Saturday, April 09, 2005

Okay... i've been sleepy and sleepy a lot lately, this is not good. (Cuz i can't study) So maybe i'll try to uplift my mood by blogging!

The time i started this Blog is at 8.30. Now it's 10.30. The reason why it shows 9.30 is cuz i refreshed ... nevermind.

So. Yesterday. I stayed at the hostel cuz i haven't been staying there much for the past 3 weeks. Needed the technology that was not available at night in the hostel. (Computer for assignments) There isn't really much to do there except study. So i studied there in my room in the afternoon after classes. Half way through i heard some really annoying noise. I looked out the window, thinking that maybe it was jet-skis.

Hehe, i'm not crazy. I think i forgot to mention that my room at the condo hostel is on the 19th floor and i get the view of the Extreme Park. There's a lake... golf course... footsal thing... and a go-cart track there. I've seen people on jet-skis before and i thought i could get another glimpse of them.

But what i saw was much much better. Way cool. I'm seriously hoping that it's not a one-time thing. I could really enjoy the view every night. It's REALLY entertaining, i'd put up with the noise anytime. There on the go-cart track were not go-karts but real cars. U know the cars u see on the roads? The cars that are modified and make lotsa noise? They were driving... no, they were SKIDDING along the whole track. Literally skidding, Practically flying!

I was so entertained i was standing on my bed leaning out of the window. If the sort-of balcony thing outside my window didn’t exist i would have looked like a person attempting suicide, Hehe. That was how good the cars were.

But i did get back to studying... Had dinner with C and told her abt the cars... then took a bath. Since it wasn't quiet, after putting a load of facial creams i looked out the window again. Beautiful, watching those cars skid! Hehe, totally different by nightfall, less clear but this time there were more cars on the track at a time. Earlier on there was just 2 cars. Real exciting!

So exciting i sent C a message "Hey. They are driving the cars again. Wanna come see?"

And she replied "Okay. Open the door for me."

A few minutes later, there she was standing on my bed with me, looking out the window, squealing together and all fascinated. Haha. And then i noticed something, i asked C "Are those people at the side?" and she said "No, darling, those are bushes"

Hahaha. But they WERE people, with umbrellas. And it didn’t take us long to decide we HAD to be there as well. So we changed--since she was wearing a Monash University shirt and i was wearing a Sunway College shirt and then we were there!

Upon arrival, it became clear that there this was a special event. On a banner it says Off The Streets by Optima Sdn Bhd. And they had signs for those who are registering. There are also cars parked there. It's a sure thing that each participant is using his own car on the track.

The atmosphere there was killer good. A lil' scary cuz it's more of a guy event. Most people there were guys. The girls there were accompanied by boyfriends. C and i were the only pair of girls there. We tried calling up a few guy friends to join us, none of them could make it. But it was pretty safe, there were families with lil kids present.

It was hard to get a good view of those skidding cars but we managed to get a good spot on the hill. It was muddy, but do u think we care?? It was so worth it. Being there and not just looking out the window. We could see the sparks fly and smell the breaks of the cars, haha. We could also see that they were intentionally spraying water on the racetrack!! To make the cars skid an extra bit???

No matter how much they skidded and no matter how fast they were there were NO collisions of cars. They really do avoid like hell. I mean, some cars were skidding 360 degrees! Nice. Haha.
Only in the final round, where only 2 cars were on the track did one car hit the other. Whole front bumper came off partially and a lamp went bust. Te driver came down and showed the finger, removed the whole bumper and continued. The other car was fine until he skidded off the track, i dunno how 2 describe, but his back bumper came off too.

Once in a lifetime experience. How often can u watch people drive like that? And feel safe? At least it's legal... I think…just not publicized? I never knew events like that existed.

Oh oh... and for this blog post, i purposely searched the net for more info on the event. I found out that it's called drifting. The drivers are drifters. And events like this are meant to, u know, like it's called, keep thrill-seeking youths Off the Streets.

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