Sunday, March 13, 2005

Hey hey hey,
Haven't been blogging in a while and u can guess why. I've had limited access to the internet since i slept at the hostel 3 nights last week.

The week went by quickly, wasn't horrible but wasn't great either. C and i became the nerds we vowed to be. Monash U life, yea, it ain't easy.

Classes in week 2 of studying isn't much fun, i almost fell asleep in Management lecture... and i also did some crazy stuff... was just plain bored. Management tutorial wasn't half as fun as it was last week too. Business stats was okay... a friend at the lecture, N said she saw me in the Monash Orientation night, she praised me! She said "Good sport"!!! =) For the fact that i played the stupid game. Econs is fine... i guess it's my favourite subject now... at the moment... i hope it won't start hating me. Accounting... not great, the tutorial made me realize that we were to do a lot of work on our own.

Really stressful. I miss tuition in secondary where the summarise and make a story out of the text book and spoon feed u. Now i have 2 read the darn text books on my own. I don't JUST have to read it, i have 2 carry the thing to class... not light i tell u.

But well... at least i have my darling there at Sunway in the past week. He definitely wasn't happy about starting Uni so early. Trust me, he wasn't. At least he has me? Haha, no la, i guess i'm not so important when he needs the help of those who are in Victoria University. I would really like to thank them for helping him out.

Also i'd really like to thank J, who made a comment about my blog in E's blog. I might add a tagged thing... we'll see how it goes... for the time being, please use the comments section ok? U can leave any amount of crap there, i don't mind.

Oh oh! And i had a few problems this week. The fan i brought to hostel... it's not working, no explaination why, it was working when i turned it on at night. But i woke up sweating in the morning, the fan decided to stop working for no reason. I had 2 bring it home. Which wasn't easy carrying the darn thing.

See, my father is unwilling to buy a parking lot in the condo hostel, so i had to sneak in. Which was fine for the first 4 days. Until the guard noticed my car there without a sticker. Had to move it to the college parking lot. So i had 2 carry the fan to college!

And i lost my library card. Along with the resit for the 15th Febuary photoshoot. And a couple of movie tickets. I was really worried about it, searching high and low, asking everyone about it... Thankfully i found it a few hours ago.

I also had to do this interview with a manager thing and it was stressing me out. Thankfully i called my neighbour n she told me her father was once a manager. Done, i'm going over 2 her house tomorrow.

Another annoying problem is that i can't enter this WebCT site... need 2 get in to get some reading material for my management class. Man, the subject Managing People and Organisations is annoying. I'll have to visit the IT help desk yet again

At least i've got a great study buddy, C. It's fun studying with her every night i sleep in the hostel. We would read some, chat a bit, read some more, look for food... =) U get the picture. We didn't go for any night walks in the past week and we didn't sit on any grass. Haha, but it does make me feel very satisfied after we studied.

And my roommate and i... we're okay, we talk and we laugh. Oh and her mom mops our floor! Haha... other ppl like C and her roommate, they have 2 sweep the floor. HAHAHA, sorry, just had to gloat. =)

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Joey said...

Hey, I didn't notice this comment thingy. Aiyah, sowee. haha...wah lau, ur roomie's mom is like super cun. Lucky gal