Saturday, March 05, 2005

Hey Bloggie,
I've got sooo much to say but i'll have to cut it short. Since i've got lots of stuff to do, like print my stupid notes for lecture, and read up... and there's this Monash orientation party i'm going to tonight. So lazy.

So, on Thursday morning i went to the mamak with my darling for breakfast before classes. And there was another couple who were there. He pointed out that the couple was there everyday. Mindlessly I said so are we. Since we went there on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and we were there on Thursday. Then he said that we wouldn't be there together anymore next week cuz i'd be staying at the hostel. I felt like crying when he said that. I didn't dare look at him, i just stared at my food and ate.

But the rest of the day was great, my tutorials were great. Business Statistics was ok. It didn’t seem like 2 hours. The Microeconomics teacher was funny. He gave talks funny and he gave funny examples. He said that students make spelling errors like instead of saying 'the demand curve SHIFTS to the right', students write the demand curve SHITS to the right'!!!! =)

The Management tutorial was soooo much fun too, the teacher used horoscopes as an icebreaker and got the whole class talking to each other. A group of us ex-ausmats saw a guy wearing a gay-ish flowery shirt earlier in the cafeteria and we... noticed and we... talked. The guy happen 2 be in my class and even the teacher noticed his shirt! Haha, and when he was asked to tell everyone about himself, the first thing he said was "i'm straight" and he said it a few times!

Then i had dinner with a few ex-Ausmats... and then my darling, E and a close girl friend C came to my room in the hostel to chat. When E went home, C went to take a shower, she stays in the hostel as well, she's on the 22nd floor and i'm on the 19th. Then C came over to my again to chat! =) She wanted some ice-cream so we went down to the convenient store, bought the ice-cream and went to eat by the pool. I just LOVE the atmosphere there, it was wonderful, the place was dimly lit but it felt totally safe. There were students everywhere, just chatting with one another or on the phone or out for a walk. There was also some club meeting going on by the pool. It was also windy there... very refreshing compared to our stuffy rooms. Around an hour later we went to C's room to chat some more. =) And we wished a friend happy birthday via sms.

Oh oh... and my roommate! I can get along with her, easy to talk to her and she's nice. Oh and she reads magazines too... so i could bring mine, hehehe, or borrow hers. And my housemates! They're cool. They turn the radio on LOUD... earlier on at the night and in the morning la. And they watch tv till late! Haha, it's also easy talking to them!

Everything was great and i was sooo happy that night. Friday started off great too. I got up and went for a swim in the pool... and then went to the computer lab to get some of my notes printed... lunch with ex-ausmates again... wow, i've been seeing them a lot! Haha. And then i went for my Management lecture. Met another ex-ausmat there! Hehe... sat with her. She bought the text book for RM60 and it's in good condition. I longed to get one too, i hoped to get it for a good price like she did. And guess what! At the end of the lecture. a senior came in with the book and announced that it was for sale. It looked really nice and new. Immediately my hand shot up to get his attention and i think i screamed "i want it!". He said "RM50" and i couldn't believe my luck... i couldn't control my happiness, i was smiling and i practically shouted "I'll take it!!" I asked the guy a bit about the book and he said it belonged to a girl who took the subject last year. She withdrew from the course halfway and asked him to sell the book. Looks like my book is practically first hand!!!!!

I had planned to sleep there on Friday night as well but an old-school friend who is in Monash as well invited me to her birthday party, so i decided to go home la. So i went to my car and upon reaching my car, someone from the condo threw a cigarette near my car from the above floors of the condo! Mean but forgivable. I tried to unlock my car... but i couldn't... i tried a few times and didn't notice that some one spat on my car! Also from above, C saw it! That was so mean! Right in front of us!

I still couldnt unclock my car... so i used the key... and the alarm did not go off... i went into my car, and realized that the lamp inside was on. Damn, instantly i knew what happened... my car's battery is dead. My car is dead! Thank God C was with me there and E was nearby. I called my father on the phone and he told me to buy the jump-start wires. E offered to go buy it while C and i stayed with my car. My car was annoying... the alarm sounded a few times every now and then and i couldn’t turn it off unless i put the key in. We HAD to leave the key in, we were afraid the idiot upstairs would get annoyed and throw a brick down.

C was really nice, she cheered me up, we chatted like normal. And we happen to think alike: i pointed to the grass on the right and was about to say "can we sit on the grass" and before i could say anything she pointed to the left and said "let's sit on the grass"!!!!!! It was sooo funny! And that's what we did while waiting for E to get back.

E got back without the wires... no shops had them. So i called my father and he said he's come at 9.30pm after work. C went to meet her friends so E and i had dinner at the Condo Hostel Cafe, waiting for my father. At 9.31, my father called... and he said it as such a coincidence that his car had problems too! He barely managed to drive to my uncle's place in Bangar.

My father told me he was also lucky that he was on the way to Sunway when his car started making weird noises... on the way to Sunway, he could cut into Bangar and leave his car in my uncle's place.

So at the moment my car is still dead... there in the hostel. E is going to help me fix it later.
Right now i kinda regret wanting to stay in the hostel again. But if u really look at it... there's a trend. One minute i'm happy and excited, the next i'm sad and regretting my decision. I guess E's right, there ARE pros and cons and they come together. Whether i like it or not.

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