Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I'm on vacation in Kuala Lumpur, will be busy with friends, family and stuffing my face with goooood foood =) Blogging will be put on hold for a couple of weeks! Will try my best to write a couple of short posts

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Extreme Sports

Been reading of one too many freak accidents lately! In the article copied below, i've inserted pictures taken by me and words in bold are my comments

------------- Begin news article -------------

Australian dies while tubing in Laos
11 Jan, 2012 09:45 PM

A Sydney man has died after leaping from a tower into a river, while tubing in Laos.

Lee Hudswell, 26, of Cronulla in the Sutherland Shire, was on holidays in the south-east Asian country, experiencing the popular river entertainment of floating along on an inner tube.

Brad Haigh, from New Zealand, saw the accident that occurred in the riverside town of Vang Vieng yesterday.

He said that Mr Hudswell jumped from a tower and landed badly in the river about 4pm.

That's me on one of the towers as that stated in the article. I went tubing over a year ago, that's why this article really got to me

"People put him on his side, and tried to resuscitate him. But nobody knew what was happening. He jumped into the river, which is what everyone does,

"but there was no first aid on the river and no one knew what to do," he said.

"He was taken to hospital in a tuk tuk. It was shocking.
Thats a tuk tuk, no replacement for an ambulance! Last year 22 people died here in the river.

"It was my first time tubing and I never want to do it again. Something has to be done – it's all good fun drinking and dancing by the river, but when you add the free whisky, tubing and slides, it's really dangerous."

One of the girls i met while tubing. She is British and was traveling South-East Asia for three months. She ran out of money after the first month and had to work in Laos as a bar promoter! She has worked in Cambodia too!
Laos' Whisky is special because they put things like bees or snakes or a tiger's penis in it. I quite liked the whisky and it was given free at the bars, true to what was said in the article!

There was pressure to drink but i was smart about it, when toasting with the shot glasses, i intentionally spilled as much of my whisky as i can, so that i would not be left with much to drink.

Water and alcohol don't mix: the Lonely Planet Guidebook did warn us.

It's really dangerous, i did note in Part 1of my tubing adventure

The Department of Foreign Affairs has confirmed the death.

A doctor at Vang Vieng hospital, who asked not to be named, said Mr Hudswell arrived at about 5pm yesterday after a tubing accident, but died at 6pm.

A spokeswoman said consular officials in Vientiane were liaising with local authorities, and the department was providing assistance to Mr Hudswell's family.

Mr Hudswell's cousin, Kelsey Hunter, said his death was "devastating".

"He was known for his cheeky smile and his fierce loyalty to his family and friends."

Mr Hudswell's uncle, Ray Hudswell, said the family had heard he died after falling from a flying fox.

"He was a wonderful, energetic young man. Handsome, popular, and a superb athlete. He will be sorely missed," he said.

"He had a sense of adventure, he played cricket with Sutherland and rugby leage, and he enjoyed extreme sports."

Ray Hudswell said Lee's father would travel to Laos tomorrow.

--------------End News Article-------------
Took a moment to be thankful that i am alive

I've done wild things and lived to blog it

with pictures of me all smiles

Will i be so lucky next time?

But what is life without living it to the fullest?
Whats your view?

Two days ago i read in the news about a bungee jumping rope snapping, the YouTube video below.

The girl survived crocodile infested water, she swam with her legs tied up, dived down to release herself when her rope got stuck in water. Amazing!

Article link here

If it is your time to go, u'll leave this world, nothing and no one can stop it from happening, i guess. If its not your time to go, u'll survive the worst of ordeals

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Pole Practice

Get set


Get the leg grip right

Do the hand stand

Look !

No hands!

I'm flying!!!

And then . . .


Haha, no, dont worry, i didnt fall
The above picture was from one of my other sequence shots
When i realised i got the grip wrong, i descend slowly. The camera, which i placed on timer took a shot of me that looks like i fell!

Mid step

Love this shot! I should have used the camera flash more. Turned out so well =) Give me a moment to praise myself: oooh my legs look so long, my waist looks so small - i must have tensed up so hard in preparation for the spin, most of all i love the expression on my face - serious dancer's face, so intensed and focused yet graceful and effortless
The Eye Candy spin