Simply Sue

Aerial Hoop Circus & Pole Dance Fitness

Aerial hammocks performance Performance video
Aerial hammocks Photographs 
Level 4 pole dance performance My first attempt at this level
Pole at home I want one tooooo
Practice makes perfect Took pictures during practice!
Hoop videos & photos of me!! =)
Hoop circus tricks in drawings
Pole trick pictures of ME upside down!
Upside down Pole tricks in drawings
Pole Dancing First attempt

Simply Sue
iPhone 4 in white. Yayyy! Must camwhore with it
Short haircut! 10 years since i had short hair. Lovin it!
Cut my own hair Just for the thrill of it
Shoes in my closet A girl will never have enough shoes
Shoe Fetish
Cowgirl yeeha!
I'll be a redhead because black's boring
Volunteer Work Gerai Orang Asal. Selling handicrafts
Second Tattoo its addictive!
First Tattoo ink and blood

So Sue
Devilishly Selfish
Fascinated by the supernatural
Planner Perfectionista

Study Sue
EBA210 My final ICAA exam paper!!!
AAA110 The fourth post-graduate paper i took
TAX209 Post graduate studies
My Graduation Monash University Clayton campus
Monash Ball 2006 themed The Royal Escapade
Monash Street Party its a carnival
University Life
Summer School 2005/2006

Embarassing makes good stories
Queen of the Blur I forgot to bring formal shoes to work!