Saturday, October 29, 2005

Raya Shopping

For E. Just wanted 2 make sure he doesn't buy ugly stuff, so i went along with him. Hehehehe. But if he really wants to do/get something, what i say won't convince him. Which is good lar, in the past, in my mind, i condemned those couples who'd sacrifice everything for their other half, get a life lar. Good thing E doesn't do that. =) Go get those shoes, E! Haha.

So, i shopped myself too. Hehe. Good excuse to shop. Whoops, shouldn't've admitted that.

So.... girl blogders, wanna know what i bought? Only 2 items. But extremely happy! One pair of pants, Giordano's, corduroy, dark purple. Pop by any Giordano shop, u'll see them. RM20 rebate and free scarf/belt!!! I took pink! Duh? =)

And... second item i bought... ohh... i'm so happy.

That!!!!! =) Love it so much. Been looking for a trench coat. It's actually a dress. U can't get trench coats in KL. So i had 2 slowly, patiently, wait for an affordable, nice dress that has a zip that goes all the way down. Saw so many nice ones with the zip to the belt. Finally found THE one i'm looking for today.

So cheap! Take a guess??

RM49.90. Haha, such a large font, didn't have time to guess and u saw the answer already right?

Cheap wey!!! But of course no brand la. Who cares. Design speaks louder than brand name for me kays? I love this shop. Love it. I once bought a skirt from there. RM29.90. Looked exactly like a pair from Zara, RM129.90. And i bought a pair of army pants from there, RM39.90 or something along the lines of that, a friend thought it was from TopShop!!!! =)

Go there. They aren't paying me to write this, though i wish they'd pay me... never mind, i love them so much... it's G2, Sungei Wang plaza, Bukit Bintang. Not G2000. Just G2. A local brand, i think. And that's one of their models. She's their first. Local too. Hahaha, no la, it's just me. Wishing and dreaming... =P Hehe.

Should've worn heels.

Oh , my legs look so fat...

Anyway, at first glance that place looks damn... Let's just say my classy bestfriend never shops there. But i do. And they have good stuff. They have a very wide variety. At low prices. Moderate to good quality. Would put more pix... but it's way past me bedtime. And they're not paying me.

As if they need to advertise. They're shop is packed full. But let's just say if Xia Xue walked there from Times Square, she MIGHT not have thought KL sucked so bad... But maybe not. Cuz this place... they do not always have good stuff. U have to go there from time to time...

Aiyah, if she knew me, i'd drive her around la. No need to get cheated by those cabbies. But not all cabbies are evil la. MUST defend them a bit. Must tell u about the kind taxi driver who drove back to my house returned my ic. And i never gave him any tips at all... And it happened one day before my family planned to renew our passports, imagine how mad my father will be if he knew i left my ic in a cab? Plus it was during my SPM examinations!!!

Wow, i'm lucky... =P that and the recent whole wallet thing(issue 1)... not to mention the accident before that... =p

Oh and, lookie at what i've got here.

Bought it from a handicapped guy. RM5. A lil' pricey. But it's for charity la... cannot complain... still, the guy can make up to RM150 per hour selling this. Took him 2 minutes to finish it. Nice huh? Good skill he has here. I bought one for my sister too.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

They Speak & 7-Ups-presso!

Sorry for the lack of posts... here are links to keep u busy when i study for marketing and trade finance later.

A very short summary, of the incident, written from N's view.

From another perspective, E writes.

So. Things between me and her... improving =)
Me and her boyfriend. Never see him around anymore.

So, my day today. Worth writing about. And u know i wanna write, been starved of blogging, haven't blogged in days! Stupid exams la! Had law paper yesterday (Tuesday) and... at least i completed it. Hope that is enough to pass. Actually i really really want a credit or above, after all i did read the whole book okay? Read each chapter before tutorials u know? ... but it's law. 40% failure rate. Just have to wait n see.

Accounting today(Wednesady). Sad case. Knew how 2 do most of it but didn't have the time to. All predictions were true.

It's split milk now. I went to Ikea with E for dinner. He's been craving for the famous meat balls there. Honestly... it ain't that great. But the sauce is... but its not hot... =( But still, i was happy after the meal. Refillable coffee!!! Hehehehehehe. Expresso, cappuccino, coffee or tea. And hot milk. Drank 2 cuppas! =) And one expresso. Now suffering the consequences. Headache.

Actually... had headache when i tried to study marketing. But when i start to blog the heachache magically disappeared! Whoa, blogging is more than therapeutic, it has... magical healing powers?? Haha. Or maybe it's just psychological.

So. Drank 3 cups of caffeine. Since it's free and since i'm not shy to keep on refilling, (the damn cup is small ok?), i decided to make cocktails. I loved mixing Sprite with stuff like mango juice, Ribena and other soft drinks... So this time, i thought i thought of a simply genius invention.

I thought i could make sparkling coffee. Hahahahaha. Stupid right? But i thought it'd work. Of course it didn't work out well or i'd be keeping it a trade secret... i could patent it. Sell it.

Haha, wanna know how it went?? Well... i got a glass of 7-Up and a cup of expresso. Poured 7-Up into expresso and a volcano erupted! All the way outta the cup and onto da tray. Then it looked like a cuppucino.

Wish i had a cam phone la. Then i could post a pic of the 7-Up-expresso here and ask u to guess what it is before going into this story. It really looked like a cuppuccino. Like a latte. All that foam. Took off the foam before testing my 'product'. E laughed so much. Never seen him that way! Haha

Er... how should i describe it (besides it being a failure)? Hm... err... u know how soft drinks are full of sugar? Well, just turns out adding 7-up into the expresso is like adding sugar into coffee. With the volcano erruption effect. End of story.

No weird taste and no gassy feeling =( sigh, wanted it to be something amazing. =( =( =(


Then we walked around Ikea. Everything is so nice!! I bought these vases!!! I saw them earlier in a catalogue... when i was searching for furniture to draw for my marketing assignment. I drew this vase and i thought of buying it if i saw it. And yup, i saw it... fell in love with it. Just had to have one. But ended up with 2! Only RM5.90 each!!

So happy with my purchase. Showed it to my mom and my bro, they liked it too. Both of them asked me 2 get all the other colours and i'm u telling u, i will!!! Yay! Exactly what i wanted my mom to say. =)

Ps: I just read XiaXue's blog and i err... really admire her, yup, i hated the whole KL insulting post, but i admire this. Wish i could be like that. BUT her blog is her livelihood, she has to defend it. Mine is just a hobby, a deeply loved hobby. Sadly, my main purpose in life now is to study. And i can't let my blog take my mind off that.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Recieved a call from an unknown number a while ago. Turned out to be E's mom. Huh??? I was so puzzled. At first she sounded so serious and i was like, oh my god, what happened??

And she told me he forgot to bring his phone to this workshop he went to and she was letting me know that in case i was trying to contact him. Then she said he called her 2 her get my number from his phone at home.

Hahaha, what? He can't remember my number? Been together for a year and... about 2 months and he can't remember my number? Hahaha. ?!?!?!?!?!? I converyed that to his mom, i said "Har, he cannot remember my number?"

And she said "Ya lor, knock his head!"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. If ur reading this, E, i'm gonna knock ur head!!

Ohh, and everyone, i have a needle mark on my right arm! =) I tried drugs! I felt a little faint after that... but it made me feel HAPPY. And i did it on campus grounds. Heheh.

No la, joking (duh, how can that be true, i'm this angel who 'never' uses the word bitch, remember?). Tuesday through Thursday there was this blood donation drive in Sunway. And of course, i was eager to donate!

Was also kinda encouraging everyone too. There were many who wanted to but can't because of low blood pressure, underweight, fasting and since exams are nearing, many simply had no time to. I myself didn't have the time on Tuesday and Wednesday, but managed to on Thursday! With a friend, Ce.

It was nice having a friend to talk to as u lie there. She was joking to the hospital staff, she said, "mau bersama tau, kalau tidak, tak mau derma!" Haha, and it seemed perfect, i'm right-handed so i can donate blood from my left arm. She's lefthanded and she can donate using her right. We can be side by side.

Funny thing is, they couldn't find my 'tiny' vien on my left arm so i had 2 change places to donate from my right arm. Sad to be parted from her, lonely. At first she started donating from her right arm... and when i was done, her 450ml bag still isn't full of blood... strange, so she had to use her left arm after all. After she changed places i went to rest next to her (have to rest for about 10-15 minutes after donating). Haha, so side by side we were in the end, chatting (and laughing loudly) all the way!

Hehe, donating blood can be so fun. And you help save lives. You never know who u might be saving. Besides, the side effects of donating blood is good. Especially 4 guys since they have no monthly periods.

Personally, I also love donating blood cuz i have this stupid theory... it helps me lose weight... Hahaha, not exactly lose weight but... i feel that the next few days after donating, the food i eat (and eat and eat) will be used to make new blood cells as opposed to being stored up as fats. Yay! Haha.

Ps. Life's back to normal 4 me, thanks to the chat i had. I found out a lot... not blog material, unless i wanna get into another mess. Feel like spilling it all. But let's just say things were paraphrased wrongly.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Personality Quizes

Your Birthdate: March 17

Your birth on the 17th day of the month suggests that you are very lucky financially, because this date indicates a solid business sense.
Although you are probably very honest and ethical, this birthday enables you to be shrewd and successful in the world of business and commercial enterprise.
You have excellent organizational, managerial, and administrative capabilities enabling you to handle large projects and significant amounts of money with relative ease.

You are ambitious and highly goal-oriented, although you may be better at starting projects than you are at finishing them.
A sensitivity in your nature, often repressed below the surface of awareness, makes it hard to give or receive affection.

The last part is so wrong. I'm better at completing things than starting them ok? N dun understand the last sentence.

The beginning part... no idea if it's true or not. Yet. But being a business student, i'm jumping with joy knowing that some-birthday-analysing-thing thinks it suits me!! Yay yay!

Seriously i'm happy, 2 years ago, i'd never consider business. How i ended up here... hahaha... not a good example. Wanted to do communications but never had the confidence, opened the Monash course book and simply picked any 2 degrees i fancy. Said i wanted to do a double degree -- communications and something stable: Business.

Surprise! U can't just pick any 2 degrees and say u wanna do a double degree. Has gotta be offered. Only offered in Aust. They said i could do 2 years here and 2 years there. But i have 2 do well. So i went with business first. Here i am. And i won't be doing the double degree after all.

Haha, so thank god thank god thank god i'm... what did the quiz say? I'm going "to be shrewd and successful in the world of business and commercial enterprise.
You have excellent organizational, managerial, and administrative capabilities enabling you to handle large projects and significant amounts of money with relative ease."!!!!

Love the person who wrote the quiz. Hehe. Oh ya, thanks D for putting these up on ur Blog.

Oh by the way. I'm NOT a religon person. Freethinker here, to remind u. The kinda freethinker i am... i choose what i wanna believe. I dun believe in God but i believe there is a God. Which one, i have my own theory. Not diary material. I mean, not blog material, won't be elaborating here.

And i don't pray. I don't wanna ask for anything. Believe in faith and fate. If You wanna give that to me it's Your choice. And if i do get blessed, i thank god first. Thats about it.

So, as i was saying. Happy i am (regarding the quiz and not life in general, am still bothered). Cuz i realized... the reason the whole incident (not again, why do u keep referring to it??) happened cuz i'm not rich. If i were rich, do i have to cram in a room? Do i? Would I? Nah.... if i were rich i'd book my own room... sleep well on a king sized bed... or hang out, stay up late with the others the whole night in their room and leave my room unused.

Too bad i dun have the $. I know money doesn't solve everything, in fact having too much of it gives u problems... makes your child vulnerable to ransom. Haha, my friend Ce held my bag ransom... she was afraid i would stand her up, so she offered to carry my bag for me... to ensure that i would meet her. So funny, i smsed her asking if my bag was still alive. "It's jumping about" she said. And jokingly reminded me to bring cashhhhh.

So, as i was saying, money isn't a solution. But it does solve a lot of problems. And avoid a lot of problems. I wanna be rich! And one way of increasing the probability of becoming rich is to study...


But i'm soooooooo lazy...

Here's another quiz thing that is partly soo soo true.

How You Life Your Life

You seem to be straight forward, but you keep a lot inside.
You're laid back and chill, but sometimes you care too much about what others think.
You prefer a variety of friends and tend to change friends quickly.
You tend to dream big, but you worry that your dreams aren't attainable.
How Do You Live Your Life?

True but the 'tend to change friends quickly' scares me. It isn't true, is it?? I don't want it to be...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Year 1, Sem 2 , Part 7

Did i get the part# correct? Can't remember the last part i wrote abt uni life... doesn't matter la, if i dunno, u lagi dunno right? =)

Due to the... upheavel in my life, which i caused and is my fault anyway, my studies have been affected. Started a 3000word essay 2 days before it was due. And couldn't write more than 300 words on Saturday. Had to do most of d damn thing on Sunday and Monday morning.

Marketing again, the second marketing assg, which is a follow up on the first. No, i'm not here to blame her again, if that is what u are thinking... stupid doubt, go away!

Yeah yeah, i did do well the last time although i did it last minute, i'd do well again right? Don't think so lar. How much luck can a person have? Runs out one u know.

Whatmore, the lecturer somehow thinks i'm this good student who does her work early (hahaha, who me?) ... he told a friend of a friend who told my friend who told me (My friend laughed like hell too). Thank god the lecturer doesn't know our faces. He only knows our names and our marks. Hahaha. "U tell me your name, i'll tell u your marks", he said without refering to any list. Scary! The second assignment by Sue Lin is really gonna dissapoint him, sorry sir!

What if i do do well? Then... thank god lor... thank u meh? Hehe, joking.

It was pretty hellish, the super up stressed feeling inside... and we had to draw up an advert and products. When i felt THAT stressed, i moved to spend some time on the artistic part of the assignment. Satisfied with my drawing, but if given the time, i'd have drawn more. I love drawing. The hour and a half spent drawing really calmed me down.

Handed it out like, 5 minutes before the due time. I think i've mentioned something like this before... Speeding to Sunway to hand out the assignment?? Looks like it happens a lot with me.

Note: speeding to me is going slightly below 100kmph. My baby can't go any faster without flying, i sayang her ok? And i dun wannanother wonderful thing to happen in my wonderful life.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ups and Downs

I feel tied down. Restricted. Doubts fill everything i write about. I want to write about her, about the few times i've thought about her today and the good times we shared. I want to write about how much i'd miss her if she decides to never speak to me again. But i'm afraid u'd think i'm over dramatic and unsincere.

I feel tied up. Bounded. Lost my freedom of speech. Taken away from me. 'Then write it in your diary' he said. What's the point of u finding out how i feel after i've already died? Isn't that the only time diaries are read? When the author is dead and someone decides to make big bucks?

I feel like giving u a clearer close up picture of me. But i've always been too careful. Except for that one instance. Which unfortunately led to issue 2. And then i was so angry at the world.

I wanted to close down this blog. Sadness is all it's brought me in the past week.

But no, E has been reminding me of the amount of readers i have. I've worked so hard. I know i'm not popular. But i'm happy with the amount of readers i have. It's overwhelming. It's not easy to get somewhat loyal readers...

Thank u, u who told me over the phone, "but don't lose your Blogging style". It means so much to me.

Thank u, anonymous, who told me i had attitude. I don't know how long ago u wrote that, but i remember. I remember it and i'm going to link to your comment. Here.

I don't know who all of u are, but thank u for reading my shit. You are the reason i blog.

Note: I'm sure u'd never remember this. Nor will u tell any of your friends this. (Ahhgggg, here i go doubting what i write again). But, it is something i wanted u to know.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

I'm So Angry at the World

I kinda HATE humans right now. All of them. And i'm not even referring to all the killings and war that goes on. I'm talking about sin EVERYONE commits, whether u admit or not, whether u call it complaining or kutuking or whatever. Gossip.

In that fateful post, i wrote something about wanting to cry. No one asked me why or showed any concern. But the negative sentence i wrote. Wah, must go and talk about it 2 weeks later and analys it and figure out who i'm talking about lar? Har?

I'm NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT trying to target those who told him about what i wrote, seriously i'm not. My point is human nature! Why is it so interesting to talk about the negative?? All the postive posts i wrote... wasted? Do u know how sad that makes me?

And messages go out wrongly. I'm sure u've played this game before, pass the message in a whisper. Read this , it explains it well.

Note: I didn't intend to make the layout that way. There was an error with the html and it turned out that way. Seemed to suit my mood and reflect the emotions i was feeling at the time i wrote that post so i'm leaving it that way.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Not the Update U Want

Realized my blog is becoming some moral book. Lessons here and lessons there. =P Don'tcha think so from reading the comments i wrote in my last post? Haha, can't help it.

And here i go again.

In a small paragraph in that previous post i wrote about how we, okay, I shouldn't stereotype people according to their profession... err... yeah, i sort of accused the cleaner lady of stealing my bag. How many of you would have suspected so too? Sadly, it is pretty normal to label them that way.

Anyway, like i already said, i found my wallet and she wasn't the one who took it... I felt bad about accusing her and so, despite being so embarassed, i just had to inform her that i've found it. She was pretty cool about it.

Yesterday, when i saw her around, i was still a bit embarrassed and kinda ran away before she could see me. I can't avoid not running into her, i never noticed, guess she's in charge of the toilets on the 2nd floor, that is where the computer labs are.

But today! =) I saw her and i don't know what got into me but i.......... called her out of respect, "Mak Cikkkkk", i greeted her, smiling. She heard me and smiled back! A big smile which reached her eyes.

I felt so happy.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

What a Wonderful Day

Just spectacular. Tuesdays are off for me but i dragged my sleepy head 20km to Sunway. Just cuz the tailor is coming to measure us for the cheerleading uniforms. Had doubts, it's so expen$ive and do they really accept me as one of them?? Purposely did not eat breakfast, just had milo. Wanted my stupid waist to be smaller but didn't work... i'm the biggest and my uniform will be the biggest uniform . =( =(

Nah, come on, that doesn't make my day suck. Well, not that alone la, i lost my wallet too. In that small bag i carry around. Together with my thumb drive, it's wires and tissue paper.

Issue 2

Tell u more about that later, can't really blog about it when i'm thinking of the other 'happy' incident. Regarding my Blog. =( I got screwed for something i wrote. Oh, is screwed a word unlike me to use? Ai, apparently i wrote something people couldn't believe i wrote. And i got confronted for it. Real bad.

She didn't want to confront me but her boyfriend did, after finding out from other friends who apparently read my bloggie. It was a mess. He thought i was spreading rumours. Was i?? He asked me why couldn't i have told him or her that night itself. My only defence was that it wasn't easy, i'm not as strong as him, i can't tell u i hate u to your face. Unless we were in a heated argument. Kinda like the same reason she didn't wanna confront me on her own.

That one little sentence.

He says i've ruined my reputation as a nice person. Shit, i mean, kinda is sad to lose that. But was i ever a saint? Am i an angel or something? Aren't i entitled to emotions like anger? Guess i shouldn't have used the word bitch... should have stuck to... errr... woman. Totally loud inconsiderate woman instead of toally loud inconsiderate bitch.

Maybe it's for the best. Like an announcement, oi, world, Sue Lin is not an angel. Please remember that.

I went to talk to the Monash counselor. Cried there and she was real nice. Real nice. Next time u have problems talk to your varsity counselor, they tell u things your friends can't say. But of course u gotta be honest, which i was. Admited everything, my blog, the name calling i did, right to the fact that i cried a bit before seeing her.

She just kinda chatted with me... and told me to learn to be more assertive next time a.k.a. you-should-have-told-your-friend-on-the-spot... she says everything nicely, it was soothing. And she told me "you want your blog to be a nice place don't u". I had to tell her, my blog usually is a nice place (it is right?) except for that one sentence. I was under a lot of stress that night.

I also told her i'd treat all that as a lesson, like what normally do. She was freaking super the nice! She said "lesson is a bit harsh". So sweet of her! Can't remember her exact words but she said "understand", it's more of understanding the way person react and something like that. Which makes a lot of sense.

Also told her about the reputation thing. And she gave me the 'u are only human' thing. But she says it all really nice, i felt so much better... We ended up talking about Kesas highway... Haha.

I guess it's settled. Am glad he did tell me face to face, i did say thank u to him. But given the choice i do wish none of it happened.

Issue 1

Okay, back to my bag. Was in the computer lab, distinctively remember putting my thumb drive into it... then went to the toilet, remember having it but can't remember bringing it out. A lady chased us out of the comp lab a few minutes later, saying there'll be a lecturer's workshop. So we hurried up and left. Half way to the cafeteria, hungry la, milo only for breakfast, i realized i left my bag somewhere. It wasn't in the computer lab with all the lecturers. They couldn't have taken it, they're lecturers.

Went to the toilet to look for it but the toilet was being cleaned. They didn't see anything there. I went to every possible lost and found place but no one submitted it. I hung around the toilet cuz i suspected the cleaners took it... i was so out of my mind that when the lady carried some garbage bags i thought she was hiding my bag!

I KNOW i shouldn't accuse them because they are cleaners, and i didn't. But in my heart i did.

After over an hour of looking, i decided to give up and start making the reports. My ic was in there, my driving lisence, my atm, student card, library card, touch n go card, my credit card! And about Rm140 in cash, had RM100 left over from the shopping trip on Sunday and had RM40 because the tailor only wanted a deposit and not the full amount in the end.

Before leaving for the police station, i wanted to check the Student Centre once more, thats when i received a call! Oh my god, my wallet?? No, it's just my friend. Was about to scold her, for bringing up my hopes, can give me heart attack one u know?

Haha, but she was bearer of good news. She found my bag!!!!!!!!! She went for class and she saw a girl with it. The girl had class and didn't know what to do with the wallet after class, she was looking through my wallet for my name. My friend took it for me and thanked the girl for me, i never met her.

So, it wasn't the cleaning lady after all... felt bad... i did inform her that i found the bag. And she was nice about it, all smiles... seems like the movie i watched yesterday. Flight Plan. People on the plane, in the movie, accused two Arab men of kidnapping the little girl. When in fact it wasn't them.

Also informed the nice lady at the Monash counter and everyone i told.

Everything is inside, the documents and part of my cash. My thumb drive is gone and RM50 is missing. The girl said she didn't see any thumb drive. But i guess that'll just be a lesson to me. Another expensive lesson. =(

Confession: if i did find a lost wallet, i'd do the same thing, take part of the cash and return the rest, see i told u i'm no angel, i'm a bitch myself okay? I WISH i could be one full-time. Don't know if i'd actually DO that but i've thought of it.

But: after this incident i won't ever think of that again. And also, if i do find a bag i'd immediately submit it to officials. The one hour plus i spent searching... all that anxiety... you have no idea how it's like till u are actually put in that spot.

Note: If you are unhappy with what u read, do comment. You can comment anonymously. A tag board will be up within two months for u to further criticize me.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Lots of Regrets

Regret i didn't buy much much much more, that is! Hehehehe.

Okay... don't like their packaging, makes them look more ah lian and lala than they actually are. And i wear these earrings well okays???

And they're cheap. Guess. 3 pairs for RM10?


RM10 for 5?


They cost me RM2 for 3 pairs. The guy didn't wanna do business already. So i bought 6. Yeah one pair's missing. Gave it to my new Indonesian maid, T, she's so young, just 16. Kinda pity her, so young have to go sooo far way to work. I try to make things easier for her. With gifts, for now. Be friends later. I'm not that sociable. She was happy with the small gift. Really happy. Oh, she's new. The last maid we had ran away.

The last maid ran away without taking any of our money or jewelry, so nice of her. And in return i hope she doesn't get ill treated by the people she ran away with.

So... next thing i bought...
This bracelet. RM10. Forgive the large background. That's my bedsheet. Still over-excited about my bedsheet, i love my bedsheet, looks so nice... couldn't cut it out of the picture! Hehe. Hmmmmm... It, the bracelet, doesn't really look nice here. Somehow it isn't sparkling. Bad photography.

Normally, my pictures, all of them go through natural selection. Familiar with that biology term?? Haha, it just means i take 3-4 photographs and then pick the best for my posts. Since i'm not as free (or as skillful) as Ms Famous Blogger to go photoshop everything. Reason why the bracelet don't look so good here is cuz... errr... i only took one photo this time... b'cuz... umm... when i previewed it on the cam, i was mesmerized by my bedsheet... i thought it was a good photo.

Hahaha, forgot that the bracelet is the main focus and not the bedsheet, Stupids.

Last item i bought. Stickers. Customised to say whatever u want it to say. I went crazy and got 600 pieces in my sister's name, my name, my mom's name, Bay Bee Tea and some for E. And one (hundred) of E and me. No point scanning them up here, won't look good. Cost me RM20. Only regret is i didn't design my sister's well enough.

Speaking of mah sis....! =) The art i mentioned helping her with... She got an A!!!! =) Here's how it works, they give them the art exam questions in advance and parents and family are to help these little standard one kids... so cute.

My sis picked question 2. Cut out coloured paper in the shape of triangles only and use that to make a collage. Limited to 3 colours. I helped her design and cut out hers. Here's her (and my) work!

U know what the pink and yellow thing on the upper left is supposed to be?? Angels! Hahaha, i looked online for Christmas and i saw angels... told her to make angels that way and then i thought they looked funny... but apparently she liked them soooo much. Sooo cute.

Note: I'm not super free to Blog all the time. I just LOVE blogging. Therapeutic. Was feeling down earlier on but this post helped me feel better.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sad to go Shopping??

Like most girls, i LOVE shopping. And i'm going shopping after this post. But why am i sad? =( Cuz i have no $$$.

Since the holidays are coming, i bought prepaid cards, a lot of them in advance, cuz my mom n bro uses them too and they are cheaper in uni. During the holidays the uni shop closes. So, using what i learnt in accounts, that is anything prepaid is an asset. I spent RM200 on top up cards. And then the next day, there were those Hotlink traveling vans that visit colleges... and they had even better offers. Free t-shirt, kinda nice. So i spent another RM100 on PREpaid cards. Damn it, I know, it's an asset, good, according to accountants, but i'm suffering!!!

And i've already maxed out my card... To the limit! Hahaha... terrible? And i plan to use my boyfriend's!

Just kidding. I maxed out my library card only, not my credit card... 10 books, the maximum. Haven't read a single one of them. But figured i be a bit kiasu this time la.

But i did already spend too much on my credit card... =( The usual includes my dental appointments and my petrol. Stupid car service this month, i know that is unavoidable expenses, but still... it makes the total much bigger. Not to mention i bought the 3 for RM50 shirts at Pyramid... Normally dun use my credit card for anything except dental appointments and petrol, cuz i want my father to trust me.

I bought those shirts cuz my mom supported me! Haha, she was so nice, say that i spend very little compared to others. Which is true, since i got my credit card, i've only used it twice aside pretol n dental appointments. My mom told me to use it! Hahaha. So i did! But dun dare to swipe it again anytime soon. Except for petrol and dental appointments...

My best friend and i are going to the Curve later, to the flea market thing. Hopefully stuff's cheap. But is it? I mean, that flea market is VERY popular, eveyone's heard of it and it appears in the papers often. So commercialized, do u think they'd still sell cheap stuff? I'll find out and keep u updated k?

Ahhhhh, why does the darn place have to be so far? A good 20+km away. And i'm driving. Ahhhh. Why must all the good malls be so far away? Why are Cheras people stuck with Leisure Mall and a brankrupt empty Plaza Phoenix? And an ok but still not so good Jaya Jusco?

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Remember how much i complained about 20% marketing assignment ??

Guess what? Hahahaha, very stupid and crazy. Maybe there is some mistake but who cares, dun think the lecturer would remark my paper. I got 15 out of 20! Hahahahahaha. Highest some more. Another person got the same marks as well, and most people got around 13. Hahaha.

Of course, the other tutor hasn't posted her classes' marks yet... so it's possible that some idiot might be better than me but who cares la. Damn happy d. I was expecting like... 9 out of 20?? Figured that's better than 0 la. Haha.

I THINK la, maybe it's cuz i'm good at crapping. Really crapped a lot. And i also think that the English tuition i took (who takes English tution?) from standard 6 to form 5 helped me a lot in writing. Especially essays like argumentative and factual.

Friday, October 07, 2005


Sweat like mad hunting for newspapers, no fan in that room. E asked me to look for newspapers for him. Got kinda grumpy, until i started thinking. U know that saying 'behind every man is a woman'? Hahaha. Felt like it was sooo true.

Kind of like our duty. Haha.

But it's not like i help much, because we are in different Unis, i guess. Not like Je and H in VU. Heard Je did very well... and then heard it was probably because of H.

To be totally honest, i'm not doing very well either la. What more help E?? I'm dying. Struggling, putting in too little effort. Always intend to do work but never do.

I saw J's results and i got shit scared. If A- were 80% she's have 3 of them? Wahh, means average 80 lar. Sad la, how am i doing? Average 66% only. Wanna cry. I'm so stupid and lazy.

Ok, enough. Gonna go search for more of E's newspapers. And then read some stupid marketing. I HATE MARKETING.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My lil' Sister

That's my sister!!!

She's 7 and she'll always be my baby sister! Hehe. It's nice and funny watching her grow up. And it's always great to hug or squeeeeeeeze her. Hehe.

When i was in pre-university last year, she was in pre-school... big difference!

Last Sunday, my father repaired my old bike, u know fill the tyres up with air... clean up all the dust. For her. I rode it when i was 7! It looked so big then but now it seems so small. My mom won the bike in a McDonald contest. Funny how about 10 years ago 1st prizes were always bikes, now it's always phones, no one would wanna join the contest if the prize were a bike now, huh?

So the bike is those without trainer wheels... normal bike with just 2 wheels. My sis didn't know how 2 ride it. I tried teaching her and it was so tiring, sweat so much. And she still couldn't get it. She doesn't dare pedal...

Before that we had dinner, KFC. She accidentally got ketchup on her elbow... i tried to warn her but it was too late. Then she tried to lick it! Haha, everyone knows u can't lick your elbow... but maybe since she's young she didn't know. So i had a good time laughing at her try... =)

Another funny thing she said that i'll remember. She asked for Ribena with a lot of Ribene. Can u guess what Ribene is?? I laughed until my stomach hurts.

After this, or i guess while writing this post, which i'm rushing through, i'll be helping her with her art exam... i miss art...

Oh yea, i went to the fitness centre again, this time for belly dancing (Belly Jam), Gentle Yoga and Latin Fusion dance. The belly dance was really good, ten times more hip movement than the one in uni. The teacher and some students had the hip scarf.

Speaking of dancing... i guess i really stink/suck. I'm really hopeless. I'll dance just for fun. But it's a lot less fun when i know i suck. Feel like giving up. =( Why do i think i suck?? Cuz apparently some of the cheerleaders from the Monash team are performing tomorrow. And i'm not one of them. SAd =( =( =(

And one of the better dancers, she's never at practise but she learns really quick and performs really well, she smsed me asking to borrow my pink top. The one we wore in the last performance. I'm =( but i'm a kind person... with a big heart... i'll definitely borrrow it to her... =(

I guess i won't give up dancing for the sake of burning calories. Good fun work-out. I need the work-out cuz i LOVE eating. And i mean i love eating. I'd eat your left over if it tastes good... and if E isn't around to scold me... No lar, he doesn't mind me the way i am, he just doesn't want me to be tooo fat, which i would be, if not controlled. Haha. I told him to scold me one...

Here's a pic i found off Friendster. From K. Taken via her cam phone. I wish i had a cam phone...

Gurney Drive, Penang. During the Penang trip in late June. C's shirt is so dark, A looks like he's alone... and E and Ed look headless. HAHAH. And if u look closely, like i did, i have a nice waist! Haha, the X figure! Yay!!!! I normally do not. Just an illusion lar, partly because of some shadow and partly because i knew the pic was being taken so i sat up straight!

Funny how much better one looks when they sit/stand up straight. MUST MUST remember to stand up straight.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Treasure Hunt, Cultural Night

Got a strange call a few days ago accusing me of signing up for a treasure hunt. All i did was fill up a form to win RM5000, no one told me about any treasure hunt. Damn reluctant to go. But i did, first for a briefing. Where i met this girl, J... not the usual J i refer to here.

Happen to be paired up with J, cool, cuz by then we got along well. Managed to get a good start but did very badly in the end. Oh, the treasure hunt was organised by Cinema Online, Cadbury, hosted by Red 104.9fm in Sunway Lagoon. So the thing was basically like a mini Amazing Race, without the air travel and cab rides. Involves roller coaster rides since it was in a theme park. Had to walk or run if u can, which i can't. Took off my shoes at one point and man did my feet kill me. My partner took off her shoes too but her jeans were really long and they protected her feet. Shit... my feet... soaking them in hot water as i blog...

We were number 3... third last. Was sad, my partner didn't wanna bother completing the task and i saw the staff starting to write something on our envelope, she wrote "Not..." and i couldn't take it, i don't us to be the team with 'not completed'!, we're completing it. So we continued... had to take a ride, called the Lost Gold Mine.

I sat it, my partner didn't want to. I sat alone. Holding our clue ticket, depressed, eyes open but not seeing anything. The roller coaster ride started going up, u know usually at the beginning roller coasters start going up and all the anticipation of not knowing what's gonna come next scares the shit out u? I didn't feel that and i started thinking, "this is the first roller coaster that i don't feel any thrill" and then suddenly, what the hell, so scary, the thing suddenly zoom down and i forgot all about our loss and held on tight to our clue, cannot let the thing fly away.

Then felt better a bit...

Went for lunch at Kim Gary's... yummmm, my pork chop cheese baked rice! But this time i wasn't full even after eating every single grain of rice. And i paid, treated E for supporting me.

Then, idiot! E asked me to belanja him dinner as well cuz he ordered 'cheap' stuff at Kim Gary. Asked him to carry me to the car then i'd belanja him (cuz my feet really hurt). He did carry me, in the car park, only a short distance la, piggy back ride, hahaha, very funny, ppl stare at us. Ok la, can la, he earned his dinner. Hahaha.

In the evening, after a nice bath and a too short nap, i went out with E and his bestfriend S. To the Indian Cultural Night in Taylors. S wanted to meet his net friend there. At first the performance awed me. I mean, how much good stuff have i been writing about Indian dances in the psat few days? So, i was fascinated... was like wow!

A while later the was some singing, like poetry, by a guy, which literally sent shivers down E's spine. Literally and observable, i saw it and had a laughing fit... next to him, i saw S yawning without cover his mouth... haha, i laughed harder. Guys! Hahaha. Too bad no girls with me to laugh along.

Not long after that i started to yawn too. My lower back started to ache too, useless metal chairs, your butt keeps sliding... haha... I think the performances were too long, the same dancers danced more than 3 times tonight and it was still not over! Some of them were really hot, wish i had that girl's rock hard stomach... so beautiful and defined, she had a navel ring too.

There were plump and downright fat dancers too. It's great to know that they are confident despite their size. And it's great to know that they don't succumb to eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia. But! One of the dancers, oh my gawd. She is so fat and yet she wore a bright pink top! Disgusting. The girl next to girl wasn't thin but looked sooo much better simply by wearing a dark colour.

And this fat lady... in a later dance, she wore a better top, loose and white, can't see her fats shaking about, but her pants! Ahhh... yuckkkkkkkkks. It's baggy but it was slit high up the thigh on both legs. Eeeew... seeing her legs... is that necessary?

Long Day for Me

Why Do u Blog?
For myself only 40%4
For my friends and readers 40%4
I don't Blog 0%0
Because i secretly yearn to be famous 20%2
10 votes total

Saturday, October 01, 2005

I'll Try to Keep Things Short

or maybe i'll just type fast?

Decided to go for Gentle Yoga and Bollywood dance at the fitness centre at the last minute. Cuz i really wanted to. It was at night. And i was alone. I missed the most crucial turning. Ended up being forced to either drive along either NKVE or Penchala Link. I chose Penchala. Stupid dumb road, not yet reach one 1km ask me to pay toll. RM2. Crap and then i went through a really nice tunnel. Spend so much $$ on tunnels and make me pay stupid toll! Shit.

Who takes those roads?? Shorter meh? No jam is good. But that's cuz ppl avoid the damn toll. Ppl only take that road during emergencies and when they blur blur go and take the wrong road. Ended up reaching the darn place late. Missed my yoga. So much for destress. Nevermind go for Bollywood dance. Fun fun fun.

And then decided to do a bit of the treadmill. Walk and walk and walk and the calories burnt go up so slow. So sad lar... walk fast for ten minutes only burn 40 calories. Stupid. And my nasi lemak with chicken breakfast how many calories? 1000? Shit.

There were mirrors everywhere too. So i saw myself. Look like hamster running in a wheel. But of cuz minus the hamster and minus the wheel. And i've got a nice butt! Hahahaha. Only fr the back la, from the front my thighs are too big. Dun wanna do more than 10mins of treadmill d. The other machines burn even less calories. Indian dance nicer.

Then on the way home, dunno how 2 go home. Stupid signboards either too close to forked roads or too far away from traffic lights. I passed the signboard and waited at the traffic lights for dunno how long figuring where 2 go. Luckily my direction instinct not too bad. Then took another wrong road. Which turned out to be just an alternative route. Lucky...

And i left my IC at the centre. Since i have no membership pass they took my ic. Damn. Neburmind. Excuse to go there again today (Friday). So i went. Late again, this time no parking. Went for HI/LO class, it's aerobics. So hard 2 find the class. Dunno go around e building how many times. That is already a workout on its own. Not to mention the walk fr my baby(car).

Then went for Bodycombat. Fun, like martial arts... I wonder why all the other ppl so free, go gym at 9.30am. No work ar? No classes ar? So much money to join the centre? Not cheap, for me, cheapest is RM159 a month... excluding 5% tax. And u have to sign a contract: 24 months.

Actually if i'm working i'd LOVE to join this place la... my Indian dance... so fun... the teacher is from India, i asked cuz he didn't sound local.

But dunno i will have time or not. Now also no time, what more when i work??? And u know what really scares me?? The consultant who helps me out says he works fr 11am-8pm. But he goes home at 11+. And my cousin, who has a biz degree, she's 4 yrs older than me works till late daily, 8pm? Later? The other cousins work till 11pm... Why like that??? What happen to 9-5 working hours??? Or are all the other ppl in my family just so successful but me???

So i left my ic there and the receptionist asked me to see the consultant guy after my workout. His name is V. And i did look for him... i want my ic back! But he was on leave! The people there called him for me and i spoke to him. He said he'll deliver my ic to my house at night.

Wah so good ar? Of course i say yes. I do feel bad, but his fault right? Since he never bother giving me those temporary pass thing. My mom did ask for it and so did i again later. So his fault la.

My parents were very considerate... my parents n i walked out of our house to the junction after ten pm so he wouldn't have to drive in... and while waiting, i saw a couple mating. Looks like it anyway... snails! I saw a couple of snails mating. Which one is male and which one is female? I heard they have both genders... whats the word for that? My bio rotten d.

Also saw a few smaller snails. Hehe, never knew they could be sooooooooooooooo cute! Wanted to keep on as a pet. But how to? Made me feel like walking around the garden at night... Also, at the moment i WISHED i had a camera phone... so i can capture a picture of those cute snails and post them here!

=( All the digital cameras my family own are HUGE and SLOW. Very jealous la no camera phone, see all those other couples take pix together and E and i dun have that... So sad lar. J, u are soooo lucky regarding cam phones and ur new digi cam. Congrats! Good idea though, gonna ask my mom whether she got any dunno what points... go get a tiny faSt digi cam. Too bad mummy sleep already...

On Monday, i brought my cam to uni to pass some of the photos to the others. Before meeting up with them, i serviced my car. Can't leave the cam in my car right? So i carried it out wit me. And then i saw some accident cars parked outside the service centre... so i took a few shots. Here's one of them.

Even the popular Myvi is not invincible...

That's my baby Kancil. Sorry for the bad image quality, took the picture through the glass, was in the waiting area. My car's floating up in the air. The tyre specialist told me my tires need to be rotated and they need allignment. Huh, what??? I called my father and he said go ahead... since i kinda banged up a tyre real bad in my last accident...

Many people don't like Kancils cuz they're tiny and many of them get into accidents. Honestly I never liked Kancils in the past. But now, i love them and this is my baby. Don't u dare insult her.

The accident i got into was purely my fault and not the car. And the other accident i got into was the other driver's fault. I think there are many Kancils that get into accidents because there are a lot of them on the road. So, that increases the number of Kancils in accident. Same goes with Wiras.

Oh yeah and the service people were really good... as in soooo soft spoken and polite. So soft spoken i had a hard time hearing what the tyre specialist was saying! And he called me Akak... haha, so respectful, it means big sis in Malay. I think i'm younger than him!

But for them to begin the service... what took them so long? Don't they open at 8.30??? I reached there at 9.10 and i was one of the 1st few but they started on my car at 9.50!

The fitness centre people were good too. I'd definitely reccomend that centre, True Fitness. In Hartamas. I'm not getting paid by them... just doing this out of goodwill. Thanks, V, for driving all the way to return me my ic. Kesihan him a bit la, had to return my ic... he was obviously dating, there was a girl in his passenger seat...

I have another incident about returning ics. Later. 1200words + already. Did u even read until here? =P Don't lie to me! =)