Sunday, April 01, 2012

Aerial Hoop Beginners

Typical of me to be part of the latest fitness craze!
Completed the Beginners Aerial Hoop course in December last year

Click here to watch Hoop videos of me!

The basic Sprinkler Pose! 

When i first  tried hoop in September 2011, i couldn't even get up there on my own! My teacher had to push my butt up! Hahah

The strength i build in Pole complements hoop. Its all interchangeable =)
Part of strength training is hanging upside down like a bat and doing crunches! Tough! I'm SURE i have abs... but they are hidden by this layer of fat =( I see some of the more advanced girls in hoop and pole are still fat. Worries me. My Nutritionist says that women need to exercise AND diet. Men can get away with just exercise alone. Sigh, being born the weaker sex! I love my food =(

Sprinkler Pose from the front angle =) 

I've always liked my back. Muscular now!! 

Just having fun. Not a pose we learned in class

The Lady in the Moon pose

Its very comfortable sitting there like that =)


Mrs White said...

All I gotta say.

Mrs White

Sue Lin said...

Hahaah, THANK YOU!!! =) There is an even newer fitness offering i am thinking of signing up for but i have to drive 15km... not sure if i should go for it or just stick to Pole which is only 1km drive after work!