Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Eat to Live

Food prices seriously can kill. My tight jeans are now baggy jeans. Not to mention the amount of walking i've been doing.

In Malaysia i've always lived to eat. Here i gotta eat to live...

Its crazy. I wouldn't pay RM7.90 for a curry laksa, why would i pay AUD7.90 for it? Go to hell please.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

In Australia

14 Febraury 2007 - Was a very sweet valentine but if u ask me to go through it again, no thanks. I had food pisoning and E was manja-ing me all day. At night i went for dinner with him and his parents since i felt somewhat better. Totally forgot about the horrid valentine day rush... i was even sicker after the extra long dinner. Plus i puked out all my dinner

My father is not taking a day off to see me off, so Wednesday night was when i said goodbye. I cried and he kissed me on the forehead like he used to when i was a kid.

15 February 2007 - Got up at 7 am, feeling better and started rushing my packing. Had a long way to go, didn't pack well... My luggage was 2kg underweight!!!!!! =( i have not enough clothes! I regret excluding many things. Sigh. I kept visiting the toilet in the plane.

16th February - Arrived in Melbourne, Monash sent a really nice luxury car to pick HS and i up. We forgot to wear our seatbelts in the back seat =P

My aunt's place - our temporary accomodation was really small and my aunt's extended family, whom i do not know were living there too. Felt damn out of place and like such a burden there...

And the weather was soooo hot. And there are no fans. Nor airconds.

We ate out for lunch... meals are expensive, a simple meal costs $7-8. I looked at the menu and felt like crying. After converstion, that price could have gotten me my gourmet cheese baked rice at Kim Gary.

I saw my little cousin and she reminded me of my lil sis cuz they played a lot together in December and i felt like crying...

I didn't want to message E, I didn't want to talk to my father on the phone too much cuz any reminder of home triggers the tears.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Just hit me that i'm flying off to Austrealia TOMORROW. Tomorrow!

Shit. Not that i'm not excited. Not that one year is long. But... i haven't... finished packing!

Thank goodness i spent 2 months doing an internship... otherwise i would have had a lot of time 2 shop and i would have bought too much stuff!

As it is, i plan to bring 5 handbags, 3 bookbags and one bag pack. Shit.

Don't ask me how many items of footwear am i bringing! Don't ask me how many jackets! I haven't counted.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Its Like Doing an Assignment!

Packing sucks. Its stressful. And like assignments there is a dead line.

The kg limit is annoying just as word limit is. You have to maximise the 30kg, make none of it is wasted. Just like how you have to reach the word limit. Rushing for time.

And Australia has so many regulations, u can't bring this, you can't that. Plus i'll have to pack the hair oil well so that it doesnt spill. Reminds me of how strict Monash is with referencing...

Gives me a headache. How did u guys manage?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Take Things for Granted

Woke up at 2.30pm like a total slob. Maid told me lunch was ready downstairs.

I was irritated at her...

Cuz i wanted to learn how to cook! I wanted to cook spaghetti today!!!

Grumble as i ate.

I know i know, i'll miss getting up in a home where food is always on the table later on when i study abroad. But i really gotta learn how 2 cook!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Life after internship

Cut and curled my hair, got a second tattoo, removed my braces and then collect my retainers (Hate wearing them). Got a new pair of specs

Watched Blood Diamond with ex-colleagues, good movie. Collected my paycheck. Sort out some of my stuff so that packing wouldn't be so hard. Spent time with family. A few small farewells which i shall blog about later. Watched Gamarjobat at Actors Studio Bangsar, not bad. A few visits to a few banks to make a bankdraft etc

Oh yeah, bought a new camera which cost me my whole 2 months allowance fr the internship plus Rm400. Love it.

Bought a new thumb drive, these little devices really are cheap. My first one, 128MB cost about RM80 in August 2004. E's 512MB cost RM100 in July 2006, J wanted to buy a 1Gig thumb drive in September 06 for RM60. I bought my 2Gig baby for RM63 on Feb 07...

ALL my files- songs, photos, Monash assignments and other junks totals about 2Gig. Finally transferred those files fr my dead desktop to my new laptop. Haven't sorted them out yet...

Haven't collected my RM40 from Sunway (long story) and haven't bought my Accounting Theory textbook yet. Haven't brought lil sister ice skating, anyone interested? Sms me

Haven't gotten a translation for my driving license. Haven't collected my contact lens, haven't bought enough stationary. Haven't mended the handle of my badminton racket which i'd be bringing to Aust to play badminton with future housemate C.

Havent been exercising. Haven't packed yet. Will get to packing now.

Will be helping 18 yr old bro's first ever primary school friend make a bouquet for his girlfriend this Sunday, hope it turns out well...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dare i Call Myself a Daredevil?

They (at Borneo Ink) said that getting a tattoo on the rib cage hurts the most...

And Lina the tattoo artist dared E to get a large tattoo with a lot of lines done there. If he did it, the tatt would be free of charge.

So he did it. And he cried.

And then he dared me to get one there. Any size, design of my choice, he'd pay for me if i do. He wanted to see me suffer!

I was more worried about design and less about the pain. Took the pain killers i normally take for period pain though...

It hurt a lot at some places. It merely tickled at other places. And some at some parts the pain was actually... nice

To me the mental preparation is really important...

E got bored of watching me getting tattooed cuz i wasn't suffering as bad as he hoped! Hahaha. I was focusing on the ceiling and breathing and keeping calm, while i listened to Lina's life story...

Lina said to me "lucky u have fats", hahaha and i was like, "yeah, AFTER getting the tattoo only lose the fats"...

Here's a pic with great camera tricks (hides the fats) =P

Second tattoo (decorative Mauri design) done on 02 - 02 - 2007.

First was 13 - 01 - 2006 if u wanna dig archives...

And mannnnnn, the healing sucks... arrrgh, the itch is hitting me now!! But tattoos are much easier to care for than piercings. Heals faster too. Love them.

Oh, when i told me mom she asked me, why u do it there and not on your neck or wrist where it can be seen?? She said its not nice. She prefers the butterfly. And then she said what i feared she'd say most "No more tattoos"

Ps. Thanks JP and LY for being there on Friday. WS and Z too. And of course, thank you E =)

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Finally took off my braces!!! =) Not perfect but i'm happy.

So. U can't blame me for wanting to camwhore a little =) Click on it to enlarge

My sis did my hair and i love it! Going to miss my sis soo soo much when i'm in Aust =(

Here's picture of me and my standard normal looking but beloved new laptop, as requested by J

Really wanna blog more but i have too much to do, too much... don't have time to list down what i have to do. See ya!