Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ashcombe Maze and Point Leo

3rd time at Arthur's Seat for me. Its just along the way to Ashcombe Maze so E and I thought we'd bring B and D there.

Malas to take scenery shots of the place already. Just (sit my ass down and) camwhored =P

Doing the three monkeys thingie. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Shortly after going through some Aussie forest roads, we got to the:-

Damn i should have insisted on a group pic... i dun have any good pix with these lovely flowers!

Nothing much to do in the maze but get 'lost', pretend to be sad (B, why are u smiling?!)...

And snap a billion pictures =P

In the garden in between two of the hedge mazes. Ashcombe is the largest oldest maze in Aust, or so they say la.

Did a jumping pic by the lavender bushes. There's a name for the jump i did, can't recall, miss those Cheer days in Monash Msia. Hahha... my arms are bad... its neither a T nor is it a V. But who cares

Us laughing it off after the jumps. Love the tall pine trees in the background!

My baby E and i!!! =)

After that we went to Point Leo Surf Beach, which was nearby. It was beautiful and uncommercialized. We were the only Asians there. Supposed to head there again but unexpectedly had to return the car early

D and i in the rocky area of the beach. It was pretty and the sun was glaring. Perfect for pictures as i always say. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN D! =)

Last but not least. Me and me again! Hehe!

Why cant my waist be smaller? To quote another blogger, "i was brought up with the Africans have no food to eat mentality" and i just ate hell a lot of carbs before blogging just cuz i accidentally boiled too much spaghetti... Why didn't i tilt my head to one side? Why wasn't i wearing a dress instead? But overall i like this pic. Love my hair especially. Looks ok even though i have split ends that go 8 ways...


Debbie said...

Sue sue!!! OMG I never did realize how long ur hair was till now!!! And it looks awesomely good!! =) Hehehe!!! Im soo gonna miss u during ur 6 MONTHS ABSENCE!!! Susan and I are gonna be missing YOU!!! Dont know who to complain to now!! =(.... Hope your enjoying GC at the moment!! =) Hehehe. I might be going to Perth for a short holiday during the Easter break. Wonder what I can do there besides see my friends wakakaka!!! And I want photos babe!!! Before u leave I must like curi all the missing photos of all our trips!! Hehehe.. I wonder if u still have our photo of us holding Pokemon! I dont have a copy I realize but somehow I have a vivid memory of that picture!! Hahah =p

Sue Lin said...

Debs!! Will miss the both of u too when i'm back in Msia and u two are in Aust! U guys can complain to each other maaaa, or there is always long distance phone calls, damn which reminds me i gotta get my calling card working again! Sorry couldn't help u that day and hope things are looking up since then!

Ask ur Perth peeps to bring u around! They should know the places! =)

Don't have the Pokemon pic in digital form on my laptop, when we took that pic we were still using the old camera with FILM! Hahahah