Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bali Day 3 and 4

First on the agenda for the morning was a Barong and Keris dance

Nice costumes. Personally... didn't enjoy it.

I feel bad for ruining Bali's tourism in any way... but my father fell asleep watching it! And my mom entertained herself by taking a picture of him! HAHAAHAH

Dressed for comfort, sneaker sisters

Then the tour brought us to an over priced Batik shop where they have people who dress u in Batik for pictures and everything's priced in USD, wood craft and carvings, silver factory...

Bali has lots of Australia. 3 mobile. Commonwealth Bank (maybe its not Aussie but thats where i first saw it), Just Jeans, Quicksilver, Roxy...

Holy spring temple at Tampa Siring

Apparently u get a wish if u wash ur face with the water. The water was so cool and refreshing

The locals were bathing in there.

I felt like jumping in! Haha

This one's a fish pond, not for bathing =P

Lots of shops on the walk back to the bus but no time to shop, the downside of following tours!

Modes of transportation. Its like that in Cambodia and other poverty stricken countries. But then again, their are blessed to get to dress up and go somewhere, unlike the hardcore poor out there. I should be thankful i am sitting here blogging...

Paddy fields, from the bus window

The downside of taking tours prevails, didnt stop to take pictures of the scenic endless paddy fields

Cousin and i at the entrance of the Elephant cave

Its a really tiny cave...

DAY 4, we chilled at the beach

You could shop at there, peddlers sell almost everything

You could do manicures and massages on the beach too. About 20,000 rupiah, about RM 7.

Cousin and i did our hair

My pretty cousin

I wanna learn to surf but time didnt permit =(

Looks like baybeetea's gotta go back to Bali again!

Cousin, sis and i took a horse carriage back to the hotel. Checked out, lunch and walked around Kuta town till it was time to head to the airport...

that's the end. Bali 2009

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not very often

The weekend was very family orientated. Uncle planned a house party for grandpa and all relatives in Malaysia on Sat night. Aunt asked my mom to invite E along.

After much thought and hesitation, he attended! =P I think i was blushing all the way when introducing him to the relatives and the older cousins. It felt so hot n stuffy in the house!

It wasn't too bad. I've already went for HIS family gathering a while back... slight discomfort, unsure how to behave, but ok lah. HAHAH

On Sun it was a nice buffet lunch, just the 5 of us. E went to meet his own father for lunch. Felt nice chatting with my parents n siblings

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dreams in my redhead

Volcano Red by Wella, the bottle hair dye i bought before Chinese New Yr no longer sits on my table!

Happy with my new do-it-yourself hairdo! YY said it looks like its been done at the saloon! =) Thanks dear! =)

I even cut my own fringe. Plenty of practice from my year abroad, too tight on a budget that i resorted to trimming my own hair.

Been wanting red hair for ages. But chickened out when i went to get highlights a year ago. Went for the safe golden colour back then

Don't matter, could always buy hair dye from pharmacists, and the faded golden highlights would turn deep bright red

And indeed it did! =) So damn bright under the sunlight!

The instructions said 40 minutes, so i had dinner and then logged onto Facebook. There's a poker contest going on, prizes are tickets and 3 nights hotel stay at Vegas! LAS VEGAS!

To play at the WSOP, World Series of Poker mannn!!! USD10,000 buy-in (entrance fee, poker speaking). Its a dream come true to even enter! So i played a total 12 hours of FB poker on Friday, haha, no where near in... yet? Wish me luck

I played and played while the hair dye was still on my head, left the chemicals in my hair for about 2 hours before washing it off. HAHA, that's why its so so red

Absolutely lovin' it!

Ps. I am still quite new to applying make-up, so feedbacks are welcome, do tell me if it sucks or is ok.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jammed packed week

Haha, just so like me to over plan my holidays, not wanting to waste a moment of it.

As a result, i am super tired and cant do the things i plan to do at night. Was too grumpy after gym last night to blog.

Gotta do some stuff, and bring sis ice skating, the clock is ticking. Another long long day ahead.

I feel guilty for not checking my work mail... =( its my forced leave, why do i feel that way?

Sunday, June 07, 2009

At first i was pissed

but now i feel as free as bird!!!!

No studying i need to do. No flight i need to catch

Was irritated and worried when I was one of the many people on that email list at work, we were forced to take leave

Then i realized, its been so long since i had no commitments and responsibilities, just one week of total freedom!!

Target for the week: go to the gym everyday. Catch up on movies and series. Shop. Meet whoever will meet me. Spend time with sis. Clear up room. Camwhore! HAHAHA. Ooooh, go for massage, hair treatment, Marie France detox that Dawn gave me from MDG. Maybe dye my hair. Should i get a hair cut?

Monday, June 01, 2009

Best Damn Office

I've ever set foot in

Love the black and red interior, the endless coffee supply and help yourself to the snack bar fridge. Bask in the view of the KLCC park

Watch the skys change colour as the day goes by, as it rains and stops. Watch those with the luxury of time go jogging at 4 pm in envy

Gasped in surprise as i noticed the view from where the client sat

Oh, client was so pitiful. First day of the audit, she wore contact lens, fresh and made up. By Tuesday she wore specs, by Friday her skin was peeling. Auditors are from hell aren't we?

Did she get to enjoy the view? I was so excited, didn't care if client, colleague and the South East Asia Area Controller (she's nice to me) were there, I bring u these pictures, snapped before it got too dark!

U see the Petronas Twin Towers's unique design of spikes and semi circles?

The interior designer did a fcuking good job adapting the office!!! One of the spikes was made into a square glass room:

That was our audit room for the week! I worked in one of the spikes yo!!! HAHAHA, uber cool! If only not so stressed

One of the semi circles was made into the bosses's room!! A semi-circle glass room with the other tower behind ya, the bridge visible from your office, god, such beauty!

Will i have something like that to call my own one day? Hang my Gucci and Prada there? And a branded umbrella too?

Sigh, the things power and money can buy. Monthly rental is RM20,000 more than a Myvi!