flipping through the newspapers, since i started reading them, i can't help but notice, no, no, STARE at those adds with before and astonishing after pictures. I hate them! I mean, what's wrong with being who u are? Why do girls have to be skin, bones and straightened hair to be pretty? Whats wrong with the way i am? I am in shape, round is a shape!

Actually... i'm triangle... haha, u know bottom heavy? I am what those beauty magazines consider an A type figure. No, this isn't education, A isn't good. X is good. An A type figure girls is a girl with... to put it simply, A means u have skinny to normal arms, no boobs and a fat ass.

Which is exactly what i am. I wore a low cut top yesterday and i couldn't help but stare at my chest and say "i'm soooo thin". U can see my stupid ribs and no longkang.

But i'm NOT thin. My body just allocates all the fat to my thighs, stupid.

So, the other day, my mom brought me to Midvalley for a promotion with this slimming centre, apparently u pay 18bucks for a trial and a consultation. Man, i hate the consultation, that's where they ask u to strip(of course undies are kept on) and point out all your imperfections.

Like i said, i'm an A, so i'm bottom heavy and my arms are normal... i like my arms. But to them my arms are fat. !?!? Hello! If u say my ass is huge i'd understand u but my arms are fat??? Go to bloody hell.

Then they pulled my biceps a certain way to make my arms look thinner and said i'm supposed to look that way. Come on, if my arms looks that way i look anorexic!

In the consultation they explained this, that and that, then they don't just give u a price. They ask u what your budget is. I crapped, i said my budget is RM300 to maybe RM500. And guess what?? Their cheapest price ever, which is also their student price, since it old them i don't have a part time job, is RM500, are u surprised?

Stupid smart marketing woman!

Then they find ways to use your words against u. They'll ask, if not for the price, do u think this package is worth it? And u know, it comes to the point when u are so fed up with them, u'd just say yes?

Then they've got u. They introduce some instalment payment plan, u pay how much first and then how much later since the u agreed the 'package is worth it'.

Since i wouldn't part with my savings, she tried a new strategy, she asked... if your mom pays for u do u think its worth it?? Only one thought went through my mind, she's gonna use my answer against my mom.

Bitches!! And they gurantee u 2-8 cm loss in your trial session. And yeah, i lost 7.1cm or something like that. Sounds good huh? To lose 7cm off your waist just like that in 35minutes??

But it's nothing when u know their trick. They measure each thigh at three parts... u know once near your knee, one more time mid thigh and then near the butt. Then they measure ur butt. Then hips, waist. Upper waist. And then just below the bust. And of course both my arms.

So after the trial they remeasure everything, they took so long! So even if u just lose 0.3cm here and there, it adds up. Which means i hardly lost anything.

The old fashion way to getting a better body is still exercise... i'll be going jogging after this...

Actually, exercise isn't the best. Because u can't choose which part of your body's fats u want to burn. Example: Hillary Swank, the star of Million Dollar Baby lost a cup size after all her preparations to play the role of a boxer. Get what i mean?

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Newspapers Are So Informative

I've mention before that i don't read the papers. And then suddenly, when uni started i was reading the papers everyday! Not for education's sake, but because it is a way to avoid studying (or pretending to study). U know, if i bum around in with the papers, my father won't see it as wasting time. So i did a lot of newspaper reading. Haha, just to avoid reading the unit outline for law.

Haha, of course i eventually had to read that unit outline, and yea, it was scary, gave me that i-want-to-vomit-out-of-nervousness feeling.

And the other day, Wednesday, i was practically alone in uni during my long break... didn't want to go out for lunch cuz i could save $$$ by eating the sandwich i brought from home that was meant for breakfast. Having to eat alone isn't fun... there was this News Straits Times lying on one of the tables on the first floor. Someone left it behind?? Then i saw 'With compliments of Great Eastern'. Ok, the papers will be my companion for lunch, thanks Great Eastern. Haha.

I had no idea what APs were till that day. But no point boring u with APs. The interesting thing i read in that day's paper was an encouragement by the government! Haha, they encouraged unemployed graduates to breed ornamental fishes! Turns out, they want to increase exporting fishes. Haha, i was thinking arowana or Japanese carps?? (Correct me if i got any spelling wrong) But they just wanted us to breed and export fishes like guppies, angelfishes and gold fishes. HaHaha. Guppies are easy... aren't they?

They're even offering courses on breeding fish. Or something like that. Hahaha, good back-up right? If i fail my degree (which i mustn't) i'm gonna breed fish. Hehehe, better go cut out that article and keep it like gold, it's my back-up plan, ok?!?!

If u steal my idea, make sure u pay me 10% of your profits. Just kidding.

Haha, okay, next amazing thing i read... there's this device, called Wake Up by Hotzdotcom Sdn Bhd. U put it in your ear and it buzzes when u start to nod (u know when u fall asleep u start to 'fish'?). Costs RM39.90. And comes in 3 colours! Haha

RM39.90 is kinda expensive. Would never consider buying it, wouldn't even have read that article, if i never fell asleep on the road. Now... i'm looking for it, i must get it, i must.

I've learnt my lesson, blah blah blah, but u can never be too safe. Besides, i CANNOT get into another accident at all costs. If i do... i'll have to tell some lie and get the car fixed on my own. And we don't want that to happen, do we??

Hmm... also thinking of using it in lectures... =)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Year 1, Semester 2

My first lecture was Business Law, and it was hell. The lecturer listed out her 'rules', if u talk in class and giggle, she'll pick on u and she'll be taking attendence. Oh and 40% of students fail each semester. Minimum!

The book for the subject is shit expensive RM200++. We must all buy original... And reading the Unit Outline, which is information on the subject itself made me feel like i did before major exams, u know, butterflies in stomach and heart in throat?

Monday, July 18, 2005

Really Stupid Things I Did

Let's start with really stupid thing #2. I forgot to renew my library books during the holidays. Completely forgot about it. Never check my mail either, they sent me warnings. Warnings which i saw three weeks after the bookS are due.

Yeah... if u can see the receipt. I paid RM42.00 to the stupid library because of my carelessness. Sad. And RM5.00 for the toll to and from Sunway. Bloody waste. Made me feel like a terrible failure. Especially after really stupid thing #1.

Ok, can't avoid it anymore, really stupid thing #1. I fell asleep while driving. Yes, ok. Go ahead, leave me a million comments. I've heard them, i'm great and amazing. And i have to admit i'm lucky in many ways:

1. I fell asleep driving on a highway, going downhill. During rush hour. Yet no other car was involved. And i'm totally fine. Not a scratch on me. But my baby... my baby Kancil. The WHOLE right side... brutally dented, paint peeled, from front bumper to rear bumber, a result of scraping the divider. And i busted a tire real bad, it was totally flat and beyond repair. Lost two wheel caps too.

Had to stop by the road. My biggest fear then was a lorry slamming into me. You have no idea how it is like, standing there on side of the flyover, on the left lane where all the huge lorries zoom by, this is Kesas highway.

2. I called E, then i called my father. E was coming, he got stuck in traffic. I can change the tyre, i just changed one a few days before the accident at home, but it took me and my maid an hour plus.

For a while, I just did nothing... Besides talk on the phone. In the distance i could see my wheel caps. On the right lane where my accident took place. I saw it roll and i saw it spin until it settled. And i saw the cars zoom by over the thing. It was so scary. I dare not cross the road to take it back. I dare not.

A biker stopped, so did a Waja, was it a Waja? Don't remember. I waved them away. After reading J's friend's Blog, about the mugging... after reading KT's blog, about the guy asking for help... i could never be too careful. The Waja left but the biker wouldn't go away. I was scared shit.

3. But the Malay guy told me he was a mechanic, and one look at his pants confirmed it, u know... greasy pants? Ok, fine, he gained my trust. He told me to change the tire. But he changed the tire for me. Really quick. All i did was nothing. Except bring out the tools and carry the tire. I even talked to him. I asked him if i could leave the tyre there on the road. He advised me against it or i'd end up having to buy the metal thing, u know the part inside the rubber bit? I took out my wallet and gave him RM10. Do u think it's enough???

4. Since he was almost done i went to keep my safety triangle thing. That's when i thought "Oh, my god, i left the keys in my car together with my wallet and everything, with the tire fixed he's gonna drive my car away... he's going to steal my car!!!". But he didn't! Thank God, thank God....

5. My engine and everything was fine so i could drive home. After thanking that kind soul a million times of course. I'm thankful no lorries and i collided. Throughout the whole ordeal, i saw this as a sign... to show us, or at least me that not everyone was evil. During that week, i kinda lost hope on strangers.

But why the hell must it be such an expensive dangerous sign??? WHY?? The repairs to my car costs RM1070.00 and the tire... RM92.00. Oh my God. My father didnt ask me to pay but he was freaking dissapointed in me. I'll have to study extra super hard this semester.

Furthermore why didn't i do well that semester? 3 Cs! 3 out of 4 subjects are Cs... and only A distinction. My God... Even in accounts i didn't do well.

Oh yeah, remember the second half of my Friday, May 20, 2005 post? I was involved in another accident there?? My father thinks it's my fault. Although even the policeman says it isnt my fault.

Horrible. I know i said this before, i'm going to be a nerd but i wasn't really one. Hopefully, when i start my new semester tomorrow, i will truly become one. I mean, isn't this a stupid big lesson for me to learn from?? If i don't learn from this, who knows what things worse would come my way??

Oh, by the way, during this accident, i wasn't wearing the 'unlucky' shirt. In fact i was wearing a red one. I guess that's why i'm so lucky to be alive??

Front. Notice the missing wheel cap, cost RM35.00. But thankfully my lamp's ok.

The side. Driver's side door can't be open.

In between the front door and back door.

The back bumper. I know, nothing much but this just shows that i managed to damage my car from the front right till the end. And notice the second missing wheel cap, another RM35.00.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Re: Spring Cleaning

About my last post... i think there's no fixed amount of time, i mean, i edit my posts f i don't think anyone has read them. Like if i wrote something at 3am and i get up at 10am, i allow myself to edit the post. But if i wrote something at 6pm and i feel like changing it at midnight... i don't. Because people would have already read what i wrote. Just wanted to get that clear.

And just wanted to add... my room... there was a spider residing there, i saw it. I saw it building webs. I saw the webs fall. And i saw a really unusual amount of dust in a place i recently cleared, must have been the spider's contribution. With some black spots... i don't want to think what they are.

So i came across the spider itself while clearing the other day. It was so small, so cute. I couldn't kill it. At first. I wanted to bring it else where. But it wouldn't corporate. I had no choice. I squished it. While saying sorry.

Then today i was reading a magazine (Herworld) on my bed. Oh my God, there were ants crawling on me!? It's not like i eat in bed, haven't done that in ages... and when i did eat in bed, i ate in my parents room... haha.

Why are there ants on my bed?? I don't know. Then i realize that spider would've came in handy. On 2nd thought, the spider's so small i don't think it can eat the ants.

Well, there's still the lizard in my room... it's got fatter since the last time i saw it... i just wish it wasn't so kind to leave me black and white souvenirs...

Oh and... i didn't just do one stupid thing. I did one more stupid thing...

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Spring Cleaning

This Blog is shit, it has been so full of self-pity and worthless posts. I feel like deleting the past few, but i've sorta agreed to not remove or edit anything after 16hours of publishing...

Erm... way back in form 5, during Moral education, my teacher asked us to bring gory photos. Form 5 = 2003 = War on Iraq. Then she asked us what we felt about the pictures. Someone said she didn't feel anything because these pictures are sooo common in the papers that some of us are immune to it. I agree with her.

I mean... i do feel for them, but only for a moment. And then sorry to say, it's back to all my self-centered thoughts. It's not like i can do much anyway. I will do stuff like buy charity bands, i'm going to buy the Starbucks one where RM4.90 out of the RM5 paid goes to charity. But I'll leave creating awareness to people like SI and J (not the usual J i refer to).

And i'll talk about frivolous stuff to take your mind off the world.

Enter my room, and if u have a sensitive nose, you'll start sneezing. Once, in a Friendster bulletin survey that asked "What do u collect?", my answer was "dust". Yup, i have layers and layers of dust. Some of the dust in my room are grey and fluffy like cotton, some are brown and spotted like... i don't know. The dust in my room is horrible. And it's everywhere.

It has been like that for years and years, i'm not sensitive to dust but my sister is, she sneezes when she stays in my room for some time. The maid just cleans the floor, windows once in a while and nothing else.

Actually do they clean the windows? Hmm... something for me to wonder.

This time i am seriously decluttering my room. I'm opening drawers that haven't been open for years. There's this one of CDs and cassettes that were treasured when i was 13. There's this drawer in this big cabinet that is full of important stuff, like fancy unused stationary. Don't laugh, i know it's stupid, but this fancy stationary was important to the 8 year old me. And there are more recent stuff, like books i've bought but never read some.... 3 years ago? Hehe.

I also found that my room actually has a lot of space, all i have to do is arrange everything properly and nothing has got to go. Obviously the less important things go, but most stay. They have sentimental value to me.

Last night WS called me, she's my childhood friend who lives next door, she of all people knows about the pigsty i sleep in. She asked if i found any 50 dollar notes in my junk. Hahah, i found them all already the last time i cleared (part of) my room dunno how long ago. And no la, my parents didn't put money beneath my stuff to motivate me into tidying up my room, i used to hide money when i was younger.

I don't do that anymore, so don't get any ideas! =)

Well, that's all for now, i've been clearing my room because i felt guilty about something really stupid i did. And i'm blogging about clearing up my room to avoid writing about the really stupid thing i did. Please do not ask about the really stupid thing i did. I'll write about it later, some time, some day...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A 'Little Bit' of the Penang Trip

I was going through my smses in my phone, deleting the old ones. Then i came across a message to my close close childhood friend W, it was sent during my trip to Penang.

On the 2nd day of the trip, i bought bananas in the evening for my midnight snack (and for the vitamins). So i chose the ones with a lot of black spots and lines, thinking they were the best...

Wrong move, the bananas were over ripe, C took one and i forced myself to eat 3 of them, they were bad... haha. To me it's just funny, i've NEVER bought bananas before... and i guess C didn't either. I don't think W has too so i sent her the sms wanting to amuse her, since she was stressed out at that time.

Is told me that K was offended by my teasing during the trip. I was surprised. I mean... K, u teased me first. What am i supposed to do? Look down and blush bashfully, like a beet red tomato? No, i'll tease u right back...

Note: I actually wrote a lot about the conflicts that took place. But i removed it. If u do want to know, just send me a Friendster mail or email and i'll share my saved copy with you.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Charity Bands or Whatever They're Called

Usually brightly coloured. Rubber and one size fits all, maybe except kids. Oops, sounds like i'm describing something else. Wasn't intended, talking about those charity wristbands and nothing else.

I first heard about them from N, a friend who worked for Starbucks. He's really passionate about his job there and he had one on. Then J wrote about it in her Blog. Then i saw them it being sold at McD, my favourite fastfood (i LOVE their spicy chicken). I bought one yesterday.

And then i bought three today (Saturday)

To me it is a fashion thing. And i get excited over fashion. In addition to thatm, i feel sooo good about myself juz cuz part of what i paid goes to charity. Then i feel bad about the fact that only 10cents of the RM2.90 i pay goes to charity because I should donate more, blah blah blah, the conscience.

Still, at 2.90, it's the cheapest wristbands around. U can get 3 for 10 dollars and that would seem like a good bargain, but if u calculate properly, McD has the best prices around. I'm gonna buy a few more.

But i'll buy one or two from Starbucks, since i heard all 5bucks paid goes to charity. Even if it'd burn a hole in my pocket, but it's for charity blah blah blah. I'll just better make sure of what i heard.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Teeth and Mouth

Weird title huh? But my teeth... have to complain, they hurt!!! Tightened my braces today. There are springs in between my teeth! In addition to those rubberbands in my mouth. Eating hurts. But i'll still eat even with metal and rubber in my way. I'll NEVER be thin.

Haha, no one needs to hear another girl complain about weight. So i'll move on to mouth. So, mouth... U use it to speak... I'd love to pour everything out here, i do, but... i can't. So, here's a short poem, read into it anyway u wish:

Words we say may hurt the other,
though sometimes it's just jokes we won't remember...

I can justify most of the things i've said,
though i regret many decisions i've made...

Give u a little tip,
This has something to do with the trip...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Blog Hopping

Being away on the trip to Penang, i missed many of J's posts, so i did my catching up today. Did i find a pleasant surprise there! =) "Sue Lin blogs about everyday life. Yet, I'm drawn to read until the end. Witty." she says. =) Thanks J.

There was no updates in SI's Blog so I've been reading Blogs of people i don't know too, there was sarongpartygirl, who was once in the papers. And then there's 25 year old fuckstress, who is real funny. Sarongpartygirl didn't sustain my interest, i came online to read blogs and hers was more like an award winning novel. Fuckstress is 'good shit', reccomended. Good issues and above all FUNNY. At first i thought fuckstress was fuckssss-tress, one word, like waitress or actress. But now i guess she meant fuck stress.

Fuckstress wrote about smokers in her most recent post. Good issue she has there, and love the way she describes. Example:

"When you accidentally sit on top of somebody’s hand you say sorry – and then you MOVE your ASS away.

So basically, when you know you’ve done something “wrong”, you say you’re sorry, and then you do whatever you can to MAKE IT RIGHT AGAIN.


When you light up your cigarette among friends who don’t smoke, your say you’re sorry – AND THEN YOU KEEP SMOKING?!?!?!"

And i love this sentence: "INNOCENT PEOPLE (who breathe in second hand smoke) – LIKE ME AND BABIES. AND OLD PEOPLE WITH LUNG PROBLEMS. AND BUNNY RABBITS."

Go read her Blog, she says it all. I only have one thing to say about smoking... Two of my friends have boyfriends who smoke. I was SHOCKED to know that they love the way their guy smells after smoking. Oh my gawd. Isn't that like, encouraging the guy to smoke? Stupid!

Of course i kept quiet though I had a strong urge to slap them when i heard. No, slap is too nice, i wanted to strangle them. Yeah, love is blind, blah blah blah, but does it affect your sense of smell??

Must have.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Could Have Been Worse

When asked how the trip to Genting was, i'd say, it's overall good. If u were to ask me about the trip to Penang, I'll say the same thing. It was overall good.

It was fun and enjoyable despite the fact that it was full of conflicts that still hurts me as i write. It was partly my fault, i have to admit, i didn't make good decisions...

That's it i give up. If they don't forgive me, looks like i'll have to do what i always do: forgive myself. Once i do, i'll be fine. As of now, i am forgiving myself.

Ok, so I'll write about the good and harmonious parts of the trip... wait... there never really was good times spent as a whole group. We were all broken up.... the 8 of us were broken into pieces, or should i say couples.

Most of my good times were spent with E alone. We took walks down memory lane, we wrote messages in the sand and we had a very special 10th month anniversary. We also had good times with the other couple A and C, like during breakfast...

Other good times include the water sports... yup, banana boat and jet ski. E sat right at the back of the banana boat and i was right in front, the other 6 in the middle. Why? First come, first serve, me slow. But the front was great, the best experience, the place to get wet and they say the middle wasn't as thrilling. It was like riding a galloping stallion...

I got a little scratch on my right ring finger from the ride and it hurt. E told me to put a plaster on to keep it moist, to prevent it fom scarring. I hate plasters and i almost never wear them. Scars on hands don't look good but in the end i decided to keep the scar. It'll be a little souvenir.

One other good time is winning A LOT in blackjack. Pure luck. There were 6 people playing the game, my E, Q, K, R and another E who shall be referred to as Ed for convenience sake. So, E went to the toilet, R, Ed and K were chatting. Q is the dealer and since the other players were either busy or not around, i was the one who cut the cards. Then Q dealt the cards.

Wow, i got an ace and a picture card= black jack! And since E and i were sort of a team, i looked at his cards. Oh my god, i couldn't believe my eyes, he got a double ace! I didn't know what to do but smile and said "wait". I bloody ran to the bathroom and banged on the door, telling E i don't know what to do.

He went to see and then..... we started celebrating. =) Hehe.

The good times we had on the trip was scarce. Before the trip i was worried about conflicts after watching the beginning of House Of Wax. And looks like conflicts are inevitable... damn it, that sounds like the contemporary view of conflicts in Management 1010. Dumb thing says conflicts are not only inevitable but also necessary. Kinda too late remembering it now, huh?

Oh! There was one good time we spent as a whole group. It was on the 2nd night, sooo long ago that i forgot about it until i read E's Blog. The 8 of us sat in a circle on the beach at night to celebrate E's birthday. That was fun. We were laughing away as we dug a big hole in the sand to bury him in.....

Kinda sad, u know, thinking back, why couldn't it be like that the whole trip?

It was bad, our conflicts, but u know, could have been worse. At least no one hunted us down and made us into wax dummies.
"If you read someone else's diary, you get what you deserve." David Sedaris in Time, in Quotable Quotes in Reader's Digest April 2005.

Of all the other quotes I read this afternoon, that stuck in my head. Of course i don't remember who said it... i did referencing for this post.

I find the quote true. But there is a difference between Blogs and Diaries...